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Exercises For Legs And Glutes

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Smith Machine Reverse Lunge

Leg, Butt & Thigh Workout | 15 Min At Home with or without dumbbells

The smith machine reverse lunge is a stable lunge variation, allowing you to control the technique and better bias the target muscles. The stability of this lunge makes it great for both beginners and advanced trainees who want to add weight to the movement youll have an easier time loading this reverse lunge variation.

Butt Exercise: Side Band Walking

Degree of difficulty: 5 out of 5

  • Overview: This exercise effectively targets the glute-ham tie-in, where most women tend to carry body fat.
  • Get ready: Tie a resistance band just below your knees, and descend into a quarter-squat position, feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart to put tension on the band.
  • Go: Keeping your abs tight and staying in the quarter-squat, step to the right with your right leg first, then your left, keeping tension on the band throughout. Repeat for reps, then switch sides to lead with your left leg.

Kims tip: I really like this one because it hits an area in your glutes thats really hard to get to.

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Sculpt And Tone Your Legs And Butt With This Intense Tried

You know you had a good workout when it leaves you sore for the next three days. It’s the hurts-so-bad-but-feels-so-good sore that has you struggling to walk up a flight of stairs or sit down on the toilet. If you’re into that type of sweat sesh, get prepared for this intense, hour-long workout targeting your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Go HAM during your next gym session with this tried-and-true workout from yours truly!

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How To Do The Leg Extension

What Are Compound Exercises

4 Explosive Exercises To Build Up And Strengthen Your ...

Compound exercises are movements that involve large muscle parts, several joints and additionally the muscles stabilizing the torso. Such training offers numerous benefits, builds large groups of muscles, accelerates fat burning, strengthens joints, reduces stress, increases growth hormone and testosteron levels, and prevents injuries. All the exercises presented below are compound movements.

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Stability Ball Lateral Crab Walks

An odd exercise that will integrate both sides of the back of your body in its natural cross-pattern activation. Basically, when one glute fires, the opposing low back muscle fires as well. This naturally happens when walking, running, or walking up stairs. Its a great exercise for this muscle firing pattern and to get your glutes working hard. Plus, it looks cool.

How to do it:

The ball should be under your head and shoulders and feel like a pillow, while your arms are outstretched to the side and fully engaged/contracted.

As with all of these stability ball exercises the key with this one is to ensure that your hips are up and your body is in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

Enter your glutes, which in their contraction extend your hips up.

As you move laterally a few inches to the left, youll instantly feel your right glute contract big time.

Youll also notice the left side of your lower back fire up as well, which reminds us of the intricate contralateral connection between our glutes and low back.

How Many Times Per Week Should You Work Legs

Recent research suggests that when trying to maximize muscle growth, theres not much difference between training the major muscle groups one time per week versus three times per week .

What makes the most difference in muscle growth is resistance training volume, meaning how many sets and reps youre completing. Higher volume sessions tend to produce better results than working the same muscle group multiple times in a week .


Simpler is better for leg workouts. Stick with the basic movements squats, hip hinges, and lunges and stick with 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise.

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Goal : Emphasize Your Hamstrings

Hams shouldn’t be an afterthought, and not just for aesthetic reasons they also support knee-joint integrity. Most bodybuilders are familiar with the family of leg-curl movements, which can be done lying, seated, standing, or with one knee supported on a bench. Don’t forget to work the hams from the hip joint as well, which means doing Romanians.

Often confused with the stiff-legged deadlift and even the conventional deadlift , it’s an effective move for the upper hams where they tie in with the glutes. Good form is critical with RDLsâkeep your back flat and never try to achieve excessive range of motion if it causes your back to round.

Good form is critical with RDLsâkeep your back flat and never try to achieve excessive range of motion if it causes your back to round.

Don’t forget, your hams also get worked when you squat deep and when you control the speed of the descent in squatting motions. However, that amount of work isn’t enough to let you skip dedicated hamstring exercises. If you decide to split your quad and ham workouts into two different days, separate them by at least 48 hours to ensure full recovery. Or tack this workout onto the end of a quad/glute workout, occasionally even doing it prior.

This workout again follows a reverse-pyramid protocol, which allows you to take more total sets to muscle failure. As the rep target goes up, be sure to lighten the weight commensurately.


Butt Exercise: Lateral Step Up With Kickback

45 Min Butt and Legs Workout for Women & Men – Home Leg, Glutes, Butt and Thigh Workout w/ Dumbbells

Degree of difficulty: 3 out of 5

  • Overview: This exercise works both the adductors and abductors, but the kickback targets the glutes. To add difficulty, use ankle weights.
  • Get ready: Stand to the left side of an aerobic step or box.
  • Go: Step sideways onto the box with your right leg only, then contract your abs and squeeze your left glute as you bring your straight left leg behind you in a kickback motion. Hold for one count, then release the glute and step carefully off the box with your left leg, followed by your right. Repeat for reps, then switch sides.

Kims tip: Be careful not to spring up. You dont want to get a bounce motion in there. Youre isolating the squeeze-hold and the step up to make sure youre not using your calves.

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Goal : Emphasize Your Quads

Because multijoint leg movements work your legs from top to bottom, it’s impossible to completely isolate one area over another. However, you can emphasize one area over another. In this case, we’re trying to maximize the range of motion of the knee joint while limiting the range of motion at the hip joint. One way to do this is by changing up your foot position on machine exercises.

The front squat also emphasizes the quads more than, say, a barbell back squat does by shifting your center of gravity forward. With heavy partials, you’re not going deep, so you can really overload the quads put on up to 30 percent more weight than you normally use, but go only part of the way down.

Because multijoint leg movements work your legs from top to bottom, it’s impossible to completely isolate one area over another. However, you can emphasize one area over another.

This workout follows a reverse-pyramid protocol, which allows you to take more total sets to muscle failure. As the rep target goes up, be sure to lighten the weight commensurately. Note that this workout covers only quads and glutes add hamstring and calf exercises as desired.


Hip Bridges: 3 Sets Of 12 Reps

How-to: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You should be able to touch your heels with your fingertips.

Brace core, squeeze glutes, push into heels, and lift your hips until shoulders, hips, and knees are in a line. Slowly lower your hips back to the floor.

Muscles targeted: Glutes, hamstrings, hip adductors, core, and obliques

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Exercise 3 Uphill Walking

Since you’re now requiring the body to move uphill on the gradient, you’re really going to work these muscles in particular, which will pull the body in the uphill direction.

Be sure after performing such cardio that you do take the time to really strength hamstring muscles out, as thirty minutes or longer in continuous motion in this manner can cause a high amount of stiffness, particularly if you’ve never done this type of work before.

Goblet Squat: 3 Sets Of 12 Reps

Trainers Share the Leg Day Exercises They Live For

How-to: Holding the weight or object in front of your chest, stand with feet just outside hip width. Drive hips back and then down, as if sitting in a chair. Keep chest up and focus on your hips breaking below your knee crease. Push into heels, squeeze glutes , and stand back up.

Muscles targeted: Quads and glutes

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How To Do The Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, and take a step forward, placing one foot, toes down, on an elevated surface behind you. It should be low enough to not shift your hips to one side. The distance of your step should be about one foot. Keep your chest up and squat down until both of your legs bend to around 90 degrees. Stand back up by driving your front foot through the floor.

Toe Touch To Knee Drive Hold

This is an exercise I used to do with my soccer athletes. Its a terrific exercise that focuses on stability as you drive your knee through and up toward your chest, which is why I recommend it for anyone who runs oh wait, thats all humans!

How to do it:

From a standing position on your left foot, hinge forward from your hips keeping your back flat and right leg in straight behind it, and core braced. Reach your right hand toward your left foot. Then, engage your glutes and hamstrings on your left leg to drive yourself back up to standing and swing your right knee up and through toward your chest. Stand as tall as possible and hold that end position for 2-3 seconds before repeating. This entire exercise is about sticking the knee drive hold at the end, so dont rush through it. Repeat for required reps, then switch sides.

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Q: What Do Lower Body Exercises Do

Lower body exercises aid health and fitness across a range of parameters.

Muscle definition and strength, symmetry, and better core stability all gain from these exercises.

They also help improve jumping in other sporting activities.

Lower body exercises engage a range of leg muscles, including the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Check this guide to find out which lower body exercises impact specific leg muscles.

The best lower body workout for your needs can only be discovered by trying different exercises and seeing which ones work best.

Compound Exercise For The Legs: Squat Front And Back

40 Min Legs Workout with Weights & Band // Glutes Legs Thighs

One of the three most well-known and effective compound leg exercises are squats. The best leg exercises are those that at the same time engage the gluteal muscles to work. Nothing will engage them better than extra weight a barbell. You can keep the bar either from the front of the shoulders and arms or from the back . The squat with a barbell at the front is technically a bit more difficult, however, it is worth doing both options. Both exercises perfectly hit the muscles of the legs, but also strengthen the core muscles of the body, involving a large amount of stabilizing muscles to work.

The correct squat technique is extremely important. You need to watch it, especially when working with weight. Knees must not collapse inside. They should be pointing strongly outwards. Another very common mistake is the excessive leaning of the body forward. During the workout, the spine should keep its natural bends. Another important thing is to activate the buttock muscles to work. This is to avoid overloading the back and knees.

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The Best Butt And Leg Exercises According To A Fitness Trainer

These six exercises will wake up your glutes and thighs after sitting all day.

Quarantine life means many people are sitting more, which is not good news for your lower body muscles.

If working out to get a stronger lower body is on your to-do list while in quarantine, I have some bad news. The exact thing you’re doing the most is probably sabotaging your goals. But, don’t give up just yet.

“For most of us, our lifestyles involve so much sitting, where the glutes are numbed by the pressure placed on them throughout the day. In addition, the hip flexors are in a tightened position. This shortening of the hip flexors sends a signal to the glutes to essentially shut off — a process called reciprocal inhibition. Over time, the neurological connection to the glutes gets weaker and weaker,” says Adam Swartz, Chief Fitness Officer and personal trainer at The DB Method.

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So how can you better train and access the glute muscles ? Swartz says there are a few ways you can “wake up” your glutes properly before working out to make sure they are activating and optimally firing when you do butt exercises.

“We are very much forward-oriented creatures — we are far more connected to the front of our bodies rather than the back. Therefore when it’s time to train we really need to spend time waking up and reconnecting to the glutes before we expect them to work optimally,” Swartz says.

Recommendations For A Well

As with any type of training, variety is key. Thus, dont just take one of the above exercises and beat it to death. Mix things up.

Every muscle has numerous muscle fibers that are stimulated by different movement patterns. By using a variety of glute exercise you will ensure you hit all of them.

With that, here are 4 recommendations when choosing glute exercises for your workouts. On a regular basis, ensure you:

  • Perform at least one type of hip thrust movement
  • Perform a variety of squatting
  • Perform a deadlifting movement
  • Perform a stability-based exercise to keep your gluteus medius/minimus active and healthy
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