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Is Brown Sugar Gluten Free

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Is Brown Sugar Gluten Free

Maple & Brown Sugar Overnight Oats | Gluten Free, Vegan Breakfast

It seems an odd thing to ask whether or not brown sugar is gluten free. I mean, yes, all sugar is naturally gluten-free. But….

So, I have to admit, when I sat down to write this article, I actually got upset. I don’t want to think this hard, be this paranoid, or take any more joy out of going out to eat. It is sugar right? And most sugar comes either from sugar beets or from sugar cane and neither of these plants contain gluten. Therefore, like always, most of the speculation around sugar on a gluten free diet stems from cross-contamination, either at the manufacturer, the restaurant or at home in a shared kitchen.

So first things first, who is making our sugar? Although you see a wide variety of different sugar brands, the majority of sugar sold in the U.S. is produced by just two companies: the United States Sugar Corp. and ASR Group, formerly American Sugar Refining, Inc. Both ASR Group and U.S. Sugar Corp. are “sugar-only” mills and refineries. This dramatically reduces the chance of cross-contamination during the production process. In addition, there are a couple of smaller companies that very specifically state their product is gluten free. For example, Wholesome Sweeteners states that its sugar products are “processed and packaged in a gluten-free environment,” and Sugar in the Raw states on its FAQ page that its sugar “contains no gluten, nor does it come into contact with glutinous products such as wheat during its manufacture.”

How To Store Brown Sugar

Regardless of the fact that brown sugar does not spoil, producers advise utilizing it within six months of opening the package.

However, properly preserving brown sugar might be difficult. Because most kinds of brown sugar are sticky, they cluster together and become exceedingly hard when exposed to air.

Brown sugar should not be refrigerated. However, if you are not expecting to consume the brown sugar right away, it is best to freeze it.

Make sure the sugar is frozen in an airtight bag. When its time to use the brown sugar, defrost it and remove the clumps with a fork.

If ice crystals have developed in the sugar, swirl it while it thaws to prevent moisture pockets from affecting the sugar.

It can stay for 18 to 24 months in the pantry when properly preserved. You should store brown sugar in an airtight glass container.

If it has solidified, you should soften it before using it in recipes. Softening it restores moisture to the sugar, making it easier to measure and use.

Note About Ovens And Oven Temperatures

All my recipes are tested and developed with a conventional oven. I always bake my baked goods on the rack placed in the MIDDLE of my oven. This way the heat coming from the bottom will not burn my baked goods.

If you are baking with convection , please adjust the recipes accordingly. Be also prepared that the convection oven can cause your baked goods to dry out quickly and still be raw inside. Be aware that it takes at least 15-20 minutes for a standard American Oven to be fully preheated. I highly recommend investing in an Oven Thermometer.

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Different Types Of Sugar

There are mainly three types of sugar that we have mentioned below in detail:

  • Raw Sugar When the sugarcane juice is extracted and is left unrefined, raw sugar is obtained. The quantity of molasses is high in raw sugar due to the natural additives.
  • Image by Pixabay

    This type of sugar contains no minerals or vitamins. This is because raw sugar loses its nutritional value in the process of changing to white sugar. Consumption of excess white sugar can be hazardous for your health.

  • Brown Sugar Brown sugar is obtained from white sugar when mixed with molasses. It is usually seen that brown sugar comes in two varieties: light brown sugar and dark brown sugar. Photo by John Cutting/Unsplash

    The quantity of molasses being added in the process defines its color. Like white sugar, brown sugar also lacks nutritional value.

  • So, Is brown sugar gluten free? When you look close to sugar manufacturing, you can notice that manufacturers leave no possibility for sugars to be glutinous.

    In fact, some of the organizations explicitly claim that their product is gluten-free. To give a few examples:

    • Wheatsome sweeteners claim that their product is prepared and bundled in a gluten-free climate.
    • Sugar in Raw claims on its FAQ page that its product contains no gluten, nor does it come into contact with the glutinous item.
    • Domino Sugar Product expresses on its FAQ page that None of our sugars contain gluten.

    Add A Tablespoon Of Milk

    Gluten Free Brown Sugar Cookies

    The next trick for this gluten-free cookie recipe is to add a tablespoon of milk. This helps to compensate for the liquid that evaporates from the butter during the browning process. It also helps the cookies get a golden color and prevents grittiness.

    Gluten-free flour needs a little extra liquid for best results so you dont have chalky cookies.

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    Why Sugar Might Not Be Gluten

    The fact that sugar is naturally gluten-free doesn’t mean you can let down your guard when it comes to sugar if you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. There are instances when sugar can be problematic.

    Most of the problems with sugar on the gluten-free diet stem from cross-contamination, either at the grocery store or at home in a .

    Larger grocery stores frequently stock the sugar in a different part of the baking aisle than the flour. This decision makes sense because, otherwise, the similar-looking packages would be easy to mix up.

    But some smaller shops store sugar and flour side-by-sideand stray airborne flour from major package leaks or spills easily can land on your sugar package, potentially cross-contaminating you when you handle the package or pour the sugar. This may seem a bit paranoid, but it is possible to get gluten that way, so be warned.

    To avoid the problem, only buy sugar in a large store where it’s kept far from the flour. Or, make sure to wipe down the package carefully before handling it or opening it .

    It’s also quite possible to get sick from plain sugar if it’s been used previously for baking gluten-containing itemsthis happens after someone sticks a flour-coated spoon in the sugar bag. There’s no way to detect this type of cross-contamination beforehand.

    To guard against it in a shared kitchen, get your own unopened bag of safe sugar, and prominently label it “gluten-free.”

    Latest And Greatest Recipes

    You wanted to get closer to us, so we are sharing our story. At Florida Crystals® were always creating new recipes to help you stay ahead of trends and wow your friends. Theyre each made with real ingredients and our organic, homegrown sweetness, and we have something for everyone. Check it out!


    • ½ cup Unsalted butter, softened ½ cup Unsalted butter, softened
    • 1 cup Florida Crystals® Organic Light Brown Raw Cane Sugar 1 cup Florida Crystals® Organic Light Brown Raw Cane Sugar
    • 1 large egg 1 large egg
    • 2 teaspoons Pure vanilla extract 2 teaspoons Pure vanilla extract
    • 1 ½ cups gluten-free flour 1 ½ cups gluten-free flour
    • ¾ teaspoon baking soda ¾ teaspoon baking soda
    • ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon salt
    • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chunks or chips 1 cup semisweet chocolate chunks or chips

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    Where Can I Buy Gluten

    Since brown sugar is naturally gluten-free, you can look for this ingredient at all grocery stores or wherever you buy your baking ingredients.

    Look for it locally in the baking aisle, or if you have a hard time finding brown sugar at stores near where you live, you can also buy it online through Amazon or Thrive Market.

    Health Benefits Of Brown Sugar

    Review of Natures Path Organic gluten free brown sugar maple instant oatmeal

    Because the processing of brown sugar contains various chemicals, the only way to avoid them is to use organic brown sugar.

    Organic brown sugar is manufactured and sourced naturally, and it is nutritionally superior to any other type of sugar.

    Brown sugars unique therapeutic effects include its potential to increase energy levels, prevent colds, treat uterine infections, improve digestion, reduce flatulence, and aid in weight loss.

    Some civilizations have blended this type of sugar and ginger into a healthful beverage that can alleviate the discomfort of menstrual cramps.

    One of the unexpected uses of brown sugar is as a skin exfoliator the abrasive texture makes it great for removing dirt, filth, and dead skin cells from your bodys biggest organ.

    It also acts as a humectant, meaning that it holds moisture. As a result, it is a great element in skincare products for dry skin.

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    How To Make Brown Sugar

    You can accomplish it yourself by adding a few tablespoons of molasses. It is easily done by mixing some molasses with either white or brown sugar.

    Combine white sugar and molasses in a bowl or food processor to get the molasses fully mixed in. You can modify the amount of molasses in your brown sugar depending on whether you need light or dark brown sugar.

    Is Brown Sugar Gluten Free Answer Here

    Hello, Im Eshé the lady behind the blog. Thats me cooking on the set of The Hairy Bikers. I LOVE food and I dont mean I really like it. I mean my whole world revolves around it.

    Many people are affected by gluten sugar, which is not healthy when celiac or not a celiac patient is. This is a susceptible condition, and you shouldnt take all the sugar without careful consideration of whether of the gluten content. Pure sugar is considered gluten-free, but the question remains, is brown sugar gluten free? This article will discuss if brown sugar has poisonous gluten or whether its just an assumption. Lets see.

    What’s Inside

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    Precautions And Next Steps

    When you’re considering a gluten-free diet or have concerns about celiac disease, speak with your doctor. Also, questions about diabetes or weight loss should be directed to a healthcare professional. When looking to switch to a gluten-free diet and one that is low in added sugars, speak with a registered dietitian to evaluate your current diet, make changes where appropriate and assist in meal planning. A dietitian can also provide education on the importance of dietary changes for certain conditions and provide tips for adherence.

    Reviewed by: Kay Peck, MPH RD

    Take Note Of The Location The Sugar Is In The Store

    Quaker Gluten

    There is a potential for sugar in the store to become cross contaminated with gluten if the sugar and flour bags are next to one another on a store shelf.

    Yes, youd have to be extremely gluten sensitive for this to become an issue, but I want to be sure to mention any and all possibilities. If a bag of flour breaks open next to a sugar package, gluten may come into contact with the sugar packaging and maybe inside when you open the bag.

    This is maybe overkill, but if you are extremely sensitive to gluten, keep an eye out for where youre grabbing the sugar from in the store. See if you can choose a package that isnt directly next to where the flour is located.

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    What Are The Ingredients In Brown Sugar What Is Brown Sugar Made Of

    Brown sugar is made with granulated sugar and molasses. Molasses is added to white sugar in order to add the richness and depth of flavor into this ingredient.

    Brown sugar comes in two different options, light and dark. The only difference between these is how much molasses is added to the sugar, so youll find the ingredients lists will be the same, but the quantity of each ingredient may vary.

    What Is Organic Brown Sugar Made Of

    Organic light x26amp dark brown sugars are simply a mixture of organic raw sugar and organic molasses. Light brown sugars have about 2 to 3% molasses added to organic sugar, and dark brown sugars have about 6% added molasses. The two leading brands of organic brown sugar are Wholesome and Florida Crystals.

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    Is All Brown Sugar Gluten

    Depending on which brand you buy, the brown sugar packaging may not be labeled as gluten-free. But, dont worry! All brown sugar is completely safe for anyone with gluten intolerances or allergies to consume.

    In the home, cross-contamination can be sometimes easily forgotten about. If youve got gluten intolerances or allergies, its important to be wary of what exactly youre using. If youve just used a utensil for a product containing gluten, or even the container that its in,

    you need to know the risk of gluten traces. To prevent cross-contamination, thoroughly wash your hands and the utensil/container before diving into the sugar contents.

    When Is Brown Sugar Not Gluten

    Gluten Free Brown Sugar & Maple Oatmeal Cup

    Brown sugar is naturally gluten-free however, it can become be considered not gluten-free because of cross-contact with gluten. How does that happen?

    • Brown sugar can become contaminated in your kitchen by someone using the same measuring cups in flour and then in the sugar or brown sugar. The residual gluten that was on the measuring cup has now contaminated the other ingredients. Therefore it is crucial to store and measure your ingredients to help ensure cross-contact does not occur to keep the brown sugar safe.
    • Did your brown sugar go hard? It’s common practice to store brown sugar with a piece of bread in it to keep it moist. This practice will keep your brown sugar moist, but it will also make it no longer considered to be gluten-free. A better way to keep your brown sugar moist is to use a brown sugar saver instead.

    If you think your brown sugar has been contaminated with gluten, it’s best to start with a new package. Be sure to clean any container it was being stored before storing a new package.

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    What Brands Of Brown Sugar Are Gluten

    Does brown sugar contain gluten? Brown sugar is naturally gluten-free, but not all brands go through the certification to have the certified gluten-free labeling on their packages.

    • Wholesome SweetenersBrand all have their packages labeled gluten-free.
    • Great Value Brand is labeled gluten-free.
    • Imperial Sugar Brand According to their site, all Imperial Sugar does not contain any gluten from wheat, barley, or rye.
    • The same parent company owns Domino Brand, C& H, and Florida Crystals brands. All of their brown sugars are considered gluten-free.

    See below for how some brands label their brown sugar.



    Is Powdered Sugar Gluten

    Powdered sugar is a finely ground sugar that is mixed together with a small amount of starch for use in baking.

    In theory, cornstarch should also be gluten-free, so this ingredient would be safe for a gluten-free diet.

    However, any time you have starches or grains that are processed, theres a risk of cross contamination in the facilities and on the lines theyre manufactured on.

    Youll want to be sure that the starch thats added to the powdered sugar is gluten-free and the lines its processed on are not used for other gluten-containing grains.

    Wholesome has a gluten-free powdered sugar option.

    Read on: Is powdered sugar gluten-free?

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    Is Great Value Brown Sugar Gluten

    According to the Walmart website, Great Value brown sugar is gluten-free.

    If youve been following a gluten-free diet or just getting started with one, I hope that youve found the information youve been looking for regarding gluten and your gluten-free diet. Most brown sugar is gluten-free, but you can always look for a brand with a gluten-free label if you need to be extra certain there is not a chance of cross contamination.

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