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Mochi Ice Cream Gluten Free

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Homemade Mochi Ice Cream With Gluten

Strawberry mochi Ice Cream

by fravitch

Today I will teach you how to make Homemade Mochi Ice Cream. The mochi wrapper is made of glutinous rice flour , sugar and water. The dish can become vegan, vegetarian, and/or non-dairy depending on the kind of ice cream you choose.

This impressively easy recipe may get you out of shopping for overpriced mochi ice cream products.


  • 2.8 oz. sugar
  • 2.7 fl oz. water
  • Cornstarch
  • Your favorite ice cream

Here are some tips.

1. You may consider reducing the amount of sugar to make healthier wrappers. The good news is you can use 1.4 oz. of sugar, 0.7 oz. of sugar or even a non-sugar sweetener that can be used in cooking, instead of 2.8 oz. of sugar. However, when you use less sugar or artificial sweeteners the wrappers only stay good if you eat them soon after making the dish. This is because wrappers containing less than 2.8 oz. freeze hard in the freezer and you lose the nice and soft mochi texture. Therefore I recommend using twice as much glutinous rice flour to prevent the mochi from freezing solid.

2. The dough is very sticky. Using a fork when stirring is better than a spoon or spatula.

1. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the rice flour and sugar. Mix well. Add the water gradually, stirring constantly to keep lumps from forming. Microwave for 1 minute. Remove the bowl and stir for 1 minute. Microwave for another 1 minute and stir again for 1 minute. At this point, the dough should become translucent.

Gluten Free Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi is a naturally gluten-free Japanese dessert, served during Japanese New Year and year round, usually in the form of a very starch rice cake. However, that same starchy rice dough is used to wrap frozen balls of ice cream. Mochi ice cream is a unique dessert that everyone should, at least, try once! Kids would love to make them! The little ones can help. You can add food coloring to the dough, and flavored extracts, as well. I like to use natural food coloring or cocoa powder. It can be made with a regular or dairy-free ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt. They remind me of bon-bons! Have fun with this one!

Yield: Makes 10 – 12 mochi ice cream pieces.

Gluten free mochi ice cream balls similar to bon bons, but a bit starchier. A wonderful Japanese treat.


  • 1 cup gluten-free ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt
  • 1/2 cup filtered water
  • 1/4 cup evaporated cane juice or sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon pure cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup sweet rice flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon extract flavoring of your choice
  • 2 – 3 Tablespoons tapioca flour/starch for dusting


  • Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or wax paper.
  • Using a small cookie or ice cream scooper , add single scoops of ice cream on the lined cookie sheet.
  • Freeze until frozen.
  • In a small size pan, bring the sugar, water to a boil, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove from heat and whisk in the sweet rice flour until smooth.
  • If using an extract, place it and stir it into the dough at this time with a spoon.
  • Tips

    Cut The Dough Into Circles

    Cut circles out of the dough using a cookie cutter. Pile the circles on top of each other, separating them with plastic wrap so they dont stick . You should get approximately 10 circles in total. We used a cutter that had a diameter of 11 cm .

    Be prepared to work quickly as mochi dough becomes less flexible and harder to work with the longer it sits.

    COOKING TIP: You can combine the cut outs and roll them together again to make new circles.

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    What To Look For

    Sauces and baked goods, like cookie dough in ice cream, are generally a giveaway of gluten. Look for ingredients such as wheat flour and barley malt syrup, which contain gluten. Many brands will also include a note in the ingredients section about allergens like gluten or soy.

    While ice cream that doesnt have any ingredients that contain gluten listed on the label is safe for people with gluten sensitivity or people who are hoping to avoid gluten, there is still a risk of cross-contamination. People with celiac disease should avoid them.

    Cross-contamination is a major concern for the 3 million people in the United States with celiac disease. Even microscopic amounts of gluten can cause a reaction, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For people with celiac disease, its extremely important that ice cream be labeled as gluten-free, or that it has a gluten-free certification. All foods labeled as gluten-free, free of gluten, no gluten, or without gluten must have less than 20 parts per million of gluten, according to

    This Luscious Mochi Ice Cream Is Naturally Gluten

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    Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream Oy So Good

    If dairy is part of your diet, then Bubbies Mochi should be, too. Originating in Japan, Mochi is a frozen treat of sweet rice dough wrapped around ice cream. Need we say more? Yes!

    Created by ice cream expert Keith Robbins, who grew up in the Finger Lakes of NY, he named the business after his grandmother. Ingredients include milk with no rBST and no GMOs, and its kosher to boot. Theres even vegan strawberry and chocolate available, and the varieties just keep on coming. Check out their website here to find out where to get yours!

    *Pay close attention to allergen warnings the cookie dough flavors are made in a shared facility.

    What Happens If Bubbies Mochi Gluten Free Red Velvet Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

    • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
    • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
    • Dont Replace: For items youd rather not replace, choose Dont replace to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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    What Is Mochi Made Out Of

    Mochi is one of the most popular traditional Japanese sweet and it is becoming popular in the other parts of the world too. It is a rice cake prepared of mochigome. This substance is a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes other ingredients are included also, for example, water, sugar, and cornstarch.

    The rice is converted into the paste and molded into the required shape. It is prepared in a ceremony called mochitsuki in Japan. It is often filled with ice-cream but traditionally, it is filled with a bean paste. These yummy dumplings are made with sticky rice, these rice cakes can be filled with anything but most people fill them with ice-cream.

    Where To Buy Mochi

    Making gluten free rice flour Mochi for the first time

    As youve come this far, I dont need to introduce mochi to you. This cute round and, squishy ball with every possible filling has possibly won your heart.

    Mochi, a Japanese staple food, has become a fancy dessert in the USA. People used to take it with soup. But its more popular as a fancy ice cream today.

    If youre wondering where to find mochi, you came to the right place. Here Ill share all my views, knowledge, and resources to get the best mochi in town.

    Best traditional red bean filling $4
    Best mochi for fruit lovers $18

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    What Are Mochi Balls Made Of

    Mochimade ofmade

  • Remove and discard the top half of a cardboard egg carton.
  • Scoop ice cream into 10 prepared egg carton cups.
  • Stir rice flour, water, and salt together in a microwave-safe bowl add sugar and stir until completely smooth.
  • Cover the rice flour mixture bowl with plastic wrap microwave for 2 minutes.
  • Adem Gaspard

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    Is Mochi Good For Weight Loss

    It can be said that Mochi is not exactly health food. But actually, ice cream provides our body with various substantial nutrients. This tasty and sweet dish provides our body with many beneficial nutrients such as:

    • blood-pressure-lowering potassium
    • energizing B vitamins
    • bone-strengthening calcium.

    Ice cream also provides the body with a pretty amount of protein which is necessary for building muscle and avoiding weight gain. For sure, you can eat mochi now without any specific harm.

    Sticky Rice Confection Japanese Mochi Ice Cream. Is Mochi Gluten and Dairy-Free?

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    The Lazy Cooks Homemade Mochi: A Soft And Chewy Confection

    Are you on the mochi train?

    If not, you should be! This soft and chewy Japanese confection is addictively fun to eat, with a unique texture that delights with every bite.

    And you can make it at home with my lazy cooks version. Made in the microwave. Dont judge me.

    Im too impatient to wait for dessert! A delicious sweet treat is just minutes away!

    But before diving into the recipe, learn a little more about it:

    Is Mochi Dangerous To Eat

    Gluten Free Mochi Ice Cream

    Mochi is so sticky that it is difficult to swallow it for, particularly elder people. But people still love Mochi. mochi is a conglomeration of refined starches that can create constipation if over-consumed!

    You may hear the term glutinous rice when it comes to the making of mochi, chefs typically say that glutinous rice is used to make mochi but it doesnt mean that it has gluten that wheat, barley or other grains have. So, if you are opting for a gluten free diet, you can happily move your hand to the tray of the squishy, creamy and above all, yummy mochi to have it because it will not be harmful to you.

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    What Mochi Tastes Like

    Mochi is really delicious and amazing when tasted. Mochi is a slightly sweet pressed rice that is actually good as chopped topping in yogurt ice cream. It turns out to be chewy when cold. But mochi by itself is as thick and sort of firm marshmallow texture with a floury sweet taste.

    Mochi frequently has flavor added, mango or red bean stuffing is really good with it. However, in Japan, people like more subtle differences in taste as compared to how Americans use lots of spices and sauces in daily-use foods.

    How To Make Vegan Red Bean Paste

    Making vegan red bean paste is extremely easy: all you need is azuki red beans, vegan sugar, and water!

    Add azuki red beans and water to a saucepan, boil for 5 minutes, and then discard the water. Add more water and bring to boil again, then cover with a lid. Simmer for about 1 hour until you can easily mash the beans with your fingers. Drain the water and add sugar. Stirring constantly until it reaches your desired consistency.

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    Tips For Making The Best Veganmochi

    • Its best to prepare the Anko red bean paste ahead of the time and ideally chill it in the refrigerator before making the mochi.
    • Make sure to use Mochiko flour or Shiratamako flour for this recipe. If you only have regular glutinous flour, you can make mango mochi instead.
    • Its very important to mix all ingredients THOROUGHLY and make sure everything is completely dissolved. Otherwise, your mochi dough wont have a smooth texture.
    • As the dough is very sticky, youll need to use a generous amount of cornstarch to prevent it from sticking, but make sure to coat it evenly in a thin layer of cornstarch so its not overwhelmed by the white cornstarch powder.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Recipes That Prove Mochi Is The Gluten

    Cinnamon Twisted Rolls (gluten free / vegan)

    A lot of us have probably fallen in love with the mochi found in the grocery store freezer section, but thats only one of many sweet ways to enjoy the fab flour. Made from a stickier, sweeter type of rice, mochi has a stretchy, chewy texture thats actually naturally gluten-free. Whether you use it solo or mixed with all-purpose flour, this collection of 18 crave-worthy recipes will show just how versatile this flour can be. It works wonders in anything from donuts to cakes to loaves of bread and so much more!

    1. Matcha Kagami Mochi Waffles: A spoonful of matcha powder provides these waffles with their bright green hue, along with a little boost of caffeine and antioxidants. Talk about a great way to start the day.

    2. Chocolate Mochi Cakes: Believe it or not, these elegant, chocolate-dipped petit fours are actually a snap to prepare.

    3. Mochi Donuts : Whats not to love about classic glazed donuts that are ready for the fryer in less than 30 minutes with no yeast or rising time required?

    4. Strawberry Mochi With Red Bean: A word of warning: These chewy-sweet bon bons are extremely addictive, especially when in-season berries are used.

    5. Black Sesame Macaron Pops With Mochi Filling: Each of these pops packs a delightful assortment of nutty flavors, and the combo of almonds and black sesame is out of this world.

    6. Matcha Mochi Toast: Fans of textural contrasts will swoon over these chewy, crisp, crunchy, smooth sandwiches.

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    What Is Mochi Ice Cream

    Mochi ice cream is a delightful Japanese confection made with ice cream that is enveloped into a dough in a shape similar to a purse-shaped dumpling! The mochi dough itself is made with glutinous rice flour or sweet rice flour. It goes through a process of steaming and then being rolled and cut out into circles to be later filled with a ball of your favorite ice cream unique and delicious!

    Traditionally, the mochi dough is steamed, but in can also be cooked in the microwave or even with a mochi maker.

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