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Types Of Gluten Free Bread

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Use Room Temperature Ingredients

GLUTEN FREE BREAD RECIPE How To Make Soft Gluten-Free Bread without a bread machine

Although gluten-free flours are often stored in the refrigerator or freezer, your gluten-free bread will have better results if the ingredients are at room temperature. Using chilled ingredients will significantly slow the yeast’s ability to leaven bread, as yeast loves a warm environment and bread will rise more quickly and completely when ingredients are warm rather than cold.

A convenient way to bring chilled flours to room temperature is to measure flour for your recipe and place in a bowl on the counter the night before baking. For perishable ingredients, like eggs and milk, set on the counter about 1 hour before preparing your recipe.

Guide To Gluten Free Bread: Types Benefits & More

Is whole grain gluten free? What flours should you avoid? Is gluten free bread healthy? And where can you find a healthy gluten free bread recipe? Here, we explain what you need to know about choosing the best gluten free bread and give you a helping hand with choosing the right ingredients to make your own wheat-free loaf.

Alternatives To Grains And Nuts

If youre avoiding not just gluten but also all grains and nuts, get creative by using other ingredients for making breads. For example, egg bread can include simply eggs and spinach as its base. Although a different texture and consistency compared with breads made from grain and nut flours, it can be sliced into the thickness and shape that is suitable for making a healthy sandwich.


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How To Know If Your Bread Is Gluten Free

Nowadays gluten free bread will look very similar to your traditional loaf. So, the best way to tell whether a bread contains gluten is to look out for any off-limits grains on the products food label. Heres where to look:

  • First, check the allergen warning for wheat.
  • Next look at the ingredients list. If wheat, spelt, barley, or rye are listed anywhere in the ingredients, the bread contains gluten. But there are also some less familiar sources to look out for as well.

Is There A Low Calorie Bread Substitute

The top 20 Ideas About Types Of Gluten Free Bread

If you want to completely eliminate bread for a low carb diet with fewer calories or want other low calorie options, there are a few good low calorie alternatives you can consider. A big-leafed green, for example, lettuce or romaine, can be used as a bread substitute for wraps.

You can fill the lettuce wrap with everything you would have put in a bread wrap, and it is a fresh and low calorie addition to your low carb diet.

Here are a few more bread substitutes you can use:

  • 100 whole wheat bread flat buns yes, this is a bread-based option, but it comes out to around half the calories of regular bread. So, you still have bread, but it is a low calorie and low carb diet option.
  • Portabella mushroom caps this is another low calorie option to bread. Portobello mushroom caps are around 25 calories each and can be baked or grilled to perfection.
  • 100 calorie high fiber tortillas another bread-based option is a 100 calorie or less high fiber tortilla. High fiber options tend to be lower in calories, but you want to make sure to read the label. A low carb whole wheat tortilla is around 90 calories.

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What We Looked For

Gluten-free: All entries were strictly free from gluten.

Texture: We looked for gluten-free bread that was as close in texture to regular bread as possible. Good chew, crunch when toasted and a light texture were important. Crumbly, raw or dry biscuity breads were marked down.

Taste: We looked for gluten-free bread which tasted as close to regular bread as possible. Specifically malty, seeded, wholemeal or neutral flavours. Overly sweet, artificial tasting breads were marked down.

Toast-ability: Apart from the white rolls, all gluten-free breads were tried toasted and untoasted to see how they behaved. We looked for even crunch, golden colour and a slight chew. Breads which became dry, hard or crumbly were marked down.

Types Of Gluten Free Flour

Like with regular flour, gluten free flour mixes come in many different varieties to suit different purposes.

Both plain white and brown flours are available usually made with a base of either white or brown rice flour.

There are also some fantastic all purpose gluten free flours, as well as self-raising, which contains a typical raising agent.

Gluten free flours are available with or without an added binding agent such as xanthan gum.

In addition to bread flours, there are also ready-made gluten free cake and cookie mixes if youre looking for something quick and easy.

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What Is The Best Type Of Bread Pan For Baking Gluten

I test baked this gluten-free bread in two different types of bread pans. I used both a 9-inch x 4-inch Small Pullman loaf pan and a Wilton 9-inch x 5-inch non-stick pan.

I highly recommend using the 9-inch x 4-inch small Pullman loaf pan with this recipe. The Pullman loaf pan has a narrow bottom with steep, high sides and a ridged surface that gives gluten-free bread dough the extra support to help it rise the best. I did not use the lid in this recipe. I only bought the Pullman loaf pan.

If you bake the gluten-free bread in a 9-inch x 5-inch bread pan, it will not rise as high because the pan is larger than the Pullman loaf pan. Even though it does not rise as high, it still as delicious!

Best Overall: King Arthur Gluten Free Flour Bread Mix

Bread in Your Blender Will Blow Your Mind | Quick Gluten-Free Blender Bread | ChefSteps

Courtesy of King Arthur

King Arthur Flour has been producing high-quality flours and other baking ingredients, including mixes, for home and commercial bakers for many years. While many of its mixes include wheat flour, the brand’s line of gluten-free mixes has been growing and quite well-received by consumers. Each box of bread mix makes one large loaf of bread.

Some reviewers have also baked this mix in small pans to make sandwich buns. While this does require butter, eggs, and milk for the standard recipe, the box also includes information on how to make it dairy-free, if necessary. There are also instructions for using the mix for homemade pizza crust. For even more tested modifications, the King Arthur Flour website includes information for making egg-free bread, or for baking it in a bread machine.

Size: 18.25 ounces | Servings per container: 9 x 5-inch sandwich loaf or pizza crusts | Other allergens: rice, tapioca

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Is Low Calorie Bread A Myth

As you can see, there isnt much difference between calorie counts in breads theres no real low calorie bread, unfortunately.

So long as you arent eating sweet breads like sweet rolls and sugar lacquered pull-aparts the calories in bread seem to hover between 240 and 290 per 100 grams, which is roughly two half-inch-thick slices of bread. Even white bread calories and pita bread calories sit in that range.

Instead, ask what the healthiest bread is. In that case, either sourdough or whole grain bread is the best bread around.

Why Youll Love This Gluten Free Bread Recipe

1.The soft, chewy interior. The words pillowy soft come to mind with every bite the bread has a gorgeous open crumb and just enough chew to it, like any proper bread should.

2.The crisp, caramelised crust. The crust cracks and crackles as you cut it, and its full of those amazing flavours that are brought about by the wonders of caramelisation.

3.The flavour. If you want to compare this gluten free bread to a loaf of regular bread, its on the whole wheat side of the flavour spectrum. Its taste is wholesome and more complex than that of your average loaf of white bread, thanks to the addition of buckwheat flour. At the same time, it doesnt have the overpowering, slightly acidic flavour of, for instance, rye bread. Its a nice everyday sort of loaf, and its amazing with some butter and jam, spread with hummus or as part of a toasted cheese sandwich.

4.In addition to gluten free, its also vegan. Thats right, theres no eggs and no dairy products in this recipe!

5.Easily adaptable depending on the ingredients you have on hand. Im fully aware that you might not have all the ingredients on hand, which is why Ive included a detailed list of substitutions at the end of this post and also within the recipe card.

6.Easy to make. I know that making your own gluten free bread might sound scary and impossible. But believe me when I say its really not. And the results oh my, they are so worth it.

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Is Walmart Bread Gluten Free

Walmarts private label Great Value sandwich bread isnt gluten free, but the store does have a gluten free variation of it. Thats great news for the budget-conscious, but whats not so great is that its hard to find and is just so-so in terms of taste and structure.

You can, however, purchase other gf bread brands at many Walmarts, including some of those that appear on my list of the best gluten free bread brands.

Alternatives To Rye Bread

The top 20 Ideas About Types Of Gluten Free Bread

If you miss bread, there are a number of tasty options. Gluten free alternatives to rye bread include potato bread, and bread made with almond flour, tapioca flour, or other gluten free flours. It is important to be careful, because many packaged breads and bread products have been shown to be cross contaminated with gluten. The safest approach is to make your own bread, or to purchase bread that is certified gluten free.

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Gluten Free Bread Made Simply Great

At Franz, we use real food ingredients in our breads. Youll never find unnatural preservatives or unidentifiable words on the nutrition label. What you will find is, clean and transparent labels that are to the point. Our bread is more than just gluten free. There is no wheat, dairy, soy, or nuts in our recipe. By keeping seven of the top eight allergens out of Franz Gluten Free we have put great tasting bread back on the menu for bread lovers to enjoy.

Storage Tips & Suggestions

My #1 tip for gluten-free bread is to soften it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds! Most breads are kept frozen anyway, but they all tend to harden over time. Do yourself a favor and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds, as it makes a big difference. Also, I usually keep gluten-free bread in the freezer or refrigerator to maintain freshness as long as possible.

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Why Is Gluten Free Bread So Bad

From my experience, a lot of wheat alternative bread is usually dry, crumbly, and tastes extremely bland. This might be because most brands contain flours that don’t rise as well, like rice flour.

Or they might taste bland because they don’t include yeast as a rising agent at all.

But no matter the reason, most wheat alternative bread is usually best kept for sandwiches and not eaten alone.

Here are some brands that I have found to be delicious and best of all, easy to find at your local grocery store.

Livegfree Wide Pan Gluten

The easiest Gluten free flat breads

LiveGfree is Aldi’s in-house gluten-free line that is wildly popular with Reddit users and bloggers alike who are seeking comparable alternatives to favorite gluten-based foods. The brand uses a gluten-free flour blend containing tapioca, potato, and corn starches, along with rice flour, according to Fooducate, to create this popular bread that’s fit for your favorite sandwich.

However, not every review of the bread is positive. Baking blogger Better Batter says she found the taste was bland, the quality was low, and the size of the bread was too small for replacing a standard loaf’s duties. However, this is the most budget-friendly pick on the list. As with the rest of these brands, you’ll have to test them out for yourself to find the best one for your needs and taste preferences.

LiveGfree Wide Pan Gluten-Free White Bread is available at Aldi locations nationwide, and you won’t be able to purchase it anywhere else. It retails for $3.99 for a 20-ounce loaf.

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Can You Freeze Gluten Free Bread

Yes, you can store gluten free bread in the freezer, whether youve made it yourself or bought it at the store.

The trick to freezing gluten free bread so that it remains edible after defrosting is to tightly wrap it so that it doesnt freezer burn. Also make sure that your bread is cool when you pop it into the freezer, otherwise condensation that later freezes will have you fighting to separate slices.

Why Did My Gluten Free Bread Sink While It Was Cooling

The most common reasons for gluten free bread sinking after cooling include:

  • Too much proofing the bread rose higher than it could support itself. Raw gf bread dough tends to take on a pock-marked appearance when its overproofed, so watch carefully.
  • Too much yeast the bread rose too quickly and couldnt support itself
  • Too much liquid steam couldnt dissipate quickly enough
  • A too-hot oven that baked the outside to burning long before the inside of the loaf was cooked through enough to support the structure.

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M& s Made Without Tiger Rolls

We knew we were onto a winner as soon as we took our first bite of these rolls. The tiger crackle on top, made using rice flour, adds golden colour and a texture similar to melted cheese. The rolls are firm enough to slice but not crumbly, with a light doughy softness, which means they could be used for burgers or sandwiches. Unlike other gluten-free rolls we tried, these weren’t overly sweet and didn’t leave an artificial taste in your mouth.

We should point out that if you’re looking for a crusty roll, these aren’t right for you. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the soft, bready texture.

Whats The Best Gluten Free Bread To Buy

The top 20 Ideas About Types Of Gluten Free Bread

In many cases, youll choose a gf bread based on price, availability, and taste but in what order? Because everyone is different, the answer to this question really comes down to personal preference. I may consider one product to be the best brand of gluten free bread, but you may not agree, for a wide variety of reasons.

If youre on a budget, you may find that low-cost gluten free options dont taste great or are difficult to handle because they fall apart. If you spring for better bread, you may not be able to purchase it as often because its so expensive.

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Why Im Reviewing Packaged Gluten Free Bread

If youre on my email list , I asked you what your favorite brands are, and you poured your gluten-avoiding hearts out! Ive been through many loaves of bread. If it was a total dud , Im not reviewing it here.

My intention in publishing these reviews is not to stir up controversy, harm anyones business or even support anyones business to be honest. When I posted something on my Facebook page about how Udis bread is hard to separate, someone angrily accused me of endangering their business.

Clearly, that isnt my purposebut I also have no obligation to pretend that reality isnt what it is. My intention is simple. I want to help you, the consumer, spend your money wisely.

Packaged gluten free products are more expensive than conventional products, and always will be. The market for these products is smaller, and the ingredients are more expensive .

But weve come a long way since 2004 when my family first went gluten free. Back then, we ordered some bizarre gluten free packaged bread from Canada that not only couldnt be eaten untoasted but lost its toast within minutes. And the cost was insane. Well, weve come a long, long way since then.

Everyone knows that I love baking fresh homemade gluten free bread. My children adore it when they have it for their school lunches, and my husband loves it because its cheaper.

That isnt the stuff really of my dreams, but it is of theirs. But its just not realistic.

Best Bread Choices In Chain Supermarkets

All of the following bread products have:

  • 4 grams of fiber per 2-slice serving .
  • 100% whole wheat flour as the first ingredient on the label.
  • Less than 401 mg sodium per 2-slice serving,
  • 1 gram saturated fat or less per 2-slice serving .

English Muffins Calories Fiber Sodium Carbs Protein

Oroweat Whole Grain & Flax 150 5 160 29 5

Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat 130 4 240 25 5

Bagel and Buns Calories Fiber Sodium Carbs Protein

Oroweat Whole Grain 100% Whole

Wheat Hamburger Bun 180 6 350 31 8

Oroweat Whole Grain 100% Whole

Wheat Hotdog Bun 160 6 320 28 8

Thomas Hearty Grains 100% Whole

Wheat Bagels 240 7 400 49 10

Pita Pockets Calories Fiber Sodium Carbs Protein

Thomas Sahara Pita Pockets

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A Note On Measurements

While Ive included the volume measurements in the recipe card below, if at all possible : USE METRIC GRAM MEASUREMENTS IF YOU CAN.

Theyre much more precise and produce more reliably delicious results. This is true for pretty much all of baking a kitchen scale will invariably give better results than cups and tablespoons.

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