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Gluten Free Bakeries In Sacramento

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Pushkins Bakery Favorite Gluten

Celebrate National Zucchini Bread day with Pushkins Bakery

Every town should have a gluten-free bakery. I think this most often when Im traveling with my husband, and he suggests we find a bakery. Hes a donut guy and will eat pretty much anything sweet. For me though, its not that simple. I eat gluten-free and its harder to find the right kind of pastry-treat that wont hurt my belly when I eat it.

That weekend morning pastry along with my coffee is so delicious, just the thought of it makes me smile. Im overjoyed when were traveling and find a gluten-free bakery in town. Its like heaven! So, you can image my delight to actually live in a town where I can access heavenly, gluten-free morning pastries whenever I desire at the wonderful Pushkins Bakery.

Pushkins Bakery has a small shop in Midtown that serves up a large selection of gluten-free offerings including cupcakes, muffins, mini-loafs, scones, cookies, and even sandwiches. They are 100% gluten-free. The pastries are all dairy-free, though dairy cheese is used on some sandwiches, so pay attention to that if avoiding all dairy. Vegan options are available too.

Pushkins Bakery, located at 1820 29th Street, has done so well, that they opened up a restaurant at 1813 Capitol Ave, serving breakfast and lunch. The staff is always pleasant. The vibe is so sweet. And Sunday is donut day. That means my husband and I will be there! Yum.

Pushkins Bakery

Cider House Sacramento: 100% Gluten Free Kitchen

While they do, in fact, have a food menu, this place is all about the cider.

The food is 100% gluten free. They have paninis and stuffed with a variety of delicious inclusions. I got the caprese panini, and it was basically a ball of mozzarella. Which, to be clear, is a good thing.

Whats really special about the Cider House is the 20 rotating taps of cider. They have a mix of local California ciders and ciders from around the world.

We missed it, but I was eyeing their gluten free brunch , featuring a cider waffle.

Overall a solid option for eating gluten free in Sacramento, and also for their cider selection.

Flour Craft Gluten Free Bakery

Flour Craft gluten-free bakery has two locations in Marin County-one in Mill Valley and one in San Anselmo.

Flour Craft is not only a bakery with a wide assortment of gluten-free breads, pastries, cookies, and scones but also a gluten-free restaurant/café offering a 100 % gluten-free menu! From breakfast pastries to tartines and salads and even avocado toast! Plus you can order custom gluten-free cakes in a wide assortment of flavors and styles. This place is a gluten-free HEAVEN.

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Sun Flour Baking Co & Distribution

Whats better than a gluten-free cookie? A gluten-free cookie sandwich! Thats right two cookies with a delicious filling in between all with no trace of gluten at all. Sun Flour Baking Co. lists all of their gluten free baked products on their website, focus on packaged cookies, and sell online only.

Pushkins Restaurant: 100% Gluten Free Brunch In Sacramento

Posh Pop Bakeshop (Greenwich Village, NY)  Gluten Free Sacramento

But wait theres more!

Pushkins also has a 100% gluten free restaurant in Sacramento that is equally fantastic.

Its called Pushkins Kitchen.

Theyre open 8am-3pm making it the perfect spot for brunch. They have a cute patio, a limited selection of their world-famous baked goods, and gluten free beer from Glutenberg.

We ate here twice in 24 hours and were blown away both times.

The crispy chicken sandwich, the chicken salad sandwich, and the waffle were all outstanding. 10/10. Will be back.

If youre exploring gluten free Sacramento, Pushkins Kitchen needs to be on your list.

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A Celiacs Guide To The Best Gluten Free Restaurants In Sacramento

Fun fact. I was actually born in Sacramento. Since then, guess how much time Ive spent in Sacramento? Almost none. Were talking single digit hours. Until recently. When I went to search for gluten free Sacramento restaurants a couple of years ago, I wasnt sure what I was going to find. It turns out, I was about to stumble upon some of the best 100% gluten free eats in California.

Two summers ago, we stopped in Sacramento on our way up to a camping trip in Lake Tahoe.

There was a coffee company that I wanted to stop at called Temple . And it turns out, there was a gluten free bakery around the corner. A win-win!

What is that? Theres a natural foods co-op with some of the best gluten free beer and cider around?


Sacramento is a hidden gem of gluten free paradise.

Little did I know that two years later I would be planning my birthday weekend in Sacramento because of that gluten free bakery.

Literally. Hey, I want to check out Sacramento this year. And eat seven meals at that bakery. Whats it called again?

Its called Pushkins. And it will change your life.

Pushkins Bakery: Sacramentos Best 100% Gluten Free Bakery

Pushkins Bakery was my entry point into the world of gluten free Sacramento eats. Its a gluten free bakery in Sacramento, and it might be the best gluten free bakery Ive ever been to. Its that good.

Let me walk you through the timeline.

In 2017, Alysha and I stopped at Temple Coffee in Sacramento to fuel up for the drive up to Tahoe for the 4th of July.

I mosied over to Pushkins, a nearby gluten free bakery, not really sure what to expect. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in love.

Breakfast sandwiches. Regular sandwiches. Cupcakes. Coffee cake. Scones. Im a sucker for gluten free scones. They had it all. And it was all 100% gluten free.

Then, a few months later, I went to a wedding outside of Sacramento and they had get this A GLUTEN FREE WEDDING CAKE. From Pushkins.

The legend of Pushkins continued to grow. The next summer on the way up to our annual camping trip we stopped again. Again, I was blown away. So this year, I decided Sacramento was the location for my long weekend birthday trip. Mainly to go to Pushkins. Over and over again.

Between the bakery and their sister brunch spot , I ate at Pushkins three times in 24 hours. If you count the camping trip the very next weekend when we stopped twice more once on the way up, and once on the way home I ate at Pushkins five times in 10 days.

And I live an hour and a half away. And I dont own a car. If thats not love, I dont know what is.

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Other Places In Sacramento Worth Visiting

Temple Coffee & Chocolate Fish Coffee.

Two of the best coffee spots in Sacramento. Both roasters have multiple locations.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Right next to Temple and Pushkins Bakery, they have a great selection of gluten free groceries, including some awesome gluten free cider and beer.

Jeune Natural Wine Bar

Natural wine bar that we stumbled upon on R Street downtown-ish.

Two Rivers Cider

One of my favorite cider companies in California, and they have a tasting room and production facility in Sacramento!

I was pleasantly surprised at the array of gluten free Sacramento options, and I think you will be too.

What did I miss? Shoot me a note and let me know if there are any Celiac-friendly gluten free restaurants in Sacramento that you love.

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Traveling gluten free in Europe? Ive got you covered with guides to Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Looking for tips for easier 100% gluten free travel? Here are some places to start.

The Andersens Gluten Free Danish Bakery & Restaurant

Flourless Bakery

Andersens is a Danish restaurant and cafe that offers a substantial selection of unique gluten free desserts, including their decadent Fløde Bolle , Dutch apple cake, and a variety of beautiful marzipan creations. While their bakery and restaurant arent completely gluten free, gluten free diners or those looking for a special treat will enjoy Andersenss gluten free bakery offerings, and if you do choose to dine at their restaurant, they do have several gluten free dishes which are noted on the menu.

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Blueberry Cinnamon Coffee Cake

100% gluten and dairy free our Blueberry Cinnamon Coffee Cake is filled with blueberries and topped with a crumble cake and finished with powdered sugar.

*Contains egg, nuts , whole nuts , corn .

They have wonderful pastries, cakes & sandwiches. My favorites are the Banh Mi & #2 breakfast sandwich + the blueberry coffee cake! Highly recommend to anyone, with or without a gluten allergy. Great customer service too!

Carla H – Google Review

My sister has recently had to start a gluten free diet, and has been missing pastries. I was so glad to be able to visit Pushkins to get her some treats she hadn’t had in a while as well as some flour so she can make stuff at home without needing to make her own flour blend. She loved the cookies and cream cupcake and Russian teacakes

Megan T. – Yelp

Wonderful establishment and AMAZING sandwiches and baked goods. The service is exactly the same and Pushkin’s does a great job of making us all feel safe, respected and healthy in the midst of the pandemic. Nice to have something familiar. Thank you 🙂

Kieran Sequoia – Google Review

Amazing! Been here plenty of times and always more than happy. I received a surprise delivery this morning…a box of donuts!

Reazy B. – Yelp

I tend to avoid things that are baked and say gluten free, but I made the exception for pushkins. I have to admit, I do not regret it. The scone I had was buttery and flakey and their breakfast sandwiches were perfectly sized and delicious.

Eli Horn – Google Review

A Different Kind Of Travel

Following a gluten-free diet doesnt mean you cant indulge in delicious baked goods and treats like the rest of the world. There are plenty of gluten free bakeries in California that cater to celiacs or those with gluten sensitivities, especially in some of our largest and most populated cities. These bakeries offer everything from gluten free cakes, pastries, and sweet treats to gluten free bagels, pizza, bread, and more..

If youre traveling in California, try one of these amazing gluten-free bakeries for your gluten free carb fix.

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Best Bakeries In Sacramento Ca

Expert recommended Top 3 Bakeries in Sacramento, California. All of our bakeries actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. You deserve only the best!

Since 1985

Heres The Deal:Ettore’s Bakery & Cafe is a spacious bakeshop & eatery with ample seating featuring custom cakes and American dishes. Ettore’s Bakery & Cafe has been called “the best of its kind” in Northern California. They have been providing Sacramento with quality pastries and desserts since 1985 and have been delighting customers. Ettore is the Pastry chef of this bakery. He tirelessly begins to create a bakery, learn his customers’ tastes, and grow his recipes. Their team proudly offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a full line of European breakfast pastries, cookies, cakes, speciality desserts, and custom wedding cakes. They truly value their goodies’ quality, using only 100% butter, the freshest produce, and simply the best ingredients they can source, locally and worldwide. Catering services are available for special events such as weddings, corporate functions, and birthday celebrations. Kids’ menu and vegan options are also available at Ettore’s Bakery.

Price: Popular Items starts from $4.85Breakfast starts from $13.39Breakfast Specials starts from $14Side Dishes starts from $3.90Beverage starts from $2.25

Since 2013

Price: Bread Starts from $3.99Sandwiches Starts from $7.99

Since 2008

Gluten Free Marin And Sonoma County Bakeries


Sonoma County is a pretty gluten-free friendly place, though there are only a few gluten free bakeries here. Youll find great gluten-free substitution options at almost every high quality restaurant here, as well as many naturally gluten-free dishes.

Weve also got a pretty huge assortment of gluten free products at our local markets. That said, nothing beats a freshly baked gluten free bagel, baguette, or morning pastry! The following Sonoma County gluten free bakeries will help you curb your carb cravings and live like a regular person , if only temporarily.

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Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

The sassy name gives you an idea of the fun attitude at Sweet Cheeks, which isnt a completely gluten-free bakery, but they do put a focus on providing specialty vegan or gluten free cakes and desserts for special occasions think weddings, parties, anniversaries, or birthdays. You can ensure that everyone who attends your next special event gets to enjoy the cake , with Sweet Cheeks special made-to-order cakes!

Do You Know of an Amazing Gluten-Free Bakery in California?

Do you have a favorite gluten free bakery in California that I havent listed here? Somewhere where you can get a great gluten free bagel, gluten free donut, gluten free sourdough bread, or other special freshly baked gluten free baked goods? Please let me know, Id love to add them to this list.

And if youre traveling abroad, take a look at these guides for gluten-free travel in Italy, Spain, and London!

*Note: Some of my posts may include affiliate links, though most do not. If you click on one of my links it costs you nothing extra, but may make me a few cents if your purchase something through that link.

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Being diagnosed with Celiac disease 8 years ago was devastating to me at the time, but it took me on a beautiful journey that has led me to where Im at now.

It made me much more aware of nutrition than I ever was before, and forced me to learn how to make substitutions in the kitchen so that I could enjoy the same type of foods that I used to, and being able to share those foods with other people has been a huge blessing.

Thank you to all of you who have supported our business so far. My favorite day of the week is any day that I get to bake, and you make that possible. Thank you for enabling us to do what we love.

~Delaney Polidori

The only bad thing about my order was how many times I had to listen to my husband say “There’s no way this is Keto!” We’ve been trying to eat low carb/low sugar, but sometimes those sweet cravings kick in. I ordered … Read More

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Loved the details to the order + packaging and was surprised to get a thank you cookie! Which I was able to eat since the other things I ordered were for other people . So was happy to be able to try th… Read More

– Rosalinda Boyette Verified

It is extremely difficult to find treats that fit my food allergies that taste delicious and I never have to worry about that when ordering from the Caring Kitchen. Everything I have tried has been delicious. Ive sha… Read More

– Amy Kidd Verified

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