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Are English Muffins Gluten Free

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By Step To The Best Gluten Free English Muffins

How to Make Gluten-Free English Muffins with Nextjen Gluten-Free

Although toast may be the most well known quick breakfast bread for toppings like jelly and butter crispy, toasted gluten free English muffins have to be a close second.

And these English muffins are by far the very best! This recipe makes an amazing gluten free English muffin – so light, so airy and with the perfect texture. And that taste….


Matter of fact, they are heavenly – that’s the only way to describe them!

The tops and bottoms are light, golden brown and get their characteristic crispness from a quick sear in a skillet. And then with a few minutes in the oven… they are ready to eat!

Are English Muffins Gluten

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley and these grains’ derivatives.

A standard English muffin is made of wheat flour, butter, milk and salt, making this breakfast food unsafe for people with celiac disease or those with a gluten sensitivity, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation. But as with most processed foods, recipes will vary, depending on the brand or added ingredients.

What Are English Muffins

If youve been living under a rock or arent in America, you dont know what an English muffin is. But where in the world did they come from? Samuel Thomas, an Englishman who emigrated to the US many years ago, opened a bakery. He invented toaster crumpets, which were like regular English crumpets but pre-cut so that they could pull apart easily.

The toaster crumpets were a huge hit and Thomas English Muffins were born! Many people have made homemade versions of these, but the Thomas recipe is closely guarded.

Big name commercial bakeries rarely devote time to making gluten free versions of their products , so weve got to come up with our own plan. And these gluten free English muffins are just perfect, and technically could also be called Thomas English Muffins !

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What To Serve With A Keto English Muffin

These gluten-free English muffins definitely have a breakfast feel to them, so lets embrace that. Voila youve got the perfect breakfast or snack!

And if a less breakfast-y sandwich is what youre after, youll probably prefer my keto 90 second bread recipe. It has a more chewy texture and is just as easy!

Joan’s Gf Great Bakes

English Muffins

Joan’s GF Great Bakes makes three different English muffins: plain, cinnamon raisin, and multi-grain. The multi-grain English muffins include organic dark buckwheat, organic amaranth, and golden flax seed, plus brown sugar.

All Joan’s GF Great Bakes products are manufactured in a facility free of gluten, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. In addition, they’re all free of dairy and eggs, although they’re processed on equipment that also processes those ingredients. The English muffins do contain yeast. Joan’s sources its ingredients carefully and then tests its products through an independent testing lab to make certain they contain less than 5 parts per million of gluten.

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How To Make Low Carb English Muffins

Did I mention that this low carb English muffin is ready in just a couple of minutes? It doesnt get much faster than that! For mornings when youre tired, dont feel like cooking, or are short on time, gluten-free English muffins are the perfect solution.

Easy? Check. Fast? Check. Delicious? Check. Low carb, gluten-free and paleo? Check. Yes, this keto English muffin recipe is my jam. Lets make them!

  • Melt. Melt butter in a microwave safe ramekin.
  • Cook. Microwave or bake almond flour English muffins, until the top is firm and spring-y to the touch. Run a knife along the edge of the ramekin and flip over a plate to release.
  • Toast. Slice the English muffin in half, then pop in the toaster until golden.

Super Fluffy Gluten Free English Muffins

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These gluten free English muffins are light and fluffy, toast up with crisp edges, and have tons of nooks and crannies.

Once these muffins are cooled and fork-split, they freeze perfectly. And you can even finish them in a toaster oven instead of a traditional oven so your kitchen stays cool. Clearly, theyre a breakfast home run.

I started out thinking I was making gluten free English crumpetsthose cousins of gluten free English muffins that remind me of sturdier pancakes that are cooked on one side only, until bubbles break through the surface.

I started with the recipe for gluten free English Muffins from page 118 of Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread , and went from there.

The difference between the dough for crumpets and the dough for English muffins is mostly one of hydration percentages. Crumpet dough is more like pancake batter than any bread dough.

English muffin dough seems kind of like how pre-gluten-free-bread-revolution gluten free bread doughvery, very wet .

So whats the difference between the English muffins from GFOAS Bakes Breadand these super fluffy English muffins? A few things, but its also mostly a matter of hydration.

I wont bore you with more of the details. I hear the devil is in there anyway.

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A Bit Of History About English Muffins

While some believe that the English muffins were introduced by Samuel Bath Thomas in New York City in the 1880s, muffins were already a part of the English culture long before the Americans found the English Muffins.

In fact, there is even a popular nursery rhyme from the 16th century called The Muffin Man. But, it is said that this nursery rhyme originated to caution the children.

Fact-checking website Snopes dissected the whole tale about a certain baker turned serial killer who lured victims by pulling a muffin down the cobblestone streets in London with a string and came to the conclusion that this is just a version and the happenings havent been proven.

Moreover, there are no documents about this man at all whether he even existed.

Portioning Out The Batter Into The Ring

2 MINUTE GLUTEN FREE ENGLISH MUFFIN RECIPE | Microwave English Muffins Paleo Bread In A Mug

If youve never used English muffin rings before, youre really going to love them. Not only are they good for making these English muffins, but they form a perfect size egg for breakfast sandwiches.

A tip for buttering the rings: Use a stick of butter and open one end. Holding the unopened end, coat the inside of the rings using the buttery end.

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Recipe Step By Step Directions:

Step 1: In a glass bowl, add the sugar and yeast to warm water. Allow the yeast to sit and ferment for 10 minutes. Make sure the water is about 120º F.

Tip: Use purified water if you can. The chlorine in tap water may affect your yeast and hinder its growth.

  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Step 2: In a large bowl, add the flour, baking soda, and salt. Whisk to blend.

Step 3: Pour the yeast mixture in, then add the additional water. Mix well and allow to rise. I let my dough rise overnight, which seems to really help the English muffins be lighter.

  • Step 4
  • Step 5

Step 4: I am so sorry for the horrible photos in steps 4 and 5. I was making these early morning and it was dark and my kitchen lights weren’t great. Anyway, for step 4, this photo gives you an idea of the batter consistency. You will note the batter is like very thick pancake batter

I have made tried making gluten free English muffins multiple times with multiple fails. I first tried using batter you could shape with your hands but the dough was way too dense and I didn’t get the nooks and crannies that English muffins are famous for.

Step 5: Time to cook your English muffins. I used mason jar lids and I made some without. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Place your mason jar lids in and then fill with batter.

Optional, sprinkle the slightest bit of cornmeal in each lid before adding the batter.

Recommended Containers For This Low Carb English Muffin Recipe

Here are your container options for making this low carb English muffin recipe:

  • Ramekins Most often, I make these gluten-free English muffins in large ramekins. The best ones are 4 inches in diameter like these. But if you only have smaller ramekins that are 3.5 inches in diameter, you can still make low carb English muffins in them! For ramekins any smaller than that, divide the batter into two instead.
  • Mug If you prefer more slices, you can also make the paleo English muffin in a large mug instead of a ramekin. Once its ready, slice it, and just pop those into the toaster in batches. This option is good for trying it with multiple spreads or toppings. Because sometimes you just cant decide, right?
  • Rectangular glass containers As suggested by a reader, use these to turn this low carb English muffin recipe into bread slices.
  • Soup bowls with a flat bottom These are the ones I like to use for larger muffins, as shown in the video below. They are both microwave + oven safe.

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Head To The Diet Generator And Enter The Number Of Calories You Want

Dennys gluten free english muffin carbs. This salad contains fats from a good source of avocado as well as fiber. astrid naranjo, r.d.n. The english muffin has 36 grams of carbs, while both the scrambled eggs and turkey bacon strips only have one gram. The fruit and veggies add micronutrients for a hearty meal under 500 calories.

Quantities of ingredients and based upon special ordering. Order online > 4.3 based on 90 votes. So, the total carb count of your breakfast will be 38 grams.

28 net carbs per serving add to food diary. All tolled, it has 33 grams of protein and 6 grams of filling fiber. Courtesy of denny’s i like the salad range.

Want to use it in a meal plan? Starbucks sausage, cheddar & egg sandwich. 1 sandwich nutrition facts.

Gluten free english muffin without margarine 1 pc 6 gluten free english muffin with margarine 1 pc 9.5 Dennys fit fare menu provides options that are on the lighter side, so its a great place to start. This meal is high in protein so it helps reduce cravings later in the day and supports steady blood sugar control. kelly schmidt, r.d.

Size and quantities of ingredients and based upon special ordering. Chicken sausage patty 110: 7.8% 9.2% 83.0% total fat protein total carbohydrate 180 cal.

420 cal, 11 g fat , 56 g carbs. The main thing is to educate customers about portion sizes, so get a half. 31.2 minutes walking at 17 min/mile.

Hearty breakfast sausage, white toast, and basted/fried eggs

english muffin bread loaf7 English muffin

Are English Muffins Gluten Free


The main ingredient in English muffins is flour, so they usually are not gluten free. But if you suffer from Celiac disease or have a gluten sensitivity, youre in luck because there are many alternative gluten free English muffin brands to choose from!

This list of gluten free English muffins will help you quickly find the best brands that are available to you! The brands near the top of the list are easier to find because they are sold at many stores and possibly online.

The brands near the bottom might only be sold in specific stores and locations, but Ill still let you know where you might find them.

In addition to where you can find these brands, Ill also let you know if the GF English Muffins are certified gluten free. If a product is certified gluten free, it has undergone testing to ensure it is free from gluten and has no chance of cross contamination. Brands that are just labeled gluten free are simply free from gluten-containing ingredients, but they are not guaranteed to be safe from cross contamination.

Before you purchase any of the products on this list, make sure to read the most recent label information, certifications, and allergen warnings, as product ingredients and manufacturing can change at any time.

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How To Make Gluten Free English Muffins

You really wont believe how incredibly easy it is to make these English muffins! Theres no kneading of the dough after initial mixing, and theres no second rise. Take the dough straight from the fridge and scoop it into your skillet . In less than 20 minutes youll have freshly baked English muffins!

Mix the dough in a stand mixer OR with a handheld mixer. This is such a loose high-hydration dough that it can even be mixed with a spoon by hand . Let the dough rise in a warm-draft free area for two hours or until doubled in size. It will be very puffy and filled with holes. Refrigerate the dough for at least 4 hours.

Heat an electric skillet to 250 degrees F . Melt a couple tablespoons of butter in skillet and place pre-greased muffin rings in skillet. Sprinkle bottoms with gluten free cornmeal and spoon dough into molds. Sprinkle tops with cornmeal. Cover with lid of electric skillet or tight-fitting lid and bake for about 7-8 minutes.

Remove cover, carefully flip rings and muffins over and bake for another 7-8 minutes. You can divide and add the other 1 tablespoon of butter over the tops of the muffins before you flip them if youd like, but its not necessary.

Remove the cover and carefully remove the rings from the muffins using tongs. They should slide right out if you sprayed them with cooking spray before baking. Replace lid and continue to bake for another couple of minutes.

Honey Whole Grain English Muffins

Canyon Bakehouse® gluten-free English Muffins are soft, fluffy and ready for you to crisp to perfection. Fork apart these tender muffins into halves, then toast and savor them with melted butter, jam, or build the ultimate breakfast sandwich! Certified Gluten-Free, these English Muffins are also free from dairy, nuts and soy and made using 100% whole grains.

The Versatility: When it comes to our dinner plates, we prioritize nutritional value and flavor above all. That said, it doesn’t hurt when our food looks as good as it tastes. The English muffin round is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious! For those who like to embrace their inner food stylist, the English muffin is THE bread choice. It’s “cute” in a way the others aren’t and perfect for artfully arranging your toppings, whether open-faced or sandwich style. Imagine your favorite round food, miniaturize it with an English muffin, and voilà: snack perfection.

The English muffin is where look and functionality meet in perfect harmony: the nooks and crannies in the round are ideal vessels for creamy almond butter to nestle into or poached egg yolk to be absorbed, making each bite that much more flavor-packed and delectable. Its shape allows for ultimate versatility and culinary creativity, another reason it should take the top spot.

The Variety: If you think you don’t like English muffins, quite simply, think again. There is absolutely a flavor out there for you, you just may not have found it yet.

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