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Best Gluten Free Bread Brand

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The Overall Best Gluten Free Bread


In each section below, you will find how they ranked for each experiment.

Each of these experiments is a recipe tested or a comparison between data collected. Each section gives a slightly different input to the question we are answering here, what is the best gluten free bread?

To answer that question, I took the averages of all tests. I averaged out the star ratings for the ones we gave star ratings to and how they ranked compared to each other. There were some ties. I used average rank as the primary and star rating as the tie-breaker but considered both below.

The links below will take you to a post with in-depth information on each brand or experiment. This post includes overviews of experiments and rankings but does not go into as much detail as the linked articles.

Here are the overall rankings:

  • Canyon Bakehouse Hawaiian Sweet Bread
  • Schar Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread
  • Against The Grain Fresh Rosemary Baguettes
  • Franz Gluten Free Mountain White Bread
  • Udis Multigrain Bread
  • Stuffing
  • In the sections below, you can find basic information on how each test went. For more information on each bread brand or how each experiment went, click on the above links. They will take you to an article on each specific topic with in-depth details.

    How To Store Gluten Free Bread

    When storing gluten free bread, its important to keep it in the fridge. You can also store it in the freezer for best freshness but its important that you slice your bread before storing. Its really difficult to slice into a frozen, gluten free bread, so make sure you do this!

    Gluten free bread is best enjoyed freshly toasted regardless, so my preferred method of storage is slicing, freezing and toasting.

    Carbs In Sourdough Bread

    Research does suggest that the fermentation process that helps create sourdough bread, reduces the glycemic response when people with diabetes eat sourdough bread compared to traditional bread. This is also true for pumpernickel bread which uses a sourdough starter.

  • Daveâs Killer Bread Organic Thin-sliced 21 Whole Grains And Seeds Bread
  • Ezekiel 4:9 Original Bread
  • Silver Hills Sprouted Power The Big 16
  • Rudiâs 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  • Natureâs Own 100% Whole Wheat
  • Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat
  • Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread
  • Schar Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread
  • Genius Gluten Free Superpowered Super Seeded Farmhouse Bread
  • Little Northern Bakehouse Gluten Free Grains & Seeds
  • Simple Mills Artisan Bread Mix
  • Soozyâs Grain Free Bread
  • Daves Killer Bread Epic Everything Bagels
  • ODoughs Whole Grain Bagel Thins
  • Rudis Organic Multigrain Bagels
  • Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns
  • Daves Killer Bread Burger Buns Done Right
  • Schar Gluten Free Ciabatta Rolls
  • Sola Hot Dog Buns
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    Schr Gluten Free Multigrain Ciabatta Rolls

    Price: $$

    Easily identified by its bright yellow packaging, Schär is well known for producing soft, certified gluten-free breads.

    Made with a gluten-free sourdough base, Schär Gluten-Free Multigrain Ciabatta Rolls have a pleasant taste and texture that closely resembles those of a traditional wheat-based sandwich roll.

    These preservative-free rolls also contain buckwheat flour, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds.

    Schär Multigrain Ciabatta Rolls are likewise a good option nutrition-wise, as theyre high in fiber, low in sugar, and contain a good amount of protein.

    One roll provides 140 calories, 1 gram of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 190 mg of sodium, 28 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fiber, 2 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein .

    While they get good reviews for taste and texture, the one downside of these rolls is that theyre one of the more expensive gluten-free bread options.

    What Is This Bread Dough Like

    Tasty Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

    If you have any experience baking conventional yeast bread, this bread dough will seem completely unfamiliar to you. This batter-style gluten free yeast bread dough is more like a loose cookie dough than it is conventional bread dough.

    You need a mixer paddle attachment to mix it, most definitely not dough hooks! The one drawback of this bread is that Ive never made it with total success with a bowl and spoon. Mixing all of the ingredients until theyre truly smooth and fully incorporated is just really hard without a stand mixer.

    Its a bit fragile once its risen, so handle with care. If youd like to add seeds to the bread, do it after the dough has risen. Just brush the top lightly with melted butter and sprinkle with seeds.

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    The Best Gluten Free Bread By Cost Per Slice

    Cost per oz is one way to measure it another way is by the slice. In many ways, I like this way better because I dont use bread by the oz I use it by the slice. So this is a more practical way to measure cost.

    Below is the cost per slice of bread listed from the lowest to highest price.

    Note: I did not include Against The Grain in this comparison because it does not come sliced. I chose to add the Puff Bunz. The intent is to use it as a slice of bread, not sliced open.

    Kroger $0.36

    Franz $0.46

    Simple Truth $0.75

    As the cost per oz, the cost per slice comparison is a secondary test. The more critical tests are how the bread works to use in different recipes.

    Buying Guide For Best Gluten

    People follow a gluten-free diet for a number of reasons. Some follow it because they dont like the taste of wheat or want to limit their intake of carbs, while others suffer from gluten intolerances or sensitivities. Gluten-free bread used to have the reputation of being flavourless, but today there are bountiful options when it comes to bread. Gone are the days of crumbly or cardboard-like gluten-free bread. Thanks to the many types of flour available on the market, there is plenty of variety in gluten-free bread, all of them made with unconventional ingredients that help mimic traditional bread.

    When buying gluten-free bread, carefully read the ingredients list and, if possible, steer clear of any that have lots of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. You can buy gluten-free bread pre-baked or in a mix if you want to experiment with baking your own at home. If you suspect that products with gluten are causing issues for you, consult a doctor before going on a gluten-free diet.

    Weve put together this guide to help you navigate the process of choosing a delicious gluten-free bread that fits your needs, and weve included some of our favourites, too.

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    Best Makeup Brand: Red Apple Lipstick

    Red Apple Lipstick is a brand that cares deeply about the celiac and gluten-free community. Every single product is certified gluten free, a rarity in the makeup space. You can choose from lipsticks and lip balms, to mascara, blushes and a variety of makeup youll love.

    An honorable mention makeup brand is Gabriel Cosmetics. You can purchase Gabriel products online or Ive found them in Sprouts too.

    Read my article, Best Certified Gluten-Free Makeup Brands, to get the full scoop on gluten-free makeup brands.

    Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Country White Bread

    Gluten Free Bread Review & Taste Test | BEST Gluten Free Bread 2019!

    Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Country White Bread has a subtle sweetness and very simple ingredients.

    This bread is perfect for making large sandwiches, delicious french toast, or even avocado toast.

    Canyon Bakehouse products are always Certified Gluten-Free as well as dairy, nut , and Soy Free. Their bread is made with 100% whole grains.

    This bread contains the following ingredients:

    • Water
    • Enzymes


    Customers who have purchased this bread have stated that it is the only wheat alternative bread that tastes like real bread.

    They have also stated that it doesnt fall apart when making a sandwich with it. When toasted, they cant even tell its gluten free.


    This bread would not be suitable for a vegan diet as it does contain eggs.

    It may also not be suitable for those eating a grain free diet as it does contain brown rice flour and oat flour.


    Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Country White Bread costs about 54 cents per ounce and there are multiple purchase options for this bread currently on Amazon.

    You can also find this bread for a great price at most local grocery stores.

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    What Is The Best Gluten Free White Bread

    The best gluten free white bread in my opinion would be Udis Gluten Free Frozen White Bread.

    This bread comes in an 18oz loaf which is much larger than most other similar bread but is about the same price.

    You can get Udis Gluten Free Frozen White Bread from Target for around $5.49 and it is sold at many other stores as well.

    Baking The Bread In A Pullman Loaf Pan

    I had always wanted to try making it in a Pullman loaf pan. That was the only way to see if I could get those perfect, no-dome slices that are truly made for sandwiches.

    Baking in a Pullman pan also tends to make softer bread. The moisture in the bread is trapped inside the pan during baking, and the bread absorbs it as it bakes.

    The photo below is a loaf baked in a 2 pound Pullman loaf pan. The photo above is the bread rising in a 1-pound Pullman loaf pan.

    You can make a 1-pound Pullman loaf, or a 2-pound Pullman loaf. The baking time is nearly the same, as the pans are much longer but also considerably more narrow.

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    A Note On Measurements

    While Ive included the volume measurements in the recipe card below, if at all possible : USE METRIC GRAM MEASUREMENTS IF YOU CAN.

    Theyre much more precise and produce more reliably delicious results. This is true for pretty much all of baking a kitchen scale will invariably give better results than cups and tablespoons.

    What Is The Very Best Gluten Free Bread

    Top 10 Gluten Free Bread Brands

    As you probably know, people who are intolerant to gluten have fewer options when it comes to buying bread.

    Most people take for granted the dozens of different kinds of bread available at their local grocery store, but if youre following a strict gluten free diet, there arent as many choices.

    Still, that doesnt mean you cant find some pretty amazing loaves out there. Ive put together a list of the best three brands of gluten free bread and where to buy them.

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    When Searching Best Gluten Free Bread Should We Ignore The Hype Of Commercial Gluten Free Bread Brands With Deep Pockets

    The answer to that question is a resounding NO! Consumers should not ignore the giant commercial brands making claims of best gluten free bread. Its known that a few of the industrys top gluten free breads that that monopolize freezer shelve space in leading grocers do, in fact, produce a great tasting product among gluten free bread brands. Some do not.

    These big boys with deep pockets, the so called top dogs in the commercial gluten-free bread market, have excessive funding available at their disposal, and can deliver endless streams of advertising and brand collaboration with bloggers who get paid for positive reviews. Youve probably noticed that your entry of a search term like best gluten free bread will produce ads on some websites you visit that algorithmically match your interests. Like leading a horse to water, these click ads paid for by the commercial bread industry is designed to capture clicks for more info. Yes, convincing the general public of a products status as best gluten free bread can be as easy launching a digital marketing strategy designed to generate exposure to a mass produced product by bidding for the keyword term: best gluten free bread.

    As consumers, each of us individually are the judge and jury of claims made for best anything. Scrutiny must be applied so that BEST does not become a diluted word, destined for a monotony of sameness. How do we pave the way for best gluten free breads to float up to a manageable top list?

    The Best Gluten Free Flour Mix

    Now lets get something clear right off the bat: there is no such thing as the best gluten free flour mix. There is simply no all purpose gluten free flour mix out there which will work great for every single occasion. Rather, you will use a gluten free flour mix as the base for most your recipes, adding harder or softer flours depending on the recipe for best results.

    Having said that, there are some killer gluten free mixes out there. We are fans of the following:

    If you are bringing in your own gluten free flour mix to the table, make sure you read up on the ingredients. Our recipes are developed around gluten free flour mixes with 60-80% medium and hard flours, and 40-20% starches or soft flours.

    What we are essentially doing here at Gnom-Gnom, is developing gluten free recipes which attempt to maximize the harder flours with higher nutrition density profiles, while limiting the use of starches. No one likes empty calories after all.

    So read through below for a comprehensive list of the most popular gluten free flours currently out there. ??

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    Udis Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread

    Udis Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread has a classic taste and texture that is close to traditional white bread.

    It works great for sandwiches and toast. It is very soft and full of flavor without the gluten.

    This bread contains the following ingredients:

    • Water
    • Enzymes


    Customers who have purchased this bread have said that they have tried every wheat alternative bread out there and nothing beats the flavor and texture of Udis White Sandwich Bread.

    The bread freezes well too. Some customers even like to save the loaf ends and make breadcrumbs out of them for various gluten free recipes.


    Some customers have not been a fan of the price of this bread and have stated that they have found other brands to be cheaper.

    Other customers have said that this bread is just mediocre and it is not the best, but it is ok.

    This bread may not be suitable for vegans or those with other specific diets or allergies as it contains whole grains and egg products.


    Udis Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread costs about 54 cents per ounce and there are multiple purchase options for this bread currently on Amazon.

    You can also find this bread for a great price at most local grocery stores.

    Not sure which bread to try first? Amazon has an awesome Gluten Free Bread Variety Pack!

    This variety pack includes:

    • Udis GF Delicious White Bread
    • Schar GF Artisan White Bread
    • Bfree GF White Sandwich Bread
    • Canyon Bakehouse GF Mountain White Bread

    Baking The Gluten Free Bread


    Once proofed and doubled in volume:

  • turn the bread out onto a piece of baking/greaseproof paper ,
  • score the dough with a sharp knife or a bread lame,
  • transfer the dough into the hot skillet,
  • place the skillet/Dutch oven/combo cooker in the oven,
  • pour hot water into the bottom baking tray,
  • add 3 4 ice cubes around the bread , and
  • close the oven door.
  • Bake the dough with steam at 480 ºF for 20 minutes, then remove the tray with water, reduce the oven temperature to 450 ºF and bake for a further 40 50 minutes.

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