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Gluten Free Bakeries That Ship

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Their Cookies Are Totally Divine Too


If youre more of a sweet tooth person, you have got to try their Snickerdoodle cookies just 2g net carbs per cookie and these babies are huge! Theyre soft & chewy and everything you dream of a keto cookie being.

Youre likely going to want their baked goods on constant stand-by in your home. So in that case, you have got to check out Kais Keto Klub where youll receive a half dozen keto cookies or a dozen keto brownie bites and a pack of their keto baking mix! Plus, youll be the first to try Kais new keto products & receive exclusive discounts.

As if this keto bakery couldnt get any better, they even have plenty of other treats for you to stock up your virtual cart with such as keto lemon bars and keto pecan bars!

The Most Important Rule: Be Prepared & Bring Food

Unfortunately, while options for snacks are improving, airports and airlines are notorious for not having great food options for celiacs.

It means that part of flying with celiac disease is learning to be prepared for long travel days by planning ahead. Is this more work? Definitely!

But it’s better than the alternative of being stuck somewhere, or spending hours of traveling with nothing to eat.

It’s important to be prepared for flights and travel days as much as possible. Having snacks and food prepared with you will allow you to listen to your body and your hunger cues, so you can eat when you need to.

Please remember to plan for flying HOME, not just flying to your destination.

Stress Management Techniques & Ideas For Ibs

Here are the top tips that I use to manage my IBS. Remember, I’m not a doctor – this is just what works for me!

Catching myself in my feelings. If you catch yourself in the cycle of stress that is only adding to more stress and IBS symptoms, see if you can stop and talk to yourself. Ask yourself, âWhatâs wrong? Why am I upset?â Imagine you are comforting a child if they are crying and trying to understand why they are upset. Talk to yourself as if you were a child to understand the root of what’s going on. Then you might have a chance to process the emotion or reframe it before an IBS attack begins.

Daily movement. Even just stretching, walking, or light yoga for 15-20 minutes every day.

Journaling my feelings. Keeping emotions trapped inside never ends well with my body. I journal in the morning and evenings and make sure to include gratitude and celebrations to remind myself of the good things happening in my life.

Meditation, breathing, or mindfulness. I use the Calm app for meditation, breathwork, and sleep stories every single day.

Avoiding social media & reading instead. When I feel the comparison game sneaking in or stress overtaking my body, I turn off social media and read a book instead.

Getting outside. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for my mood.

Having a dance party. Stepping into feeling good, nostalgia of songs I loved as a kid, and getting my body in a happy state helps me feel good.

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Tools & Tips For Making These Cookies

Rolling Pin: This helps for both rolling out the cookie dough when it’s time to shape!

Baking Sheets: I recommend these from Nordic Ware. I have them in multiple sizes!

Silicone Mats: Not required, but helpful and less wasteful than using parchment paper. I use SilPat because they last forever!

Bench scraper: A bench scraper, like this one, really helps when transferring cut out cookies to the baking sheets.

Decorations:Piping bags, tips, and gluten-free sprinkles are all super helpful to make these shamrocks even more festive.

Shamrock Cookie Cutters:I actually don’t have a shamrock cookie cutter! Out of desperation and because I couldn’t find one in time, I actually used a mini heart cookie cutter and drew my own stems. It worked out quite well. But to make things easier, I’d recommend ones like this from Michael’s or !

The Icing: While you can leave the cookies plain , frosting or icing on top makes them even better. And this icing from Sally’s Baking Addiction is phenomenal! It sets so quickly that you won’t even see marks from your knife. I always refer to Sally for her baking tips and this is one that definitely came through. Using her recipe, I then added drops of gluten-free blue and yellow food coloring gel, to get the green I wanted.

Final Thoughts On How To Travel With Ibs

The Best Gluten

If you have IBS, just know I’m sending you the biggest virtual hug. It really sucks sometimes and I’ve been there. I hope you feel better soon.

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It’s time for a hearty classic dinner – gluten-free meatloaf! If you’re a big fan of meatloaf but not sure how to make it gluten-free with using an onion soup mix, fear not – this recipe will show you the way.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure page for more information. Thanks!

Meatloaf is a classic American dinner. Serve it with some potatoes and a vegetable and you’ve got a nice, hearty meal that’s easy to make, filling, and yummy! Meatloaf is also one of Dylan’s all-time favorite foods, so I had to find a way to make it gluten-free.

The way I learned to make meatloaf pre-celiac diagnosis was to use Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix. But this is a big NONO, since it contains wheat, and is therefore not gluten-free.

For a while, I was able to find gluten-free onion soup mix from Goodman’s, but it’s been really difficult to locate the last few months. So I decided to make my own dry onion soup mix for this meatloaf recipe!

And while you can definitely make meatloaf completely from scratch, I always enjoyed the fact that meatloaf was a quick dinner that didn’t require a lot of prep time for a tasty result, thanks to that Dry Onion Soup Mix. And that’s what you’ll find here!

Here’s what you’ll need to make gluten-free meatloaf with onion soup mix!

Ketchup: Just check it’s gluten-free.

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About Celiac Disease In Croatia

Celiac disease is common in Croatia. The Croatian Society for Coeliac Disease has a letter to visitors on their website, informing gluten-free eaters about what to expect when visiting Croatia. Croatian citizens are able to obtain gluten-free flour through their health insurance for free, so many choose to bake their own breads and pastas at home. The gluten-free items youâll find at the grocery stores and pharmacies are largely imported from other countries.

About Danvers Pizza & Subs

Danvers Pizza & Subs is a husband and wife pizza shop located on the North Shore of Boston in Danvers, MA. The location was a former pizza hut that has now turned into a local establishment that everyone loves! They opened in October of 2020 and have since been growing more and more popular – especially in the celiac and gluten-free communities.

From the Danvers Pizza & Subs website:

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Covid Protocols On Celiac Cruise

For specific COVID protocols regarding Celiac Cruise sailings, please contact them directly as requirements may change. For our sailing, vaccinations were required for adults and we had to bring our vaccine cards. Additionally, Mom and I had to have a negative rapid or PCR test result to board. Since we are both vaccinated and did not test positive, this was not an issue.

The only challenge was securing a rapid test before sailing, as that was right when CVS was changing their COVID test policies to their “Minute Clinics”. Right when I was trying to find an appointment, there were suddenly none available! So we opted for the Royal Caribbean at home option, where they mail the test kits to you and you complete the test via a virtual appointment. It was quick, easy, and simple to follow, and much less complicated than trying to find an appointment .

On board the cruise, the ship was below capacity. Masks were not required for guests, but were required of all staff. Every housekeeper, server, bartender, and cruise staff member wore a mask. I felt safe the entire sailing.

How To Find Safe Restaurants When Traveling

Customer Testimonial_Julian Bakery & Endicia

Locating gluten-free food can be tough when you’re traveling – no matter where you are going. And while it’s critical to speak to the restaurant directly to make sure their protocols work for you, sometimes you just want to get an idea of what’s available. One of the best ways to do that while traveling is by doing your research first, on an app/website like FindMeGlutenFree.

FindMeGlutenFree can help you get an idea of what gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, and safe menus are available in your destination. And yes – this app is used around the globe! And with a Premium Subscription, you can filter by most celiac friendly, see what’s open now , and what’s gluten-free in the direction you’re headed. It’s like Google Maps, but a gluten-free version. And no Ads!

I’ve been a FMGF user for over a decade, but I think their Premium version is much more effective. Take $5 off a Premium Subscription with the code THENOMADICFITZ to make your travels with celiac disease less stressful.

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Kais Bakery Is My Favorite Place To Grab Keto Bagels For Breakfast & They Have A Monthly Cookie Subscription

*Ships fresh on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Kais Bakery is another outstanding keto bakery I recently tried and you can now visit and shop from their flagship location in Houston, TX!

My favorite thing I tried from their keto bakery was by far the everything bagels! They are just 4g net carbs, with a whopping 25-28g protein, and holy keto, theyre SO AMAZING! Again, the fact theyre even keto totally had me fooled!

Day : Sailing Day: Celiac Presentations & Chops Dinner

Today was jam packed with activities and fun! After breakfast, Mom and I attended the Celiac presentations in the theatre. There were presentations from Boston Children’s Hospital, Celiac Cruise, and even Phil did a rap about gluten-free life. It was very informative, interesting, and entertaining!

In the afternoon, Mom and I enjoyed the pool, walked around the ship, spotted a pod of dolphins, and even relaxed on hammocks on the top deck. Then we got ready for our dinner at Chops Grille to benefit the Celiac Kids Connection at Boston Children’s Hospital. And it was scrumptious! Be sure to scroll down to the “Food” section to see more about this fantastic dinner. After dinner Mom and I went to the ice skating show on the ship which was so impressive. Mom went to bed and I went…to late night for more buffet french fries, pizza, and hanging out with Phil and Sirena.

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Flying Internationally With Celiac Disease: Customs

If you are traveling internationally, please be aware that fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats will most likely not be allowed through customs. You’ll have to finish these items on your flight or before you get there.

Otherwise, they may be confiscated. This is a typical practice for international travel, but exactly what is allowed in each country will depend on their laws. Be mindful that some airlines or countries may be more strict about this than others. Always check with the country’s website to see what is allowed, and what is not.

New Cascadia Traditional Portland Oregon

The Best Gluten

Its all about non-traditional flourssuch as millet, tapioca, sorghum, teff, and brown riceat this gluten-free bakery. Luckily, a dedication to whole grains, naturally fermented starters, and no preservatives yields loaves that are surprisingly Old World in their texture and taste. If your local grocery store has a limited gluten-free selection, youll want to fill your freezer with New Cascadias baguettes, buns, egg-free challahs, and crusty loaves.

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Flying With Celiac Disease: Final Thoughts

Whew! That was a lot of information on flying with celiac disease, but I hope it was helpful for you. This way, you’ll have a plan to not go hangry, some easy meals you can pack with you, and feel confident heading out on your next flight.

And that’s just flying with celiac disease. So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, I totally understand – and I can help you plan a trip step-by-step, to make this entire vacation with celiac a whole lot easier!

Bountiful Online Vegan Bakery List

Tens of thousands of people are searching for a vegan bakery near me or vegan desserts near me every month. Lets celebrate the best vegan bakeries and vegan bakers meeting these needs and serving plant-based treats to the people!

Have you ordered vegan baked goods online from any of the bakeries listed above ? Let us know what you loved ! Did we miss your favorite vegan bakery? We invite you to share in the comments below.

My choice for gifts is a box of beautifully packaged vegan cookies from Fat Badger Bakery! My choice for a treat for myself is either a super warm cinnamon bun with gobs of glossy icing and insane amounts of sweet cinnamon from Lush Life Vegan Bakery or a sinful square of dark chocolate fudgey brownie chock full of walnuts from Coco Luv Cookiesdroooool. The vegan donuts from Karma Baker are also divine, and they travel beautifully in the mail!

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Rise Bakery Washington Dc

Courtesy of Rise Bakery Facebook

The capital of the country hides quite a destination for gluten-free folks with a sweet tooth. Rise is the citys only gluten-free bakery, but that doesnt mean they slack off by a long shot. Dont leave without trying a GF bagel, but their Nutella brownies are basically crack.

What You Can & Can’t Bring In Your Carry On

Bam Bam Bakery shares gluten-free chocolate peanut butter cake recipe l GMA

As you become familiar with airports and get more comfortable flying with celiac disease, the information here won’t seem so overwhelming. Please note that this information is purely for domestic flights within the United States. International travel will be different, and I’ll chat about that further down in this post.

This information can all be found on the TSA website, but I’ve summarized it here to make it easier. Basically, most foods are able to be brought on planes without issue, it’s the liquids that get a little tricky depending on how you are traveling.

Okay To Carry On:-Baby Food -Candy, cereals, hard cheeses

NOT Allowed In Your Carry On:

-Fresh meat & seafood-Frozen foods

Foods to AVOID Bringing On Planes:Nuts, nut butters, and peanuts. While some airlines are behind the times on this, in promoting awareness of food allergies, I try to avoid bringing plain nuts on planes. If you want to bring powdered peanut butter, keep it in your suitase.Meals with strong odors or smells. It might feel awkward taking out an entire meal on the plane while the person next of you is just sipping a ginger ale. But you have every right to have something to eat and not go hungry! It might, however, be a little less awkward for you aren’t eating a salad with blue cheese crumbles

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