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Gluten Free Cream Soup Mix

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How To Make Gluten Free Substitute For Cream Soup Base

How to make Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • 1Melt butter in saucepan over medium to low heat. Stir in flour a little at a time until smooth and then remove from the heat. Add broth and milk a little at a time while stirring to keep mixture smooth. Return to heat and bring sauce to a gentle boil, stirring constantly until sauce thickens. Add pepper and salt to taste. Stir in mushrooms or chicken depending on which soup you want to make.
  • 2Note: This soup base can be used as a substitute for 1 can of cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken in your casserole recipes or any other recipe that calls for them. Recipe can be doublede but be very careful to stir and keep it from getting thicker than you want. Add a little more milk and broth if the soup gets too thick, but only a little at a time.
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How To Make Keto Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Melt the butter in a small pot over medium heat. Once hot, add in the mushrooms and cook until browned, about 4 minutes.

Pour in the remaining ingredients and whisk vigorously to dissolve the xanthan gum.

Add in the herbs and spices and cook another minute until fragrant.

Bring just to a simmer and cook until the mixture is thickened, it rarely takes longer than 1-2 minutes after adding the xanthan gum. Use immediately or store for a later use.

How To Make Condensed Gluten Free Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Cream of mushroom soup is a thickened cream-based mushroom soup made with a roux, made with flour and fat . You begin by cooking the vegetables until theyre soft and fragrant.

Remove some cooked mushrooms. Well add those back into the soup when its nearly done, and smooth.

Then, make the roux by melting butter and cooking it for about 1 minute with superfine white rice flour, freshly ground black pepper, and some salt. It will clump up, so keep whisking.

Add the liquids: vegetable stock, and evaporated milk. The roux will thicken them as it cooks.

Keep cooking the mixture so some water evaporates. This will concentrate the flavor and thicken the soup even more.

Then, puree all the soup until super smooth. I like to use an immersion blender since the liquid is hot, so a standing blender will spurt and splatter the soup if you use it with hot liquid.

Then, add back in the reserved mushrooms, and serve hot!

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To Use Frozen Gluten Free Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Let your frozen gluten free mushroom soup thaw completely before using. You can move it to the fridge to thaw if you have 8-24 hours.

If you need to quickly thaw your gluten free mushroom soup, place the freezer bag in a bowl with cool water.

Refresh the water every 15 minutes or so until it is thawed.

You can speed the thawing process up in the microwave.

Once your gf mushroom soup has thawed enough to remove from the freezer bag, place the frozen GF mushroom soup in a microwave safe container and heat at 50% power in 30 second increments until thawed.

How To Make Gluten Freedairy Free Mushroom Soup


This healthy mushroom soup recipe is all made in one pot.

1. Start by cooking the bacon until it gets crispy and has released a lot of fat. Reserve the bacon and set aside. In the same pot saute the onions, leeks and garlic. Season with salt, pepper and add the rest of the herbs and spices.

2. Add the chopped shiitake mushrooms to the pot, and cook until they are soft, about 6 to 7 minutes. Scoop 1/3 of the mushroom mixture into a bowl and reserve for garnishing.

3. Add the diced potatoes, carrots, drained chickpeas, and the crushed tomatoes. Add the water and bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 25-30 min. Taste it and season with more salt, if needed.

4. Using a blender or immersion blender, puree the soup until smooth. Return the soup to the pot and add the reserved bacon and mushrooms. Garnish with some sauteed mushrooms and with some chopped fresh herbs if you like. I also used some coconut aminos for garnishing and a more intense flavor.

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Is Knorr Vegetable Soup Good For Weight Loss

While it may be low in calories, we cant say that it will actually lead to weight loss. With no fiber and lots of sodium, consuming this vegetable soup mix could lead to hunger as it is not entirely filling. Of course, it is possible to consume everything in moderation and still reach your health goals, but dont expect this to be a product that will necessarily help you achieve those goals.

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What Brand Of Cream Of Chicken Soup Is Gluten Free

Its not easy to find a ready made gluten free cream of mushroom soup. Actually, in the time it took me to research which brands are gluten free, I could have made this homemade cream of chicken soup instead!

Pacific Foods Organic Cream of Chicken Soup is gluten free, and could work in recipes in a pinch. I havent tried it personally, and reviews on line are a bit mixed.

Great Value Cream of Chicken Soup is certified gluten free by the Beyond Celiac and is a good option if you dont want to make your own soup and you happen to shop at Walmart for groceries.

Moms Place Gluten Free Cream of Chicken Soup Mix is a powdered soup mix that you add milk to to create a soup.

I suggest making your own homemade gluten free cream of chicken soup to use in recipes. The flavor will be much better and it only takes about 20 minutes to make from scratch.

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What About The Fat

Then theres the low-fat or fat-free version of the soup toconsider. I know Campbells makes one.

Sometimes fat-free products offer hope to vegans because alot of animal products like whole milk and butter are filled with saturatedfat. So, those ingredients are often replaced with plant oils which are, ofcourse, vegan.

Sure enough, some fat-free foods swap out butter with plantoils which works out well for plant-based eaters.

Unfortunately, fat-free cream of mushroom soup seems to be everybit as non-vegan as the full-fat version.

In fact, Campbells FF cream of mushroom soup containsseveral times the amount of animal products.

Ingredients include:11

Variations And Tips For Non

Never run out of Cream of Anything Soup again!
  • Cashew cream: If youre making your own cashew cream but only want enough for this soup, youll want to blend approx. 100 g raw cashews with 150 ml water until smooth.
  • Other cream: If you dont want to use cashew cream, you could substitute coconut milk or another dairy-free cream product.
  • Seasonings: You dont want to overdo it with these use level teaspoons and level half teaspoons for the measurements and adjust up from there.

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Can I Freeze Mushroom Soup

Of course! Theres nothing better than having a supply of this tasty mushroom soup recipe waiting to be heated up.

Next time you make this delicious soup, you may want to double the recipe to freeze half for later.

1. Store the soup. You can pour the soup into freezer-safe food storage containers.

Some people also like freezing soup in gallon Ziploc freezer bags. This can be a bit tricky to do. But then you can stack the frozen soup, which saves space.

To pour the soup into the freezer bag, place the bag in a bowl. Then cuff the bag over the edge of the bowl. Ladle the soup into each bag.

Then carefully press out any air. Seal up the bag.

Remember to label and date the containers or bags with a Sharpie.

2. Freeze the soup. Stack the containers or lay the Ziploc freezer bags flat in a single layer in the freezer. After the bags freeze, you can then stack them to save freezer space.

The soup should remain good for at least three months.

3. Thaw and reheat. To thaw, defrost the containers overnight in the refrigerator.

Another way to thaw the frozen soup is to place the containers or freezer bags in a large bowl full of room temperature water. The soup should thaw in a few hours.

Then you warm the soup up on the stovetop over medium heat or microwave it.

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Why Youre Going To Love This Gluten

Quick and easy to make With only a few ingredients, this gluten-free cream of mushroom soup is super easy to make.

Versatile Enjoy it as a soup for dinner or it makes the perfect gluten-free substitute for cream of mushroom soup. So, why not make a double batch and freeze it for use in your favorite casseroles.

Budget-friendly With a handful of ingredients this makes a frugal but comforting meal.

No nasties Making this gluten-free soup from scratch removes additives, sodium, and chemicals.

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What Makes Them Condensed Soups

Cream of condensed soups are made with a roux, which is just a mixture of butter and flour used to thicken sauces. A condensed soup has less moisture, and concentrated flavors.

All of the ingredients are thickened and reduced . They are great starting points for all types of recipes, and can be thinned with milk or chicken or vegetable stock to make a hearty meal, quickly.

Its important that you use my basic gum-free gluten free flour blend, which is a very simple mixture of superfine white rice flour, potato starch, and tapioca flour . With a gum-containing gluten free flour blend, you will have one gummy mess on your handsand in your pots and your utensils.

To Use Frozen Cream Of Chicken Soup


Let your frozen gluten free chicken soup thaw completely before using. You can move it to the fridge to thaw if you have 8-24 hours.

If you need to quickly thaw your gluten free chicken soup, place the freezer bag in a bowl with cool water.

Refresh the water every 15 minutes or so until it is thawed.

You can speed the thawing process up in the microwave.

Once your gf chicken soup has thawed enough to remove from the freezer bag, place the frozen GF chicken soup in a microwave safe container and heat at 50% power in 30 second increments until thawed.

This recipe is so easy, and it adapts to fit any dietary needs.

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For The Gluten Free Cream Of Mushroom Soup:

  • Extra virgin olive oil Or whatever oil you keep on hand to cook with.
  • Shallot Ive also made these soups with onion powder instead. Use 1 teaspoon onion powder versus 1 Tablespoon minced shallot.
  • Mushrooms I usually use white button or crimini mushrooms, which are readily available at the store.
  • Butter Use vegan butter makes this soup dairy free.
  • Gluten free flour Use a measure-for-measure flour blend versus a single flour like coconut, almond, or rice flour. I have not tested these recipes with cornstarch so I cant say for sure if thats a suitable substitute.
  • Gluten free chicken or vegetable broth Use vegetable broth to make this soup vegan.
  • Milk Again, I use dairy-free milk to keep the soups dairy free.
  • Salt and pepper Feel free to adjust the amounts in the recipe if needed.
  • Garlic powder Garlic powder adds lots of savory flavor to this soup without having to chop up actual cloves.

Want More From Scratch Pantry Staples

My book Hand Made: The Modern Guide to Made-from-Scratch Livinghas over 100 from scratch recipes. Youll find everything from easy skillet meals to old fashioned comfort foods like molasses sugar cookies, plus great breakfast basics like flaky biscuits and overnight pancakes . Discover for yourself that hand made has never been easier.

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What Is Cream Of Mushroom Soup Anyways

The history of condensed cream of mushroom soup is a long and winding one. The first incarnation of the soup was created in the early 1900s by food manufacturer Julius Kempner. At the time, Kempner was looking for a way to create a cheap and easy-to-produce soup that could be sold to the masses. He succeeded in creating a soup that was made from canned mushrooms, milk, and flour. The resulting product was thick, creamy, and full of flavor.

The popularity of condensed cream of mushroom soup grew rapidly, and soon it became a staple in American kitchens. It could be found in grocery stores and restaurants, and it was often used as an ingredient in recipes.

In the 1970s, Campbell’s acquired the rights to condensed cream of mushroom soup. They have since been responsible for producing and marketing it. The recipe has remained largely unchanged over the years, although some variations have been introduced .

Today, condensed cream of mushroom soup is still a popular product. It can be found in most grocery stores, and it is often used in recipes such as casseroles and soups.

Homemade Condensed Cream Of Chicken Soup Ditch The Canned Garbage And Make It At Home With Basic Ingredients In Under 15 Minutes Flat Youll Never Buy The Expensive Cream Of Anything Ever Again

Gluten and Dairy Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

Ready for a more cost-effective way to get condensed cream of chicken soup? There are gluten-free options out there, but what isnt out there is cheap and gluten-free condensed cream of chicken soup.

Ive purchased the store-bought in the past and was always taken back at the cost of these little containers of questionable cream of chicken or cream of mushroom.

Thats why I began making it myself and Im going to show you how to make it. After you see just how easy this is, youll be doing the same.

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Can You Make Cream Of Chicken Soup Gluten Free

So many recipes call for canned condensed cream of chicken soup, celery or mushroom soup. So many!

Easy, family favorite casseroles often call for canned condensed cream soup, which is a problem when you have to eat gluten-free or dairy-free, because canned cream condensed soup has both.

Canned cream of condensed soup also has a lot of fillers, preservatives, MSG, and other junk that it is nice to avoid.

There is an easy, healthy substitute for canned cream of condensed soups.

Just make your own! It really only takes 5 minutes to make.

Is Canned Cream Of Chicken Soup Gluten Free

Most canned cream of chicken soups in the store are not gluten free.

Is Campbells cream of chicken soup gluten free? Absolutely not!

We are lucky to have a few gluten free canned cream of chicken soups at our grocery stores, but I still prefer making my own most of the time.

Luckily, making your own cream of chicken soup is quick and easy!

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How To Make Dairy Free Cream Of Chicken Soup

To make it dairy-free, just use olive oil instead of the butter and use a dairy-free milk .

How do you make vegetarian cream of chicken soup?

You can also make a vegetarian substitute for cream of chicken soup by using vegetable broth and omitting the chicken.

This is such a good recipe to have handy! You’ll find places to use it all the time.

It only takes 5 minutes to make your own gluten-free cream of condensed soup, and now you are not limited by condensed soup containing recipes.

You can also use this gluten-free cream of chicken soup recipe when another recipe calls for a roux and cream sauce, like Christina’s King Ranch chicken for two.

What recipe are you going to try your homemade gluten-free cream of condensed soup in first?

How Do You Make Gluten Free Cream Of Chicken Soup

Amazon.com : Full Flavor Foods

First, saute your chicken in the oil or butter.

Even if you uare using already cooked chicken, this will help to flavor your cream of chicken soup.

Add your gluten free flour to the oil and chicken to make a gluten free roux.

Stir the gluten free flour into the fat and cook until it starts to turn golden and smells slightly nutty.

Youre still making a blonde roux, and not cooking it to a dark brown color.

You want your gluten free roux to have lots of thickening power , while taking advantage of the flavor that you get from toasting the flour.

Cooking the flour keeps your cream of chicken soup from tasting like a floury paste.

Then add the broth and milk and bring it to a simmer.

Let it simmer until thickened,

It will thicken up even more as it cools.

Now your gluten free condensed cream of chicken soup is ready to use in all your favorite recipes!

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How To Cook The Chicken For Cream Of Chicken Soup

The cream of chicken soup calls for cooked cubed chicken. But you can make it without adding in the chicken at the end and it still tastes amazing.

You can also use shredded rotisserie chicken if you can find a safe, gluten free variety, and your family likes the flavor. The way I cook plain chicken breasts, they have a more neutral flavor that doesnt compete with the herbs and spices added to the soup.

Why You Should Skip The Canned Mushroom Soup

One peek at the red and white label on a popular brand can of condensed cream of mushroom soup is usually all it takes to realize that its not the healthiest choice. At least, for most people. Aside from being loaded with sodium, most of the cream of anything soups lack essential healthy nutrients.

For the most part, they are nothing more than roux with flavored broth and a lot of salt and preservatives added to them. Depending on the flavor, you may find tiny amounts of the base ingredient in them too, like mushrooms or chicken.

If you want to make condensed soup ready to eat, you need to stir in a couple of cups of liquid to it. Most people use water. When you buy ready-to-eat mushroom soup or you order it at a restaurant, it is usually made with all purpose flour, salted butter, salted broth or stock, plus heavy cream and/or milk.

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