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Gluten Free Double Stuffed Oreos

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Tips For The Perfect Oreo Protein Powder Muffins Recipe

Gluten Free OREO Review *DOUBLE STUF*ð?ª

While this recipe is easy, there are a few things to keep in mind to make these cookies and cream protein powder muffins

  • Grease the muffin pan liners if they arent silicon.This will allow the protein powder muffins to come off easily.
  • Use room temperature egg whites and yogurt This is so the wet ingredients and dry ingredients can mix well.
  • Dont over-mix the batter!Make sure you gently fold the dry mix into the wet to combine them.If you over-mix it, the protein powder will make it tough, dense and gummy.
  • Make sure your mixture has enough moisture in it. Protein powder is quite absorbent and if the wet ingredients are too little, the donuts will be dry! The mix should be like a slightly thick, gooey brownie batter.
  • Taste the batter and see if you need some extra sweetener. Id recommend using stevia powder to maintain the consistency of the batter and have sugar free protein muffins.

Oreos Are Americas Favorite Cookies For 6 Reasons

If youre like me and have a constant sweet tooth, you know how difficult it is to find the right snack. Here are a few of the many reasons why its always a good idea to keep a box of Oreos on hand.

1. When it comes to fashion, black and white never go out of style, and I suppose the Oreo is no exception. Whether chocolate and vanilla or red velvet, the simple round cookie will always remain an American favorite with a lengthy history.

2. There is a range of tastes to choose from. Its not only Double Stuf anymore its also cookie dough, birthday cake, and even mint. Oreos have got your back, no matter what flavor youre seeking.

3. Theyre veganmust mean theyre healthy, right? It doesnt matter if theyre healthy or not what matters is that theyre delicious.

4. They pair well with various kinds of milk and milk substitutes. Check out this guide to non-dairy bowls of milk for all you vegans out there.

5. Food SculptureWho says 20-year-olds cant have fun with their food.

6. Finally, they go with just about anything. Oreos of any flavor are perfect for desserts, from Red Velvet Oreo cupcakes to Mini-Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Crush Oreos and use them to top ice cream, pies, or cheesecake truffles. All of a sudden, youve gained ten new friends thanks to these dishes.

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Oreo Double Stuf Gluten

Milks Favorite Cookie Has Finally Arrived Double Stuf Gluten-Free Oreo enthusiasts will rejoice over this delectable gluten-free delicacy. These gluten-free chocolate wafer cookies are created with natural cocoa and a gluten-free wheat blend, and theyre stuffed with almost twice as much crème!

Nostalgia with a Twist The cookies keep fresh until youre ready to eat them, thanks to resealable bulk packaging that makes it easy to share this classic treat. Delight coworkers or classmates, or add a sweet touch to party goodies, goodie jars, or gift bags. 12 OREO Double Stuf Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are included in this bulk cookie bundle.

These certified gluten-free Double Stuf OREO cookies are loaded with nearly twice as much creamy creme as the classic chocolate sandwich cookie and taste just like it.

These gluten-free chocolate wafer cookies are crafted with natural cocoa and a specific gluten-free flour blend, and theyre ready to lick, dunk and twist.

Cookies in resealable packs stay fresh longer, so you can enjoy a crisp creme-filled cookie whenever youre craving something sweet.

This extensive package of cookies is ideal for stocking the pantry. OREO cookies are a simple dessert or after-lunch treat that may be enjoyed whenever you want to sweeten a moment.

The Taste And Texture Of Gluten Free Oreos

Fresh Love Homestead: Double Stuffed Oreo Cake: Gluten ...

If you follow the gluten-free Instagram community, or if youre a part of the glutenfree or celiac subreddits , you will have seen that half of all posts on those platforms were about Gluten Free Oreos for the first few days following their arrival stores.

Gluten Free Oreos are a big deal!

My wife Sydney I and wanted to test as scientifically as possible if Gluten Free Oreos taste the same as regular Oreos. Since I have celiac disease, I havent eaten an oreo in 4 years, and I was only able to try the Gluten Free Oreos, but my wife doesnt have to eat gluten-free. So, heres how we ran our taste test.

  • I first tried various other brands of gluten-free sandwich cookies to see how much they reminded me of Oreos
  • I then tried Gluten Free Oreos
  • Next, I numbered all the cookies , blindfolded my wife, and then she would randomly pick numbers to select which cookie she would try
  • As she tried the various cookies, she would guess whether they were the Gluten Free Oreos, the Original Oreos, or a non-Oreo gluten-free sandwich cookie.
  • You can watch our full taste test here:

    Below is the complete list of cookies that we included in our taste testing:

    • Nabisco Oreos
    • Goodie Girl Gluten Free Chocolate Creme Cookies
    • Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Gluten Free Cookies
    • Great Value Gluten Free Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies
    • Trader Joes Gluten Free Joe-Joes Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies

    Heres how the other brands of gluten-free sandwich cookies compared in taste and texture:

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    Allergens Nutrient Facts And Ingredients For Gluten Free Oreos

    Nabisco Gluten Free Oreos are Certified Gluten Free

    The cherry on top for Nabisco Gluten Free Oreos is that theyre Certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization . The GFCO is one of the largest independent gluten-free certification organizations in the US.

    If the GFCO certifies a product as gluten-free, that means the product is guaranteed to be gluten-free because its passed very strict gluten-free standards. Whether you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant, you can trust that Gluten Free Oreos are really gluten-free.

    Of the other brands offering gluten-free sandwich cookies that we compared, all were Certified Gluten Free by the GFCO except for Trader Joes Gluten Free Joe-Joes cookies.

    Nabisco Gluten Free Oreos Contain Soy, Oats, and Xanthan Gum

    Another thing to note about Nabisco Gluten Free Oreos is that the only allergen they contain is soy. Glutino Gluten Free Cookies were the only other brand that only had soy as an allergen.

    All other brands contained soy and at least one others allergen. Great Value and Goodie Girl gluten-free cookies contain soy and milk, while Trader Joes Gluten Free Cookies contain soy and egg.

    One thing to be aware of with Nabisco Gluten Free Oreos is that they are made with oat flour. Some people with celiac disease avoid oats because oats can trigger symptoms even when the oats are gluten-free. All other brands of gluten-free cookies, except for Goodie Girl cookies, dont use oat flour.

    Cookie Type

    Are Oreos Gluten Free

    Wanting to know are Oreos gluten free? Find out everything you need to know here!

    This post may contain Amazon affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

    We love Oreos and use them to make all sorts of things- like Ice Cream Bars and Truffles– but some times I want to share those treats with friends who cant eat gluten.

    Thankfully, there is now a solution for that!

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    Ingredients For Oreo Protein Muffins

    The flourless Oreo protein muffins are made with healthy ingredients, sweetened protein powder, and have no oil or sugar.

    • Chocolate Protein Powder needed for a high protein muffin and also replaces most of the sugar.I used a Chocolate whey-caesin blend protein powder from Quest Nutrition for this recipe.
    • A bit of Baking Powder and Baking Soda

    And for the double stuffed Oreo muffins effect:

    • Sugar-free Oreo Sandwich Cookies I used the Keto friendly Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies from Catalina Crunch to make these healthy low calorie Oreo muffins.

    Alternatives For Healthy Oreo Muffins

    Double Stuffed Oreos #shorts#glutenfree

    I made these Oreo black cocoa protein muffins with the set of ingredients above, but heres some options to try. I havnt given them all a go yet, so I cant say how they all would work.

    • Oat Flour: All purpose flour, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour or 1:1 Gluten Free Baking Flour in the same amount by weight.
    • Chocolate Protein Powder: Use vanilla flavor
    • Black Cocoa: Regular unsweetened cocoa or raw cacao
    • Greek Yogurt: Coconut Yogurt
    • Applesauce: Mashed banana or pumpkin puree
    • Egg Whites: Try ¼ cup aquafaba
    • 1:1 Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement: Regular confectioners sugar or coconut sugar

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    Some Factors That Describes The Nutrition Fact Of Oreo

    A nutritional chart on the back of a food packet would almost certainly have been checked before consuming it if you were concerned about your health. However, if you havent, you are likely unaware of some essential issues that you should be aware of.

    The ability to read nutritional labels on food packaging makes it easier for you to evaluate foodstuffs and identify which products have the nourishing value your body demands and which items you should strictly avoid eating. Being conscious of what youre eating allows you to make more nutritious food selections when grocery shopping.

    The number of nutrients included in the amount mentioned above of food is determined by the percentage of the daily recommended value. This calculation can be made to assume that you consume 2000 calories daily.

    The above table provides a thorough description of Oreo cookies nutritional information and ingredients. Some Interesting Cream CheeseNutrition Facts You Should Know is a great book I recommend.

    Continuing, well delve into the world of Oreo cookies and uncover some highly sought-after knowledge about the sweets:

    Calories come from various sources: Of the 45 calories in one Oreo biscuit, 27 calories come from carbohydrates, 16.5 calories come from fat, and 1.5 calories from protein.

    Original Oreos Vs Gluten Free Oreos

    My husband and I both tried each version of the double stuffed variety.

    Although they are both very similar in taste, the main differences where:

  • The size: the original double stuffed are slightly smaller in diameter and in the amount of cream compared to the gluten free double stuffed
  • The cookie: although very slight, the gluten free version is a little crisper/stale when you bite into it. And by stale I just mean it breaks the same way as a stale cookie/cracker would- and I think that is because there is no gluten in it.
  • Overall, the taste between the two is almost identical and if I was just given a gluten free one I wouldnt know the difference.

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    Is Oreos Bad For You

    When you turn over a pack of Oreos, youll notice that theyre nutritionally barren. That means no fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, or protein are present. However, it contains a tremendous amount of sugar, making them tasty and harmful to our health.

    Oreos are as addictive as cocaine, at least in lab rats, and they prefer the creamy middle just like we do. Our findings back up the hypothesis that high-fat/high-sugar diets activate the brain in the same manner that pharmaceuticals do, explains neuroscience assistant professor Joseph Schroeder. Students in Schroeders neuroscience class put hungry rats in a maze. Rats, like humans, dont seem to find eating them particularly pleasurable, Schroeder added. The rats were then given the option of hanging out wherever they pleased.

    The cookies appeal to rats in the same way that addictive drugs appeal to them. These findings support the idea that maladaptive eating behaviors contributing to obesity can be compared to drug addiction, Schroeders team wrote in a release outlining the work, which will be presented at the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego next month.

    Kraft Gluten Free Original Flavor Macaroni And Cheese Meal Oz Boxes Pack Of 12 6 Ounce

    Gluten Free Double Stuffed Oreos Nutrition Facts
    • Twelve 6 oz. boxes of KRAFT Gluten Free Mac and Cheese Dinner
    • KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese is a convenient gluten free boxed dinner
    • Box includes brown rice and corn pasta with original flavor cheese sauce mix
    • Gluten Free KRAFT Mac And Cheese contains no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial dyes
    • One box makes about 2 servings of gluten free macaroni and cheese
    • Country: United States

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    Statement From Gluten Free Watchdog On Nabisco Gluten

    ***Note: What follows is the opinion of Gluten Free Watchdog. Whether or not you choose to eat gluten-free Oreo cookies is your decision. You do not owe anyone an explanation. Please make decisions based on all available information.***

    Nabisco Gluten-Free Oreo Cookies: Gluten Free Watchdog is on the fence about this cookie. We have tested numerous packages and test results are very encouraging. We love that the actual cookie includes a gluten-free imprint. This is brilliant. This product is also certified gluten-free by GFCO*. According to the manufacturer, Oreo cookies are made with GFCO certified gluten-free oats and manufactured in a GFCO certified facility. However, despite repeated inquiries, Nabisco will not answer a simple question about their oatsare they sorted or purity protocol? In the opinion of Gluten Free Watchdog, it is very problematic when a manufacturer refuses to disclose the source of their oats. This is less about their choice of oats and much more about their unwillingness to be completely transparent with a community of folks with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders.

    *To read a statement from GFCO along with Gluten Free Watchdogs updated position on oats, see

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