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Gluten Free Wheat Free Bread

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The Best Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free, Wheat Free Pita Bread

This homemade gluten free whole grain bread is filled with whole grains, healthy fats, and can be made at home without the help of a bread maker. It is also simple enough to make that a new cook or someone new to gluten free baking I think will be more than capable of handling this recipe.

If you need to follow a gluten free diet then you know that finding a gluten free bread that is as delicious and holds up as well as regular bread is pretty tough to come by. Ever since I found out I had celiac disease and needed to go gluten free I have been on the search for a truly delicious whole grain gluten free oat bread, and until now I have for the most part come up empty-handed.

While it is wonderful that there are so many gluten free options for people who need to be gluten free today, I also think that in many ways we have just replaced processed gluten-containing products, with other even more processed gluten free products that people for some reason think of as being “healthy”.

Odoughs Multigrain Sandwich Thins

Price: $$

If you prefer a sub-style sandwich, ODoughs Multigrain Sandwich Thins are one of the best gluten-free options.

These long, bun-like thins are made from a mixture of gluten-free flours, including potato flour, and are perfect for stuffing with your favorite sub sandwich fillings.

All of ODoughs products, including its bagel thins, flatbreads, hot dog buns, and burger buns, are certified gluten-free by GFCO and vegan-friendly. However, theyre unsuitable for those with soy allergies.

While this bread doesnt contain as many whole grains or seeds as other options on this list, its still a good source of fiber.

One sandwich thin provides 160 calories, 2 grams of fat, less than 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 340 mg of sodium, 33 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein .

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Machine

You control your breads ingredients and nutritional content when you make it yourself, so its easier to make healthy loaves.

With 12 preprogrammed cycles, you can make everything from healthy whole grain and gluten-free loaves to the dough for sweet, gooey cinnamon-raisin buns.

Make bread the way you like it with two loaf sizes and three crust settings to choose from for light, medium, or dark crust. The machine is excellent for prepping dough for pizza, dinner rolls, cinnamon buns, and more.


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A Note On Measurements

While Ive included the volume measurements in the recipe card below, if at all possible : USE METRIC GRAM MEASUREMENTS IF YOU CAN.

Theyre much more precise and produce more reliably delicious results. This is true for pretty much all of baking a kitchen scale will invariably give better results than cups and tablespoons.

Gluten Sensitivity Vs Celiac Disease

Scandi Home: Tasty Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

When it comes to gluten-free diets, there are a few different reasons that people might need to follow one. Gluten sensitivity is when gluten causes negative reactions in your body, such as IBS , constipation, stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea. You could even get rashes from eating gluten, but you do not have a true allergy to gluten. Since gluten causes immune system responses, these symptoms could take 36 hours to show up.

On the other hand, celiac disease is a term reserved for those with a true allergy to gluten. Eating or coming into contact with gluten will cause a complete reaction by your immune system. This reaction could include:

  • Cramping
  • Multiple days of bad digestion problems
  • Vomiting
  • Nut Flours
  • Teff

All of those grains are gluten-free, and you can safely eat them as long as they are prepared in a gluten-free way.

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How To Make Sandwich Bread Without Yeast

I had already developed this very yeast free gluten free bread recipe for the blog after being asked a few times over the years whether there was any way to substitute yeast in my yeast bread recipes. At first I figured, um, no way. Its yeast bread. ?

And generally, there is no substitute for yeast. Chemical leaveners such as baking soda and baking powder arent yeast substitutes.

Not really. Theyre completely different ways of baking, they react more quickly, and produce a much different result in baking.

Usually, baking soda is used in quick breads like banana bread, and tend to be sweet, not savory. But that doesnt mean that I couldnt develop an entirely different recipe for yeast free bread that could be used for sandwiches.

I tried to give the bread as much chance of success as possible, so little by little, failure after failure, I added more support. It turned out that egg whites were really the key to adding structure and support.

Even though egg whites are mostly liquid, they actually tend to dry out baked goods so the recipe would need plenty of moisture for balance.

This recipe was such a success when I first posted it on the blog many years ago. I ended up deleting the post, though, most likely in a fit of shame.

The photos were just horrid. I remember also being a little nutso with the text overlays that were popular on blogs at the time.

Can I Make It Vegan

Gluten-free bread can be made without egg but bear in mind that without gluten these gluten free-flours do need a binder to help gel the ingredients together. The most popular plant-based binder is a powder called psyllium husk, as a rule of thumb youd use about 5% of the dry weight but youd probably have to make the recipe several times to adjust it to a consistency you like. This is usually hydrated along with whatever liquid you are using before being added to the dough. It will turn the liquid into a gel.

Flax seeds and chia seeds are also helpful as a binding agent in place of eggs, as is aquafaba and agar agar .

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The Best Gluten Free Bread Recipe

Several months ago, I did the gluten free diet myself for a few months and some of the breads I would buy scared me.

When going gluten free, I think one of the best recipes to have is a good gluten free bread recipe, because its a staple pantry item and when you have that it makes being gluten free seem a bit easier.

I tried a few recipes for gluten free bread and this is definitely the one I liked most.

My whole family actually loved it, and my husband couldnt get over how good it was. He even said he liked it better than regular white bread, believe it or not. He likes that it has more substance to it.

If you are new to gluten-free bread, yes it does have a different texture, which will quickly grow on you. The taste of this bread is amazing! When you eat a piece warm out of the oven its so dreamy.

Celiac Disease And Wheat Allergy

Wheat Free, Gluten Free Bread! Recipe Shaaanxo

The recommended treatment for celiac disease, a wheat allergy or non-celiac gluten sensitivity is the adoption of a gluten-free diet. This diet may call for removal of wheat products, because gluten is a protein that is found in wheat.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack itself if it detects gluten, a protein found in many foods. It’s mainly found in wheat, barley and rye and therefore, in breads and cereals made with those grains. This condition is a lifelong disorder that affects one in 100 Americans, 80 percent of whom do not have an official diagnosis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, wheat allergy is characterized as an allergic reaction to wheat that can occur following the consumption of wheat products, but it may also occur in rare cases from the inhalation of wheat flour. Wheat appears in more products than you might expect, but this does not make it impossible to avoid.

Celiac disease and wheat allergy are often confused with one another, but they are different conditions one is an autoimmune disorder and the other is an allergy. However, treatment is very similar: A lifelong gluten-free and wheat-free diet is recommended. This is actually much more achievable than it may seem at first, particularly with the increasing availability of specially made gluten-free foods.


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Why Was My Gluten Free Bread Dense

For your bread machine, does it have a gluten free setting? This setting is important because it only does one mix cycle, not two mix cycles like you get with other settings.

If you don’t have the gluten free setting option, use a quick program that features one mixing cycle, rather than two. Mixing it twice will always cause the bread to be denser.

Are you scooping your measuring cup into the flour? Or spooning the flours into the cups then leveling? You should always spoon then level.

Otherwise you’ll end up with more flour then you want which causes the bread to be dense.

Are you storing your flours in the freezer or refrigerator? If flours are stored that way they loose moisture and when they are mixed with other ingredients they tend to absorb more of the moisture and the bread is denser.

I don’t have a recipe for bagels but you might like these Gluten-Free Bagels from Salted Plains. My newest recipe – Gluten Free Rolls!

I hope I’ve set you up for success with making the best gluten-free bread you’ve ever had. If you have any questions about this gluten-free bread recipe, leave a comment. Also, if you make it I want to know what you thought! Please come back and share your experience.

Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds And Grains Bread

Price: $

Little Northern Bakehouse is a gluten-free, plant-based bakery that produces products in a facility that has been audited and certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Program and GFCO.

In addition to being gluten-free, all of its products are non-GMO-verified and free of major allergens, including eggs, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts.

Its Seeds and Grains Bread has an overall short ingredient list that includes a mixture of gluten-free flours, whole grains, and seeds, including flax, chia, and pumpkin seeds.

One slice provides approximately 85 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, less than 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 110 mg of sodium, 16 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of protein .

Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds and Grains Bread can be stored at room temperature for up to 9 days. However, for longer periods of storage, its recommended to keep the bread in the freezer for up to 6 months.

In addition to sandwich bread, the company offers gluten-free bagels and hamburger buns, both of which are likewise made with high quality ingredients and free of major allergens.

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Difference Between Gluten Free And Wheat Free

There are a few differences between gluten free and wheat free. One note to make is that it is possible for someone to be on a wheat free diet and not need to be on a gluten free diet. However, if someone is on a gluten free diet for health issues, it is also necessary for them to be on a wheat free diet. ALL wheat has gluten in it.

A gluten free diet is necessary for people suffering from Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome , bloating, gas, and allergic reactions to gluten. A wheat free diet is usually associated with an allergic reaction to wheat itself. A wheat allergy might include skin irritations, rashes, hives, nasal congestion, and digestive tract issues among other symptoms.

Because gluten is in all wheat products, anyone with digestive problems related to gluten should also avoid wheat products. Some of the benefits of going gluten free and wheat free are better digestion, weight loss, more energy, and a potential reduction in inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. A gluten free diet has also been shown to help some children with autism.

Gluten Free Products from Food for LifeFood for Life has many gluten free and wheat free products available. Some of the most popular Gluten Free and Wheat Free foods include:

What Does This Mean For You

She Sugar

Now that you have the lowdown on what makes up your gluten-free loaf from the supermarket, its pretty apparent that GF bread is nutritionally vastly different from regular loaves. While going for the GF loaf isnt an option for many people, having a better understanding of what is in your gluten-free substitutes can be a useful tool in helping you to maintain a nutritionally balanced, gluten-free diet.


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    Cereal Without Gluten Or Wheat

    Many cereals are made with wheat and gluten. But, partly due to how prevalent celiac disease and wheat intolerance have become, many brands have adopted the production of gluten-free cereals.

    These can range from fruit muesli to chocolate-covered cereals. With the variety available, a more restrictive diet does not have to mean that it is a boring one.

    In addition to specifically made gluten-free or wheat-free cereals there are certain cereals made from gluten-free grains that are applicable to a gluten- or wheat-free diet. These grains include:

    • Corn
    • Millet
    • Sorghum

    Cereals made from these grains should be appropriate due to their gluten-free content, but because they may have been processed in a facility that also processes wheat, you should always check ingredients lists before you purchase.


    If you find that your gluten-free cereal is lacking a little in flavor, try getting creative by adding fruit or even some Greek yogurt most natural dairy products are free from gluten and wheat.

    Which Grains Are Wheat

    • Rye
    • Millet

    And of course, all of the gluten-free grains and flour alternatives listed above, such as quinoa and brown and wild rice.

    You can also have a wider variety of condiments on a wheat-free diet compared to a gluten-free one for example, wheat-free tamari is available, and most condiments dont contain wheat.

    The bottom line: gluten is a protein found in many grains and processed foods, which can cause serious immune responses and allergic reactions in some people, and continues to be a growing food sensitivity. A wheat-free diet removes wheat, which is a common food allergy, but still includes other grains and foods that contain gluten.

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