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Stretchy Gluten Free Pizza Dough

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If You Want Something Done Right You Have To Do It Yourself

How To Perfectly Stretch and Cook Gluten Free Pizza Dough – Alessio Lacco

I dont think this is a rule to always live by, but its very applicable here. Making my own pizza crust became a priority. I couldnt find a good gluten free pizza spot.

But even if I had, I like to make pizza more often than I can afford to go out anyway.

I searched for years to find a half decent gluten-free pizza crust recipe.



I wanted to find the best gluten free pizza crust recipe.

And after many soggy bottoms, disappointing mush, and cardboard replicas, I found our staple pizza recipe.

I seriously make this almost every Friday for our family movie night.

What Is A Detroit

Detroit-style pizza is about the fried-like bottom, crispy sides, a lot of cheese spread out to the edges, and finished with pizza sauce. Ideally, the cheese should be fatty and creamy and will melt easily, such as the Wisconsin Brick Cheese.

The Wisconsin Brick cheese is sometimes hard to find, but you can substitute other creamy cheeses for this cheese. My go-to fatty creamy cheeses would be Mozzarella, Havarti, Provolone, Cheddar, Brie, or Camembert.

Pizza Oven Or Conventional Oven

I first developed this recipe using my wood-burning tabletop pizza oven, but I’ve now made it just as many times in the conventional oven. It works great in either!

In a wood-burning pizza oven, the gluten-free pizza crust turns out more browned on top with slightly larger air bubbles. The wood also helps flavor the crust. I’ve written the instructions for a conventional oven because that’s probably what most people have. To use a pizza oven, reduce the baking time according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

In a conventional oven, I recommend using a pizza stone for the best results, but if you dont have a pizza stone, you can use a large cast-iron skillet or dark baking sheet. Your crust may be a bit less crispy using the baking sheet. Whatever you use, have it in the oven while preheating.

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Can I Over Knead Dough

Over-kneaded dough will also tear easily in under-kneaded dough this is because the gluten hasnt become elastic enough, but in over-kneaded dough, this means that the gluten is so tight that it has very little give. Loaves made with over-kneaded dough often end up with a rock-hard crust and a dense, dry interior.

Top The Crust While Its Rising

How To Make Gluten

After mastering your pizza crust, lets top it! Topping the dough during the rise time makes the 30-40 minutes go by quickly. By the time you’re finished, the rise time is nearly up and its ready to pop it into the oven to bake. Since this pizza dough is so easy to mix up and bake, Im sure youll want to try more of your favorite classic pizzas.

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What Should The Dough Look Like

When done the dough should resemble an elastic wheat dough. It will be slightly sticky, but not overly sticky. It should have a roll-able consistency, but it will not be stretchy like a wheat dough because it lacks the gluten that allows it to stretch.

If you are using this dough for a pizza, you will need to preheat your oven to 400 F. This dough requires double baking to achieve that fluffy and crunchy texture.

Gluten Free Pizza Dough Isnt Really A Dough

This gluten free pizza dough is not stretchy. This pizza dough is more like a thick, sticky batter.

Its ok that its sticky! Because guess what?

You arent going to knead this pizza dough. Nope.

And dont even think about punching it.

Youll have to find another way to get out your frustration.

After your dough has proofed, youl scoop/pour it onto your prepared pans and then wet your hands really well.

Like, really.

Water is going to be your friend.

Youll keep wetting your hands to gently press the pizza dough out.

You can also use oil on your hands, but I find water works best.

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Gluten Free Pizza Crust From Gfoas Bakes Bread

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This thick crust gluten free pizza dough takes only minutes to make, and has the authentic bite and chew that youve been missing. Make tonight pizza night!

Having a proper recipe for an authentic gluten free pizza crust means so many things to my family. Its only my son who has to be gluten free, but we all eat that way at home . When they sell pizza in the school lunchroom on Fridays, my son can come home and expect real pizza at home that night. When hes invited to a birthday party and everyones having pizza, so can he. And it looks, smells and tastes like the real deal. If its a cracked and crumbly crust, its just not going to cut it. I want my son to be proud, not ashamed.

The dough starts off super shaggy, as you can see, but as you knead it with a dough hook it becomes smoother and even lightens a bit in color. When you reach the point where it is done being kneaded, the dough will come off the sides of the bowl cleanly when scraped with an oiled spatula. All thats left to do is seal the dough in a proofing bucket or other well-sealed container and pop it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Closer to 12 hours and the dough will be easier to handle, but as long as the dough is cold, you can work with it.

The risen dough will look a bit shaggy again, but kneading it very lightly with some extra gluten free bread flour will smooth it right out. Then its ready to be patted and rolled into a round.

For Crispy And Chewy Pizza Crust Use 00 Flour

FOOD FLIX: Stretching Gluten Free Pizza Dough

00 flour is finely ground Italian flour that contains about 12% protein, or 12% gluten. Its the traditional flour used to make Neapolitan-style pizza.

Since its gluten content is similar to bread flour, it also produces a pizza crust with chew. The major difference is its typically made with durum wheat, while bread flour and all-purpose flour are made with red winter wheat, and the gluten in these varieties of wheat act differently.

This means that 00 flour will produce a pizza dough thats stronger than pizza dough made with all-purpose due to its higher gluten content but less elastic than dough made with bread flour due to the wheat variety.

The result? A nice balance of crisp and chew in the pizza crust.

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But Whats Baking Powder Doing In My Pizza

Theres actually a very good reason for adding baking powder to gluten free pizza dough. While xanthan gum ensures that gluten free dough has a certain degree of elasticity, it cant completely replace the strands of gluten that form during prolonged kneading of wheat-containing bread.

No matter how annoying gluten can be, it does have an important role in breads and other doughs. And its not all just about elasticity and flexibility. Its about trapping gas bubbles as theyre formed by the active yeast during the proofing process. And Im sorry to say that gluten free doughs, no matter how brilliantly prepared, just arent as good at trapping these gas bubbles as your average wheat-containing dough. Its tough, I know.

But this doesnt mean that alls lost. It just means we need to be more clever about how to get to the perfect gluten free pizza dough. Enter baking powder. While the yeast does give the gluten free dough a bit of a rise before baking , the baking powder ensures that the pizza dough gets an extra boost while in the oven.

The result? Nothing more and nothing less than pizza crust perfection.

The Dough Gets Better With Age

You can double or even triple this recipe, and the longer it sits in the fridge the better it gets! You can make the dough one day and have pizzas the following day, or even up to 10 days afterward!! How great is that?

Letting the dough sit in the fridge actually increases fermentation. Fermentation is when yeast feeds off the sugars in dough and creates gas, which helps the dough rise. The gasses produced by the yeast during fermentation is what gives bread its flavor and aroma. Generally, more fermentation means tastier bread, or in this case, tastier pizza dough. It also helps with the stretch of the dough. Its similar to the effects of sourdough without fiddling with a starter!

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Notes About The All Purpose Gluten Free Flour

Bobs Red Mill gluten free all-purpose flour is a gluten free flour blend, without baking powder, xanthan gum or guar gum. This is DIFFERENT than their 1:1 GF baking flour, which has thickeners. So why is this important? Because using this flour allows you to adjust the texture of the dough! You can make it extra chewy or more flat and crispy, depending on how much xanthan gum you add.

Check out Bobs Redmill Guidelines for adding xanthan gum and guar gum to GF All PURPOSE FLOUR!

Dish By Dish Tips/tricks:

Easy, Everyday Pizza Dough That Is Gluten
  • Testing the Yeast: Start off by mixing the warm water , sugar, and instant yeast in a small bowl and let it sit in a warm place for five minutes until it turns foamy. This step is important for you to check if the yeast is working. If the yeast mixture doesnt foam up, it means that the yeast is expired. Throw it away and start again with a new packet of yeast.
  • Replace Brown Rice Flour with Other Flours: I like adding brown rice flour in addition to the gluten-free all-purpose flour to add a bit more fiber and give it more of a whole grain feel. If you prefer, you can also replace the brown rice flour with other flours that are rich in fiber such as millet flour, sorghum flour, or buckwheat flour.
  • Crust Thickness: Depending on how your like your crust, you may get one large pizza or two smaller pizzas .

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Can I Buy Gluten

The most straightforward answer to the question, Can I buy gluten-free pizza dough is yes!

The best thing about buying pizza dough from supermarkets, apart from convenience, is that you get a whole variety of options. If you want pizza dough that can sit there in your pantry, youve got the canned option. If you want something that lasts longer, youve got a frozen dough option. And if you are craving a pizza on your gluten-free diet, you can buy gluten-free pizza dough.

Gluten-free pizza dough is usually chewier, but if you rub it with a little olive oil and bake it for ten minutes before adding your favorite toppings, itll give the crust a crispier finish.

Why This Recipe Works:

Easy to Make: Its simple, easy, doesnt require any kneading, and honestly yields a pizza crust so close to the real thing you wouldnt realize it was gluten-free.

Comes Together Quickly: This gluten-free pizza crust recipe is ready from scratch in just 45 minutes ! Whats not to love?

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free : This amazing homemade pizza crust is totally gluten-free and dairy-free, which means those who are Celiac or have gluten or lactose intolerances can also enjoy it! Theres also an option to make it egg-free, so those with egg allergies or on a vegan diet can also eat it!

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This Is The Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe Ever Its So Delicious Nobody Will Know That Its Gluten Free Pizza Dough Its Chewy And Stretchy Like Regular Pizza Dough

Heres the story behind how I ended up making the best gluten free pizza crust recipe.

A couple of years ago, my husband had to eat gluten free for a while. I joined him, and everything was greatuntil Friday night rolled around .

We tried frozen pizzas, and they tasted like cardboard ick! I knew that homemade crust was going to be the only way to truly enjoy our newly gluten free pizza nights.

I tried so many different recipes and combinations and finally came up with the best gluten free pizza dough recipe ever!

Its doughy, stretchy, chewy, has a crispy exterior, and has an amazing flavor profile.

Use A Recipe That Calls For Thin Crust

Homemade Pizza (Gluten Free Vegan Crust Leftover Repurpose Toppings) | Sweet n Savory Gluten Free

Gluten free pizza doughs often produce a thinner crust compared to traditional pies. The lack of gluten in the dough produces a more batter-like mixture, which creates a deliciously thin crust. If youre craving a thicker crust, don’t be discouraged. There are simple tweaks that you can make to any gluten free recipe, which will allow your crust to reach greater heights. For a thicker gluten free crust, many recipes suggest adding a teaspoon or so of xanthan gum to help the dough rise.

Here’s a recipe we love that calls for xanthan gum and active dry yeast to create a crust with outstanding texture and flavor.

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Why Is My Dough Pulling Apart

When dough tears, its most commonly caused by a lack of gluten development or dry dough. Make sure that youre kneading your dough enough to pass the windowpane test and youre using enough water to keep the flour well hydrated. Avoiding adding too much more flour to your dough when youre kneading.

How To Brown Pizza Crust

Is your cooked pizza crust looking a little pasty? Here are a few tips for giving your pizza crust more color. First you should try increasing the temperature in your oven. Try bumping the temperature up in 25 degree increments. Second, try adding a little more sugar to your dough. Sugar is a key ingredient that helps pizza crust develop that nice brown color. It is difficult to get a pizza dough with no sugar in it to brown in even the hottest of ovens.

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Topping And Serving Gluten

You can top this pizza dough with any of your favorite pizza toppings there are no limits as long as you par-bake the crust before you top it. The first time you make this pizza, keep the toppings simple so you can learn how this dough bakes up. Since this dough is so easy to mix up and bake, we know youll be coming back to it for gluten-free variations on all of your favorite classic pizzas. Enjoy!

Types Of Pizza Dough You Can Buy


If you love making pizzas at home, but cant spend the time to make the dough because, well, lets say you have unexpected guests, then you have two options. Either you drop the idea of serving them pizzas or compromise on the store-bought dough.

If you are fond of comparing and contrasting multiple options when shopping, you will be glad to hear that pizza dough comes in various options.

After all, it is only fair that we get pizza dough in a range of forms when everything else, including clothes, accessories, makeup, and even fruits and vegetables, comes in a variety of options.

So, what are the different types of pizza dough that you can buy? Lets take a look!

Is naming the different types ever enough? We think not! Here is the analysis of every kind of pizza dough so that you can find it easy to buy one.

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