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Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

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We Check The Taste But Also The Texture

Dominos Gluten-Free Crust Review

You are still using or dealing with a pizza when you make this one. Its also just like any other regular dominos pizza. So you can be sure you have almost the same features as the pizzas still.

It looks so much like the regular thin pizza. This one has a significant difference in that its darker than the regular ones. But in some cases, you may not even notice this difference.

Notice that this one is going to be slightly chewy or gritty. Well, to some people, it further appears doughier than the regular one. Remember here you may not even need the yeast to make it.

What stands out a lot is that it has the crust being a lot sweeter, though. You will not often notice the difference when you are out eating it because of the toppings.

Of course, that will permanently alter the taste. You see, if you eat it without the cheese and the sauce, then you will not miss the sweetness.

Always say you should eat it from the edge first always. Its more ideal for you if you like the doughy choice.

What Are My Other Options For Gluten

Both Pizza Express and Pizza Hut are also both Coeliac UK accredited. Dont forget that other restaurants with good gluten-free options exist, but will obviously vary depending on where you live.

Where do you get your gluten-free pizza from? Let me know in the comment below as Im sure your recommendations will help others!

Lets Check The Basics Of This Pizza

My family has more gluten-intolerant people. So for a long time, they never used to eat the pizzas. The literary dont even try the chain store pizzas. Recently, however, we decided to try gluten-free ones.

I wanted to see if my family not only liked but didnt react to the pizzas. Sure enough, they like some gluten-free pizza.

Ive tested these recipes several times. Below is a breakdown of the few things we checked to see what would work best for us.

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Items To Avoid At Dominos

These items all contain gluten or have a very high risk for gluten contamination:

  • All pizzas are made in the same area and typically cut with the same pizza cutter, so unless you dont have an allergy and are just reducing gluten in your diet, we dont recommend ordering any pizzas here, even the gluten free crust.
  • All sandwiches, bread twists, desserts, and pasta options contain gluten.
  • All specialty chicken items contain gluten.
  • The Chicken Caesar Salad and Classic Garden Salad both have croutons in a separate packet, and are listed as containing gluten on Dominos webpage.
  • Watch out for these sauces, they contain gluten: Alfredo Sauce, 5-Cheese Dip, Cheesey Marinara Dip
  • The Chicken Taco pizza topping has gluten in it.

How Does Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Taste

Dominos Gluten Free Pizza

When I went gluten free early on, Dominos gluten free pizza was my very first experience with a gluten free pizza. I remember when I got it, my first reaction was, is this it? I just paid how much for this tiny pizza?!

So its considerably more expensive than a regular pizza, it better taste good.

Oh its burnt Well I think since its a really thin crust, they cook it too long. I had ordered a few over the early stages of my gluten free diet and each time they were burnt.

But the taste Yea its ok. I go with extra cheese and extra sauce. The crust is nothing to write home about. There are better options out there. For the cost, its not worth it. It scratches the pizza itch, thats about it.

If you are not worried about cross contamination, then go ahead, but there are so many other better options out there.

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Dominos Gluten Free Menu

These are all the gluten free options we could find at Dominos. Note all items listed below do not contain wheat or gluten, based on the Dominos allergens guide. These items still have the potential for cross contamination and other traces of gluten, so please keep that in mind.

Notice anything missing or incorrect? Leave a comment below. This article was last updated:

My Gluten Free Girlfriend

Were going to answer your first two questions right off.

  • Yes, we have tried Dominos gluten free pizza crust.
  • No, ordering the pizza made in the store is not safe for Celiacs however, acquiring the crust still sealed in its package is.
  • Dominos Pizza has two flavors of stores. There are corporate Dominos and there are franchise Dominos. if you have a local franchise, you may be able to speak to someone at that store and purchase the Dominos Gluten Free crust, still sealed in its packaging. We in no way recommend anyone with celiac disease to order a topped and cooked gluten free pizza from Dominos. To quote Dominos:

    Dominos Pizza does not give medical advice. Please contact your physician if you have concerns about consuming this product, knowing the following:

    • Pizzas made with Gluten Free Crust are made in a common kitchen. We do not have a separate area in our kitchens that are guaranteed free from gluten.
    • While the Gluten Free Crust is certified to be free of gluten, the pizzas made with the Gluten Free Crust use the same ingredients and utensils as all of our other pizzas.

    This review is on the crust itself, and only the crust, topped and cooked by us in our own home kitchen.

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    Is It Coeliac Friendly

    No, unfortunately, Dominos gluten-free pizza is not coeliac friendly as their gluten-free pizzas are made and prepared in the common kitchen where their non-gluten products are also made and prepared so they cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination.

    Not only this but the utensils and baking equipment used to cook their gluten-free pizza are the same as the ones they use for their regular pizzas.

    This is unfortunate as it does mean those who struggle with coeliac disease cannot eat at Dominos store at all due to the cross-contamination.

    Dominos has worked with a leading gluten awareness organization to monitor their current operation model in their kitchens which helped them recognize that they cannot assure those with coeliac disease that their products are suitable for them.

    Further research into Dominos gluten-free pizza provided us with some insight into past customer experiences where people have been told the gluten-free pizza is coeliac friendly and then theyve suffered a reaction and been extremely sick for a few days following eating it.

    Dominos should do more to train and educate all their staff to know what is and what is not suitable for customers based on their dietary needs, and if they are unsure then they should speak with a more qualified member of staff to confirm this uncertainty instead of relaying false information to customers.

    Dominos Gluten Free Pizza

    Dominos Gluten free pizza review/ MUKBANG with Daiya cheese

    Have you been looking to try Dominos gluten free pizza? Well, we are in a good news/bad news type of situation here. mostly bad news though

    Dominos used to be my go to spot for quick pizza. I had a small Dominos within walking distance to my house. I may or may not have been lazy enough to have it delivered despite being a short walk away dont want to talk about that! haha.

    It was so easy to order that delicious cheesy bread. My favorite pizza at Dominos pizza was meat lovers with extra sauce and extra cheese.

    Well, my Dominos Pizza days are over and if you are on a gluten free diet, yours probably should be too and here is why.

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    What Is Gluten Free At Dominos

    In this article and guide, well highlight all the gluten free menu items, sides, and other gf options available at Dominos. Want to learn more nutrition facts about Dominos foods? Check out their Nutritional Allergen Information page here.

    This information is primarily based off the Dominos locations in the United States. For other regions, please contact your local Dominos for more information about allergens and ingredients.

    How Likely Is Cross

    Well, Ive got a bit of an exclusive for you today! Ive got the actual info provided to staff who will be preparing gluten-free pizza in Dominos so you can judge for yourself. How did I get them? Well, lets just say they fell off the back of a lorry

    As these are screenshots and a little small, Ill retype the info below each image to save you getting your magnifying glasses out.

    To be honest, I wish companies were more transparent about this information with the public as the more info we have, the better! But of course, Ill let you read it for yourself so you can decide

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    Are Mcdonalds Fries Gluten

    French Fries

    Theres some debate about whether there is major cross-contamination in their fries during the frying process. But according to McDonalds website, there is not!They do not cook their potatoey goodnesses in the same fryers as their gluten items making them safe to eat for our celiac friends.

    Why Would Anyone Want To Use Gluten


    Notice that you will develop some acne if you are gluten intolerant. Well, the solution to this is often to eat gluten-free pizza.

    When you then use the pizza, you are eating a healthier pizza option than the regular one. It gives you an energy boost yet to feel a little healthier.

    If you are going to get the actual gluten-free pizza, this is one of the healthiest options.

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    Is Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Safe For Celiacs

    No have you been to a Dominos recently? It is an absolute cross contamination NIGHTMARE! No fault of the workers, but its just a gluten cloud in there. Im sure every surface has gluten particles on it.

    I usually say for folks with Celiac Disease to just talk to the staff and see what they can do to make you feel safe, but I honestly dont think there is anyway they could make a gluten free pizza safe for someone concerned with cross contamination.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but their kitchens are covered in flour.

    If you are reading this and have experienced otherwise, let me know in the comments below.

    Dominos Pizza agrees with me. On their website they state Dominos® pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, Dominos® DOES NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming this pizza.

    So there you go

    Dominos Gluten Free Crust

    Dominos gluten free crust is similar to a thin crust pizza. Its a little chewy but decent, except that my local joint doesnt know when to stop cooking it. It always arrives charred black around the edges and very dark brown on the bottom. Well, 99% of the time. Once, it was still doughy

    Menu Selection: 3/5. Dominos offers one size of gluten free pizza crust and a handful of other foods that are gluten free.

    Service: 1/5. This is going to be embarrassingwe have gotten other peoples orders before. Once, the driver brought a plain gluten free crust that they had cooked in the oven?! Seriously, fix your ordering system or call me before delivering a plain crust

    Cleanliness: 4/5. Usually very clean.

    Sensitivity: 2/5. Servers and kitchen are not sensitive to food limitations. Cross-contamination will occur here.

    Atmosphere: 4/5. Surprisingly clean and welcoming, considering most people get pizza delivered or carry out.

    Cost: $$

    As always, Dominos gluten free menu is subject to change. Please review the current menu and contact the restaurant with your specific dietary restrictions prior to your visit.

    Looking for more gluten free restaurants and reviews? Check these out!

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    Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Review Is It Worthy

    One of the largest pizza chain stores across the globe is dominos. These stores have a wide range of pizzas in their menu boxes, and this is why they still maintain an extensive clientele.

    Well, dominos have been coming up with different styles of pizza to suit societal demands.

    Gluten-free pizza is one of the newest addition to the list of pizzas.

    A significant majority of the population suffers from gluten intolerance, so many people want to have gluten-free choices.

    Well, if you are gluten intolerant or you dont like gluten, we have you catered to with this kind of pizza.

    Making them gluten-free pizza was one of the best ideas dominos could ever have made, and they did.

    But they still sometimes make them use shared utensils which may not be a good idea. It only means its not entirely gluten-free.

    Gluten Free The Makeline

    Dominos Gluten Free Pizza Review
    • Gluten containing toppings must be in a black gluten tub and positioned on the bottom row
    • Pull the pizza down the makeline for any additional toppings. Extra care must be taken to prevent cross contamination of gluten free pizza
    • Visually check the pizza for contaminates containing gluten before loading into the oven
    • Bake the GF pizza on the silicone paper

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    Is It As Delicious As The Regular One

    You can bet dominos makes it as delicious. The only difference is that it has different crust ingredients.

    But the toppings will be rich. Im not saying the crust is terrible because its just as rich and satiating. Most people enjoy it because of the flavors.

    The difference then is that you can have even the flavored crust if you like. You are bound to enjoy the pizza, you know.

    Gluten Free Pizza Crust

    Dominos offers a gluten free pizza crust that you can get various toppings on. Here is the statement they share on the page:

    Dominos is proud to offer our Gluten Free Crust for those who are looking to reduce gluten in their diet. This product is not for everyone, so we want you to have all the information before you try it.

    Our Gluten Free Crust contains no wheat, rye, or barley and has a gluten content of less than 20ppm. We make all of our pizzas in the same kitchens and even as clean as we keep them, there may be trace glutens present. Therefore, it wouldnt be entirely honest to guarantee that pizzas made with this crust are absolutely gluten free. And if we werent honest, we wouldnt be Dominos.

    So now you know the facts. If youre looking for a great tasting pizza crust without the gluten , try Dominos pizza made with our Gluten Free Crust.

    Additionally, Dominos shares this in their website footer: Dominos pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, Dominos DOES NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming this pizza.

    Pizza Toppings & Dressings

    These are all of the pizza toppings and dressings at Dominos that do not contain wheat/gluten ingredients.

    • American Cheese
    • Garlic Parmesan Sauce
    • Green Chile Pepper
    • Phase Oil
    • Philly Meat
    • Pizza Sauce
    • Premium Grilled Chicken

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