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Are Smart Sweets Gluten Free

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Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites Review

Eat Smart â Gluten free sweet alternatives

Are you looking to replace your candy with less sugary and that has more fiber? The Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites only have three grams of sugar per pouch, are plant-based, gluten-free and high in fiber. But do they taste at all like the classic less healthy sour watermelon candies people love so much?

Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites.

Im not a huge candy person, I prefer chocolate and cookies but I enjoy it in small quantities, especially if it seems like a healthier version than regular gummy candies! The bright packaging on the Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites is what caught my eye and made me want to purchase them to review.

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Location in Store

You can find the Smart Sweets candy in the snack section, near the front of the store. The item number is 1532721.

Ingredients Youll Need For Your Healthy Pudding Dirt Cup:

  • Chocolate avocado pudding you can use my recipe linked, it is so easy to make! All you need for this avocado pudding is 4 ingredients: avocados, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and salt.
  • Chocolate cookies you can use Trader Joes gluten free Joe Joes or now Oreos actually also have a gluten free version. So both will work! Or any other gluten free chocolate cookie you like
  • Gummy worms so I have two brands of healthified gummy worms that I love. The first ones are Lilys Sweets new sour gummy worms. Omg so good. They have no added sugar, are sweetened with stevia, are gluten free and theyre just so good. They are also vegan! I also love Smart Sweets gummy worms, they are equally low in sugar and are gluten free but please not these ones are not vegan so if that is important to you make sure you go with Lilys!

And seriously that is all you need! Easy peasy.

Carbs In These Homemade Gummies

The carbs in this keto gummies recipe will depend on what liquid you use. If you use an herbal fruit tea or other zero carb drink, then your snack will be zero carbs!

These gummies are one of my favorite snacks to keep in the fridge. Theyre a fun way to eat more healthy gelatin, plus they have zero carbs and very low calories.

When it comes to macros, they are pretty much a free snack. So give this sugar free gummy bears recipe a try for a guiltless sweet treat.

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Will I Get A Reminder Before My Subscription Ships

You’ll get an email 3 days before your card on file is charged to notify you that the sweetest part of the month is approaching! This is the perfect time to modify or cancel your subscription as needed by clicking the link inside the email re: “Manage your subscription”. Changes can no longer be made after your order is processed.

Can I Cancel At Any Time

Review Smart Sweets Sweet Fish Gluten Free Vegan â Instant Pot Teacher

Your subscription can be edited or cancelled anytime before you receive your “recurring order charge confirmation” email that should arrive in your inbox 3 days before your next charge. This email confirms that your card on file has been charged and your new #KickSugar candy stash is now being processed to ship to its new home. Once your sweet delivery has processed for shipment, we can no longer cancel or modify it.

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I’m A Blogger/influencer And Would Love To Work With Smartsweets

We love hearing from SmartSweets lovers, and from people who are passionate about spreading #KickSugar sweetness in their community! Feel free to start sharing with #SmartSweets and tagging @SmartSweets on your posts. Please head here to complete the 5-10 min application form. We will be in touch if there are any collaboration opportunities available!

How Do You Analyze The Nutritional Impact Of Smartsweets

We are obsessed with kicking sugar and want to go the extra mile to ensure that every last molecule of sugar is accounted for in our nutritional labeling. We discovered that the approved testing method in the US and Canada actually misses a sugar molecule- Isomaltose. So, we created our own customized test to be sure we catch it all – the sugars measured by the government approved method AND Isomaltose – going above and beyond what is required by the FDA and CFIA.

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Keto Sugar Free Gummy Bears Recipe

– This post may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure

These homemade sugar free gummy bears are not only cute and delicious, theyre also zero carb and keto-friendly! This yummy snack is a great way to eat more healthy gelatin.

Who doesnt love snacking on some gummies?

Now, you can enjoy them any time you like with this keto gummy bears recipe! These gummies are made with zero carb, low calorie ingredients for guilt-free snacking. Plus, theyre made with healthy gelatin.

When I created this recipe, I really wanted a bear shape. I ended up buying this Candy maker at Amazon because it was the only mold I could find.

The size of the bears are probably twice the size of regular gummy bears. But it makes it much easier for pouring the liquid in.

It also comes with molds for worms and fish, which are closer to normal size. So I think its a great option for making gummy shaped candies.

Once you have your mold, its so easy to make sugar free gummies right at home. Simply heat your liquid, stir in the gelatin and sweetener, add any desired extract, then pour into the molds to set. The whole process takes 10 minutes or less!

Do Smartsweets Contain Imo Why

Eat Smart – 04/07/2022 – Gluten Free Sweet Alternatives

Yes we use some IMO, also known as isomalto-oligosaccharides or soluble tapioca fiber from IMO. IMO is a kick ass replacement for the corn syrup that is found in traditional candy and plays an important role in our candy to allow us to kick as many grams of sugar as possible while not causing stomach upset. IMO used to be thought of as a fiber but is now viewed as a non digestible carb. A non-digestible carb simply means that digestive enzymes in our tummies do not react to the carb and turn into simple sugars but rather it passes through the body unprocessed – much like fiber does.

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What Type Of Fiber Are You Using

As a result of a flurry of innovation we currently have a few different formulations on shelf. The type of fiber varies depending on the recipe and is shown in our ingredient list. We have evolved the type of fiber we use to align with the latest thinking on what constitutes a fiber. We have transitioned over to using a new type of soluble tapioca fiber and allulose in the U.S.

Can You Buy Sugar Free Gummies

There are a few brands that carry sugar free, low-carb gummies. However, I haven’t found any that don’t cause digestive issues for me.

Smart Sweets is one of the most popular. They sell bears, sweet fish gummies, peach rings, and more. But the fiber sweetener used in them is known to impact blood sugar levels so I don’t recommend them.

Other brands use maltitol which isn’t keto friendly. That’s why I prefer to use my sugar-free gummy bears recipe. It doesnt have any impacting carbs and is very budget friendly.

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What Is A Subscription

When you check out using the “subscription” option, you are making an advanced payment schedule in order to receive your #KickSugar candy fix on a predetermined date every 30 days. To activate your subscription, choose the “Subscribe + Save” option on a 12 pack of your favorite sweets , and head to your cart to finalize.

Are Smartsweets Safe For Those With Peanut/tree Nut Allergies

Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies Gummy Candies â VeganEssentials Online ...

Caramels contain coconut as an ingredient. All other US #KickSugar candy flavors are currently made without any FDA regulated top major food allergens as ingredients. We try our best to use allergen-free facilities that do not process the major food allergens identified by US regulatory authorities, however some of our products may be made in facilities that process and handles allergens. Our manufacturing facilities have robust separation and testing programs to ensure there is no cross-contamination. In addition, we add precautionary allergen statements on our packaging if the facility processes or handles the allergens for our consumers to make the right decisions. This precautionary statement is currently on our Lollipop and Caramels packaging. If you have severe allergy concerns, please consult your doctor before consuming. Please note that our coconut oil is refined and thus exempt from tree nut labelling as it does not contain any protein content in the finished oil.

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Smartsweets Low Sugar Gummy Worms 50g

Add to FavouritesWhy Youll Love It

Craving some candy but don’t want all the sugar? SmartSweets has the gummies for you! These gummy worms will make you forget that sugar even exists. These low-sugar gummy worms are free from gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. All ingredients are free of GMOs, 100%real and not artificial. With only 3g of sugar per bag, you’ll be able to truly treat yourself!


Healthy Pudding Dirt Cup

A vegan, refined sugar free chocolate avocado pudding topped with gluten free chocolate cookie crumbs thats finished off with no added sugar gummy bears, the perfect treat for your kids that youll love serving and theyll love eating!

Okay who else loves Halloween?! I absolutely LOVE it. Honestly Halloween was one of the things that made me most excited about owning a house in a neighborhood. I dont love Halloween because I want to dress up and go out necessarily, but I LOVE having trick or treaters come to our house and interacting with all of the kiddos in the neighborhood. It just makes my heart so happy.

But of course we know that with Halloween also comes a lot of candy. And with a lot of candy comes a lot of sugar. And while I am all about indulging in a few Twix bars and Snickers, of course what I love is taking normal treats and making them healthier. So that is what I did here! I took the normal pudding dirt cup recipe that is made from a chocolate pudding, chocolate cookie crumbs and gummy worms and made it a treat that you will feel a lot better about giving to your kids . And I promise your kids will still absolutely love it. So lets get to it.

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Smart Sweets Candy Gummy Worms Review

Kid Two: This one smells good. Theyre hard, which I wasnt expecting. At first, theyre low in flavour, as you chew them, it gets better. It doesnt gush with flavour, but its more like a slow release. Im finding that the slower I chew these, the more enjoyable they are.

Kid Three: I dont think these have much flavour at all. Not for me.

Kid Four: These are hard to chew for me. Theres lots of pressure involved. Not for me.

Smart Sweets New Red Twists And Sourmelon Bites Review

Smartcakes Review And Taste Test | 1 Smart Point Cakes!

February 20, 2021 By That Vegan Life Doe

If you are a frequent snacker, but trying to cut back on sugar, then youre probably aware of the brand Smart Sweets. They are a candy company that specializes in making low-sugar, high-fiber versions of all your favorite candies, such as gummy bears, starbursts, sour patch kids, etc. Not all of their candies are vegan, but a large majority of them are, including the Swedish fish, the starburst, the sour patch kids, the peach rings, and the newly added red twists and sourmelon bites .

So, my vegan readers, Im going to be real with you. These candies are great for what they are. They really dont taste like any of the original candies they are trying to taste like, but for a low-sugar option, I really enjoy them. I know a lot of people who try Smart Sweets and are ultimately disappointed in the taste or texture, but I think managing your expectations is key when eating diet food The point of snacks like these is to get you to eat something similar to the thing you are craving, minus all the sugar and carbs. So of course it wont taste as good as the original, but that doesnt mean its bad!!

Here is the website if you want to check them out:

Also, thank you to my older sissy, Sophie, for getting me a box of these candies for my birthday!! Obsessed!

Filed Under:

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My Thoughts On Smart Sweets Candy

These results were VERY interesting to say the least. The Papa couldnt sample since theres coconut. However, I was shocked that Kid Two was the one who enjoyed these most. Its usually Kid Three. Given his status as Mr. Low/No Sugar, treats like these are a must have. Somehow though, these missed the mark for us.

Kid Two in my opinion was the real hero today because his descriptions of the candy is rather detailed. If texture is something thats super important to you, you may prefer other Smart Sweet products, such as the rings.

The nice thing is that Smart Sweets has a huge range of products for those who are looking for cane sugar free candies and gummies. These reviews below are more options the kids have weighed in on.

Tips For The Perfect Healthy Pudding Dirt Cup:

  • Use ripe avocados for your pudding you will see this tip in the blog post for that recipe if you check it out but I will say it here too! This will help your pudding be extra creamy.
  • Scrape the creme off of your cookies we just want the dirt from the crushed cookies, we dont need the creme!
  • And that being said, buy full sized cookies. The first time I made this I decided to use these mini cookies I have and wow I spent a lot of time scraping off creme.
  • Assemble in a glass jar if you can. It makes it more fun because whoever you are serving to is able to see all of the layers!

And that is it! This recipe is super easy and doesnt require any baking and only 6 ingredients . What more could you ask for in the perfect Halloween treat?! But if you do have questions that I didnt answer dont hesitate to reach out via a comment below or a DM on Instagram, I am here to help!

In addition to the listed ingredients, you will need:

  • a blender or food processor
  • a knife to scrape the cookies
  • glass jars to assemble
  • Yield:3 dirt cups 1x
  • Diet:Vegan

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G Of Sugar Per Bag Fruity Gummy Bears

Fruity Gummy Bears are the SmartSweets OGs! Fruity, juicy, chewy and everything you want a gummy bear to be! Bursting with 4 delicious flavors: raspberry, apple, lemon and peach!

Weve innovated Fruity Gummy Bears with our pinky promise: delicious candy with no sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugar.


  • 83% less sugar than other bears
  • 4 grams of sugar for the whole bag!
  • 34% less calories than the other bears
  • 9 grams of fiber goodness


  • No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and added sugar
  • Smartly sweetened with high-quality, natural sweeteners: monk fruit and allulose
  • Colored with fruit & veggie juices & naturally flavored
  • Made without major allergens including tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, and shellfish
  • Gluten-free & non-GMO low sugar gummy candy
  • #TeamSweet bursting with 4 delicious flavors: raspberry, apple, lemon and peach!
About 25 Fruity Gummy Bears
Amount Per Serving

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot.

Allulose is a non-artificial sweetener that is found in foods like raisins and figs. It tastes like sugar, but doesn’t act like sugar in your body. This #KickSugar candy has 9 grams of allulose per bag. Since allulose isn’t absorbed by the body, you subtract it, along with fiber to find 18 grams net carbs. Learn more at

$20.97kit $6.991 pk $19.746 PK $19.746 PK $13.982 PK $19.746 PK $19.746 PK

Are Smartsweets Keto Friendly

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears

While we don’t innovate for any specific diet, we know & love that the keto community is part of the mission to #KickSugar and have been extremely mindful of feedback. Our new recipe has the best overall impact on the body and is a radically better choice to traditional candy. We worked our hardest to get the net carbs as low as humanly possible while using quality ingredients, up to 92% less sugar than traditional candy, no sugar alcohols, not sneakily messing with package size and ensuring our candy is tummy friendly. We can’t wait to hear how SmartSweets works for you!

Orders are currently taking 2-3 business days to fulfill and then 1-5 business days to deliver, depending on where you live. You will get a tracking number in your inbox as soon as your #KickSugar candy is on its way to you! We are working super hard to get you your order as safely and efficiently as possible! Thanks so much for bear-ing with us.

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