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Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs

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Why This Recipe Works

Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dog Review & Giveaway (Closed)

Easy – with just a couple of ingredients, these air-fried corn dogs could not be easier to make! You can have them on the table and ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

Kid-friendly – kids love corn dogs, and these delicious air-fried dogs are no exception! Your little ones will love dipping these kid-sized corn dogs in their favorite sauces.

Quick – you only need 10 minutes to make these frozen corn dogs, so if you are really hungry or have kids that are impatient for their snack, no one will have to wait long to eat!

Delicious – you will love these crispy golden brown corn dogs! They are crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

Mini Corn Dogs In Air Fryer

By: Summer Yule · This post may contain affiliate links.

Learn how long to cook mini corn dogs in air fryer! This mini corn dog air fryer recipe only takes 10 minutes. Im making Foster Farms mini corn dogs in air fryer. However, you can adapt this recipe to make State Fair mini corn dogs in air fryer or your favorite brand. Youll love how air fryer mini corndogs come out crispy and golden every time!

Enjoy one of your favorite fair foods all year long with this air fryer frozen mini corn dogs recipe!

I used chicken mini corn dogs here. Feel free to use beef mini corn dogs or turkey mini corn dogs if you’d prefer. I even have some options for vegan and vegetarian corn dogs in the FAQs.

Foster Farms and State Fair seem to be the major mini corn dog brands locally. You can also use Schwans mini corn dogs, Johnsonville, or another brand. Keep in mind that the size of your mini corn dogs can impact the cooking time.

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Frozen mini corn dogs in the air fryer come out as good as oven baking in less time. I think after you make mini corn dogs in an air fryer, youll never want to make them another way again!

Cooking Time And Temperature

How long do you cook mini corn dogs in an air fryer? What temperature to air fry mini corn dogs? Air fry frozen mini corn dogs for a total of 9-10 minutes at 350degrees Fahrenheit .

Use the top rack position for air fryer ovens, and cook one tray at a time. Air fry mini corn dogs for five minutes, flip them, and air fry 4-5 minutes more. You dont need spray oil, as the breading already contains plenty of fat.

According to my box of Foster Farms mini corn dogs, the product is fully cooked. If you have food safety concerns, you can ensure they reached the minimum safe internal temp for leftovers. Simply check them with a meat thermometer to ensure theyve reached 165F .

Give the mini corn dogs a minute or two to cool down before enjoying. Theyre very hot!

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Gluten Free Corndogs In The Air Fryer Faqs

What corn dogs are gluten-free?

There are quite of few brands that offer gluten free corn dogs. For example, Applegate Farms makes a very flavorful gluten-free corn dog. We used Ian’s Gluten Free Turkey Corn Dogs in the recipe above.

Do Foster Farms corn dogs have gluten?

Yes, some Foster Farms corn dogs do contain gluten. However, Foster Farms also has some excellent gluten-free corn dogs made with chicken franks and dipped in a delicious crunchy honey batter. Give them a try!

Where to buy gluten free corn dogs?

You can buy gluten free corn dogs at almost every grocery store. You can find gluten free corn dogs at Walmart and Target, to name a couple of stores.

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Expert Tips From A Dietitian

Foster Farms Corn Dogs, Gluten Free, Honey Crunchy Flavor (12 ct) from ...

This is a level 3 recipe . Are mini corn dogs bad for you? Lets keep it real- people dont choose these because theyre the healthy option.

Frozen mini corn dogs are composed of highly processed meat, refined grains, lots of added oil, and sometimes added sugar as well. Though we may be inclined to categorize them as a protein food, some brands get over 50% of their calories from fat. After the fat, carbs are the next highest calorie contributor.

And yes, the calories from fat listed above is for air fried frozen mini corn dogs. Deep frying corn dogs would push the fat content even higher.

The brand of frozen mini hot dogs I purchased only provided 28 calories from protein in a 220-calorie serving. And speaking of serving size, the four-piece serving felt very unsatisfying and unrealistic to me. I could easily eat 2-3 servings of mini corn dogs in a sitting.

The combination of fat and refined carbs with little protein characterizes many ultra-processed foods. These foods are often easy to overeat, since they tend to be high in calories by volume. They lack the things that tend to make foods feel more filling: protein, fluid volume, and fiber.

There are other treat foods Id prefer to have, so I rarely eat mini corn dogs. Id prefer a 100% beef hot dog without the cornmeal breading. Its more protein dense .

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Mini Corn Dogs Air Fryer Ingredients

You need a box of mini corn dogs, an air fryer, and a meat thermometer for this recipe. I also recommend having some dipping sauce.

Im air frying Foster Farms frozen mini corn dogs. Air frying times may vary slightly between different mini corn dog brands.

Cooking times may also vary between the Ninja Foodi, Kalorik, Philips, Nuwave, Pampered Chef, Actifry, Instant Pot Vortex, Cosori, Breville, and other air fryer brands. Check the food early the first time you try any new air fryer recipe. Thats the secret to always having air fryer success!

How To Cook Foster Farms Frozen Corn Dogs

It’s important to know that you can cook foster farms frozen corn dogs in the oven, air fryer, microwaves, or even, in the deep fryer.

This delicious precooked corn dog takes only a few minutes to be cooked or heated then you can serve it with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy your snacks. So in this post, you will learn all about cooking foster farms frozen corn dogs.

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Who Is The Inventor Of Corn Dog

Its understandable that a lot wants to be the corn dog inventor, as who wouldnt love to be a US hotdog hero?

Although many people claim to have invented the deliciousness of hot dogs, no one can be held responsible.Brothers Neil and Carl Fletcher introduced corny dog to the Texas State Fair in 1942.The people went wild!Although the Fletcher brothers thought their idea was unique, they werent the first to cook a corndog.

The earliest source we could find is husband and wife, Versa and George Boyington, they claimed that they invented the corndog in Oregons Rockaway Beach, in the 1930s.

George came up with the idea to make buns by coating the franks with a pancake batter mixture.His invention was called the Pronto Pup.

Foster Farms Corn Dogs

Foster Farms Jumbo Corn Dogs at Costco. 28 dogs for $6.xx

Corn Dogs, Gluten Free, Honey Crunchy

Chicken franks dipped in honey-crunchy batter. 7 g protein per serving. Certified gluten free. Family owned since 1939. No added hormones or steroids used in chicken. No by-products. Microwaveable. Fully cooked. Enjoy fun and yum, all in one. Foster farms corn dogs have a mission: share fun and yum with everyone! Made from plump, juicy hot dogs and double-dipped in our delicious honey-crunchy batter, our corn dogs are made from chicken raised with no added hormones or steroids and have 7 grams of protein per serving. You can feel good that it’s the right choice to satisfy even the hungriest appetites. Available in a variety of flavors and sizes that are sure to please the whole family. Try them all! Better care. Better quality. Better taste. That’s the foster farms way. This is our promise to you. If you are not satisfied with this product, we will promptly replace your purchase. Simply return this label with the reason and proof of purchase to: Foster Farms, P.O. Box 306, Livingston, CA 95334. If you have questions or comments, please call 1-800-255-7227, Monday – Friday, 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. PST. We’d love to hear from you! Find us at and follow us on: Instagram. Facebook. Twitter fosterfarms. At Foster Farms we are committed to agricultural practices that are in harmony with nature and the environment. For more information please visit our website at Product of USA.

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What Is A Corn Dog

These air fryer corn dogs are hot dogs on sticks that have been dipped in cornmeal batterthen cooked in the air fryer.The hot dogs can be hung upside-down, dipped in batter, and then fried until they are golden brown.

Once the corn dogs have been cooked, they are taken out of the air fryer and are ready to be served with your favorite dip. You are also free to use store-bought frozen corn dogs, the process of cooking is the same.

We are going to jump right into this delicious and crispy air fryer corn dogs recipe, but if you want to know all the tricks and tips, be sure to read the whole article.

Bes sure to check these Air-Fryer recipes also:

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Where To Buy Foster Farms Frozen Corn Dogs

You can find Foster Farms Frozen Corn Dogs in almost any supermarket in The USA and Canada. If you want to make an online purchase, Foster Farms Frozen Corn Dogs are available on Amazon. You can also find them in any Walmart.

For more details, check this The Foster Farms Website and find exactly where to buy any of their products.

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Are Frozen Corn Dogs Precooked

It’s important to know that foster farm’s frozen corn dogs are already pre-cooked, which means they are deep-fried before then frozen fast to save the original taste.

So, when you try to cook these frozen corn dogs, technically you are reheating them that’s why cooking these corn dogs take a few mintues.

Foster Farms Receives Certification From The Gluten Intolerance Group

Foster Farms Corn Dogs, Gluten Free, Honey Crunchy Flavor (12 ct) from ...

LIVINGSTON, Calif. The countdown is over: gluten-free consumers can now enjoy Foster Farms best selling corn dog product with the introduction of Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs in Honey Crunchy flavor. The gluten-free variety is the newest addition to the Foster Farms Corn Dog line-up that includes the number one selling corn dog product the nation. Foster Farms took the additional steps to have their new item approved by the leading gluten-free certification program in the world.

Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs are made with 100 percent chicken franks and dipped twice in honey crunchy batter. Easy to heat-and-eat, Foster Farms Gluten-Free Corn Dogs make for a quick snack and easy meal the whole family can enjoy.

As the producer of the nations number one selling corn dog product, we are pleased to expand our offerings so that more kids and adults can now enjoy this American classic, said Emily Fleischmann, Marketing Manager for Foster Farms.

Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs are available in packages of 12. Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs can be prepared in the microwave or in a conventional oven. Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs are available nationwide at many retailers including: Safeway Safeway, Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Kroger Kroger, Frys, Smiths, Raleys, Lucky, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, Woodmans, Copps/Roundys, Schnucks, Food Lion, HyVee, and Marsh.

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Foster Farms Corn Dogs Ingredients

According To Foster Farms Website, the Corn Dogs Honey Crunchy is made of Batter which is made of flour, sugar, dried honey, and eggs, and the dogs inside are made of chicken, salt, corn syrup, and a few other ingredients.

These are The whole foster farms corn dogs ingredients list:

  • BATTER: Water, enriched flour , sugar, yellow corn flour, enriched degermed yellow cornmeal , soy flour, leavening , soybean oil, salt, egg yolk, potato flour, egg white, dried honey, artificial flavor. Fried in vegetable oil.
  • CHICKEN FRANK: Mechanically separated chicken, water, salt, corn syrup solids, potassium lactate, potassium acetate, spices, sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate, flavorings, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate.


Benefits Of Making Mini Corn Dogs

Why make mini corn dogs in the air fryer? Its safe to say that frozen mini corn dogs are not the most nutritious option. In fairness, however, there are several other benefits to consider outside the realm of nutrition:

  • Appetizer or snack: Bite-sized corn dogs are a delicious crowd pleaser that work for a variety of occasions. Serve them at your next party, potluck, or have them on hand for a kids afterschool snack.
  • Fast: You can cook mini corn dogs from frozen in only 9-10 minutes in the air fryer. It takes 10 minutes to preheat an oven, so air frying is much faster overall.
  • Easy: You don’t need to meal plan or create a shopping list to make mini corn dogs. All you need is the box of corn dogs and an air fryer. It’s so simple!
  • Crispy perfection: Air fried mini corn dogs come out crispy and golden. It’s faster to microwave, but air frying achieves better results.

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How To Make Air Fryer Frozen Corn Dogs

  • You can use the same recipe from above, minus the ingredients. Premade frozen corn dogs are also available for a quick snack or meal.
  • The air fryer cooks the corn dogs perfectly, resulting in a crispy exterior and tender inside.
  • Take the corn dogs from the freezer and place them in the air fryer.You should not overcrowd your air fryer.Follow the same cooking instructions.

This Recipe Is Perfect For The Air Fryer

Foster Farms corn dogs

This recipe will help you if youve ever had a corndog at a carnival or fair and wondered why you couldnt make it at home. These corn dogs are my favorite air-fryer snack.

Perhaps you have bought frozen corn dogs from the grocery store and tried to cook them in the oven or microwave. The insides were hard, chewy, or mushy.

This air fryer corn dogs recipe takes this simple snack and classic meal to a whole new level.These can be made in an air fryer for a crispy texture and even heating.The air fryer does not use oil to cook, you only need to sprinkle them with the cooking spray

Air-frying corn dogs result in crispy exteriors and delicious, quick meals that are perfect for busy weeknights.

They are so good you will be convinced you have found the best secret to your life.To make them irresistible, you can add your favorite dip.

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How Long Does It Take To Cook A Frozen Corn Dog

Cooking Frozen Corn dogs in the oven can take between 10 and 18 min at 350°F. Cooking duration will change if you are cooking frozen or thawed corn dogs. And for the microwaves method will take 2 min on high heat. Also If you trying to cook them in the air fryer or deep-fryer, the heating duration will change too.

Gluten Free Corn Dogs

If you want a yummy snack that’s both healthy and tasty, these air-fried corn dogs are perfect! They’re ideal for those with gluten sensitivities or on a gluten free diet, and they’re a healthy alternative to traditional dogs on a stick. Plus, you only need about 10 minutes to make them!

We may receive a small commission on certain products or services mentioned in this post. Please read our full Disclosure Policy for more information.

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Are Foster Farms Frozen Corn Dogs Good

I Tried these Foster Farms honey crunchy corn dogs. They are really good tasting, The cornbread on them is good tasting with an amazing crunchy texture. The dogs inside have a good flavor to them.

Cook them in the microwaves or in the air fryer and serve it hot with mustard or mayo, they will be a super delicious snack. If you didn’t try them yet, you will absolutely love them. After all, This is not the only amazing product of Foster Farms, I always choose foster farm because they really give us a great product with perfect quality.

Foster Farms Gluten Free Strips Nuggets And Corn Dogs

Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs

These days there are a lot of gluten-free alternatives. However, many of them taste straight-up nasty. I speak from firsthand experience of trying them. Fortunately thats not the case with some of Foster Farms new gluten-free offerings. The other day I received a HUGE shipment that was loaded with some 50 lbs. of Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs, Breast Nuggets, and Breast Strips. The hard part was finding space in our tiny freezer to store them all though!

All three varieties are certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group and only contain less than 10ppm of gluten per serving. That means Frans, even though he has Celiac, could eat these without a reaction. The nuggets and strips are 100% all natural and from all white meat and whole breast tenderloins .

Making each of these items is extremely easy as you just pop them in the oven. Thats right just lay the items on a cookie sheet or pan and follow the printed instructions. Just an extra 5-10 minutes will give the food a nice crispness and make it taste that much better.

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