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Gluten Free Lemon Cake Mix Aldi

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Tips For The Best Cake

Aldi Food Review: Live gFree Pancake and Baking Mix
  • Want to get the most juice out of a lemon? Here are some hacks:
  • Warm the lemon in the microwave for 30 seconds. Let it cool for a bit and squeeze.
  • Let it soak in hot water for several minutes before squeezing.
  • Roll it against a flat surface for several seconds.
  • Cut it lengthwise for better grip.
  • Make sure the glaze is smooth and lump-free by sifting the powdered sugar.
  • Any cake boxed mix works for this recipe, but personally, I prefer lemon.
  • Replace some of the vegetable oil with two scoops of sour cream for extra moisture.
  • Were using lemon Jello here, but you should also try a mixture of lemon and orange.
  • Other recipes call for pudding mix instead of gelatin, so feel free to experiment!
  • For more flavor, spike the cake with rum or brandy.
  • Do not over-mix the batter or your cake will turn out dry. Use a whisk, not an electric mixer, to beat the ingredients together.
  • Use room-temperature eggs for a smooth batter.
  • This recipe calls for a tube pan, but you can use any type of pan as well, such as a 9×13-inch baking dish or a 9-inch round pan. You can even use a muffin tin to make cupcakes!
  • If using a bundt pan, pick a light-colored one. Darker bundt pans can sometimes cause over-browning.
  • Also, you want to grease a bundt pan very well to prevent the cake from sticking to the bottom. There are non-stick bundt pans available in most stores, but in case you dont have one, these tips will help:
  • Brush the pan with cake release a paste made of flour, oil, and shortening.
  • Gluten Free Angel Food Cake 101

    The best part of a good angel food cake is the versatility of this sweet and light dessert. A few things to know about angel food cake:

    How is gluten free angel food cake different? Angel food cake is unique from other cakes because of the lack of butter used. It it popular as a light and fluffy texture.

    What kind of pan should I use for angel food cake? We opted for a 10 inch round tube pan for this cake. We should note that even though angel food doesnt use butter, we found it was important to grease the pan very lightly so the cake will come out properly. Traditionally this is not recommended, but if you find your cake is being stubborn in your pan, this may just do the trick. Its also important to allow the cake to cool completely before removing.

    How should I store my cake? The best way to keep your gluten free angel food cake fresh is to place in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to a week.

    Can I freeze angel food cake? Yes, you can. Wrap your cake in plastic wrap and place in a freezer bag. This will keep for a considerably long time in the freezer, provided the temperature stays consistent.

    Are Angel Food Cakes Gluten Free

    Traditional, from scratch or store bought, angel food cakes are not naturally gluten free because the recipe contains flour. However, by following this recipe you will still be able to enjoy the same light, fluffy, homemade cake, but in a gluten free version!

    If you are dairy free, youre in luck. Angel food cakes do not require butter or milk, which means it is a naturally dairy free cake. This recipe uses gluten free flour, so it is both gluten free and dairy free.

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    How To Avoid A Fallen Cake

    While a fallen cake still tastes pretty good, it doesnt look pretty at all. Here are a couple of tips to avoid your cake from sinking:

    • Oftentimes, there is a slight difference between the temperature youll set your oven to and its actual temperature. This deviation can make or break a cake. That said, its best to use an oven thermometer so that you can monitor and regulate the temperature in the oven.
    • Dont rely on visual cues. Its possible for a cake to turn golden brown and puff up beautifully and still be undercooked on the inside. Always use the toothpick method to make sure it is cooked through.

    More Gluten Free Lemon Dessert Recipes


    Have you got a big bag lemons sitting on the counter? Wondering what to do with the rest of them? Let me help! Here are a few more of my favorite gluten free lemon dessert recipes.

    • Gluten Free Lemon Cookies Buttery-rich and light, these delightful lemon cookies melt in your mouth seriously! And they couldnt be easier to prepare, requiring only 15 minutes of prep time.
    • Gluten Free Lemon Brownies I love chocolate as much as the next person, but sometimes I crave something different. These lemon brownies offer the chewy consistency of a brownie with the bright flavor of citrus.
    • Gluten Free Lemon Cake If youve ever had the lemon cake at Olive Garden, you know its the stuff that dreams are made of. Try my copycat recipe, and you can chow down on this cake whenever you want.

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    Gluten Free Baking Tips For Making The Best Angel Food Cake

    • Leave the tube pan ungreased so the cake can climb the sides as it bakes
    • Sifting the dry ingredients a couple times first is crucial for making the texture airy
    • Use a very large bowl for the egg whites, at least 5 quarts. You will need plenty of room for the egg whites to volumize and room to fold in the flour mixture.
    • Be sure to bake the cake on the LOWER RACK of the oven so the top doesnt become overly brown before the middle is cooked.

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    Can I Buy Gluten

    If youd love to enjoy angel food cake while still avoiding gluten in your diet, you only really have two options: make it yourself from scratch or buy a mix.

    Ive only been able to find one brand of gluten-free angel food cake mix and that is from the Kinnikinnick brand. This cake mix contains sugar, potato starch, white rice flour, cream of tartar, and salt.

    Luckily, this brand tests for gluten, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy, so its a good option for you on a gluten-free diet, and also great if you avoid dairy.

    You can find this product on if you arent able to find it locally.

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    Gluten Free Lemon Cake Mix Aldi

    Gluten Free Lemon Cake Mix Aldi. Aldi live g free gluten free yellow cake mix | gluten free. In a small bowl, combine the milk and lemon juice.

    8.5 inch/21cm long, 4.5 inch/11cm wide and 3inch/7cm high.) in a large bowl, sift together the gluten free flour blend, almond flour, xanthan gum and baking powder. Position rack in center of oven. This cake also uses a mix of gluten free all purpose flour and almond flour to provide a nice cakey texture.


    Ingredients 16 oz angel food cake mix, 1 box 22 oz lemon curd, at room temperature to serve: Contactless delivery and your first delivery is free!


    I use a citrus zester to quickly and easily zest a washed fresh lemon. 00 free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon.

    Gluten Free Dairy Free Lemon Bars

    How to make my Gluten Free Lemon Cake

    The only source of dairy in these bars is the butter in the crust. Thats good news if youre dairy-free. The crust should still turn out if you replace the butter with half Earth Balance buttery sticks and half Spectrum brand nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening.

    You can also use Melt Vegan Butter or Miyokos Kitchen Vegan Butter in place of the butter entirely. Watch the salt, though, since butter replacements tend to be quite salty .

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    How To Decorate Your Gluten

    There are LOTS of ways you can garnish this pretty gluten-free cake. First, you can simply use the lemon glaze as your decoration. Its gorgeous and thick, and the drip line around the edge of the cake is stunning on its own. Beyond that, you can try

    • Fresh berries I use strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. You can use one or a mix, just be sure that theyre washed and dried. If theyre still wet, theyll slip off your cake or make the icing go runny.
    • Candied lemon slices Candied lemon slices work better than fresh since fresh lemon slices tend to be too wet. . You can buy pre-candied lemon at Trader Joes, or you can make your own.
    • Edible flowers Fresh flowers look BEAUTIFUL with gluten free lemon cake. The only caveat is to make sure theyre edible. Check by the fresh herbs at your grocery storesometimes they sell them in small packages near other fresh herbs. Otherwise, you can choose something like chamomile

    Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

    You are going to love these pillowy soft cookies! They are so easy to make you literally only need three things to whip up a batch of these sweet and puffy cloud-like cookies.

    You know how cookie cakes are a thing, right? Well, have you ever tried a cake-y cookie? As in, a cookie made from cake mix? I used to make these types of cookies ALL the time in college. Im pretty sure I won over my now husband with cake mix cookies. Once I started eating a gluten-free diet, cake mix cookies became a thing of the past. That is, until I saw gluten-free cake mix during a recent trip to ALDI. These are just as great as I remember!

    The best thing about them is how easy they are to make. My son is a very mobile 9-month-old, which leaves me little time to do much else. We entertain a lot and having a box of this cookie mix makes dessert a no-brainer. You only need three things to make these cookies: cake mix, eggs and oil .

    There are plenty of gluten-free cake mixes out there these days, but my favorite is the ALDI liveGfree Yellow Cake Mix, which recently received an award from the 7th Annual Gluten-Free Buyers Guide Gluten-Free Awards. You can get a box for less than $3*, which is way more cost-effective than any other brand out there. And it creates the most delicious, soft and crinkly cookies!

    Which of course means Ill be shopping there even more than I usually do. The ease of making these cookies may play a role in that

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    Super Easy Vegan Cake

    This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy.

    If you need a super simple way to make a vegan cake or cupcakes, this recipe is what you have been looking for! This soda cake uses a few basic ingredients to turn a simple gluten-free or regular cake mix into an absolutely perfect cake every time. With a few simple modifications, you can turn any basic white or yellow cake mix into a strawberry, lemon, or chocolate cake too!

    I forget about birthday parties and special events until I’m scrambling around last minute trying to get vegan cupcakes baked so my kids will have something sweet to eat. I needed an easy way to make cupcakes fast with what I had in my pantry. This method has solved that problem for me!

    Learn how to make homemade vegan cheese with five of my most popular vegan cheese recipes. Plus – a guide to creating your own vegan cheeses!

    Since my kids need to eat gluten-free, I usually use the G-Free brand yellow cake mix from Aldi, because it’s easy to find and inexpensive. . My kids have declared these the best vegan gluten-free cupcakes that they have had, “even better than gluten cupcakes!” However, I have tested it for you with regular wheat-based cake mixes and they work up great using this method too.

    Aldi Live G Free Caramel Apple Baked Chewy Bars


    If you are looking for a gluten free cereal bar, the Live G Free Caramel Apple Baked Chewy Bars are a good option. These are quite a bit smaller than the traditional cereal bars from Aldi, but they are also more dense and provide my kids a good morning snack when they need something between breakfast and lunch. Priced at $2.45.

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    Amazoncom: Duncan Hines Signature Cake Mix Angel Food: Angelfood Cake Mix: Everything Else

    Information Regarding Safety This product contains wheat and eggs.Produced on technology that is also used to prepare tree nuts.The following ingredients are used in this recipe: sugar, enriched bleached wheat flour , wheat starch, powdered egg whites , leavening .Amounts of the following ingredients are included in less than 2 percent: corn starch, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, modified cornstarch, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil.Directions You will need 1 1/4 cups of water for this recipe.

  • Instructions for baking: 1.
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    Do I Need To Refrigerate My Gluten Free Lemon Squares

    While its not strictly necessary to refrigerate lemon squares if youre going to finish them within a few hours, you should definitely store them in the fridge for any longer than that.

    When exposed to warm temperatures, the lemon curd filling will melt slightly and wont taste nearly as good as when its chilled.

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    Best Vanilla: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten

    Bobs Red Mill is a leader in baking mixes, and its gluten-free yellow variety is the best around. Its moist, fluffy, and delicious all on its own, but it also provides a great neutral base for fancier desserts, like pineapple upside-down, carrot, or fresh lemon cake.

    If you want, you can also use this mix to make a white cake instead of a yellow one. Just use egg whites in place of whole eggs. Most reviewers say its so good that if you dont tell people its gluten-free, they won’t be able to tell the difference.

    Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Vanilla Yellow Cake Mix Review

    Easy banana nut bread. Made with a gluten free Aldi cake mix.

    Bobs Red Mill gluten-free flours and cake mixes have been around for years. Theyve been in the gluten-free business a loooong time, so they have a large variety of products! One bag of this gluten-free cake mix makes a lot of batter. It can make 2- 8in or 9in round pans, a 9x13in pan, or 18-20 standard sized cupcakes.

    To make this gluten-free cake mix, youll need:

    • 3 eggs

    We made ours in a 9×13 pan sprayed with Chosen Foods avocado oil spray and mixed with my Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer using the whisk attachment.


    • The flavor of this cake mix is a pretty classic vanilla cake flavor
    • One package makes a lot of cake
    • The package also includes directions to make a white cake


    • The cake is a bit crumbly
    • The finished product can turn out dense

    Overall Score: 3.5/5

    While we buy this mix frequently, we dont usually eat it straight up as cake. This is a mix we often turn into something else . When we have this mix, we often reference our book: The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten-Free to doctor it up!

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