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Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

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The Best Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread

Hearty Whole Grain Bread ~ Gluten Free

This homemade gluten free whole grain bread is filled with whole grains, healthy fats, and can be made at home without the help of a bread maker. It is also simple enough to make that a new cook or someone new to gluten free baking I think will be more than capable of handling this recipe.

If you need to follow a gluten free diet then you know that finding a gluten free bread that is as delicious and holds up as well as regular bread is pretty tough to come by. Ever since I found out I had celiac disease and needed to go gluten free I have been on the search for a truly delicious whole grain gluten free oat bread, and until now I have for the most part come up empty-handed.

While it is wonderful that there are so many gluten free options for people who need to be gluten free today, I also think that in many ways we have just replaced processed gluten-containing products, with other even more processed gluten free products that people for some reason think of as being “healthy”.

True Crusty Gluten Free Artisan Bread

I can live without bread most days, but truly who could live without weekend avocado toast? The store-bought gluten free breads just dont work for me, so I set out to find a crusty bread recipe that would satisfy that comfort food craving.

I found it from the American Test Kitchen. This Gluten Free Artisan Bread Recipe is very straight forward and completely satisfies my desire for a big hunk of bread with soup.

Youll remember that I made the ATK gluten free pizza here, and we loved it.

If you notice, Im taking you on my personal ride of baking gluten free with the idea of making very remarkable products, not just some humdrum baked goods made with rice flour.

I dont want second hand substitutes. I want to make products that can stand on their own.

We believe everyone will love this bread, even if they dont eat gluten free. Bread is so super challenging because the thing Im avoiding is the thing I and the world loves about gluten.

Gluten gives the bread that amazing stretch, chew, crustiness. Typically, dough with gluten will rise up and yield a crumb that is soft, yet pulls .

Gluten Free whole grain artisan bread is more challenging, as it will not rise up, but wants to spread out.

Non gluten flours cant rise up, but with help will bake into a bread that takes you close enough to yield a hearty crusty and soft enough inside which still taste divine.

I love this bread slathered with Irish butter or topped with avocado and olive oil.

Can I Make Other Ingredient Substitutions When Making Gluten Free Wholemeal

Yes! There are a number of other changes you can make to this non-vegan wholemeal bread recipe, dependent on what you have available in your larder or what you can/cant eat. Use the subscription link below to get my FREE wholemeal gluten free bread recipe Substitution Guide. Not only will it give you the best alternatives for non-flour ingredients, but Ive also included a list of Frequently Asked Questions and timing-advice for making different-sized loaves and rolls.

I am really hoping you love this recipe and that it brings you as much happiness as it has for us and others. As always, if you do make it, I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. Comment below, or take a picture and tag me on social media . And if you make it and love it, please share with your free from friends and leave a star rating via the comments or recipe card.

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Making Gum Free Gluten Free Bread

There are a couple of reasoning to replace the gum in your recipes.

  • They cause you digestive upset. While not everyone reacts this way, it is a possibility.
  • Xanthan gum is often derived from corn, and therefor often derived from GMO ingredients.
  • In this recipe, I use 1/4 cup psyllium to add the lovely, bendy pliability to the breads structure. I love to use psyllium in lots of recipe, like my wholegrain gluten free tortillas, and my keto bread with almond flour.

    While I have not tested it yet, you could try subbing 1 1/2-2 teaspoons gum for the psyllium powder.

    If you have the coarser ground psyllium HUSKS, then use 1/2 cup instead.

    Bread Sourdough Gluten Free 1 Each


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    How Do You Make Gluten Free Bread

    Mix the dry ingredients: I usually mix them together right in my stand mixer.

    Bloom the yeast: Then, stir together the warm water, yeast, and honey or maple syrup. Set this aside for 10 minutes. The yeast should get nice and frothy. The froth lets you know the yeast is active and ready to go. If your yeast doesnt froth after 10 minutes. Try one more time and make sure the water temperature is correct. If it still doesnt froth, your yeast has expired. Youll need to get a fresh batch before making this recipe.

    Gel the psyllium husks: Stir in the psyllium husks and set aside for another 5. They will thicken and create a gel-like consistancy.

    Mix and rise #1: Add the wet ingredients into the dry and mix on medium speed until combined. Shape the dough into a ball, place in an oiled bowl and let rise for 1 hour.

    Preheat and prep the oven: If you have one, place a baking stone on the lower rack. The stone helps maintain an even oven temperature and a more even bake on the bread. On top of the stone, place a cast iron or baking dish. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

    Rise #2: Once risen, kneed the dough, form into a ball again, and place in a proofing basket. Let rise for another 45 minutes. Alternatively, you could let the bread rise again in the same bowl, but the loaf will be shorter and squatter. The proofing basket helps create a tall, well shaped, loaf and they are super affordable!

    Troubleshooting A Wet Or Gooey Middle

    The two primary culprits would be either too much moisture, or not cooked long enough. Your elevation and ambient humidity will be unique to mine, so a couple of strategies to try: Reduce the water by a few tablespoons. Or replace 1/4 cup water with another egg. I like to use an instant read thermometer to test the internal temp of the bread to help guide me. I look for a minimum of 185° up tp 200° Fahrenheit. If the top is getting too brown, place a piece or parchment paper or foil gently over the top to prevent further browning.

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    Gluten Free Grains Pair With Other Healthy Substitutes

    Many creative recipes have been developed for gluten-intolerant people, using the gluten-free grains above along with foods like nuts, arrowroot, beans, chestnuts, mesquite, potato, soy, and tapioca, all of which are gluten-free. Some of these ingredients make deliciously healthy breakfast cereals and side dishes, while others are ground into ours for avorful baked goods such as pizza, desserts, and breads.

    For a quick and easy reference on cooking gluten free grains,

    For more information on foods that are acceptable for the gluten-free diet, see the Quick Start Diet Guide at It was jointly developed by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and the Celiac Disease Foundation.

    Gluten Free Does Not Always Mean Healthy

    Whole Grain Millet Bread Recipe | Gluten free Bread

    Let me make something clear, just because something is gluten-free does not mean it is “healthy”. While a gluten-free, or a limited gluten-containing diet may indeed be healthier for some people that does not mean that all gluten-free products are healthy for us.

    Gluten free bread is a perfect example of this, with most commercially produced gluten free bread brands being nutritionally poor, and filled with a variety of gums and starches that are far from healthy. In fact, I would argue that when it comes to things like baked goods, often times the gluten-free products are filled with more additives, and are more processed than the original option they are trying to emulate, and bread is the perfect example.

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    What Do Other People Think Of My Gluten Free Brown Bread

    Lets start at home My gluten free brown bread recipe has been mixed, proved, baked and eaten every week at GFHQ for months. Mr GF , thinks it is delicious and compares it favourably with wholemeal wheat bread. My own recollections may be shady, but I would agree that it certainly comes darn close, both for texture and flavour.

    But he goes further Mr GF thinks my gluten free wholemeal bread is actually better than wheat bread. Of course, I could tell myself that he is just being nice because I am married to him. But I know that he are my harshest critics. These guys dont beat around the bush when they dont like something, or when they think food isnt up to standard THIS bread surpasses the grade with both of them.

    Dont just take our word for it though. Since I first shared my gluten free brown bread recipe in July 2019, Ive had a steady stream of excited thank you messages from those who have tried it. Some have been from family and friends. But more importantly, the feedback I have had from readers and gluten-free home-bakers, has made all those months of effort worth every second. I am both humbled by the feedback and proud of my achievement and the joy it has given.

    Can I Substitute Any Ingredients

    Short answer: no.

    The flour, water, yeast, and psyllium ratios are set in stone. Each flour in the recipe has a different absorbency rate. Meaning, each flour absorbs more or less water. Substituting one flour for another would break this perfect ratio and result in a loaf that is either dense and hard or gummy and soft.

    The one ingredient that you can safely swap is the maple syrup of honey for any other liquid sweetener of your choice.

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    Can I Use Other Gluten Free Flours In This Recipe

    You can certainly give it a go! Ive tried subbing buckwheat and amaranth flour for millet in this recipe but the bread wasnt as tender and light. Ive found thorough trial and error that millet helps give loft to gluten free bread without adding more starch. Also, amaranth was a little too strong for my taste.

    Happy Campers Hemp Hemp Hooray

    The Best Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread

    Price: $

    Happy Campers is a small company that bakes gluten-free breads in its dedicated gluten-free, Oregon-based bakery.

    All of Happy Campers bread products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization , certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture , non-GMO-verified, vegan-friendly, and free of all major allergens. Theyre also free of added sugars.

    Its Hemp Hemp Hooray bread is one of the best gluten-free sandwich breads, as it has a pleasant nutty flavor and is made with high quality ingredients and several whole grains, including millet, sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth.

    It also contains ground hemp seeds, which are a good source of fiber, antioxidants, and polyunsaturated fats, including plant-based omega-3 fatty acids .

    One slice provides approximately 90 calories, 2 grams of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 111 mg of sodium, 17 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, and 2.5 grams of protein .

    In addition to its high quality ingredients and pleasant taste, reviewers like that this bread freezes well and is enjoyable as part of a toasted sandwich or topped with a spread.

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    Reading Labels To Scout Out Gluten

    Gluten hides in many unsuspecting places such as candy, sauces, and malt avoring. Other ingredients appear suspicious, but may be safe. To learn more, visit Gluten Free Living. If in doubt about a particular food, ask the manufacturer about the ingredients and the standards they use to assure your safety.

    Reading labels is very important. In the U.S., the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act mandates that labels on foods manufactured after January, 2006, will list the word wheat to indicate the presence of wheat. But the label doesnt have to list other gluten-containing grains such as barley, rye, spelt, kamut, or triticale.

    In mid-2013, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration released long-awaited standards for what food companies can label as gluten-free. These standards dene gluten-free as containing fewer than 20 parts per million of gluten a level consistent with standards in other countries.

    The Best Ever Gluten Free Brown Bread Recipe

    Do you dream of finding the perfect Gluten Free Brown Bread recipe? I know I did! It is one of those elusive desperately want staples that dominates the Coeliac wish list. The daily experience of eating dry, crumbly, tasteless, over-sweetened and sometimes brick-like loaves, leaves us constantly hoping that someone will find a magic key to end the disappointment.

    Well my friends, that day has come I reckon that this could be the best home-baked gluten free wholemeal bread Ever! Indeed, it may turn out to be the only gluten free bread recipe youll ever need.

    Its a recipe that took literally MONTHS to develop. Why? Because I am a perfectionist and proud. I was absolutely determined I would find that magic key. And this bread proves that if you search hard enough, you will find it. Incredible gluten free wholemeal bread can be baked.

    This bread doesnt crumble, is not dry, remains soft and lastingly fresh for days. It toasts well, makes great sandwiches and tastes amazing with any topping or filling . I dont make any of these claims lightly. This is not gluten free wholemeal bread that has been slung together hopefully. It was my work for many months testing, honing, tweaking, re-testing over and over again until I could say hand on heart, I could tweak no more.

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