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Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten Free Bread

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Gluten Free This Breads For You

Gluten Free Bread Review: Little Northern Bakery vs Cayon Bakehouse

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

Hi its Natalie from the Costco food and product review fan blog Costcuisine! If you like my reviews for Costco food products the greatest thing you can do is follow me on or and also tell your friends about my blog Costcuisine where I review tons of Costco food products each week! In the last week, I reviewed the Costco Carbonaut Low Carb Keto Bread, Costco Ferrero Golden Gallery Chocolates and Costco Kirkland Signature Hazelnut Cream Donuts.

Okay so recently I decided to try and cut down on my gluten intake . I discovered that after eating tons of gluten-containing products for my entire life this wasnt an easy thing to do. Gluten-free bread and baked goods definitely taste a lot different than gluten-containing products. I feel like theres gluten-free options that are pretty good and tolerable and some that are very dry and not at all pleasant to eat. This bread review is for my gluten-free friends or those that want to try gluten-free bread for the first time! Today Im reviewing the Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds & Grains Gluten Free Bread.

Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds & Grains Gluten-Free Bread


Cost: 9/10

Little Northern Bakehouse Whole Grain Wide Slice Gluten

Add to FavouritesWhy Youll Love It

Get a slice of this! Little Northern Bakehouse created the ultimate whole grain gluten-free bread! Made without any allergens, eggs, dairy or other animal products, this vegan-friendly bread is everything that you were hoping for and more! Soft and fluffy, this gluten-free whole grain bread is excellent for french toast, sandwiches, grilled cheese and more!


This product is kept frozen at our facility, and is shelf-stable for 10 days after it is thawed! On the day it is removed from the freezer and shipped, we will stamp it with this 10-day date, until which it can be kept in your pantry or in a fridge. If not consumed before this date / to extend the product’s shelf life, please freeze it upon delivery!

Please note, due to the nature of this item and storage conditions required, we ship orders containing this product on Monday and Tuesday only!


Who Is This List For

This list of 9 packaged kinds of the best gluten free bread available is primarily for U.S. residents who are already inclined to buy some bread in a store or online. If you absolutely refuse to buy gluten free bread, or refuse to order anything online, then this list may not be very useful to you.

I order plenty of things online, from gluten free flour to dairy free hazelnut spread that even in my enormous NY metro area, I cant find in a store. And since some of the brands you recommended are simply not available in my area, I ordered some of these online.

If you live outside the U.S., as I know many of you do, Im afraid that many of these brands wont be available to you. I promise this isnt turning into a product review blog or anything, and there are still over 900 free gluten free recipes here on the blogwith more to come next week and forever more.

So if youre interested in seeing what my experience has been with your favorite gluten free bread, or in learning about a few other brands and how they stack up, read on!

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Little Northern Bakehouse White Wide Slice Gluten

Add to FavouritesWhy Youll Love It

Morning toast with butter anyone? With Little Northern Bakehouse White Wide Slice Gluten-free bread, you can now enjoy gluten-free bread sacrifice-free! Made with a unique blend of gluten-free flour and no eggs, dairy or other animal products, our gluten-free white bread is perfect for everyone to enjoy! Full of fibre, our wide slices allow you to load more onto your bread and will have you feeling as if you just got your bread from an Artisanal French Bakery!


This product is kept frozen at our facility, and is shelf-stable for 10 days after it is thawed! On the day it is removed from the freezer and shipped, we will stamp it with this 10-day date, until which it can be kept in your pantry or in a fridge. If not consumed before this date / to extend the products shelf life, please freeze it upon delivery!

Please note, due to the nature of this item and storage conditions required, we ship orders containing this product on Monday and Tuesday only!

Little Northern Bakehouse Bread Gluten Free Buns Millet & Chia Bag

Little Northern Bakehouse White Bread at Natura Market

Buns, Gluten Free, Millet & Chia

Certified gluten-free. Peanut & nut free. Certified vegan. vegan.org. Egg free. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Delicious. 100% plant based. New look. Improve recipe. All taste. No gluten. Finally, delicious, healthy gluten-free bread! Made with nutrient-rich millet and chia seeds, these flavorful vegan, allergy-friendly, Non-GMO project verified buns have a sturdy but smooth texture and delicate crunch. littlenorthernbakehouse.com. Bio-checked non-glyphosate certified. Canadian Made: Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.

Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Container : 4

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Chicken Steak Ground Beef Ground Turkey

These are pretty straight forward. We buy most of our protein sources from Costco. Surprisingly they have better quality meat than we can get at our local grocery store, so we always stock up.

I wouldnt say its any cheaper than elsewhere, but the quality is great. And buying in bulk means buying less often. A win win for my family. Plus, these are the proteins that usually go into most of my freezer meals.

Is Potato Bread Gluten

Potato bread you buy from the store is most likely not going to be gluten-free. To know whether or not a bread you pick up from the grocery store shelves is gluten-free, youll want to review ingredients lists.

Look for terms like wheat flour or all purpose flour. You can also look for a contains statement under the ingredients list, like one that says contains: wheat to help you know for sure if its gluten-free or not.

Read on: Is potato bread gluten-free?

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What Is The Best Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten

From avocado toast to a triple-decker clubhouse, the right bread can make the meal. And finding the best gluten-free bread for you is totally personal. But whether you want one go-to gluten-free loaf to have on standby for toast and sandwiches, or your definition of favourite depends on context, Little Northern Bakehouse has a bread youll love.

Craving something simple? Try our Gluten-free Classic Loaves

Some foods have the power to take you right back to childhood. Were not the only ones to put sandwiches made with soft, white bread or warm cinnamon raisin toast at the top of that list. From toast to sandwiches, and from croutons to bread pudding, our classic loaves give you all the joyand nostalgiaof the real thing. Experience love at first bite. Gluten-free.

Where To Buy Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free, Vegan French Toast (made with VeganEgg)

Whether youre shopping for the gluten free bread brands on my list or others, I first suggest that you head to your local supermarket. Many national and regional chains carry at least one brand, with the larger ones offering a few choices.

After the grocery store, where I think youll find lower prices, you can try your local health food store. Store bought gluten free bread options arent actually a health food, but these types of stores tend to cater to niche products, which gf bread still sort of is.

If you dont have luck finding non-gluten bread locally, head online. First go directly to the websites of gluten free bread companies. Some will let you order for shipping to your home, while others will provide a store locator.

Of course, Amazon and Walmart.com are also options. Just be sure to double-check shipping prices before checking out as they can sometimes be quite outrageous.

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Gluten Free Miscellaneous Foods At Costco

  • Oscar Meyer Gluten free turkey lunch meat.
  • Veggies Made Great These muffins are so good! They are great as a breakfast or snack.
  • Brazi Bites If you love cheese bread, these are really good. You bake them for 15 minutes.
  • Popcornopolis Kettle corn in individual bags. They are great in a lunch box.
  • BirchBenders Paleo pancake mix. Grain-free and refined sugar-free.
  • Fun salad toppers Has anyone tried these?
  • Field Trip Beef Jerky This is a great brand and it is a lot cheaper to buy at Costco vs Whole Foods!
  • Pork rinds by 4505 Chichabrones
  • Sabatinos Paleo Sausage I tried these and felt they were just okay, not great.
  • Lorissa Kitchen Beef Jerky Another great jerky option.
  • Silva Sausage We liked this brand though my son had a hard time with spinach in a sausage :-).
  • Amylu Chicken Sausage These are more breakfast style and we didnt like them.
  • There is a new peanut-free peanut butter by NuttZo. It is filled with nuts and seeds and has a crunchy texture.

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    Little Northern Bakehouse Rolls Out Organic And Gluten

    Little Northern Bakehouse, a Canadian leader in gluten-free and plant-based breads and bakery products, announces the addition of three new certified organic gluten-free breads to their robust lineup: Organic Ancient Grain, Organic Oatmeal, and Organic Original. Following Little Northerns commitment to offer gluten-free products that dont sacrifice taste and texture, the three new varieties are made from organic whole grains and seeds to deliver truly delicious bread.

    As consumers continue seek ways to support their overall health and wellbeing for themselves and their families, organic products are becoming more desired than ever. According to a survey1 conducted by the Organic Trade Association last Spring, 90% of likely organic shoppers said organic products are more important to them than ever as they shop during the pandemic. Tasty, certified organic gluten-free bread is a rare find, but Little Northern Bakehouse is meeting consumers needs to deliver greatness when it comes to gluten-free.

    Organic Ancient Grain, Organic Oatmeal, and Organic Original join Little Northerns full suite of products, including gluten-free breads, bagels, sprouted breads, pizza crusts, rolls and buns that are all non-GMO, plant-based, peanut and nut-free, and third-party verified glyphosate-free, appealing to a wide-variety of diets and food preferences.

    1 Source: Organic Trade Association

    About Little Northern Bakehouse

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    Which Foods Cause The Most Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    The climate impact of food is measured in terms of greenhouse gas emissions intensity. The emissions intensity is expressed in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents which includes not only CO2 but all greenhouse gases per kilogram of food, per gram of protein or per calorie.

    Animal-based foods, especially red meat, dairy, and farmed shrimp, are generally associated with the highest greenhouse gas emissions. This is because:

    • Meat production often require extensive grasslands, which is often created by cutting down trees, releasing carbon dioxide stored in forests.
    • Cows and sheep emit methane as they digest grass and plants.
    • The cattles waste on pastures and chemical fertilizers used on crops for cattle feed emit nitrous oxide, another powerful greenhouse gas.
    • Shrimp farms often occupy coastal lands formerly covered in mangrove forests which absorb huge amounts of carbon. The large carbon footprint of shrimp or prawns is mainly due to the stored carbon that is released into the atmosphere when mangroves are cut down to create shrimp farms.

    Plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, peas, nuts, and lentils generally use less energy, land, and water, and have lower greenhouse gas intensities than animal-based foods.

    Our Secret Ingredient Is Taste

    Little Northern Bakehouse Bread, Gluten Free, Seeds &  Grains (17 oz ...

    We know what some people think when they hear gluten-free. They think great taste and texture go missing along with the gluten. But we can confidently say our baked goods arent just good for gluten-free, theyre just good period. Our recipes use non-GMO ingredients that make celiacs, vegans, folks with a few allergies or wheat sensitivities, or just anyone who loves baked goods, very happy.

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    What Bread Is Gluten Free

    There are many options for buying gluten free sandwich bread at the store. In addition to national brands that you can now find throughout the country, like Udis and Schar, there are also numerous small manufacturers that sell to only certain regions.

    After polling you, my readers, and doing a bit of research and taste-testing myself, I think there are the best store bought gluten free bread options:

    • Trader Joes sliced Italian

    What Gluten Free Bread Options Arent Included

    There will always be a special place in my heart for Udis Gluten Free Bread since it was one of the very first. And their larger loaves of bread are still the king of a properly sized piece of bread that isnt more melba toast than sandwich bread.

    But they changed their formula, and although my children love the taste, Im going mad trying to separate the slices of some of the loaves. I think that the real difficulty occurs when the loaf has been frozen, defrosted and then frozen again before purchase.

    Theres some sort of fusing that goes on and you simply cant separate the slices whether you try it defrosted or frozen. So Udis is just not on this list. You also wont find some of the more obscure brands that dont seem to be intended for mass market distribution.

    Specialty types of bread like cinnamon raisin and shaped loaves, baguettes, and pizzas also arent included. This is a post about sliced sandwich breads.

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    Gluten Free Bread Costco : The Best Ever Healthy Almond Poppy Seed Muffins Gluten

    Gluten Free Bread Costco In fact, i think costco carries some of the freshest meat, fish, fruits and vegetables around. Keto bread at costco, franz zero net carb 2 pack. This can be found in the bread section at costco and the item number is 1143842. Find a great collection of gluten free organic at costco. Dec 30, 2020 · i love gluten too much to completely cut it but im trying to reduce it where i can.

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    A Simple Cheesy Appetizer From Little Northern Bakehouse

    Gluten Free Cakes at Pearl & Groove Bakery

    I used to loathe GF loaves but that was 20 years ago. Back then, gluten-free store-bought bread was awful. It was crumbly, dry, and sometimes solid as a rock. It barely resembled something youd want to eat and the only use I found for it was making croutons. Nowadays, GF bread has truly turned itself around and is available in a wide variety of flavors, sizes, and is made with all sorts of ingredients. From buns to bagels to sliced bread and more, gluten-free bread is no longer a disappointment.

    One of my favorite things about gluten-free bread in todays world, versus that of 20 years ago, is that companies have discovered ways to incorporate healthy ingredients to make their loaves wholesome and nutritious. Case in point: Little Northern Bakehouse Millet & Chia Loaf. This company makes loaves that are filled with millet an ancient grain, and chia seeds a powerful source of omega-3, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and more. This combo creates a light, smooth texture with a little extra crunch that creates a unique and delicious experience.

    All Little Northern Bakehouse breads are not only gluten-free, but egg free, non-GMO, and vegan.

    To showcase this loaf in all its glory, give this recipe a try for a simple and crave-worthy appetizer.

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    Here We Have Costcos Gluten Free Bread Made By Franz

    Keto granola, low karb keto nut granola. When i went to costco and saw this little northern bakehouse seeds & grains gluten free bread i decided to pick it up to review. In fact, i think costco carries some of the freshest meat, fish, fruits and vegetables around. Add natures own honey wheat bread, 20 oz, 2 ct item 428041. The fruit loaf which is the only variety currently available in woolworths will cost you $5.50 a loaf. Keto bread at costco, franz zero net carb 2 pack. Here we have costcos gluten free bread made by franz.

    Get healthy and shop online at costco.ca today! These two packs will cost you $6.99 which equals $3.50 a loaf. Jul 27, 2020 · on costco franz gluten free 7 grain bread. Lakanto keto brownie mix, sugar free brownies. Its nice to see costco carrying a lot more gluten free products . Judging from reactions to the post , this loaf and the manufacturer are both highly regarded. Trader joes gluten free bread. It is a 7 grain bread that comes in a 2 pack with each loaf being 20 ounces.

    Gluten Free Bread Costco : The Best Ever Healthy Almond Poppy Seed Muffins (gluten. Thats a $2 saving, but aside. In fact, i think costco carries some of the freshest meat, fish, fruits and vegetables around. It is a 7 grain bread that comes in a 2 pack with each loaf being 20 ounces. Keto granola, low karb keto nut granola. Keto bread at costco, franz zero net carb 2 pack.

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