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Gluten Free Cake San Antonio

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Reasons To Choose Akkis Cupcakery Over Other Standard Bakeries In San Antonio

Cake Boss bakery to open at La Cantera

I believe Im trying to obtain the trend bakery and baking products and trying to go completely online so that its easier for people to shop, pickup, or get delivery for them and their loved ones. We are getting a lot of inquiries about out of town users who are getting sweet things for their families in San Antonio. YES, WE DELIVER! and it has been a great thing for our customers.

Here a few reasons to choose Akkis Cupcakery & Tea over standard bakeries:

  • Organic Ingredients We use mostly Organic Ingredients in our baking Learn why it is IMPORTANT to use organic ingredients: CHOOSE ORGANIC FOR YOUR HEALTH

  • Specialty Bakery We have Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-Free Options We always try to innovate and create new recipes so you will never be bored. What is next PEGAN diet desserts!

  • Blancas Cakes & Catering

    Small-scale caterer Blancas Cakes & Catering specializes in cakes for events. In addition to making traditional wedding cakes and quinceañera cakes in San Antonio, they also make cool custom layer cakes like the above Corona cake for birthdays.

    Above all, Blancas is known for its great customer service and affordable prices. Work with the team to create a unique design for any size of their traditional layer cakes, or build something custom.

    Either way, every cake is made from scratch and is super moist. Theres a delightfully homemade quality to each one.

    Call the bakery to inquire about flavors, pricing, and design or send them an email with an image of the kind of cake youd like to .

    Blanca has owned her cake shop and catering business for over 25 years! Shell hook you up and make the process as stress-free as possible.

    Gluten Free Cakes In San Antonio

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    How It All Started

    Our vision is led by our founder and CEO, Suzanne Parker, a registered dietitian and personal trainer who designs all our recipes to showcase the healthiest stuff on Earth. We use 100% gluten free & non-GMO ingredients and hand-pick the best local fresh produce. Our kitchen is run by passionate foodies and we love to Wow you with every bite! So whether you choose a vegan celebration cake, a fresh cinnamon roll or a dish of our famous Chicken Joe, rest assured a lot of love went into its making.


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    Akkis Cupcakery & Tea


    Akkis Cupcakery & Tea is a bespoke bakery that focuses on healthy baked goods including organic, vegan, keto, paleo, and gluten-free birthday cakes.

    The bakery was founded by a high school girl named Akeila Tejwani, who came up with the idea of using organic and low glycemic ingredients to make cakes, cupcakes, and other recipes and donating 50% of the proceeds to kids charities in San Antonio.

    If you want your birthday cake to support a great cause the cake donation itself is also a gift! then this is a great place to get one. Plus, this home-based bakery can deliver anywhere in San Antonio.

    We recommend the organic vegan, gluten-free butterscotch cake or Keto Tiramisu cake. Akki also makes beautiful marble cakes and delicious pecan pie cakes.

    Because of the emphasis on healthy ingredients, this is an ideal bakery for ordering birthday cakes for those with dietary restrictions. Just because someone is keto, paleo, or vegan doesnt mean they have to sacrifice on taste.

    Ultimately, the fact that your purchase supports kids in need is just icing on the cake. Puns aside, we love this whole concept!

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    Akkis Cupcakery Has Vegan Options

    The whole point of me starting lookup bakery was to ensure that Im able to provide healthcare options everyone but it comes to desserts and to be able to give back to my community, especially the kids in the community, as I always wanted to do something related to kids when I grew up.

    Gigis Cupcakes San Antonio, Saweet Cupcakes San Antonio, and others are also having Vegan and Gluten FREE Options and I am very happy about it. Like Elon Musk, I also want everyone to move to healthier options and if I can make this concept a success, then, I am sure we will have healthier happier future generations. If he can sell cars online then why not Cupcakes?

    The 9 Best Birthday Cake Bakeries In San Antonio

    October 27, 2020 by Molly Beauchemin

    Whether youre looking for a delicious, artistic birthday cake or a bespoke-themed celebration cake, the best birthday cake bakeries in San Antonio, Texas, can do it all.

    From franchised Food Network-approved bakeries to small Mom & Pop bakeshops, the people making birthday cakes in the fine city of San Antonio each bring their own unique spin on the craft.

    Bundt cakes, keto cakes, gluten-free cakes, vegan cakes, custom birthday cakes, or classic funfetti cakes: you can find them all here.

    Whether youre looking to make a last-minute birthday cake purchase or to plan an elaborate custom cake weeks in advance, theres something in this guide for everyone. Weve also included a range of budgetary options to fit every price point and serving size.

    Below, we spotlight some of the best birthday cake bakeries in San Antonio, Texas. Happy birthday to you and yours!

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    About The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe

    Established by two passionate Australians, has quickly risen to be San Antonioâs leading pastry shop,specializing in a rich and decadent array of healthy desserts, gluten-freedesserts, gluten-free snacks, and even gluten-free pizza. With a diverse menuof these gluten-free bread options, this bakery is the perfect respite for Sundaybrunches and midday lunches.

    Each dish is delicately crafted on the premise to ensure adelicious and gluten-free dish to meet the dietary needs of a growing number ofgluten intolerant diners. This gluten-free bakery strives to blend wholesomefood with an unparalleled taste and texture. Many of these gluten-free cakes,cookies, pizza crusts, and breads are moist and rich in flavor, making themperfect anyone with a sweet tooth.

    Additionally, this bakery offers a full catering service,making it easy to enjoy and share gluten-free desserts and gluten-free snacks with your family and friends during your next event. Choose the perfect partypackage to meet your needs with a number of customizable options includinggluten-free pizza, cookies, cakes, and other finger foods.

    Enjoy a full selection of gluten-free pastries, breads, andpizzas at . Founded with a firm commitment toclean and encompassing food, this bakery is the perfect place for all dinerswith dietary restrictions. Stop in for a delicious midday lunch menu or arelaxing Sunday brunch and taste these healthy desserts.

    What Is Keto Diet

    The Very Popular Vegan Black Bean Cake from Boudro’s

    The primary goal of this type of diet is to put your body into a state of ketosis, which is when your body uses fat instead of carbohydrates as its primary energy source. When your body enters ketosis, fat travels to the liver and makes an acid called ketones, which enter your bloodstream and are converted into energy.

    Unlike Paleo, Keto severely limits carbs and eliminates fruit and some starchy vegetables. For your body to enter ketosis, a good percentage of your calories needs to come from fats.

    The extremely low level of carbs on the Keto Diet can cause whats known as the keto flu, which causes headaches, nausea, muscle cramping, and fatigue. Like the Paleo Diet, these unpleasant side effects generally subside after a few weeks. Drinking plenty of water and getting a full nights sleep should help.

    This diet will help you lose more weight in a small amount of time.

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    Why Choose Organic Ingredients For Cupcakes When Its Already Vegan Gluten

    Image Source:

    A lot of people discouraged me from using organic ingredients as having a label VEGAN CUPCAKE or KETO CUPCAKE should be enough to get the attention and charge a premium for it. I did notice that when someone says VEGAN or KETO then no more questions are asked and people pay extra for it.

    Yes, I agree that it is more difficult and time-consuming to make GLUTEN-FREE, KETO and VEGAN Cupcakes in San Antonio, BUT if we dont make them Organic then we are really not tackling the real health issue.

    Let us first talk about the baking ingredients in general that needs to be used for Cupcakes:

    Wholesome Eating Keto N Gluten

    Photo: laura h./Yelp

    Next up is Wholesome Eating Keto n Gluten-Free Bakery, situated at 13455 Blanco Road. With four stars out of 66 reviews on Yelp, the gluten-free and vegan spot, offering custom cakes and more, has proven to be a local favorite for those looking for an inexpensive option.

    The site has lots more information on Wholesome Eating Keto n Gluten-Free Bakery.

    “Our business was established 2015 it has evolved into a dedicated gluten-free and keto restaurant and bakery offering breakfast, lunch items, pastries, desserts, catering and cakes,” the business states in the history section of its Yelp profile.

    Want to know more?

    “Oyin Ajala is a Critical Care Director of Nursing who taught nursing and nutrition in college,” per the bio section of the business’s Yelp profile. “Oyin started Wholesome Eating gluten-free bakery to serve the celiacs, gluten-intolerant, keto, vegan and paleo people who would otherwise not have access to uncontaminated, health-focused and delicious food items.”

    As to what the business is known for, “Keto pastries, desserts, custom cakes, and gluten-free, vegan and paleo meals.” it notes on Yelp in the section explaining specialties.

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    Cinnaholic Is The Original Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Bakery

    With over 20 unique frosting flavors and a variety of fresh and decadent toppings, were not your typical cinnamon roll dessert shop.

    All our products are made with the highest quality ingredients, and are 100% plant-based, dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free. As seen on ABCs Shark Tank!

    Gluten Free Cake San Antonio


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    Who We Are:

    The little Bakery that sets a whole new standard of healthy. At Powerhouse Bakery, our founder and CEO teaches her clients that food can taste amazing, plus fuel our bodies to live at our very best! Allergen friendly and always gluten free.

    We are dedicated to serving our customers in their healthy journey, so whether you are going Keto or Paleo, loving a more plant-based diet, or call yourself a hard core vegan, we will WOW you with flavor and a Powerhouse of Nutrition!

    Suzanne Parker, RD

    Scratch-made Meal – Prepso you have healthy to go that meets any palette.

    Follow our monthly menu and discover weekly chef specials too!

    Got a sweet tooth? Dont miss our incredible scratch-made snacks and our Fresh Bread Friday!

    Ready to celebrate…Oh do we do cakes.

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