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Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cookie Dough Ice Cream | VEGAN, Gluten free & Dairy free!
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I feel like Ive found my place. The South has such a sweet charm to it. The people are so friendly! I cant tell you how many pleasant little conversations Ive enjoyed with folks in town at the post office, waiting in line at the grocery store, or walking through the neighborhood. Even the lady at the tollbooth wished me a nice day!

The other day I drove by an idyllic scene a young boy with a bright red cap and a bucket of worms sat catching fish at the pond. Kids riding bikes, families taking walks theres such a sense of family togetherness here. And have I mentioned the rain? Oh, the rain! The Air Force stationed us in the desert for a total of 7 1/2 years, so when the clouds roll in and the rain pours, Im one happy girl. We actually had a celebration for our first storm the other day. The girls decided to celebrate with chocolate chip cookies and a Harry Potter marathon. We baked and then snuggled up on the couch while the thunder rolled.

A couple of weeks ago a reader asked if I had a grain-free chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream recipe. I read her question and thought, Well, why havent I done that yet?. So here it is! Scoop grain-free cookie dough into small pieces, freeze it, then chop it. Whip up some homemade vanilla ice cream then stir in the cookie dough after its frozen. What a wonderful treat for a hot and muggy day here in the South.

Serves: Serves 6

How To Make Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This recipe is simple and straight. There are not a lot of steps involved.

The Cookie Dough – The dough is mixed up in one bowl but needs to freeze for about 15 minutes before using it. This makes it easier to break pieces off to add to the ice cream.

The Ice Cream Base – The base comes together quickly. Just whip heavy cream to stiff peaks then mix in vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate chips.

Can I Make Your Gluten

I havent personally tried it, but youre welcome to give it a go! Id recommend trying a coconut whipping cream instead of double cream like this one.

You can also use a coconut condensed milk like this instead of condensed milk.

Then, of course use dairy-free milk, chocolate chips and hard margarine instead of butter. It is possible, but I cant guarantee the end result with this until I try it for myself. But youre welcome to give it a try before I do!

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Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

While I’m still holding out for a Ben and Jerry’s gluten free cookie dough ice-cream one day, this recipe is so easy to make it’s no bother at all.

It takes about five minutes to whisk up the mixture and chuck it in the freezer, and once it’s frozen it’s ready to just scoop at any point.

Or, if you’re like me, you keep going back into the freezer with a spoon every half hour.

If you make this recipe and love it, please do let me know by or using #theglutenfreeblogger. I love seeing your bakes!

And please do leave a review to let others know you loved it too! It would mean the world to me.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

No baking, no churning, no spoon required for this easy dessert recipethese vegan and paleo cookie dough ice cream sandwiches are a healthy summer treat!

There have been ice cream pops. And ice cream floats. Ice cream bowls. Ice cream in an instant. Ice cream, some patience required. Ice cream with chunks. Ice cream with sprinkles. And even ice cream that fell from the cone to floor and never made it to the blog. R.I.P chocolate chip strawberry swirl in a sugar cone.

And the frozen recipe family expands again! Because Im certainly not done craving pretty much exclusively cold and creamy things, and hopefully youre not either.

Todays foray into a so-far-unexplored-on-the blog-this-year ice cream form is in collaboration with the always amazing Leah from Love Me, Feed Me. Because shes been all about the chilly treats lately too with some crazydelicious popflavors, not to mention much more on trend than I am since apparently I missed the #popsicleweek memo.

But whos really surprised? Not me.

Enough about how I live under a rock oblivious to all the hashtag things though.

The truly pressing, deeply concerning matter on my mind today: If these are ice cream sandwiches, but ice cream betweeen two round baked cookies is also an ice cream sandwich, and ice cream bars are pretty much popsicles going by another nameWHY?

But back to vanilla + cookie dough

Happy sweet simple cookie dough / ice cream / cookie dough layering to you!

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How To Make Ice Cream Dairy

The best way is to follow the instructions with our whipped cream with the dairy-free alternative coconut cream. Our edible cookie dough also can easily be made dairy-free as well so viola! No need to be missing out on anything my dairy-free peeps.

Let me tell you, its a very good day when this gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough is on the end of your spoon.

As any other ice cream addict can attest, it does not need to be hot outside to want and crave ice cream.

Now that we have gotten more settled from our move, I am more inclined to go running. And we all know this means more ice cream for Lindsay. #IRunForIceCream

Couple Simple Ingredients For Our No Churn Ice Cream

This easy recipe requires homemade whipped cream. This is extremely easy to make at home, so dont think you need to run to the comfort of canned condensed milk.

I got your back. Check out the homemade whipped cream post where I list the tips and tricks and my foolproof way to easily create whipped cream right at home.

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Tips For Making The Best Homemade Cookie Dough Ice Cream

  • As I mentioned, when it comes to making the edible cookie dough, we’ll be heat treating our flour. I talked a little bit about the process in my cookie dough truffles post. I just microwave the flour until it reaches 165ºF. This particular recipe doesn’t call for much flour at all, so it should warm up fairly quickly. I would recommend stopping to stir and check the temperature around the 30 second mark.
  • Make sure your heavy whipping cream is COLD. Like, straight out of the refrigerator. If you can, I’d also recommend storing the bowl of your mixer in the refrigerator too before using it.
  • While it may feel like your whipped cream is taking a while, it’s important to keep a close eye on it. You’ll know it’s ready when you lift the whisk attachment up out of the cream and see stiff peaks that don’t sink into the cream.

How To Make Paleo Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Birthday Cake Ice Cream Free of Dairy, Sugar, Nuts, Soy, Gluten & Eggs
  • Make & Freeze the cookie dough chunks. Like I mentioned above, I like a TON of cookie dough. If you’re a little more normal, feel free to halve the cookie dough portion of this recipe! It’s important to freeze the cookie dough before adding it to the ice cream so that it holds together!
  • Make the vanilla ice cream. Using a combination of the Vitamix and an ice cream maker results in the easiest paleo ice cream EVER. Not to mention insanely delicious!
  • Freeze! Mix everything together and freezer for at least 3 hours! Then grab a spoon and dig in!
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    Making The Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

    The main thing when making the cookie dough is to MIX all the ingredients together until thoroughly combined without incorporating air into the mixture. You want the cookies to rise in the oven due to the presence of the baking soda, and not due to any air trapped into the cookie dough.

    Ive optimised the amount of baking soda to give perfectly soft and chewy cookies that are slightly crisp around the edges and have a prettily cracked surface. If you also incorporate air into the cookie dough, the cookies will end up spreading and cracking too much in the oven. So, remember: mix dont cream, whip or aerate.

    Heres how you make the peanut butter cookie dough:

  • Using a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula, mix together the peanut butter, softened unsalted butter, white caster/superfine or granulated sugar, light brown sugar and vanilla until well combined.
  • Add the egg and egg yolk, and mix well.
  • Whisk together the dry ingredients and add them to the butter-sugar mixture.
  • Mix well until the mixture comes together in a smooth cookie dough with no patches of dry, unmixed flour.
  • The final cookie dough shouldnt be sticky to the touch or too soft. You should be able to easily form it into balls with your hands, without it sticking to your fingers and palms. However:

    Note that the dough should be manageable without having to chill it in the fridge at any stage.

    Cookie Dough Ice Cream

    This no-churn cookie dough ice cream is one of my favorite indulgent treats. It’s sweet, creamy, and packed with chunks of edible cookie dough.

    It’s no secret that I looove making no-churn ice cream. Regular readers have heard me rave on and on about how this is pretty much the perfect Summer dessert. It’s foolproof, only calls for a handful of ingredients, and you can have so much fun with it!

    And by that I mean, come up with endless variations to test out and play with. In this particular instance, I decided to go with cookie dough, simply because it’s one of my all-time favorite ice cream flavors.

    I’m the type of person who will always, always “taste test” the cookie dough before it goes into the oven. It’s just inevitable! That’s kind of the best part of baking cookies, in my opinion.

    So whipping up a little batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, which is safe to consume, and then mixing it up in some super creamy no-churn ice cream? That’s just a no-brainer.

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    Edible Gluten Free Cookie Dough Recipe

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE cookie dough.

    Like, I think I might actually prefer eating cookie dough to eating actual baked cookies.

    I know, my love affair with cookies is no secret.

    I mean, I wrote a whole cookbook filled with cookie recipes.

    Because I just love cookies.

    I have been dying to bake cookies in a skillet, like this Low Carb Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie from All Day I Dream About Food. YUM! It even has a paleo option.

    Now I am not one to not lick the bowl after making a batch of cookies.

    Heck! I normally leave a little extra in the bottom with that in mind.

    I haven’t died of salmonella yet!

    All the same… if I am planning on just eating the dough, I don’t want to make it with egg.

    I took my favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe and made just a few changes to it to make it and egg-less gluten free edible cookie dough recipe.

    Basically I just took the egg out and added in a little bit of milk or water.

    I opted to use mini chocolate chips instead of the regular ones because I used my cookie dough in some gluten free cookie dough brownie ice cream and didn’t want the huge chunks of frozen chocolate to chip someones teeth. It could happen…

    Be sure that the butter is cooled before you mix in the other ingredients.

    If the batter is even slightly warm those mini chocolate chips will melt and streak in the cookie dough.

    Still delicious, just not as pretty.

    Yes, their little balls of cookie dough won’t be as round and smooth, but it is so much fun!

    What Are Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies


    While Im sure you know exactly what these are if youre from the US , the rest of the world seems to be slightly less familiar with them or, you know, it might be just me Ive only really been aware of them for the last year or so. I know, Ive definitely been missing out.

    Peanut butter blossom cookies have been around since 1957. Theyre soft peanut butter cookies, rolled in granulated sugar before baking, that are topped with a Hersheys Kiss chocolate candy immediately out of the oven. Apparently, the cookie was developed in Ohio as an entry into the 1957 Pillsbury Bake-Off contest and gosh, Id like to give a big hug to their creator because they are AMAZING. You can read more about the history of these cookies here.

    The original cookies were made with regular wheat flour and today, Im sharing with you my gluten free version thats just as delicious and just as easy to make.

    Before we get to the bits and bobs of making these amazing cookies if you like what youre seeing, subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date on the latest recipes and tips!

    Note: the whole recipe, including the ingredient quantities, can be found at the bottom of this page just scroll down to the bottom, or click the Jump to Recipe button at the top of this post.

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    Do I Need Weighing Scales To Make Your Gluten

    In short yes, yes and yes! And I wouldnt advise attempting any my recipes without them. One of the worst things you can do in any recipe is alter the quantities by mistake or on purpose.

    Why? Well, youre sort of just gambling with the recipe and praying that it turns out ok, dont you think? And Ive generally already done the hard work there for you, so you dont have to do the guesswork with measurements!

    A lot of work went into fine tuning ratios and quantities so I wouldnt mess around with them unless you really know your stuff. Id recommending using digital cooking scales like these so you know youre getting an accurate measurement and replicating my recipe as accurately as poss.

    How To Make Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

    Making these delicious gluten free cookies is incredibly easy. You dont need any special equipment and all the ingredients are your standard gluten free pantry staples.

    However, if youd like to use a mixer anyway, you definitely can! I dont recommend using a hand mixer as it tends to incorporate too much air into the cookie dough . Instead, use a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and always mix on the lower speed settings again, you dont want to whip too much air into the mixture.

    Heres a video that takes you through the process step by step:

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