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Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza

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How to make a gluten-free Chicago-style deep dish pizza

No matter how satisfying and fun it is to make your own gluten-free pizza, we all have days when we dont have the time to prepare one at home or days when we want to treat ourselves. When those days come around, we hope youll stop by Giordanos to order our delicious gluten-free pizza.

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How To Make Gluten Free Pizza Crust Step By Step From Scratch Thats Dairy Free Egg Free Gum Free

Proof the yeast

  • Place the wet ingredients and yeast in a glass pyrex dish and whisk to combine.
  • Set aside for about 5 minutes until the mixture is frothy.

Prepare the dough

  • Combine the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
  • Whisk thoroughly until blended with no lumps. You can do this in a stand mixer if you like.

Combine dry and wet ingredients

Make a small well in the middle of the dry mixture and pour in the wet mixture.

Mix, mix, mix

  • Using a silicone spatula mix until thoroughly combined. There is no risk of over mixing gluten free dough so mix, mix, mix. The folks over at King Arthur highly recommend using a stand mixer for this but I do not own one and mixed successfully by hand.
  • The mixture will be thick and sticky, kinda like play dough.
  • Once youre done mixing, cover the bowl, and let the dough rest for 20 minutes or so. It will not rise like gluten dough does but it needs to rest.

Prepare your cast iron skillet, baking sheet or baking pan

  • Drizzle 1 tablespoon olive oil onto the center of your cast iron skillet, baking sheet or baking pan.
  • Remove the dough from the bowl and form a ball with your hands.
  • Place the dough ball into the center of your cast iron skillet onto the puddle of oil. DO NOT skip this step as it is what will make your pizza nice and crispy on the bottom.

Flatten and spread out the dough

To get an even flatter more even surface I used my Lekue hamburger mold press.

Let the dough rest

Bake the crust

I used :

Does gluten free pizza dough rise?

How Do You Make Gluten

Be sure to try this crust for a tasty gluten-free Crust, Gluten-Free Pizza Crust. If you prefer, you can also make your own dough recipe with your favorite gluten-free flour.

We always use Better Batter All-Purpose Flour, its gluten-free and so easy to use in just about any recipe you can find as a 1:1 switch.

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How Do I Make Gluten Free Pan Pizza

When I first made my gluten free focaccia bread and it came out beautifully, I had an immediate hunch that it would also work perfectly as the crust for a pan pizza. And that hunch was spot on!!

It all begins with my gluten free English muffin dough. Its so easy to mix up in the morning and be ready to go for dinnertime. Half of the dough will fill a 12-inch cast iron skillet. You can also use the whole recipe and fill two skillets. Or you can use a large baking sheet and make one large rectangular pizza.

  • Pour olive oil into a cast iron skillet and dump the dough right on top. Add a little more oil on top of the dough and, using your fingers, spread the dough to the edges of the pan. Its fine if there are holes in the dough as theyll fill in when the dough rises and bakes.
  • Cover the skillet with a tight-fitting lid or plastic wrap and allow the dough to rise for about 30 minutes. You wont be looking for the dough to double in size, just be slightly puffed.
  • While the dough is rising, preheat your oven to 450 degrees.
  • If using a skillet, this is optional but I like to place it over medium-low heat just to get the crust started before putting it in the oven. Carefully add the sauce so you dont deflate the dough . If youre using a baking sheet, just add the sauce without heating on the stove.
  • Then add the cheese and any other toppings of your choice.
  • Bake for about 16-20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly and charred in spots.

The Secret To A Good Dairy Free Pizza:

Deep Dish Gluten Free Pizza Dough

If you have discovered a vegan cheese that you love then youre probably set! But it seems every time I actually find a vegan cheese that I love then the stores stop carrying them and I cant find them anymore! WAH! So we have found a great way around the whole cheese thing!

The key is to add enough greasy meats to offset the melty cheese you are missing! Typically pepperoni does a really great job of soaking up the pizza crust bread but we experiment with all sorts of things!

Goat cheese is another great creamy option if you can handle it. Ive found we can use goat cheese without any side effects for us.

Here is one of our gluten free pizza recipes where we smothered the top in sauce and put all of the ingredients underneath. It helps to hold all of the meats on the pizza.

Although this is our typical type of pizza. A healthy amount of sauce on the bottom, sprinkled with things like sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, goat cheese, mushrooms, or anything else you want to add on top.

**Please make sure you read the additional notes on the warming of the milk , the batter, and the pan size/shape in the recipe card below it is VITAL to this recipe!

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The Most Versatile Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe

I think the best part of this Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe is the fact that it works with a wide variety of gluten free flour blends. If you read on the original recipe on King Arthurs site you will see that lots of people have used their favourite gluten free flour blend successfully.

I myself have used this recipe using a gluten free flour blend thats available locally in Spain and it works perfectly if not better.

Plan Ahead To Avoid Gluten Cross

If your kitchen is 100% gluten-free, then this isnt something you have to worry about and you can skip this step. For most of us, though, this is important. If you bake with regular flour or other ingredients containing gluten, theres a very real possibility these things could find their way into your gluten-free pizza.

If you avoid gluten by choice, cross-contamination will not cause you any harm. If you or the person you cook the pizza for has celiac disease, however, the results could be extremely harmful. Either way, its best to take these precautions, so no one gets sick.

Make sure any dishes and utensils you use to make the pizza have been thoroughly cleaned. In addition to this, give all your counter surfaces a cleaning with soap and hot water to rid them of any remaining contaminants. Be careful any ingredients you use in the pizza are stored safely away from your regular non-gluten-free ingredients. And do not use a pizza cutter you have employed on gluten-containing pizza.

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The Cheese And Other Toppings For Your Gluten

Its more difficult to prescribe an exact recipe for toppings, since everyone has their own preference in both choice and volume of toppings. Anything can be used as a pizza topping, and your only limitations are to avoid things with gluten. This means veggies, most meat, most cheese and herbs are all still fine.

Simply employ extra caution when selecting your toppings. Pepperoni, for example, may contain gluten in some cases, but you can also find varieties that are gluten-free. Read packages and ingredients lists before adding anything to your pizza.

The Best Thick Crust Gluten Free Pizza Recipe Easy Dinner Recipe Idea

Make Gluten-Free Deep Dish Pizza by The Deglutenizer

You guys I have FINALLY come up with the PERFECT thick crust gluten free pizza recipe that works EVERY time! We make it dairy free too! Its SUCH an EASY dinner recipe idea that you can make AND have in the oven in just an hour! NO kneading, no waiting hours for bread to rise, just throw all of the ingredients in one bowls and mix!

Developing food allergies in my 30s really threw me for a curve and two of my three kids have since realized they have issues with gluten and dairy as well! It took me 3 years making all sorts of gluten free recipes that I found online till I found a gluten free bread recipe that FINALLY tasted AMAZING AND the recipe works every time!!!

Originally inspired and closely follows the Gluten Free Artisan Bread from Gluten Free on a Shoestring , I will list exact brands and ingredients that I use below along with my process.

My 14 year old son has replicated this multiple times with 100% success! Of course as food allergies go, you can do some trial runs to try out your own substitutes but below is my exact method of creating thick crust gluten free pizza that hasnt failed me yet!

*I throw up to 2 or 3 batches in ONE bowl! I used to separate the batches out into different bowls but Ive found that it didnt appear to make a difference in the long run. Ive never tried more than a triple batch in one bowl.

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Be Generous With The Oil

No matter how you prepare it, gluten-free pizza dough is always going to be slightly stickier than gluten-containing pizza dough. This means youre at a greater risk for your crust sticking to the pan and either burning or becoming much crispier than youd like.

Fortunately, theres an easy fix. Take the precaution of greasing your baking pan and any other surfaces with extra oil. Dont be shy about using a lot of oil the more you use, the greater your chance of preventing burning and sticking. When you do get ready to remove the crust from the pan after baking, be sure to use a spatula to help as well.

Gluten Free Detroit Style Pizza Crust Thick Chewy & Delicious This Pizza Is Easy To Make At Home Wheat Free Dairy Free + So Good

Have you ever had a Detroit Style Pizza? This gluten free pizza crust is about to become your new favorite. Its thick, chewy, with a ring of crispy cheese wrapped around the outside and fluffy dough holding it all together.

I may be biased in my opinion, being a Michigander myself, but Detroit Style Pizza is amazing and I cant wait for you to taste this hidden gem of a pizza.

Free from: wheat, gluten, dairy, casein, fish, shellfish, soy, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, corn, celery, and more

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and you may view my full disclosure by .

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Common Ingredients Used To Bake A Gluten

Now that weve covered some of the basics, lets look at a list of common ingredients found in a gluten-free pizza. Some of the ingredients are the same as the ones you would use in an ordinary pizza, while some will look a bit unfamiliar. As every recipe is a little bit different, this list is by no means exhaustive. However, it can give you a general idea of what to expect when you begin hunting down recipes.

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Vegan Deep Dish Pizza

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Can I Use A Gluten Free Flour Blend In Place Of The Gluten Free Flours

This is a question I get asked often with gluten free baking. In some recipes gluten free blends work fine. In other recipes they dont.

If you want the best gluten free pizza dough use the individual flours for this recipe. It really does make a big difference in the final results with this deep dish pizza. You control the flours and the amount of gums in the recipe. You cant control those things with a blend.

Deep Dish Gluten Free Pizza Dough

| Posted In:Breads, Dinner, Pizza

Deep dish gluten free pizza dough is so easy to make and tastes just like you remember. Load up your pizza with your favorite toppings!

Ive been making this deep dish gluten free pizza dough, in one form or another, since 2012. Its the sort of pizza that you really sink your teeth into. Maybe its the bit of cornmeal in the crust. That crust has a lot of work to do in deep dish pizza!

I love to bake these deep dish pizzas in 6-inch round baking pans, but of course its not necessary. You really just need something, well, deep. It is deep dish, after all.

The recipe includes cornmeal as an ingredient because it helps make the crust a little more sturdy and gives it the bite you want. The cornmeal does make the crust delicate to work with, as opposed to your standard gluten free pizza crust, but its worth it!

Ive included two versions of the recipe for the gluten free pizza crust below, in case you dont have the bread flour ingredients. If you use my no-bread-flour recipe below, youll find that it is more difficult to handle.

The idea is to get the crust into the bottom of the pan however you can, as the pan will help it keep its shape during baking. You could probably even just press the crust into pan without rolling it out, but youll end up with thicker and thinner spots that will bake unevenly.

Its deep, baby.

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The Case For White American Cheese

Yall. Lemme convince you to use white American cheese instead of mozzarella on this pizza. I know it sounds TOTALLY weird, but trust me on this, please!!

Scott is from Scranton, PA and his favorite pizza place is a little neighborhood pizzeria called Maronis. Every time we visit, someone always orders Maronis Sicilian-style pizza for Scott because he misses it constantly. This is a thick crust pizza thats covered with white American cheese and NOT mozzarella.

I tasted Maronis pizza years ago and was blown away by the creaminess of the cheesy topping. It was like nothing Ive ever tasted on a pizza. I loved it so much, I now use it at home all the time on my pan pizza.

Maronis uses shredded white American cheese, but I cant seem to find shredded in my area. So I just use slices of white American that I get from the deli counter at my local grocery store.

If you get a chance to try white American, please let me know what you think! Im sure youll see what Scotts family has known for a long timeits AMAZING on a pizza, especially this one!!

Make this pizza tonight for dinner! Your whole family will love it, even the gluten eaters

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