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Tgi Fridays Gluten Free Menu

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How To Navigate The Menu At Tgi Fridays

TGI Fridays Unveils Gluten-Free Menu

There arent a lot of options at this end-of-the-week eatery. Though this fact that makes it easier to grab your grub, its such a shame to have so few selections at a sit-down restaurant. But at least you can pick up a TGI Fridays veggie burger with some simple swaps! Heres what we suggest:

  • Buy a Beyond Meat Burger and add a bun
  • Fill it out with fries
  • Find out if they have fresh fruit available
  • Choose a cooling drink
  • Ask for an appetizer
  • Plead for pasta with marinara sauce
  • Bulk it up with steamed broccoli
  • Sweeten the deal with a slushie or strawberry lemonade.

Or any combination of the two. Its totally up to you.

Tgi Fridays Gluten Free Menu

These are all the gluten free options we could find at TGI Fridays. Note all items listed below do not contain wheat or gluten, based on the TGI Fridays menu. These items still have the potential for cross contamination and other traces of gluten, so please keep that in mind.

Check out the FRIDAYS Gluten Sensitive Menu. This is the message Fridays includes in the PDF:

Fridays is not a gluten-free environment. Products containing gluten are prepared in our kitchens. The following menu items have been modified for our gluten-sensitive Guests. Please inform your server of your gluten sensitivities.

Notice anything missing or incorrect? Leave a comment below. This article was last updated:

Kid’s Penne Pasta With Marinara

When visiting a restaurant, its important to consider your childrens nutritional needs as well as your own. At TGI Fridays, the kids penne pasta with marinara is the most balanced meal for kids. Opt for a side of fruit and water to drink to keep the sodium and sugar levels low. The pasta contains 300 calories, 10g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 43g carbohydrates, 8g protein, and 840mg sodium. To reduce the amount of sodium, opt for butter instead of marinara sauce.

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What Is Tgi Fridays:

TGI Fridays is an American dining establishment chain focusing on casual dining. TriArtisan Capital firm, a New York-based personal equity company, is the proprietor of TGI FRIDAYS. They bought the Firm from Sentinel Partners in October 2019. And, they asserted the name TGI Fridays to represent for Thank God Its Friday, moreover, some tv commercials have used other expressions for the chain, like Thank Goodness Its Friday, since 2010.

Now, lets talk about which TGI Fridays products are gluten free.

Food Allergies And Safety


TGI Fridays offers some gluten-free options, so people with gluten allergies and intolerances can find safe meals to enjoy. However, those with milk, soy, egg, and fish allergies should be cautious since many items include these ingredients.

Those with dairy allergies can omit mild-based ingredients like cheese, salad dressings, condiments, and sauces to accommodate their dietary restrictions. Similarly, those with gluten allergies can order gluten-free burgers.

To find even more allergen-friendly menu items on TGI Fridays menu, check out their Allergen Menu. Menu items are labeled with common allergens like egg, soy, peanut, milk, shellfish, wheat, tree nuts, and fish.

While some menu items are marked plant-based and gluten-free, people with food allergies should proceed with caution since cross-contamination is inevitable in many restaurant kitchens.

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Crispy Chicken Tenders With Honey Mustard

When kids set their eyes on the TGI Fridays, they are likely drawn to the crispy chicken tenders with honey mustard. However, this is likely the least nutritious option, but they can enjoy it in moderation. This kid’s meal contains 460 calories, 32g fat, 5g saturated fat, 27g carbohydrates, 16g protein, and 980mg sodium. Note this doesnt include the nutrition facts for a side and beverage.

Vegan Options At Tgi Fridays

We have appreciated TGI Fridays offering the Beyond Burger and with a few modifications, you can make it vegan! You also have the option of a House Salad and if cross-contamination isnt a concern, Chips & Salsa and Fries. The Kids menu also includes an option.

TGI Fridays may not be offering a lot but if this is where you end up, you at least know its an option.

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Helpful Hints When Ordering Vegan At Tgi Fridays

  • Browse the TGI Fridays menu before ordering.
  • If ordering TGI Fridays online or through a delivery service, make sure you clearly specify any substitutions you would like. Especially concerning meat and butter. If youre worried that your request may not be honored , it might be a better idea to go there directly to order.
  • Check out their Nutritional Information and Allergen Menu PDFs to make sure that you are purchasing a vegan-friendly item. The menu items offered at TGI Fridays do change and the informational charts seem to be updated regularly.
  • Looking for the TGI Fridays gluten-free menu? This Allergen Menu will help you find the best gluten-free options.
  • Be careful when new and exciting seasonal products are offered at TGI Fridays. Double-check the allergens and ingredients to make sure the item is vegan before purchasing.
  • Bring your own dessert

Tgi Fridays Menu With Prices

T.G.I. Friday’s Beyond Burger [MEATLESS BURGER THAT BLEEDS] Review

The restaurant does have a couple of dishes that are on a pricer side. Still, most of the dishes or the ones which are most preferred, such as mozzarella sticks, Friday unlimited double glazed ribs, and many more, are perfectly within a decent price range with deals such as 2 for $20 making the experience more affordable. Lets see the complete TGI Fridays menu prices in the below sections.

TGI Fridays Appetizer Menu

Start your meal with something light but delicious enough to make you anticipate your order. Select from the huge selection of appetizers from their famous mozzarella sticks to their loaded chicken nachos for under $18.49

Starters Menu

TGI Fridays Kids Menu

There is nothing better than kids loving their meals, and so TGI. Fridays Kids menu has everything kids love. From Chicken Tenders to Mac n Cheese to Pasta.

  • Kids Chicken Tenders: 500 Cal
  • Kids Macaroni & Cheese: 440 Cal
  • Kids Sliders: 540 Cal
  • Kids Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
  • Kids Buttered Pasta: 350 Cal

Also, you can grab the TGI Fridays kids eat free menu on Tuesdays. Kids can eat free on Tuesdays at TGI Fridays all day.

TGI Fridays Lunch Specials

You can have your lunch for just $12.99 at TGI. Yes, you can choose 1 beverage, 1 entree and 1 personal-sized appetizer from the TGI Fridays lunch menu items mentioned below and have it for $12.99.

  • Beverages
  • Stout Irish Cream Cake
  • TGI Fridays Happy Hour Menu

    TGI Fridays Menu 2 for 10

    Family Meals and Platters

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    Why Does Almost Everything At Tgi Fridays Contain Milk / Dairy

    The reason the dairy-free options are so anemic at TGI Fridays is because they put allergen icons on any food item thats at risk for cross-contamination with that allergen. Even their plain Chips & Salsa are listed as containing six top allergens! In reality, all foods are at risk for potential cross-contamination with allergens, particularly in a commercial kitchen.

    When visiting TGI Fridays, I have spoken with a manager, and they are able to tell me which items are made without dairy. Some locations can even accommodate clean grill or sauté pan cooking if cross-contamination is a concern. But like most restaurant kitchens, they do use shared fryers, shared grills, and shared utensils in everyday preparation of menu items.

    Enjoy Tgi Fridays Gluten Free Offering

    Finding food from All-American establishments used to be hard work if you were gluten intolerant. The amount of additives and wheat used to produce certain types of food made it extremely difficult to find a suitable menu for certain allergies.

    Fortunately, there are now plenty of large restaurants committed to serving gluten free food at their establishments. TGI Fridays has done a great job of providing a comprehensive gluten free menu, as well as plenty of dietary alternatives.

    TGI Fridays first started as a bar in 1965 the original location was in New York. Over the years it expanded into a restaurant and eventually became a large chain.

    There are now over 990 locations spread throughout multiple countries in the world.

    TGI Fridays is owned by Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners. It is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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    Loaded Cheese Fry Burger

    The loaded cheese fry burger packs in a burger patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, as well as bacon-and-cheese fries , queso, and a loaded potato skin on top. This loaded burger truly lives up to its name as it also includes 1,450 calories, 93g fat, 37g saturated fat, 99g carbohydrates, 55g protein, and 3,660mg sodium.

    Alternatively, the Fridays signature whiskey-glazed burger seems unassuming on the surface since it includes classic toppings like cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onions, tomato, and pickles. But the whiskey glaze and hickory-smoked bacon make it a heavier burger. It contains 1,140 calories, 56g fat, 22g saturated fat, 117g carbohydrates, 40g protein, and 3,150mg sodium. It also contains 125g of cholesterol per serving. If you’re ordering either of these burgers, consider cutting it in half and taking one portion home to enjoy for another meal.

    To make your burger choice healthier, opt for a traditional cheeseburger or plant-based patty without the bun.

    Fun Facts About Tgi Fridays

    TGI Fridays UK on Twitter: " For all you gluten free
    • The restaurant started in New York City in 1965 so that more single women and men could meet and mingle over meals.
    • In its first year, they made one million dollars!
    • Almost every location has a rowing scull and a propeller for success.
    • TGI Fridays was portrayed in the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise.
    • Alan Shepard, the first American in space, attended the grand opening of TGI Fridays Houston Galleria on July 25th, 1973.
    • The restaurant was the first to offer fun, non-alcoholic drinks in 1984, in order to celebrate the Summer Olympics and the participants who could not drink alcohol at the time of training.

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    And They Asserted The Name Tgi Fridays To Represent For Thank God Its Friday Moreover Some Tv Commercials Have Used Other Expressions For The Chain Like Thank Goodness Its Friday Since 2010

    Tgi fridays gluten free menu. If necessary, you can set it to only show dishes that are free from soya, celery, sesame, crustacean, and many more. I am not affiliated with tgi fridays. Gluten free options at tgi fridays in osaka with reviews from the gluten free community.

    270 less) with a choice side from our Grilled norwegian salmon with langostino lobster. The gluten free menu was on one side and the lactose free one was on the other.

    The restaurant chain has become an international symbol for american food. Now, lets talk about which tgi fridays products are gluten free. Here are all the gluten sensitive options from tgi fridays that are gluten free:

    One of the most difficult chain restaurants to plan for is tgi fridays. They also note to ask to see a specific gluten sensitive menu if you have a food allergy or are needing to avoid gluten. This is not a compensated post.

    Before you even head into the restaurant, the website allows you to filter each section of the menu 5300 west war memorial drive, peoria, il 61615. Ended the meal with the ice cream sundae.

    Tgi fridays serves up your favorite american food dishes right off the grill. Over 931 restaurant bar and grills in 60+ countries. The gluten free menu was more extensive than i had thought it might be

    Tgi fridays serves a side of extra caution on their allergen menu. Tgi fridays gluten free menu: Below, youll find the easy to read version of the tgi fridays gluten free menu.

    TGI Fridays Survey get Coupon code

    Items To Avoid At Tgi Fridays

    These items all contain gluten or have a very high risk for gluten contamination:

    • The french fries and all other appetizers/fried items contain wheat/gluten or a very high risk of cross contamination.
    • All wings and ribs options contain gluten/wheat.
    • The house salads and other items come with a breadstick so be sure to tell your server about your allergy before ordering these.

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    Tgi Fridays Menu: Thank God Its Friday

    This TGI Fridays is an American casual dining restaurant chain owned by TriArtisan Capital. Founded by Alan Stillman in 1965 in New York. With Its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the chain currently operates in 869 locations.

    TGI Friday stands for Thank God its Friday and is focused on creating a casual environment to meet with people and chill out.

    The restaurant chain is known for its hand-crafted food choices like grills, burgers, sandwiches, and choice of outstanding drinks such as signature cocktails, drafts, and beers. Now lets move into the TGI Fridays menu and prices of all its specials.

    How To Order Vegan At Tgi Fridays

    Best Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza Ever!!!! Bella Monica Pizza Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep491)

    When the end of a rough week rolls around, you might be dying for a delightful distraction by having dinner out instead of in. Sometimes stress can cause the very thought of deciding what to make for a meal more than you can bear. With that in mind, our guide to the TGI Fridays vegan options will certainly lend a helping hand.

    While TGI Fridays is not known for its fresh and healthy food options, were relieved to reveal that they do have menu items for non-meat eaters. If you dont mind just bearing with the basics, youll be fine. A vegan-friendly burger, fries, and a drink are more than some fast food restaurants feature.

    Theres even a pasta and veggies variation for those who would rather forgo the fried foods. Not a super impressive option, but its still a serious cause for considerationespecially if youre a plain pasta lover.

    If youre invested in the TGI Fridays vibes, keep reading!

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    Restaurant Review Tgi Fridays Gluten Free & Lactose/dairy Free

    So if you read Gluten Free Cuppa Tea regularly you will have seen that last week Mark and I visited Norwich, one of our favourite cities in the UK for a relaxing early birthday day out.

    We had a great day and visited a favourite café of ours for lunch, which you can check the review out for by clicking here. When it came to dinnertime however, we were fairly undecided as to what we fancied. Basically, we were hungry and fancied everything and anything, which made the decision even harder. Further still, the fact that I cant eat gluten, Mark cant eat dairy and we both have various other food issues relating to our IBS, always makes our decision fairly important and thus not by any means, an easy one.

    We both eventually decided on the one and only TGI Fridays, a place we have both always loved for the food and especially, especially the cocktails! However, things

    Birthday Boy with his definitely Lactose Free dinner!

    have certainly changed since our first trips to TGI Fridays many years ago plenty of the menu is now out of bounds and neither of us have stomachs that agree wholly with alcohol, so I guess we werent getting our hopes up too much.

    Gluten Free Menu!

    Lactose Free Menu!

    The gluten intolerant choices were fairly extensive including steaks, burgers with a gluten free bun and even an amazing sounding Popcorn Sundae dessert. Lactose intolerant choices were also extensive and looked very inviting.

    Thanks for reading,

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