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Gluten Free Commercial Kitchen Rental

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Let Amped Kitchens Take Care Of You

GFree Genius: Weezie’s GF Kitchen

Manufacturing gluten-free certified products is an exact science that requires attention to detail and the utmost care during production. Amped Kitchens has the personalized, private space, high-power infrastructure, and top-notch quality measures to help your gluten-free production kitchen thrive.

Well provide the kitchen space you provide the equipment.

All The Professional Equipment You Expect

  • 8-ft by 8-ft walk-in freezer
  • Dough Sheeter
  • 10-burner gas range with 2 full size ovens
  • Hundreds of kitchen tools
  • 8-ft by 8-ft walk-in freezer
  • Dough Sheeter
  • 10-burner gas range with 2 full size ovens
  • Hundreds of kitchen tools
  • Robot Coupe R2-Dice food processor
  • Hobart Buffalo Chopper + attachments
  • 2 full-size convection ovens in bakery
  • Robot Coupe R2-Dice food processor
  • Hobart Buffalo Chopper + attachments
  • 2 full-size convection ovens in bakery
  • 8-ft by 8-ft walk-in freezer
  • Dough Sheeter
  • 10-burner gas range with 2 full size ovens
  • Hundreds of kitchen tools
  • Robot Coupe R2-Dice food processor
  • Hobart Buffalo Chopper + attachments

What Equipment Is Provided

All of our equipment is commercial grade, and new:

  • 3000 square ft. Baking/Cooking and Food Prepping area space
  • washable floors & walls
  • Dry storage, Cold & Freezer storage
  • Walk-in Cooler
  • Commercial 2 door Refrigerator Reach In
  • 2 Commercial single door Freezers
  • 2 – 20 Quart commercial mixer
  • 2 – Commercial Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Range top 6 Burner Stove Gas
  • Range Oven Gas
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    Experience The Benefits Of Cloud Kitchens By Working With Revolving Kitchen

    The ghost kitchen model is on the rise in Dallas, but no other facility does it quite like Revolving Kitchen. Our commissary kitchen features 25 separate units in a variety of sizes. Youre sure to find a space thats ideal for the needs of your business. Our members gain access to numerous benefits, including the following:

    Top Portland Shared Kitchens

    Commercial Kitchen Rental in Scotts Valley
    • Ashley Colpaart

    Need a place to call your kitchen home in Portland, OR? Below are a few of our top picks for Commercial Kitchens in Portland. To see a full list of commercial and commissary kitchens in Oregon, check out

    Portland Mercado Kitchen 7238 SE Foster Rd, Portland, ORThe Portland Mercado Kitchen is a 24/7 access, affordable, licensed, non-profit commissary in Portland, Oregon that welcomes entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their food business or who are looking to expand their small scale business. Portland Mercado Kitchen offers business development services, personal advising, access to sales opportunities, and discounts on rental prices based on income.

    Commissary Kitchen/Cafe For Rent 4107 SE Harrison St, Portland, ORThis certified commercial kitchen for rent, with dining area, is located in the basement of a theater. The space is roughly 900 sq. ft. with full walk-in refrigerator and dishwasher. Other equipment is available, depending on tenants needs. The space is preferably vegan, and definitely vegetarian.Monthly rental includes all utilities paid such as water, trash, & electricity.

    Stellas Kitchen 12125 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, ORStellas Kitchen, located in Beaverton, is a paleo meal prep kitchen looking to share the gluten free kitchen with other small food businesses. The kitchen is super clean and well equipped for all kinds of different needs. There are evening and day time rental hours available.

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    Commercial Kitchen For Rent

    We offer our commercial kitchen for rent by the hour / day when we are not using it.

    Located just outside of Toronto, the Eat Savage kitchen is available 24/7 excluding Sundays. If you are looking to rent kitchen space within the GTA to expand your catering business, for product / menu / recipe testing, for food photography or to run your own food business or cooking classes – our certified commercial kitchen in Oshawa is available.

    We have 2 kitchen spaces available for rent within our location at 40 Simcoe St. North in Oshawa . A baking / prep kitchen and a grilling / baking kitchen.

    The entire space is Health Canada Inspected complete with a Durham Region Dine Safe.

    Renting a Health Canada approved kitchen space allows you to legally run a food business, expand your catering business, baking business or set up a home base for your food truck / mobile food business without incurring the huge start up costs or commitment of owning your own commercial kitchen.

    The commercial kitchen equipment includes:6 burner gas stove with grilling area2 gas ovens

    Gluten Free Kitchen Amenities

    Amped Kitchens is the only rental service in the industry that supports all aspects of its tenants operations.

    Each of our kitchen rental spaces includes ample storage space featuring dry, cold, and frozen storage options. With high-capacity utility lines , each of our kitchens is equipped with the appropriate infrastructure to scale to the needs of your particular purpose.

    Running a gluten-free CPG or bulk production business is about more than just what happens in your kitchen. Each of our gluten-free kitchen rentals comes with a suite of supporting amenities. Conference rooms and office space help you keep your operations moving along the right trajectory.

    Our spacious loading docks, complete with logistics staff, can help you process incoming supply orders quickly and efficiently without adding to your costs or occupying your cook staff with shipping-related tasks.

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    Commercial Kitchens For Rent In Dallas

    If youre growing a food or beverage business, you face a unique set of challenges unlike those in any other industry. Whether youre an up-and-coming food entrepreneur or an experienced national restaurant chain, youve likely had to grapple with high initial investments, administrative fees and complex government regulations especially when youre moving to a new commercial kitchen space. With real estate prices climbing, it can be hard to develop a business concept to bring your dream to life.

    Consumer demands and social trends also pose a challenge for the food industry. Theres a shift in demand from dine-in experiences to virtual restaurants that offer delivery services, and as a result, many businesses are switching to a cloud kitchen model.

    Top 10 La Shared Kitchens

    Sweet Treats Await at New Sauk Rapids Gluten-Free Bakery, Rental Kitchen [VIDEO]
    • Haley Collins

    If you are a growing small food business looking for the perfect place to land, take a look at our top ten recommendations for . To see a full list of commercial and commissary kitchens in LA, check out

    Crafted Kitchen 672 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA

    A state-of-the art facility, housed in a fully restored 95-year-old brick warehouse, Crafted Kitchen is designed to give small food businesses access to the space, resources, and business skills they need in order to make their culinary dreams a reality. With a variety of kitchen formats available, Crafted Kitchen provides Los Angeles-area food entrepreneurs with room to grow.

    The Kitchen Terminal 2617 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA

    This 4,000 sq ft warehouse facility is comprised of 5 commercial kitchens 1 bake kitchen and 4 cold prep tables and is available to rent 24 hours a day. TKT is a premiere commercial kitchen rental facility that provides first class, efficient, and professional commercial kitchens and food prep space to small business owners, caterers, & food truck companies. TKT is committed to providing a platform for your business to create a solid foundation, which includes small business services, marketing and educational events and seminars.

    DTLA Kitchens 3212 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

    ON Kitchens Van Nuys, CA

    Amped Kitchens 6130 S. Avalon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

    FOOD HUB 11700 Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City, CA

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    New To The Industry We Can Help

    Even if you are completely new in the food business, we help with:

    • Setting up and registering your company, and obtaining the right permits and licenses from the city.
    • Licensing related specifically to food obtaining the right license for your product from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, FDA or County Health Department.
    • Insurance figuring out what insurance you need and where to get it.
    • Packaging finding the right package for your product.
    • UPC Codes if you want to sell wholesale, you may well need one.
    • Nutrition labels if you want to sell wholesale, you will need one.
    • Printing packaging, labels and beyond.
    • Website affordable, modern, appealing, SEO optimized.
    • Access and referrals to professional business services, including bookkeeping, accounting, graphic design, marketing, social media and advertising.
    We provide assistance finding these services for no additional charge.

    What Is A Cloud Kitchen

    A cloud kitchen is a commercial kitchen space that companies can lease to develop new concepts or prepare food for delivery. Cloud kitchens offer a modern twist on the traditional restaurant concept.

    If youre looking for commercial kitchens for rent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, look no further than Revolving Kitchen. Our facility features all the infrastructure and equipment your business needs to scale and make your mark on the future of food.

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    In Good Company Kitchen

    775 Pacific Road, Oakville, Ontario L6L 6M4 Contact: Michael FayeRates: $19-24 per hour depending on needsA well appointed kitchen in Oakville in the west of the GTA.

    In Good Company Kitchen, Oakville, Ontario


    Garland SUMG-100 gas convection oven – 5 trayBlodgett SHO-100-g gas convection oven – 5 tray2 Blodgett SHO-100-e electric ovens – 5 trays each2 six-burner gas stove topsDual-stock pot rangeThree mobile 6′ dollies for easily transporting and cooling baking trays Numerous pots, pans, utensils10-quart tri-speed mixer40-quart single speed spiral mixerHobart 40 & 60 quart quad-speed planetary mixer Plenty of baking sheets and smallwares, mobile baking tray trolleysRobot coupe R2 and CL50 and Vitamix food processorsElectric meat and cheese slicer

    Storage: Plenty of dry, refrigeration and freezer space. Can accommodate a range of storage needs.Parking/Loading Dock: Plenty of free parking, loading door for large delivery available.Public Transportation: Bronte Go Train a short distance away and we’re on a major bus route #10 West Industrial .Insurance requirements: $2 million liability insurance required by landlord.

    Please refer to website to see what’s included in each area

    In Good Company Kitchen, Oakville, Ontario

    Colorado Kitchen Share / Colorados Most Affordable Kitchens / 435

    Oceanside Commercial Kitchen in Oceanside

    FREE DRY STORAGE WITH EVERY PROGRAMNo matter which kitchen share program you choose at Colorado Kitchen Share you receive free dry storage. Many programs we offer also include free refrigeration storage. Our storage areas are available for you on a 24/7 basis. Our pricing page provides additional details on our storage options.

    DEDICATED CLEANING KITCHENS Whether you are a food truck, food trailer, food cart, catering operation, or a personal chef the health department regulations require you to return to the commissary to clean your dishes and small wares after each day or event. We offer dedicated cleaning kitchens that you can use 24/7 without reservation for no additional charge.


    Whether you require assistance with labeling, packaging, bar codes, nutritional calculations, marketing or other areas, we are here to help you. If we do not know the answer to your questions we will help you find a solution with our industry contacts. We also have numerous food supplier relationships which we can access to help you source product ingredients from different companies across the country

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    What Is A Gluten

    Gluten is a type of protein found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye.

    For people diagnosed with a condition called celiac disease, or even those with a general gluten intolerance, eating gluten-rich foods can be dangerous. Therefore, gluten-free kitchen requirements must be very strict to ensure safety.

    For gluten-free production, you must eliminate all potential for cross-contamination. That includes making sure that none of your ingredients contains gluten and that none of your cooking equipment comes into contact with gluten-rich materials.

    Orange Countys Best Equipped Commercial Kitchens

    East End Incubator Kitchens are 4th Street Markets fully equipped, commercial kitchen spaces for rent, ideally designed for food production, personal chefs and caterers as well as delivery, ghost kitchen / cloud kitchen / dark kitchen uses, and virtual kitchen / virtual restaurant uses. East End Incubator Kitchens offer traditional kitchen facilities as well as gluten free and confectionery spaces. Each commercial kitchen space is fully self-contained, in that the food maker is not sharing their space with another, and features public viewing windows into the market. These commercial kitchens may be rented by the hour, day, or month, utilizing access to the markets 8,000 square foot basement which includes a commissary, dry storage, cold/freezer storage, and packing/ labeling room. Food artisans will also have the opportunity to showcase and test market their products in 4th Street Markets on-site specialty food shop Alta Baka Market.

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    Take Your Food Business To The Next Level

    Whether you are a caterer in need of a bigger kitchen or your own ghost kitchen, a manufacturer or farmers market seller in need of a professional space to make your product or an instructor in search of a well equipped facility to give classesCook & Bake Center has you covered. Offering flexible schedules day and night at affordable rates.

    London Kitchen Hire How Does It Work

    Grilled Chicken With Seasonal Vegetables | A California Pizza Kitchen ReCreation Is Gluten Free

    Ranging from 400 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft, we have a kitchen rental to suit every business. Whether youre a street food stand or a large corporation, weve got commercial kitchen space to suit your needs.

    Need help finding your fit? Were also here to answer any questions you might have.

    Our team of experts can discuss the finer requirements for your commercial kitchen space. We can also put you in touch with our suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment, as well as food industry experts.

    From bakers to large-scale food caterers, our cheap commercial kitchens for rent have a wide variety of applications.

    Let us take care of the space while you manage the day to day running of your business.

    With our specialised knowledge, we can advise you on the design and layout, production flow and electricity, gas and water connections. We also have onsite cold storage facilities to make the day to day running of your food business that little bit easier.

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    Tips For Renting Out Your Kitchen

    1. Figure out what you are and what you are not renting out. For example, if you have storage space to offer, either dry or refrigerated, let your potential clients know. If there is equipment you don’t want anyone but your mom and you messing with, make that clear. Best to put this in writing and post it in the kitchen as well as make it part of your rental contracts.

    2. Take some great photographs of your kitchen to give potential renters a clear idea of the amount of space, the state of the equipment and etc. Make sure your kitchen is sparkling and bright when you photograph it. If you would like to post a description and the photos here, please get in .

    3. Be clear about the condition in which you intend to have it ready for the tenant, and the condition in which you expect it to be left.

    4. Who’s going to open the kitchen for the renter? Who’s going to lock up? Have a person’s name and cell number ready for the renter, so that if things go awry they have someone to contact. It’s a good idea to have this posted in the kitchen too.

    5. Decide about your position regarding insurance. Many kitchens don’t ask for renters to have their own insurance, but a few do. What level of risk are you comfortable with? Are you adequately insured in case things should get pear-shaped? Where is your fire equipment? Make sure your renters know how to use it, and where the emergency exits are.

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