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Gluten Free Donuts Los Angeles

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Kettle Glazed6211 Franklin Ave Hollywood Ca 90028

Los Angeles Erin McKennas Bakery GLUTEN-FREE Food Review!

You may have a hard time deciding which donut to try first. Among the many temptations are the Raspberry Vanilla Bean filled donut, the Peanut Butter and Jelly filled donut, and the Smores filled donut. A select variety of gluten-free and vegan donuts are available each day. Repeat customers speak highly of the consistent deliciousness as well as the reasonable prices.

What Exactly Are Fnuts Vegan And Gluten Free Donuts

What is a fnut? From the fnutwebsite:

n. A doughnut that is baked and/or steamed, never fried. Origin: Faux-donut

Located on West Third Street in Los Angeles, fnuts vegan and gluten free donuts owners, pastry chef Waylynn Lucas and baker Nancy Truman opened fnuts in August of 2011 with a mission to elevate the coffee and donut experience into loftier and tastier realms. Baked and/or steamed and never fried, fnuts vegan and gluten free donuts replicate the donut taste you know and love, but give it a modern spin, featuring gluten-free and vegan options alongside traditional varieties. With an aversion to fryer oil and a focus on natural ingredients, Lucas and Truman accentuate the deliciousness of every fnut bite.

Open Everyday 7am With Outdoor Seatingwe Close Early When Sold Out So Join Us Before Noonplease Order At Least 48 Hour In Advance For Custom Cake Cupcake Pie And Catering

Welcome to Lêberry Bakery & Donut, established in 2018, with the vision to serve plant-based, delicious sweet desserts to people who are health-conscious and have a zest for mindful eating. We specialize in 100% plant-based vegan and gluten-free sweets, along with organic reduced-carbon coffee, and the only donut and bakery shop that fries and bakes award-winning plant-based vegan and gluten-free donuts and pastries. For those with food allergies or intolerance, our egg- and dairy-free donuts and cakes will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

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Randys Donuts805 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood Ca 90301

Randys Donuts may be just as well known for their donuts as for their large rooftop donut on top of their shop. Built in 1953, their shop has been featured in many movies and music videos. But its not just about the distinctive architecture. Youll also find a variety of donuts, all hand-made. None of their donuts are more than $2.50 . Varieties include the lemon jelly, the chocolate twist, and the maple iced.

Gf Menu Options Include: Donuts

Erin McKenna
  • 7807 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036$$ Bakery
  • 175 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036$ Bakery
  • 1403 E Lambert Rd # A, La Habra, CA 90631$ Bakery
  • 134 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245$ Bakery
  • 17234 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504$$ Bakery
  • 14042 Burbank Blvd #100, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401$ Bakery
  • 4817 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803$ Bakery
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    Blueberry Earl Grey Fnut

    For the adventurous eater, why not try the Blueberry Earl Greyfnut? Their flavors are constantly changing so you might want to try some of the standard flavors or maybe one of the specialty flavors available on the day of your visit like Pecan Pie or Pumpkin or the Vegan Banana Bread. Seems like the flavor possibilities are endless.

    Original Farmers Market6333 W 3rd St #450 Los Angeles Ca 90036

    Located within the historic Original Farmers Market, Bobs Coffee and Doughnuts sells more than 1,000 donuts a day, and is just as popular with tourists as it is with locals. Kids will especially like the frosted dinosaur-shaped donuts and seasonal varieties such as valentine hearts and pumpkin-shaped donuts. Other varieties include the powdered sugar raspberry bismarck, the chocolate frosted, and the apple fritter.

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    The Best Doughnut Shops In Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles is packed with great places to eat and that is definitely true when it comes to donuts. Whether you spell it doughnuts or donuts, theyre still good.

    From dulce de leche donuts to ube doughnuts to gluten free and vegan donuts, youll find any type you can imagine at one of the delicious donut shops. Here is our list of 15 of the Best Donut Shops from Randys in Inglewood to Trejos Donuts in Hollywood to Sidecar Doughnuts in Santa Monica.

    Donut Friend5107 York Blvd Los Angeles Ca 90065

    Cooking with Kai: BabyCakes Gluten-Free Donuts

    The post popular donut at Donut Friend is the Strawberrylab. Among the other varieties are the Starting Lime, the Poppygandhi, and the Nutellavision. And if none of these tempt your taste buds, you can select a d-i-y donut. Customers select the donut, the filling, and topping to create a customized donut. .

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    Donut Prince1721 W Olive Ave Burbank Ca 91506

    Frequent customers of this popular Burbank donut shop speak highly of the easy, plentiful free parking as well as the funny quote on the window Dont get a divorce get a donut. In this no-frills shop, youll find the popular apple fritters and cinnamon rolls, as well as donuts , bagels, and muffins. Youll also find photos of celebrities who frequent the shop, and if youre into movie trivia, Donut Prince was featured in the Tom Hanks film Larry Crowne.

    Dks Donuts1614 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica Ca 90404

    This is the place for gourmet donuts. Here, youll find varieties such as the Razzy Lemon Lulu, the Oinker, and the Pistachio Orange. They were also the first donut establishment in the country to offer a delivery option . While they dont have one Donut Shop eatery, you can find their donuts at a variety of establishments

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    Sk Donuts And Croissants5850 W 3rd St Los Angeles Ca 90036

    Once you try SKs, you may find yourself coming back, again and again. While the shop itself is small with only a few tables, youll find a wide variety of donuts tempting you, including the Maple Bacon Donut, the Original Glazed filled with strawberries and whipped cream, and a Smores Donut.

    Grab Your Fnuts And Relax

    Travel Shop Girl Blog: fÅ?nuts

    fnuts vegan and gluten free donuts range in price from $2.75 to $3.50 each, $18 for a half dozen, or $36 for a bakers dozen. Grab a cup of LAMILL coffee, a fnut, and relax. After all, youll want to sit back and enjoy all the tasty goodness in each and every bite of the deliciousness that is fnuts vegan and gluten free donuts.

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    Gf Menu Options Include: Dessert Pancakes Waffles

  • 825 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832$$ Bakery
  • 193 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212$ Bakery
  • 534 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016$$ Bakery, Cafe
  • 4328 South Street, Lakewood, CA 90712$ Bakery
  • 385 S Lemon Ave, Walnut, CA 91789$$ Bakery, Cafe
  • 509 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254$$ Bakery, Cafe
  • Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are people saying about donuts in Los Angeles, CA?

    This is a review for donuts in Los Angeles, CA:

    “These donuts are so unique!! I personally am not a fan of donuts that are so greasy and these fonuts were a great alternative.Customer service was really great! We came on a rainy day and were helped right away. The worker answered our questions and we just happened to pick the most popular flavors. The inside of the shop has clear ingredients on what they put inside their fonuts.These fonuts are 10/10. The flavors are amazing. You taste REAL ingredients, especially in the blueberry. I had so many fresh blueberries in mine. These are not your typical donuts. If you like cakey donuts these are for you. Will gladly go back and try again.”

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    Blueberry Cinnamon Coffee Cake

    100% gluten and dairy free our Blueberry Cinnamon Coffee Cake is filled with blueberries and topped with a crumble cake and finished with powdered sugar.

    *Contains egg, nuts , whole nuts , corn .

    They have wonderful pastries, cakes & sandwiches. My favorites are the Banh Mi & #2 breakfast sandwich + the blueberry coffee cake! Highly recommend to anyone, with or without a gluten allergy. Great customer service too!

    Carla H – Google Review

    My sister has recently had to start a gluten free diet, and has been missing pastries. I was so glad to be able to visit Pushkins to get her some treats she hadn’t had in a while as well as some flour so she can make stuff at home without needing to make her own flour blend. She loved the cookies and cream cupcake and Russian teacakes

    Megan T. – Yelp

    Wonderful establishment and AMAZING sandwiches and baked goods. The service is exactly the same and Pushkin’s does a great job of making us all feel safe, respected and healthy in the midst of the pandemic. Nice to have something familiar. Thank you 🙂

    Kieran Sequoia – Google Review

    Amazing! Been here plenty of times and always more than happy. I received a surprise delivery this morning…a box of donuts!

    Reazy B. – Yelp

    I tend to avoid things that are baked and say gluten free, but I made the exception for pushkins. I have to admit, I do not regret it. The scone I had was buttery and flakey and their breakfast sandwiches were perfectly sized and delicious.

    Eli Horn – Google Review

    The Donut Man915 E Route 66 Glendora Ca 91740

    Babycakes Vegan Bakery Los Angeles: Eco-Vegan Gal review

    The Donut Man is an insanely popular donut shop in Glendora. Open 24 hours a day, youll find traditional donuts here as well as seasonal favorites like fresh peach, giant strawberry and delicious pumpkin. Savor the taste of a creamy peanut butter topped raised donut, a lemon filled glazed donut,or a chocolate frosted cream-filled donut.

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    Primos Donuts2918 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles Ca 90064

    Primos Donuts has been serving up delicious donuts since 1956! This family-run business has a loyal following of customers. Primos has been serving generations of donut-lovers, and there are many varieties to choose from. Cake donuts come in a variety of flavors , fancy donuts , and specialty donuts .

    California Donuts3540 W 3rd St Los Angeles Ca 90020

    Open 24 hours a day, California Donuts has been in business since 1982. Kids will love the panda-like donuts and the cereal-topped donuts. Other varieties include the Matcha Green Tea donut, the Simpsons Dohnut, and the Toasted Coconut donut.Additionally, California Donuts offers customized donuts perfect for a birthday party or other special event. You can choose from letter donuts or work with bakers to design something perfect for your guest of honor .

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    The Donut Hole15300 Amar Rd La Puente Ca 91744

    People go to The Donut Hole as much for the donuts as to see the giant donut hole landmark. Kids will love the chance to drive through a donut. As you drive through, you can view your options through the glass windows. In business since 1968, youll find such varieties as the Texas Sized Donut, the Blueberry Cake donut, and the Chocolate Chips donut on their menu.

    Fonuts8104 W 3rd St Los Angeles Ca 90048

    Gluten Free Bakery Los Angeles Ca

    Fonuts is the passion of famous pastry chef and owner Waylynn Lucas and baker/owner Nancy Truman. Fonuts are donuts with one important distinction they are baked and/or steamed rather than fried. For those who are gluten-free and/or can only eat vegan foods, then head to Fonuts. Youll find a lot of varieties here, including the Red Velvet, the Vanilla Cream Filled, and the Blueberry Earl Grey.

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    Trejos Coffee & Donuts

    Yes, the machismo action star Danny Trejo has a soft spot, as evident by his bright pink doughnut shop that carries gluten-free and vegan options to the specialized diet clientele of the struggling artist Hollywood crowd. Each $3 cake doughnut will satisfy the most voracious of sugar cravings, but the favorite is the vegan peanut butter. The shop emits a laid-back, casual feel. Think less gourmet and more childhood doughnut shop nostalgia. Of course, you probably never ran into Danny Trejo during one of your childhood doughnut runs, whereas a celebrity sighting is definitely a possibility here.

    Image via thedonuttery/Instagram

    Why I Chose Fnuts Vegan And Gluten Free Donuts

    Since I had seen fnuts vegan and gluten free donuts on television, I was super motivated to visit it in person and try a vegan fnut. While Im not much of a donut eater, theres no holding back my husband from being all hot and bothered about donuts so this felt like a happy medium for the both of us. He would get his donut and I would get one that I might feel a little less guilty about eating. As long as Im not eating them every day for every meal, it doesnt hurt to have something a little decadent every once in awhile.

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    My Choice: Coconut Chocolate

    Our beverage of choice was the LAMILL coffee to go with our perfect little fnut. Once our order was ready, we took our drinks and fnuts vegan and gluten free donuts over to the side counter to sit down. With only a few stools available inside, youre probably more likely to grab your fnuts to go. This allows you to shove them down your face in private. My coconut chocolate fnut was dense and tasty albeit crumbly, but thats because of the sheer volume of coconut baked inside. Dont think of a light and airy fried donut because fnuts are far more like a cake-type donut. It was delicious, but I cant imagine eating more than one. In fact, I couldnt even finish mine, but I know someone who was elated when I abandoned the remainder of my fnut.

    After realizing that the counter inside was kind of narrow and a little uncomfortable and as it was great weather , we decided to sit outside. There are a few small tables and chairs available to sit, eat your fnut, drink your coffee, and people watch. What could be better than that?

    Just Chocolate For Staunch Traditionalists

    VLOG: Best Los Angeles, California Meal for a Gluten-Free Diet// Foñuts & Andre’s Italian Restaurant

    Gluten-friendly cake donut with crème fraîche chocolate frosting and a hint of salt and olive oil. Perfectly moist and rich. It takes a few bites to land something vaguely savory and a shockingly pleasant yet unplaceable sweetness that sends you back to hunt for more. This is the kind of chocolate cake you’d secretly tuck away, not to be shared but to be savored.

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    The 10 Best Vegan Doughnuts In Los Angeles

    Celebrate National Doughnut Day with 10 of LAs greatest dairy-free treats.

    In the not-so-distant past, the best option for Los Angeles vegans craving a chocolate doughnut was a five-hour road trip to Ronalds Doughnuts in Las Vegas. Thankfully, thats changed, as the demand for plant-based doughnuts in Southern California has led to a slew of vegan options showing up on trays at shops all across the region. In fact, there are now so many veg options for area vegans to enjoy that they could have a new doughnut every day for an entire month.

    In celebration of National Donut Day, we scoured the LA region in search of the best vegan doughnuts. The criteria: freshness, flavor, texture, creativity, and overall profile. Here are our 10 favorites ¦ in no particular order.

    The Mimosa Cake at Blue Star DonutsKnown for its artisanal varieties in adult flavors, Portland, OR transplant Blue Star Donuts changed the LA vegan doughnut scene when it opened last fall in Venice. Blue Star replaces the expected sugar rush of frosted treats with a subtle sweetness, which is sometimes complemented with a booze-and-fruit pairing. The highlight is the Mimosa Cake, a vanilla doughnut infused with Brut champagne and a delicate glaze studded with candied orange zest. Theres also a bourbon Blueberry Cake, Orange Olive Oil, and Sugar & Spice for those who arent in a mimosa mood.

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