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Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Have Gluten

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade Calories

Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade: Gluten-Free?

As mentioned above, there are 228 calories in an 11-ounce bottle of “hard lemonade malt beer alcoholic beverage” according to the USDA’s National Nutrient Database. The USDA doesn’t mention any names, but Nutritionix does, estimating the caloric content of Mike’s at 220. The light version of the product delivers much less, about 100 calories.

The original version of the product has 33 carbs, 32 of which stem from sugar content. Go light, and you’re looking at just 4 grams of carbs and sugars, something you might want to consider if you’re on a keto or other low-carb, low-sugar diet.

Beware of going “Harder,” though. Mike’s Harder Black Cherry Flavor delivers a whopping 400 calories stuffed into that 11-ounce bottle, along with 46 grams of sugar. If that’s the flavor you’re craving, consider the flavor’s lighter harder version, which steps you back to 150 calories with 13 grams of sugar and 15 carbs.

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade Ingredients

So what’s in Mike’s Hard Lemonade? Even though Mike’s Hard Lemonade keeps its ingredient list a proprietary secret, they’re happy to roll out a list of things it doesn’t contain for those concerned with allergens or gluten.

The product doesn’t have any of the most common allergens found in the food and beverage industry. Mike’s specifies that its product is free from wheat, rye and oats that are sometimes used as brewing grains, as well as soy, peanuts, nuts and eggs. You’ll also probably be relieved to know that other allergens, including fish, shrimp and other shellfish, aren’t lurking anywhere in that cool yellow beverage.

The product begins with malt grains fermented with yeast. In much of the brewing industry, malt grains derive from barley, but they could also source from other grains such as wheat, rice or maize.

Once the grains are converted to alcohol and filtered to remove gluten and any impurities, lemon juice, lemon zest and natural sugars get added to the mix. Mike’s has flavors ranging from watermelon, mango and peach to various berry flavors and more. Each flavor derives from natural fruits, according to the Mike’s website.

You can contact the company and ask about a particular ingredient that you’re concerned about â for example if you have wheat or corn allergies â and they’ll be happy to tell you if you have anything to worry about when sipping a cold one.

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Myth Or Fact Hard Lemonade And Hard Cider Are Always Gluten

MYTH. Mikes Hard Lemonade is a malt beverage and contains malt derived from barley and other gluten grains. The companys testing originally showed that the gluten contained in the final product was below the limit for what can be called gluten-free, so they initially called all of their products gluten-free.

After numerous reports of celiac patients having symptoms after consuming their products, they now call only Mikes Lite and Mikes Cranberry Lite gluten free. They detect little enough gluten in these two products that they feel comfortable calling them gluten-free, but that doesnt mean its little enough gluten for your body to tolerate.

Hard ciders, on the other hand, are almost always gluten-free. Most major brands are, but there are exceptions such as Hornsbys and Harpoon which are not gluten-free. Some brands that have confirmed that their products are gluten-free include Woodchuck, Crispin, Bulmers, ACE, Fox Barrel, Gaymer, Strongbow, and Woodpecker. In fact, several of the bars that I frequent have Strongbow on draught.

Dont forget to check with the manufacturer before you consume any product as the formulation is subject to change at any time. And as always, drink safely and drive responsibly!

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What Are The Ingredients In Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Though a specific ingredient list is not listed, Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s website does answer a few questions on some ingredients. As the products are classified as beer, under federal law the beverages do not require ingredient or nutritional labeling as regulated by the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Fresh lemon juice and a patented neutral malt base along with high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar.

The alcohol is made from a fermented malt base as is most traditional beer. Rebiana-A, a sweetener is grown from the stevia plant, is also found in a standard bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade as per its website. The site goes on to say that no aspartame or phenylalanine goes into its beverages. Trace levels of sulphites — less than found in a glass of wine — may be found in a Mike’s Hard drink.

The products are considered vegan, and though yeast is used in the fermenting process, a special device called a proprietary multi-stage filtration process removes the yeast from the malt. The multi-filtration process removes gluten from the drinks. Introduced in 1999, Mike’s leads the flavored malt beverage category, the fastest growing style in the alcohol industry. According to a press release from Illinois governor Pat Quinn’s office, Mike’s Hard moved its U.S. headquarters to Chicago.

Mikes Hard Strawberry Lemonade Scorpion Bowl

Is mikes hard lemonade gluten free?

Look how fun and festive this thing is! I have always wanted to drink a drink that has an upside down bottle in it, and finally my dreams have come true. What makes this drink extra fun, is making the trip down to the cheap kitchenware store and picking up a nice huge glass. Then you can make a big drink and load the thing up with straws for all your friends to share! This one was a big hit for sure.

Tequilla, fruit punch, and mikes hard strawberry lemonade make the drink. Then just flip one of the bottles into the glass. Flip it fast so that the level of liquid in the bottle is higher than the level of liquid in the glass. This makes it seem much cooler. Trust me!

So fruity and fun!

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Mikes Hard Lemonade Punch Recipe

Being a mom, a wife, and a woman is hard work! For all the hard work you do, you deserve this Mikes Hard Lemonade punch recipe!

No, seriously! Im always talking about ways to pamper yourself, and why me time is important. This is what you need to reward yourself after being as awesome as you are.

This Mikes Hard lemonade punch recipe is made for those exact occasions. Plus, like all of our cocktail recipes here at Quirky Inspired, they are SUPER easy to whip up!

Myth Or Fact All Beer Is Off

MYTH. Most beer is off-limits for celiacs, as it is made from gluten-containing wheat or barley and not refined enough to remove the gluten protein from the final product.

Celiacs should avoid all mainstream beers, which are made with gluten. However, gluten-free beer is now widely available in Europe and the U.S. Massive beer-maker Anheuser-Busch made a brilliant move when they introduced Redbridge sorghum-based gluten-free beer a few years ago. This beer is now available in bars and at liquor stores all over the country. The Redbridge website has a search engine where you can look up where its sold near you.

The first gluten-free beer widely available in the United States was Bards Tale, a craft beer which remains a favorite. Imports and domestics you may also find include Greens, Hambleton Ales Gluten Free Ale or Lager, Lakefront Brewerys New Grist, St. Peters Sorghum Beer, New Planet Tread Lightly Pale Ale, Schnitzer Bräu Gluten-Free Organic Millet Beers and Brasserie Brunehaut Bio Amber and Blonde. Try checking your local Whole Foods gluten-free beer section. See if you can speak with their alcohol buyer / stocker as theyll be able to point out all of the stores gluten-free drinking options.

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Is It The White Claw

White Claw Hard Seltzer is a water-based Seltzer alcoholic beverage produced by Mark Anthony Brands, who also owns Mikes Hard Lemonade. The drink was introduced in 2016. Selters Hard White Claw. Type of Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer White Claw Seltzer Works Country of Origin USA Introduction 2016 Alcohol Content 5%

Review: Mikes Lite Hard Lemonade

#mikeshardlemonade – Mikes Hard Lemonade Seltzer! Exclusive #hardseltzer

I found out in the past week that the new Mikes Lite Hard Lemonade was gluten-free! How exciting is this? I knew that Aaron was stopping at the store on the way home, so I called him to see if he could pick me up some. He was able to find it right away and it even says Gluten-Free right on the front!

I was curious as to what the ingredients were since previously Mikes had been a malt beverage, which I have always been told is not gluten-free. This is the info I found on their website:

mikes lite hard lemonade® is new and on the loose. It has a crisp, light and refreshing taste and its bursting with invigorating, all-natural flavors and sweeteners, but with even fewer calories than the leading light beer*. And its gluten-free. This stuffs not your regular run-of-the-mill lemonade. So crowd your fridge with flavor by stocking up on some mikes lite hard lemonade® and mikes lite hard cranberry lemonade®.

Mikes Hard Lemonade Co. products available in the US are made with a premium malt base that is then further processed using a highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process. Highly sensitive tests from an independent lab analysis indicate that mikes® products do not contain any traces of gluten protein .

I was still confused, so I sent an email off toe Mikes and I got this response

That didnt really help all that much, but Tiffany Janes from, placed a call to Mikes and got a little more information. You can read all about it here.

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Alcohol For Celiacs: Getting The Facts Straight

Alcoholic drinks have been part of human culture and social activities for nearly as long as humans have existed on earth.

For the celiac who wants to enjoy a beer or a mixed drink at a dinner party or at the bar, the many myths and misunderstandings about the presence of gluten in alcohol can be discouraging.

Lets set things straight by clearing up some myths about gluten and alcohol.

Does Mike’s Hard Lemonade Have Food Coloring

Mike’s Hard LemonadeMike’s HardLemonadeMike’s HardLemonade

They ferment malt grains with yeast, filter it to produce a neutral alcohol base, and add sugar lemon flavors. The type of alcohol used in alcoholic drinks such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a chemical called ethanol.

Likewise, does Mike’s Hard Lemonade contain hops? Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. products available in the US are made with a premium malt base that is then further processed using a highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process.

Also to know, does Mike’s Hard Lemonade have sulfites?

Trace levels of sulphites — less than found in a glass of wine — may be found in a Mike’s Hard drink. The products are considered vegan, and though yeast is used in the fermenting process, a special device called a proprietary multi-stage filtration process removes the yeast from the malt.

How long until Mike’s Hard goes bad?

Mike’s has a shelf life of one year!

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Myth Or Fact Hard Liquors Made With Gluten

MYTH. If it is distilled alcohol, it contains no gluten protein in it, even if its origins were fermented wheat, barley or rye! Distillation is an extremely effective process in which all prolamines are removed. This means that unless gluten-containing flavorings have been added, all pure vodkas, tequilas, rums, brandies, whiskeys and gins are gluten-free.

Liqueurs are distilled liquors that have flavorings added, and you will want to check that the flavorings are gluten-free. If the idea of drinking vodka that was distilled from a gluten-containing grain just makes you a little too uncomfortable despite all the evidence that its safe, check out Ciroc grape-based vodka or Chopin potato vodka. Jose Cuervo tequila has also confirmed that its gluten-free. It is advised that you avoid anything that has natural flavors listed as an ingredient until you have confirmed that the flavorings themselves are gluten-free.

Whats The Best Taste Of Mikes Hard Lemonade


3 Mikes strong lemonade flavor smashes an open winter blackberry: this slightly fizzy drink tastes like grape juice. Cranberry Lemonade: Fruity, but not too sweet, probably the best of the three. Chocolate Cherry: Chocolate touches you with aroma, but a cherry-like flavor creeps into the aftertaste. Why Hoist One: Today we are overturning the hoods of the famous Mikes.

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Mikes Hard Lemonade Abv Calories

Whats the first choice of drink as a gentleman? Well! Times are gone when you may have given a presentable answer. Or, a classic one! You may have preferred some high-end and expensive liquor. But today, gentlemen say that their choice of drink is Mikes Hard Lemonade Alcohol Content with pride. When it comes to a restless day, you may want a drink, not to get high but relax! Before you know, your bartender serves you with a regular mixed liquor. Do you feel at your best with the high-end effect of this heavy liquor on your body? Lets be honest, no it does not!

Why not switch to a fruity and juicy adults lemonade? Switch to real-time lemonade introduced by Mikes Hard Lemonade. It is a beverage company in the USA. The prominent alcohol beverage company has put the taste buds of the new generations into the notes.

The new generations desire to consume a spirit that gives pleasure but is less harmful. Labatt breweries put together Mikes hard lemonade to grasp this opportunity. It has come out as the favorite liquor of the new generation for all times.

We bring your attention to a safe and sound choice of liqueur in this blog. Lets introduce you to the famous Mikes beer.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. is a flavored malt beverage supplier based in Levittown, Pennsylvania. It is part of Badlands Beverage Brands, Inc. as of 2017. Founded in 1999, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. defined the $3.2 billion flavored malt beverage category with the introduction of its new-to-market Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

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Eating Out With Celiac Disease Is Stressful The Gluten Dude App Lists Only Restaurants That Have Been Personally Vetted So You Can Spend Less Time Worrying And More Time Enjoying Yourself

I have to agree with Brittney when she said, Is that the same thing as a mild case of pregnancy? If you ignore the disease, it WILL bite you in the butt some day . My advice is to stay as gfree as you can, and dont take risks, but I am not your keeper. As much as I want to get angry at you, it is still your choice. If you continue on this road, it will no longer be mild, and it will hit with a vengeance.Good health to you,

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