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High Fiber Gluten Free Bread

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Base Culture Keto Bread

Buckwheat, Almond & Chia Bread – Gluten free, Vegan & High Protein
  • Base Culture Paleo Sandwich Bread is the delicious, healthy bread your diet has been longing for. Packed with protein, almond flour, golden flax and honey to give your Sandwich a nutty-sweet taste that cant be beat
  • Base Culture Paleo Bread comes with 18 slices per loaf and it is perfect for sandwiches so you don’t have to sacrifice taste on your next toast or BLT
  • All you need and nothing else: 100% Paleo Certified, Certified Gluten Free, Kosher Certified, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free. Certified Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, Unprocessed
  • Easy to store: In the freezer it will last up to 9 months and in the fridge, it will last 2 weeks. Base Culture Paleo Bread can be frozen, thawed, and frozen again without damage to taste or quality.
  • You Come First: Bottom line, we want you to be happy. You have absolutely no need to worry about getting an unsatisfactory product. We promise to return your money or send a replacement if you are not happy with your purchase. Just reach out and let us know how we can make your experience as great as it can possibly be!

Grain Free High Protein & Fiber Bread

Once upon a time I was a very angry and unhappy young woman. My husband and I were living in a condo in the city and I was working full time from home while taking care of our first baby girl. It was hard. My husband was always gone because he was working full time during the day and taking college courses at night. I never got a break a chance to catch my breath. I was trying to figure out the whole first time mom thing while working, and since I was home, there was no separation between the two. As I look back now, those years were a blur and sadly, a very unhappy time for both my husband and I .

When one gets so unhappy, its sometimes hard to step outside the box and really see what true reality is. Thats what happened to me. I was so stuck in my unhappiness and loneliness that I lost sight of reality. In my warped thinking, I blamed my husband for being away from me and our daughter it was his fault I was so unhappy . Things between us got very ugly.

As the therapist and I continued to talk, she came to the conclusion that I suffered from post-partum depression. And suddenly it all started to make sense in my mind. I really was depressed, and among other things, my emotions were way out of control. The therapist gave me two treatment options, therapy or therapy plus meds. I agreed to therapy and that summer/fall I fought and prayed my way out of my pit of depression. It took time, effort, lots of tears, and oddly enough, Weight Watchers.

Simple Mills Artisan Bread

Enjoying this Simple Mills Gluten-Free Bread requires a little extra effort but trust us, its well worth it. And honestly, whats better than fresh-out-of-the-oven bread!? Especially when its gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly. This Simple Mills bread mix is made with a handful of simple ingredients, including almond flour, arrowroot, and flax. To bake it, all you need is vinegar, eggs, and a dash of oil! You can even bake it into flatbread or dinner rolls yum. While the bread mix is plant-based, the batter calls for the addition of eggs. But good news, plant-based bread-lovers you can swap flax eggs in this recipe to keep it vegan!

Searching for other nutritious gluten-free baked goods? Simple Mills makes yummy Pancake and Waffle Mixes, Almond Flour Baking Mixes, and store-bought Crackers and Cookies.

Per 1 slice serving: 120 calories, 7g fat , 12g carbs, 200mg sodium, 1g sugar, 2g fiber, 3g protein

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Base Culture Original Keto Bread

This grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free bread is not only tasty, but its incredibly nutritious! The Original Keto Flavor is made with simple whole food ingredients such as almond flour, eggs, almond butter, flax, apple cider vinegar, and psyllium husk. Its keto-friendly with a bland, nutty taste and consistency similar to regular bread. Its higher in fat and protein, making it a more satiating option. Try it toasted with avocado or nut butter or topped with your favorite sandwich fixings!

P.S. It comes in different gluten-free flavors and varieties, including non-keto options. Flavors include Cinnamon Raisin, 7 Nut & Seed, Sourdough, Simple White, Soft Sandwich, and Cheese Bread.

Per 1 slice serving: 110 calories, 6 g fat , 8g carbs, 180mg sodium, 0g sugar, 4g fiber, 4g protein

Look For A Balanced Nutrient Profile

Low carb gluten free protein bread

For a More Filling Snack, Choose Bread High in Fiber and Protein

higher in fiber and protein

Try to aim for 3 grams and above per slice for both. Just make sure the fiber and protein come from natural, whole ingredients and not concentrate. Grains and seedsespecially flax- and sesame seedsare solid options that contribute to both heart and muscle health.

Choose a bread that’s high in fiber and nutrient-dense ingredients and you will stay fuller longer and spend less time in the pantry.

A great snack that is popular in our house is a piece of toast topped with peanut butter, chia seeds, and mashed raspberries. It’s a yummy and filling snack that’s full of fiber from the bread and chia seeds, healthy fats from the peanut butter, and antioxidants from the raspberries.

Dont Forget to Pay Attention to Fat and Sugar

5 grams of sugar

You can also choose a loaf without added sugar by checking the ingredients list for sugars, which typically end in “-ose,” such as sucrose and glucose.

Breads didn’t originally have sugar in them, but in the culture we live in now, it’s almost always assumed that sugar is added to cause us to want more of it. So be careful to pay attention to how much sugar is in each slice of bread.

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Micronutrients In High Fiber Bread

When foods are made from whole grains, they contain all parts of the grain seed. This means that they offer the benefits of micronutrients like B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium.

Breads made with sprouted grains are especially rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Below are some of the benefits of micronutrients found in bread:

  • B vitamins: needed to convert food into energy
  • Iron: helps the body transport oxygen
  • Magnesium: helps with bone and heart health
  • Selenium: powerful antioxidant that may reduce your risk of developing certain cancers
  • Vitamin E: helps with vision, reproductive, and skin health
  • Vitamin C: helps repair body tissue
  • Beta-carotene: antioxidant that plays a role in eye health

What Goes With High Fiber Bread

Well of course there’s butter, or wine and Brie. And slice thin this makes great toast to go with eggs and bacon.

Here’s a few great recipes that go great with The oat fiber bread:

The nutrition information on this site is provided as a courtesy. We try to be as accurate as possible. But if you ever feel like something is off please feel free to do your own calculations.

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Gluten Free Breads With Super Grains For Optimal Nutrition

Sprouted for Life breads from Food for Life are gluten free breads made with the super seeds Chia, Quinoa, and Millet. Not only are these gluten free breads free of any gluten, they are also free of any rice, unlike most gluten free breads on the market. Additionally, they do not have any dairy or eggs, or any other animal products. The Sprouted for Life breads are gluten free, made with super seeds for great nutritional value, rice free, and vegan.

Gluten free sprouted grain breads are truly unique and Food For Lifes Sprouted For Life breads are one of the only sprouted gluten free breads on the market. Out of a love and desire to serve its customers, Food For Life invested innumerable hours to develop the perfect gluten free breads and vegan breads that maintain all of the benefits of sprouted grain breads. This means bread that is much easier to digest, much more satisfying and nutritious for your body. Whether you are gluten intolerant or vegan, the sprouted gluten free breads are manufactured with everyone in mind. This is a plant-based whole food that is 100% kosher, 100% fresh, and 100% delicious. It also has a dense, rich texture that is packed with the healthiest grains that can be found in bread. If you need gluten free toast or gluten free sandwich bread, look no further than Food For Lifes sprouted gluten free breads.

  • Original 3 Seed
  • Almond
  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Rice Pecan
  • Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds And Grains Bread

    Quinoa Bread | GLUTEN-FREE | SUGAR-FREE | DAIRY-FREE | High in Protein & Fiber

    Price: $

    Little Northern Bakehouse is a gluten-free, plant-based bakery that produces products in a facility that has been audited and certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Program and GFCO.

    In addition to being gluten-free, all of its products are non-GMO-verified and free of major allergens, including eggs, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts.

    Its Seeds and Grains Bread has an overall short ingredient list that includes a mixture of gluten-free flours, whole grains, and seeds, including flax, chia, and pumpkin seeds.

    One slice provides approximately 85 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, less than 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 110 mg of sodium, 16 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of protein .

    Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds and Grains Bread can be stored at room temperature for up to 9 days. However, for longer periods of storage, its recommended to keep the bread in the freezer for up to 6 months.

    In addition to sandwich bread, the company offers gluten-free bagels and hamburger buns, both of which are likewise made with high quality ingredients and free of major allergens.

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    High Fibre Buckwheat Chia Gluten Free Bread Recipe

    August 13, 2019 by Helen Tzouganatos

    When I eliminated gluten from my diet twelve years ago what I missed most was beautiful soft, bouncy bread. I recall playing with different gluten free flour combinations in my kitchen aiming to create a quick and easy recipe that produced a soft and fluffy gluten free loaf that was not dense or heavy as a brick. After many weeks of trial and error I struck gold one day with my quick and easy High Fibre Buckwheat and Chia Bread recipe.

    I LOVE this gluten free bread recipe because

  • Unlike traditional bread which requires kneading, this gluten free bread is more like a simple cake batter and only requires a bowl and spoon . This is by far the easiest gluten free bread you will make from scratch and it produces the softest and bounciest loaf.
  • This gluten free bread has a great shelf life. It keeps well for 4-5 days at room temperature in an airtight container. If there are any leftover slices simply store them in the fridge or freezer ready to pop in the toaster for breakfast.
  • There are no obscure ingredients. You simply mix two gluten free flours together and you are done. Blending your own gluten free flour from scratch is easy and extremely satisfying.
  • Once youve made my High Fibre Buckwheat and Chia Bread and you see how easy and delicious it is youll start baking it weekly just like I do. I love it topped with smashed avocado, a soft boiled egg and homemade zaatar for breakfast. Happy gluten free baking!

    How To Separate Eggs

    This bread tastes more “bready” and less eggy because it only has the whites of the eggs in it.

    This is an easy thing to do.

    If you don’t have six eggs or don’t want to mess around separating them you can always just use 3 whole eggs.

    Your bread may have an eggy flavor to it but I kind of like that taste. It’s up to you.

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    Redefining Gluten Free Baking Nutritional Standards

    To say that I am proud of this recipe would be an understatement, because honestly this recipe was probably one of the most challenging recipes to nail down, and also one that I truly think will help normalize bread for people with celiac disease or other gluten sensitivities.

    After many many flops I finally ended up with what I would argue is going to be the best gluten free whole grain bread recipe you will ever eat not to mention one of the best for you.

    Bread is such a staple food and more than anything I hope that this recipe will allow people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to enjoy truly delicious, whole grain gluten free bread that is good for their bodies, and delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy.

    Food For Life Sprouted Gluten

    Rustic Bread w/Yogurt 480g

    This tasty choice is not only gluten-free, but its also loaded with plant-based nutrients such as organic and sprouted quinoa, millet, chia, and flax seeds! Sprouted nuts, grains, and seeds are easier to digest and have more bioavailable nutrients. Therefore, this gluten-free bread is a great option for anyone with a sensitive digestive system. It is 100% plant-based, rich in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids, and contains just one gram of sugar .

    Per 1 slice serving: 110 calories, 2.5g fat , 21g carbs, 115mg sodium, 1g sugar, 4g fiber, 2 g protein

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    Outer Aisle Cauliflower Sandwich Thins

    Looking for a low-carb, gluten-free bread alternative thats healthy and wholesome? Look no further. This Cauliflower Bread is a deliciously nutritious alternative to processed bread ! Its made from four simple ingredients: Cauliflower, Eggs, Cheese, and Nutritional Yeast. Keep in mind the dairy and egg ingredients make it an unsuitable choice for vegan bread-eaters. With that said, this healthy variety is Keto and Paleo-friendly and free from flour, gums, soy, and nuts. And thanks to the cauliflower, it has one serving of veggies in every 2 pieces! Plus, its packed with protein while remaining low in carbs, calories, sugar, and fat.

    Try it in various flavors such as: Jalapeno, Italian, Original, and Everything.

    Per 2 piece serving: 100 calories, 5g fat , 3g carbs, 240mg sodium, 1g sugar, 1g fiber, 9g protein

    Keto Collagen Fiber Bar By Dr Kellyann

    • Keto & Paleo Diets Made with minimal ingredients, our keto fiber collagen bars have the perfect balance of macronutrients and healthy fats to provide you energy throughout the day. As with all our bone broths, we use 100% grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen!
    • High In Fiber, Low In Carbs 15g Fiber – 3g Net Carbs – 4g Protein – 3.5g Collagen – Each bar has 15 grams of natural, soluble, prebiotic coconut fiber which is great for your digestion. Our collagen bars are a keto-friendly snack for those looking for low-carb options.
    • Gluten-free No additives or artificial sweeteners – Our delectable dark chocolate fiber bar is sweetened with Stevia, making it delightful and sweetbut still good for you!
    • 12 Bars Per Box Each box contains 12 creamy coconut-filled bars dipped in rich dark chocolate. Perfect for breakfast, as a meal replacement, or as a low-carb snack.
    • Possible Side-effects Gas, mild bloating. Reason Each Dr. Kellyann’s Fiber Bar contains 15g of fiber. According to the American Heart Association, the average adult consumes only about 15g of fiber per day . Gas and bloating are both temporary side effects. Consume only half of a Fiber Bar at first, until your system adjusts to the increased fiber intake. Increase gradually over the next few days.

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