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Gluten Free Food At Disneyland

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Tortilla Jos At Downtown Disney

7 Must Try GLUTEN-FREE Foods at Disneyland & DCA in 2022

Tortilla Jos is my go-to at Downtown Disney District. It offers plenty of group seating outside and on their patio for larger groups. Its a good idea to make reservations in advance to avoid sometime hour-long waits. And, its really good Mexican food not just good because its so close to the park.

Tortilla Jos has the most expansive gluten-free menu in all of Downtown Disney at Disneyland.

You can see from their menu that gluten-free options are available at every part of the menu. You cant go to Tortilla Jos and not get the tableside guacamole, chips and salsa, or the nachos. Do not go here if youre on a low carb or keto diet, because we are here for the carbs.

Dairy-free and gluten-free is a bit trickier at Tortilla Jos, but not impossible. I just order everything without the cheese. While they may have asked me a few times if I was sure that I wanted the nacho platter without cheese, it was still a hearty meal. If youre not into chips, I would definitely get the tacos without dairy. If you put enough guacamole, rice, and beans on something youll forget cheese even existed.

Gluten Free Epcot Festivals

Festivals are all the rage at Epcot and for good reason! They are so much fun! They are fun for everyone, from dedicated things for the kiddos, to events and live music for the adults.

And when it comes to allergy friendly food, Epcot Festivals are in a category of their own.

There are a lot of people that will tell you theres only a few options and I encourage you to check out the guides below because there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Theres 4 festivals currently, and they are keeping the booths up year round with more dedicated spaces just for festivals

  • International Festival of the Arts run Jan-Feb
  • The Flower and Garden Festival runs March- June
  • The Food and Wine Festival runs Sept- November
  • The International Festival of the Holidays Nov-Dec
  • There are some festivals that are better for food allergies, and some that you should have very low expectations for.

    This Epcot festival is my favorite for food allergies , and this one comes in a close second for food allergy eats . I typically havent found much at the international festival of the holidays and the food and wine festival can be a lot of fun if you just plan to go for drinks!

    A post shared by Seely| Disney| Food Allergies on Aug 29, 2019 at 8:12am PDT

    Does Universal Studios Have Gluten Free Food

    Universal Studios Orlando does have a lot of Gluten Free options! My favorite are at Islands of Adventure, like the Three Broomsticks for Breakfast and Confisco Grille for Lunch! In CityWalk, Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville has some great gluten free options!

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    Disneyland Park: Star Wars

    • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo This allergy-friendly dining spot has a lot for dairy-free guests. They offer a plant-based meatballs dish, and also have fried chicken, chicken salad, and an Impossible entrée that can be ordered milk allergy-friendly.
    • Kat Sakas Kettle In the past theyve offered salted chocolate popcorn and savory outpost popcorn mix, both of which are dairy-free and vegan. Were not sure if these are still offered daily, but its a quick stop to check!
    • Milk Stand Their legendary blue and green milks are dairy-free and made with a blend of coconut and rice milks. You can also order the Toydaria Swirl, but skip the mango jelly, which contains milk.
    • Ogas Cantina They offer a good selection of dairy-free cocktails and mocktails for all-day refreshment at the Galaxys Edge. Ask about the Batuu Bits we have heard they are dairy-free .
    • Ronto Roasters Their very small menu boasts wraps and specialty juice drinks. They have a plant-based wrap thats served all day, and is made with vegan sausage, spicy kimchi slaw, sweet pickled cucumber, plant-based gochujang spread, and wrapped in pita. Their meat wraps arent dairy-free, but you might be able to sub pork into the plant-based wrap, if desired.

    Accommodating Food Allergies At Disneyland

    Disneyland Gluten

    Now there are a few things you should know about Disney parks when it comes to food allergies. You can check the Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs page for the official policies at Disneyland but here are some key points.

  • Most counter and table services have allergy-free menus on hand.
  • You can always ask for the chef if you have multiple food allergies or worry about cross contamination.
  • Guests can email for any specific concerns.
  • When making dining reservations online, make sure to indicate any dietary restrictions.
  • Those with food allergies are allowed to bring their own into the park.
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    California Adventure: Avengers Campus

    • Pym Test Kitchen For breakfast, they have another Impossible option, with a plant-based omelette and sausage. Later in the day, they serve an Impossible vegan pasta dish, with meatballs, tomato sauce, basil, and dairy-free parmesan. You can also order a vegan Bavarian-style quantum pretzel if you want a snack with beer. But be warned that a milk stout is poured in their Tasting Lab.
    • Shawarma Palace They offer a plant-based breakfast wrap, with Impossible sausage, egg omelet, and dairy-free cheese. They also make a chicken shawarma wrap and plant-based falafel-cauliflower wrap, complete with dairy-free garlic spread and coconut-based yogurt sauce, for lunch.

    How Do I Prepare For My Gluten

    I absolutely love how easy gluten-free Disneyland & California Adventure are. They make it both simple and delicious to eat safely in both parks.

    Start by making reservations with specific menu requests at least 72 hours prior to your visit. Also, be sure to stop in to each individual restaurant to get the most up to date list of gluten-free offerings when you are in the park.

    Pro Tip:Reach out to chefs before your trip with your specific dietary needs. The email they recommend using to connect is [email protected]. You can also get more information on their website: .Pro tip: Be sure to make all of your reservations EARLY. You can book up to 60 days in advance for some restaurants and many will book up within the first few days of releasing reservations.You can make dining reservations online or call 781-DINE or 781-3463.

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    California Adventure: Paradise Gardens

    • Bayside Brews Need a recharge? This is where you can enjoy a cold beer and a Micky Mouse shaped pretzel in paradise.
    • Paradise Garden Grill Their menu has shrunk, so they no longer offer Asian entrees or street tacos. But you can get a vegan burger, complete with plant-based potato salad, and weve been told their BBQ entrees can be ordered without dairy. For kids they offer a simple grilled chicken meal and Uncrustable sandwiches.

    Gluten Free Disneyland Foods:

    • Alien Pizza Planet: Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza
    • Bengal Bar-B-Q:chicken skewers
    • Cafe Orleans: Shrimp & Grits
    • Candy Palace:Churro Toffee, macaroons, candy apples, chocolate, Rice Krispie treats
    • Carnation Cafe:Mickey waffles& the breakfast skillet , Walts Chili, Turkey Club sandwich and the Burger can be made on GF bread
    • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo:Endorian Roasted Chicken Salad
    • French Market: Herb-roasted Chicken
    • Galactic Grill: Cheeseburger and fries
    • Gibson Girl: Ice cream float, Ice cream flavors: vanilla, chocolate, rainbow sherbet, mint chocolate chip, strawberry
    • Hungry Bear: Classic Cheeseburger
    • Jolly Holiday Cafe:Jolly Holiday Combo tomato basil soup and grilled cheese , chocolate chip cookie or brownie
    • Plaza Inn:Mickey waffles
    • Red Rose Taverne: Breakfast platter eggs, potatoes & bacon or sausage Angus cheeseburger
    • Rancho del Zocalo: Trio of Street Tacos
    • Refreshment Corner: Hot Dog Basket, Kids Turkey Dog Chocolate Chip Cookie or Brownie
    • Tiki Juice Bar:Dole Whip or Dole Float
    • Troubadour Tavern: Bacon & Sour Creme Stuffed Baked Potato, Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Baked Potato

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    Disney Hotel: Disneyland Hotel

    • Goofys Kitchen This is an all-day buffet that transitions from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Theyre known for having lots of vegan options at each meal , and some additional dairy-free eats. Just ask the staff when you arrive, and they will point out all options. This is also a good spot to get those famous Mickey waffles.
    • Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar & Grill This is a great restaurant for dairy-free eats. In the morning, you can order a full American breakfast, acai chia breakfast bowl, or kids scramble. For lunch and dinner, they have even more options, including poke bowls, ramen, Hawaiian platters, tropical salads with salmon or chicken, vegan rongo salads, rice bowls, kids hamburgers with sweet potato fries, and panko-crusted long beans. They also serve Dole Whip and Dole Whip Floats, and have some additional grab-and-go items.
    • Trader Sams Enchanted Tiki Bar They have a very similar menu to Tangaroa Terrace with a vegan rongo salad and poke bowl, ramen, Hawaiian platter, tropical salad, rice bowls, and panko-crusted long bean options that can be ordered dairy free.

    Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats

    This is a frozen treats kiosk in Disneys CA Adventure on Pixar Pier. Everything on the menu does not contain nuts! They have vanilla and chocolate soft serve, which both contain dairy, and dole whip lemon soft serve, which is top 8 free! Anything can be put in a cup or a cone and has the option to be dipped in melted white chocolateI didnt ask about chocolate cross-contamination but instead just avoided. Instead, I got the Pixar Pier frosty which is blue raspberry icee mixed with lemon soft serve! It was delicious! From what I could tell for those with dairy allergies, the dairy containing flavors had their own machine – they made the dairy-free frosty treats on the other side of the counter where the icee and dedicated lemon soft serve machine were located. Although it was a small kitchen, their cross contamination-protocol was great, and I felt totally fine eating a delicious, safe treat!

    emsnutfreeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, wheat, and Celiac-gluten allergies

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    How & Where To Eat 100% Gluten Free At Disneyland & California Adventure Park

    June 27, 2021 | Angela Coate

    Maintaining a gluten free lifestyle while youre on vacation can be a challenge.

    A gluten free diet is a necessity for many people. Whether it be a personal choice or a special health need, Disneyland has a wide variety of gluten free options for your choosing.

    This guide will help you locate restaurants around bothDisneylandand California Adventure Park that provide gluten free options.

    This article is a work in progress, so as Disney continues to improve their menus, Ill keep you updated.

    Heres some important information to keep in mind:

    All of the Disneyland Resort restaurant teams are trained to handle dietary requests.

    When making dining reservations, there is a place to note any dietary concerns, including the Disneyland mobile app.

    Always speak to the Cast Member who greets you at any dining establishment about your gluten-free diet.

    At sit-down restaurants, the chef will come out and personally discuss your options.

    Disneyland Resort Food & Beverage team is committed to offering a wide range of options to accommodate Guests with food allergies or intolerances. When booking your dining reservations, please be sure to advise the Cast Member of your special dietary restrictions. If you book online, please make sure you include your dietary restrictions on each reservation.

    Gluten Free At Disney World Is Easy With This Helpful Guide

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    We all gotta eat, but when you have food allergies or restrictions, things get alittle crazy! .

    I mean, Its one thing to try to navigate gluten free options near your house, pack your safe food, quiz the staff but traveling to a new location with new eats and more menus and restaurants than you can even memorize is a lot to take in!

    Thankfully, many places are more aware of allergies, and many restaurants on Disney World Property can do some really good look alike gluten free and allergy safe meals,like Character Dining and Water parks!

    So can you eat gluten free at Disney World?

    Eating gluten-free at Disney World is possible, especially if you are sticking with sit-down restaurants. Plan ahead by looking at reviews and menus, and bring some snacks just in case.

    What kind of Gluten Free Food does Disney World Offer?

    There are so many gluten free options at Disney World, though many change based on what restaurant you dine in. Disney has everything from Hamburger buns and safe pasta, to dinner rolls and fluffy beignets. Throw in some churros, classic snacks and Mickey Waffles and its a true vacation for the gluten free foodie.

    Learn more about the Gluten Free Options at the EPCOT food and wine festival too! And if you are looking for California pop over to this easy to use gluten free Disneyland Guide!

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    Eating Gluten Free At Disney World

    The Disney food and beverage team strives to accommodate guests with special diets including guests who dine gluten-free. In fact, Disney has shared that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has received a FARE Award for dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for vacationing families.

    gluten, wheat, shellfish, soy, lactose, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or eggs. The focus for this page is gluten-free dining.

    First and foremost, however, know that with any special diet concern it is always best to speak directly with a trained special diets Cast Member or Chef at each dining location you visit, no matter the service style. Making Cast Members aware of your dietary restriction will help to ensure that your food does not come into contact with any cross-contaminants from the cooking surfaces Disney uses to prepare dishes.

    Try To Get The Early Seating Or Reservation When You Can

    For specialty dining experiences, buffets, character meals, and reservation locations, weve had great success with getting the early seating.

    In our experience, the first seating means you have the least risk for cross-contamination and the highest chance for careful attention from the cast members.

    For buffets, a chef has come out to show us what we can choose straight from the buffet and has always been willing to bring us a separate plate of any item wed like if were worried about cross-contamination. Similarly, theyll often offer for GF versions of items you see in the buffet. It may take a bit of extra time, but you can have a bit more peace of mind.

    Our favorite character meal is Storytellers breakfast at the Grand Californian Hotel. We get the first seating, which means a pristine buffet for fresh fruit and bacon. Then, the chef has made us hash browns, and the famous Mickey Waffles , as well as some allergy-friendly scrambled eggs. The staff has always been warm, welcoming, and accommodating. Such a fantastic experience!

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    Does Disneyland Have Other Gluten

    I dont know about you guys but we love Critter Country over by Splash Mountain. I called ahead and asked if Harbour Galley could make us their famous lobster roll gluten-free. They agreed and WOW, I am thankful they did!

    The filling is made with real lobster meat and is always gluten-free but they made some special for us. They also had some gluten-free hotdog buns brought over from another location to serve it on as they dont normally keep them in stock.

    Pro Tip:With the 2018 menu update Harbour Galley no longer offers gluten-free bread. I recommend just the filling with fresh gluten-free potato chips anyway.

    When I go back I dont mind just enjoying the lobster salad with chips. I felt like the bread was just kind of meh compared to the rest of the plate. This was definitely one of my favorite lunches during our Disneyland gluten-free & California Adventure gluten-free tripYUM!

    They also made us a fresh batch of potato chips in dedicated gluten-free oil. They were fantastic!

    Eating Gluten Free At Disneyland

    5 Favorite GLUTEN FREE Meals At Disneyland & California Adventure | Krysten’s Kitchen

    This was written by Krysten from Krysten’s Kitchen. To view this on her blog, please click here!

    The Happiest Place On Earth got happier with these gluten free finds! Im celebrating because anytime you can find something that is safe for you to eat, especially at a big theme park, its a win!

    My husband and I are big Disney fans! We got engaged there, visit often, but also bring our own food and snacks . While I have known that they do have many allergy-friendly meals and snacks available, we just always go to our favorite place for our favorite meal , as well as bring our own snacks. But, for the first time in a long time, we ventured out to find the best gluten free finds in Disneyland and in California Adventure and, OH BOY, did we find some great food!

    I will add to this list as I find and taste more meals, but here are some great Gluten Free finds, as well as some tips to make your trip to Disneyland the happiest as possible.

    While there are many more allergy friendly and gluten free options, here are a handful of options that you will love, including a gluten free & dairy free pizza, one of Disneylands famous deep fried sandwiches and even one of Walt Disneys favorite meals.

    Most Disney chefs, restaurants and quick-service locations can accommodate the following common food allergies:

    • Gluten or wheat
    • Disney, “For questions/requests related to food allergies, intolerances and other special dietary needs, contact us at “

    Carnation Cafe

    Walts Chili

    Jolly Holiday

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