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Gluten Free Choc Chip Cookies

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Can You Make These Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies With Alternative Sugars

Soft n Chewy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are not healthy cookies. Theyre chocolate chip cookies, meant to have all the good stuff: butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla. But you might be able to make them with a sugar substitute.

If you would like to try them with a sugar substitute, I recommend Lankato brand monk fruit granulated sugar replacement for the granulated sugar, and their golden variety as a replacement for the brown sugar.

Those sugar alternatives do tend to be drying, though, so you may need to add water by the half-teaspoonful as necessary to achieve the proper cookie dough consistency. Watch the video carefully before trying the swap.

Why Are My Cookies Too Flat

There are several possible reasons for your cookies being too flat:

  • You didnt chill the cookie dough long enough . If thats the case, the butter in the cookie dough will be too warm the moment it hits the oven and/or the flour in the dough wont have sufficient time to fully hydrate, and the cookies will spread out too much in the oven.
  • You added too much sugar. Sugar causes the cookies to spread in the oven, so make sure to use the amount listed in the recipe below.
  • You didnt add enough flour. The amount of flour is crucial to controlling how the cookies behave in the oven, including how much they spread. Ideally, use a kitchen scale to measure it out correctly. If using volume measurements , dont scoop the flour directly from the container with the measuring cup, as that will compact it too much and youll end up over-measuring it. Instead, spoon the flour into the measuring cup and level it off with the straight edge of a knife or similar.

How To Store Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies:

These cookies have a lot of moisture in them so youll want to keep them in one single layer, otherwise theyll end up sticking together. You can store them in an airtight container, plastic bag, or covered plate at room temperature or in the fridge for up to 3 days! Better yet? Pop them in the freezer for up to 3 months!

So if youre looking for a healthy treat to whip up this weekend look no further. These gluten free chocolate chip cookies are calling, nay, SCREAMING your name.

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What Makes This The Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Recipe

For starters, just look at that texture! These cookies are definitely up to par with regular gluten-filled chocolate chip cookies. They have all the right chewiness and gooiness that can sometimes be lacking in gluten free cookies.

This recipe also only calls for 2 types of gluten free flours all purpose gluten free flour blend and oat flour. Both are very easy to get ahold of and helps makes this recipe super simple.

The dough also only needs to chill for 2 hours. Many of my cookie recipes require the dough to chill overnight, but not these! Just prep the dough in the morning and you can have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies by noon.

Last but not least, these cookies are NOT cakey. Gluten free cookies tend to be on the puffy and cakey side because its tough to achieve that chewy texture without the cookie falling apart. But with the use of brown sugar and an extra egg yolk, these cookies are dense and chewy perfection.

Tips For Making The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies:

The Best Gluten

Now lets get into the nitty gritty. These almond butter chocolate chip cookies are a 1 bowl recipe, so dont get nervous. I just have two small things you can do to ensure perfect cookies every single time.

  • Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature: I know I say this literally all the time and you guys are thinking we get it, Sofi, room temperature butter and roll your eyes. But its actually so important in this recipe because it uses melted coconut oil. Add a cold egg or straight from the fridge maple syrup to your mixture and youll be left with solid chunks of coconut oil in your healthy chocolate chip cookies. I know this because I did it myself, and Ill be the first to tell youits pretty sad.
  • Dont over bake your cookies: Once the edges of your cookies are golden brown and the center has puffed up, its time to take them out. The center should still be a little bit raw. In my opinion, there are few things worse than an over baked cookie. Just dont do it.
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    Healthy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Im sharing a secret today: the recipe for these healthy gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Made with whole, natural ingredients, this healthy chocolate chip cookie is gluten free, grain free, and refined sugar free. But it certainly doesnt taste like it! The best part? These cookies are made in one bowl for easy baking and easy cleanup!

    Heres Why Youll Love These Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • The perfect texture. Theyre deliciously crisp round the edges and fudgy-gooey in the centre, especially when theyre still warm out of the oven. After theyve been kept in a closed container for a few days, they become more chewy in texture, which is equally as delicious.
  • The flavour is AMAZING. You get the slight caramel notes from the light brown sugar and the caramelisation of the cookies as they bake, as well as the gorgeous vanilla flavour from the vanilla bean paste or extract. And, of course, the wonderful bitter-sweetness of dark chocolate.
  • Theyre packed full of chocolate. If youve been round these parts before, then you know that Im a huge chocoholic. I firmly believe that theres no such thing as too much chocolate and it shows in these cookies!
  • Super easy to make. Theyre incredibly simple to prepare, its definitely a no-fuss kind of recipe.
  • Couldnt possibly guess that theyre gluten free! And theyre always a hit with everyone, regardless of whether or not they have to follow a gluten free diet. In fact, my non-gluten-free taste testers couldnt believe that these are gluten free!!
  • Before we get to the bits and bobs of making these wonderful cookies if you like what youre seeing, subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date on the latest recipes and tips!

    Note: the whole recipe, including the ingredient quantities, can be found at the bottom of this page just scroll down to the bottom, or click the Jump to Recipe button at the top of this post.

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    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Amazingly soft and tender crumb Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are real! Like a unicorn, theyre rare and majestic. These Chocolate Chip Cookies are specifically made using the best gluten free flour blend and have a perfect balance of sweet flavor and buttery crumb. Soft in the center, crisp on the edges. Soooo good!

    This Is The Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You Memorize

    THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | gluten- free chocolate chip cookies recipe

    These cookies are so easy, use such basic ingredients, and the recipe is very easy to memorize. The first few times, youll want to double-check to make sure youre remembering everything right.

    But remember that all standard drop cookies have flour, baking soda, and salt. Next up are granulated and brown sugars , then butter , eggs and vanilla .

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    Ingredients For The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Unlike other gluten-free cookie recipes, theres no strange add-ins like gums, stabilizers, or extra sugars. Just clean, wholesome ingredients! Heres what you need.

    • Coconut Oil: Im using refined coconut oil so it wont taste too coconut-y, but you can also use butter or ghee.
    • Coconut Sugar: My go-to sugar option for baked goods.
    • Egg: Just one large egg is needed for this recipe!
    • Vanilla Extract: An essential baking ingredient for a touch of sweetness.
    • Almond Flour: Yep, no complicated flours here just almond flour!
    • Sea Salt: A pinch to enhance the chocolatey goodness.
    • Baking Soda: For a little fluff and improved texture.
    • Chocolate Chips: I like to use semi-sweet chocolate chips, but you could also use milk chocolate.

    Find the printable recipe with measurements below.

    Can I Make My Own Oat Flour

    Yes! This is actually how I typically work with oat flour as I always have oats on hand. Simply add some gluten free oats to a food processor and blend them up into a flour..or as close as you can get. Its OK if its not perfectly powder-like.

    Just make sure to use gluten free oats, whether theyre quick minute oats or old fashioned. Either will work!

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    Everything Youll Need To Make The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

    This healthy vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe doesnt use strange ingredients or add-ins just a handful of pantry staples you likely have in your cupboards! Heres what you need to make them:

    • Brown sugar: I like to sweeten these vegan chocolate chip cookies with brown sugar for that delicious, rich molasses flavor.
    • Coconut oil: youll need some coconut oil to give the cookies the perfect amount of moisture.
    • Flaxseed meal: were replacing the egg in these vegan chocolate chip cookies by using flaxseed meal and a little bit of dairy free milk!
    • Flours: were using a mix of almond flour and oat flour to keep these cookies gluten free with the best texture.
    • Baking staples: youll also need vanilla extract, baking soda & salt.
    • Chocolate chips: puddles of melted chocolate in every bite? Yes, please. Use dairy free chocolate chips to keep these cookies vegan.

    More Vegan Cookie Recipes:

    BEST Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
    • Edible Cookie Dough Bites
    • Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Double Chocolate Chip Peppermint Cookies

    Tried this recipe?Please leave a star rating below and/or a review in the comments section further down the page. You can also stay in touch with us through social media by following us on , , and or by subscribing to our newsletter.

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    Tips For Delicious Gluten

    • Gluten-free 1:1 baking flour: Be sure to use one that contains xathan gum to bind the cookies.
    • Almond flour: For a chewy texture and yummy flavor
    • Butter/coconut oil: The combination of these two works so well in these cookies!
    • Gluten-free oats: Use certified GF oats to keep these cookies gluten-free.
    • 1-hour rest: Gives the flour time to hydrate and prevents grittiness

    What Can I Use Instead Of Oat Flour

    If you cant use oats, another great option is almond flour. These two are a great swap for one another in most instances. Although, almond flour isnt as absorbent as oat flour.

    Try to use super-fine almond flour for best results. Just make sure the cookie dough is easily scoopable and holds its shape. If the dough is too thin, add a couple extra tablespoons of the all purpose gluten free flour blend.

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    The Best Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The secret to these perfect quinoa chocolate chip cookies? Quinoa flour!

    The entire flour base of these cookies is quinoa flour, which makes them nutritious and delicious. For recipes that I’m using 100% quinoa flour, I actually like to gently toast it first to smooth out the flavor and make it taste less bitter. Here’s a tutorial on how to toast quinoa flour at home if you’ve never tried!

    In addition to the quinoa flour though, we’ve also got almond butter which gives the cookies a somewhat crispy exterior and a lovely chewiness on the inside. And of course, dark chocolate chips to finish things off!

    All in all, these quinoa cookies use 8 ingredients, one bowl and are ready in about 20 minutes. You can’t beat that!

    The Taste The Texture The Everything

    How To Make Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies With Almond Flour Matcha

    These gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are crispy on the outside, just the perfect amount of chewy on the inside, packed full of oatmeal & chocolate flavor, with just a hint of the perfect warm spices to highlight the cozy oatmeal chocolate chip comfort youve been searching for.

    Now that youre amped up on ALL the best gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookie vibes, what say we learn how to make them?

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    weird recipe

    Love this recipe, agree with some other bakers comments though that the recipe is quite wet so I use less butter. Can also put 1/2 choc chip and 1/2 sultanas -yum!!

    Yes I agree with comment below, don’t flatten them out and they definitely cook better one tray at a time, I sometimes add a a bit more gf flour if mixture is too wet, love the taste of them, I added some currants as well last time as well as chocolate very yummy!

    These are awesome! Cant tell they are gluten free at all. Recommend not flattening them before baking and bake one tray at a time on fan bake to help them not spread too thin in the oven.

    You should tell people how many cookies you would make.

    My 8 yo daughter makes these all the time, they’re amazing and so easy to make.She rolls the biscuits in gf flour while she’s rolling them to go on the tray and ours always rise exactly right.

    Had the same issue as another reviewer, the biscuits just melted across the tray.

    Pretty dry recipe, needs more liquid to balance out the coconut. Wont be using this recipe again


    They are good.

    We love these biscuits in our house. Easy recipe and turn out great each time. If really hot day I do tend to pop mixture in freezer for hour or so before placing on tray.

    They were really yummy and worked out perfectly. Made them twice and will make them again

    Hi can you freeze the biscuit dough mix?CHELSEA: we think this would freeze okay.

    What Youll Love About These Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

    I know, I know. I already have crazy good Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe! Its also easy to make, but uses vegan butter which a few of you have a hard time finding or dont want to use. Soooo, in this recipe youll find.

    • No egg replacer
    • No vegan butter
    • Just 10 normal ingredients, that you probably already have.

    This is one chocolate chip cookie youll make over and over for years to come.

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    What Dairy Free Butter Should I Use In These Cookies

    We love using the Country Crock Plant Butter with avocado oil or olive oil for our baking. The plant butter sticks dont have soy in the ingredients but the tubs do have soybean oil in them. Also they have an almond oil plant butter, so if you have tree nut allergies double check the labels.

    If you plan on using a different brand of dairy free butter, just remember that every dairy free butter acts a bit differently in baked goods and your cookies might spread more.

    For example, Earth Balance Soy Free is more liquid at room temperature than the Country Crock Plant Butter Sticks. So the cookies may spread too much if you use that butter .

    The sticks do have a warning of may contain soy, so if you have severe soy allergies you can use something like the Earth Balance Soy Free which is also a great option.

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