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Love With Food Gluten Free Box

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Love With Food August 2021 Gluten

Love With Food Gluten Free Box Review

Love with Food Gluten-Friendly Box sends 10+ surprise snacks each month that are for those who are looking to eat snacks without gluten. I am wanting to cut back on white flour consumption so I thought I would give this box a try to see what its about. This plan is $24.99 a month with free shipping to the U.S., and $3.99 for shipping elsewhere. The price drops with longer subscriptions. Please note that this box isnt meant for those who have celiac disease, please read a disclaimer below.

Things Not To Love About Love With Food

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And these are the 2 things Love With Food could improve on:

1. Shipping is free in the U.S., but not internationally

It’s not a problem for everyone, but international customers will have to pay quite a bit more to have their snacks sent each month.

2. Box selection is limited outside the U.S.

The smallest snack boxes are not available for international shipping.

Mystery Or No Mystery

One of the biggest distinguishing factors between these two services is the difference in the customers knowledge of the products.

Love with Food is basically a mystery box chalk full of delicious, innovative, and healthy snacks. With Graze, you know what snacks you could get, as they are all up in their store.

If you love trying new things and the excitement of not knowing what you will get, Love with Food is perfect for you. But if you like to know what you bought and prefer things your way, Graze is ideal for you.

I enjoy the mystery aspect of subscription boxes, so I prefer Love with Food.

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What Is Love With Food

via: Love With Food

Love With Food is a socially responsible snack subscription delivery service that curates a monthly selection of snack foods with clean, delicious ingredients. Each month, their team researches and tests the best new and upcoming snacks in the world before deciding which make the cut and get sent straight to your home.

Maybe most importantly, though, Love With Food is one of the only subscription box companies that partners with a nonprofit. In this case, their partnership with Feeding America means that for every snack box delivered to you, Love With Food also donates a meal to a hungry American family. Since 2012, this amazing company has donated over 1 million meals to Americans in need meaning that you can eat well, and feel great doing it!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Road Tripping With Love With Food Subscription Box

Love with Food Gluten Free Box Review + Coupon  April ...

We packed up most of our snacks and took them along on our road trip to South Dakota. I shared some of my faves via twitter during our trip. We loved having so many different snacks to try while we drove thousands of miles. I finally tracked down more PopCorners at a Sheetz gas station of all places

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Snack Box Saturday: Love With Food Gluten Free Box #giveaway

If youve been around here, you know I love subscription boxes of healthy snacks. I love finding new snacks and new items from some of my fave companies. Ive tried pretty much all of them and keep subscriptions that I receive ongoing to a handful.

Love with Food and Love with Food Gluten Free boxes always have brands I love and great new finds. Ive been getting Love with Food boxes since they started making them. Im an ambassador now, so I receive the GF boxes at no cost in exchange for honest reviews. I like to share some with my readers, too. Im going to send my February box to a lucky reader, so read on!

The February Love with Food GF Box has a mix of faves and finds. The box has a number of faves like JoJos Peanut Butter Delight Bar, Kibo Chickpea Chips and From the Ground Up Cauliflower Stalks. It has some great new finds, too, like Pears Gourmet Salted Caramel Churro Almonds, a WOW Baking Company Snickerdoodle and more!

Want to enter to win? Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. The winner must be a US resident, 18 years of age or older and the offer is void where prohibited. The giveaway ends on February 15. A winner will be selected and notified on February 16.

You can follow Love with Food on , and .

Please note: This post contains referral codes. I will get a small commission if someone uses these links to purchase Love with Food boxes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

How To Join & Choose Your Items

Ordering your first box from Love With Food is pretty simple! The first thing youll want to decide is if youre purchasing a box for your home or your office. They do offer office plans for those who need extra snacks to accommodate fellow coworkers.

If youre ordering a box for your home, youll discover three options listed on their website. If you live in the United States, you are able to choose a Tasting Box for $7.99 per month. This box will contain 7+ snacks for you to enjoy. Each Tasting Box that is purchased will donated one meal to hungry children. If youre looking for something more substantial, the Deluxe Box is right up your alley with 15+ snacks in every box. Every purchase of the Deluxe Box donates two meals to hungry children.

For those who have a sensitivity or allergy to gluten, theres a gluten-free box just for you! This box contains 10+ snacks every month and each purchase will donate two meals to hungry children. This is perfect for anyone looking to discover new, healthy snacks that are free from gluten ingredients.

Once youve chosen your desired box, youll then need to select a subscription plan. You can choose a month-to-month plan, an annual plan, a three-month plan, or a six-month plan. Signing up for longer plans will actually save you money in the long run, so consider how long you might want to receive these snacks.

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What I Love About Love With Food Subscription Box

  • They offer new organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks. I love, love, love that there is no high fructose corn syrup,
  • Snacks are delivered directly to my door .
  • Price starts as low as $7.99/month.
  • Portions of the proceeds are donated to fight childhood hunger which means everyone wins! To date, Love with Food had donated 1,009,167 meals to those in need.

The Deluxe Box A Sampling Of 16

If you purchase a subscription through my link, I will receive a small compensation and you will get your very first Love with Food by G-Free Foodie Gluten-Free Box at 25% off. Thank’s for supporting Gluten-Free Doll and allowing me to share my gluten-free adventures with you!

Each box comes with a pamphlet that details the items featured for the month. Social media information for the included brands is highlighted as well. I really like this idea! Plus, you will also find a few surprise coupons! Pretty awesome, right?

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Best Gluten Free Subscription Boxes For 2021

Most important task in our daily life is to stay healthy and fresh all day. But it is a difficult task, we live in a society where we all are in a hurry every time. We save time by eating junk food and ruin our health. So, in this busy and hectic daily routine, it is tough to find healthy and gluten-free products to stay fit. For it, gluten free subscription boxes are the best option right now.

We are going to solve this problem by finding the subscription clubs which are providing meals or snacks at your doorstep at your chosen time.

Gluten-free subscription boxes are the best option for your daily routine and also it will not conflict with your busy schedule. You will subscribe to these gluten free subscription clubs without looking anywhere else.


  • 3. Pastreez
  • Love With Food Gluten Free Box

    Several years back I started noticing that I wasnt feeling that great. I was tired, had massive brain fog, and just felt awful. I was also having stomach issues like crazy and didnt know what was causing it. One of the things I cut out of my diet back then was gluten. And Im so glad I did. It has since been determined that I have a pretty bad intolerance to gluten. I know some people out there dont believe that is possible, but theyve clearly never been in my shoes. When I cut gluten out of my diet, it was SO hard to find things that I could safely eat. For a while, I wasnt nearly as diligent as I am now about making sure there is no cross contamination and making sure it comes certified. One thing that has made my life easier was discovering this monthly box from Love with Food.

    I genuinely look forward to the box coming each month. And I get to look through the snacks some Ive tried on my own, others I discover but it makes it easier to bring snacks to work and live on the go. I have a day job that keeps me on the road a lot. Eating gluten free on the fly can be hard. I either eat something super basic or nothing at all if I dont know if I can trust the restaurant. But having snacks to keep in the car with me is the best thing Ive discovered.

    The other great thing about this company is that they give back. With the purchase of this box 2 meals are donated to those in need. Who doesnt love that?

    Do any of you eat Gluten Free? What are you loving?


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    Love With Food Review: Does This Healthy Snack Box Deliver

    By Dan Scalco Last Updated: November 15, 2020 Affiliate Disclosure

    • Food Box HQ Rating

    Wouldnt you love to find a way to explore your foodie side by snacking on delicious treats, while also giving back to those in need across the world? Absolutely! And thats exactly what Love With Food enables so many people to do on a monthly basis.

    Love With Food is a monthly food subscription box that was founded by Aihui Ong. After ending a verbally abusive marriage, Aihui set out to travel around the world. She traveled to 20 different countries and spent 12 months exploring. What she found was that many people in various countries were living in poverty. People were living without clean drinking water and food to eat.

    Upon returning home to America, a friend of hers revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Unsure of what to say to comfort her friend, Aihui offered to cook for her because she said it was the only way she knew how to show love.

    Shortly after this, one of Aihuis friends had sought out to launch an all-natural stir-fry sauce. She started this business using her own savings, but unfortunately things were not as successful as she had hoped theyd be. This is ultimately what inspired Aihui to do something that would help others who were passionate about food.

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    See What Others Have To Say

    Love With Food Gluten

    First box – AMAZING

    “My first box arrived today and I am so glad I signed up! It is jam packed with goodies that I cannot wait to try!The almond spread is unreal – I may have had a sneaky taste as soon as I opened up the box hehe.How have I been surviving without these!? The best decision of 2021 so far haha” –Amy, February 2021


    “Just taken delivery of my first box and WOW.It’s packed full of products I have never heard of, no kidding it was like Christmas.Once I have wrestled my daughter to the floor to get the banana chips back, I will be signing up x” –Louise Miles, February 2021


    “I get this box monthly and its such a treat!!! Theres such a great range of treats and its amazing value. The teams customer service is also amazing! :)” -Hannah, March 2021

    Brilliant Box

    “Ive ordered this for my daughter and she cant wait for it to arrive. This is her monthly treat . She loves her goodies.Thank you Lovefreefrom . The best subscription box . You wont be disappointed.” –Alice, March 2021

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    Types Of Food They Offer

    While many people think of unhealthy items when it comes to snacking, that couldnt be further from the truth when it comes to Love With Food. The company states their team hunts down the most unique, organic or all-natural snacks for each of their monthly boxes. When you open your box, you can expect to find snacks that are free from: artificial flavoring and coloring, trans fat, hydrogenated oils, and high-fructose corn syrup. So, theres no need to feel guilty about these snacks!

    The snacks they offer in each months boxes will vary, however you can purchase specific items through their Snack Shop. A few examples of the snacks youll find available for purchase include: Almond Pops with Blueberries, Ginny Bakes Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears, Plantain Strips, Buff Bake Snickerdoodle Protein Cookie, Chickpeatos in Tomato Basil, and even some Banza Chickpea Pasta. This list gives you a pretty good idea of what you can expect to find in your monthly box from Love With Food.

    Love With Food Reviews

    Love With Food is one of the most affordable snack subscriptions out there.

    Find Love With Food subscription box reviews full of high-quality photographs, complete descriptions, coupon codes, and more so you know exactly what you’re getting in each month’s box.

    by Wendy Rose

    Love With Food by SnackNation is an affordable subscription box that delivers a new assortment of snacks to your door every month.

    Each Tasting Box will include 7 or more snacks such as chips, protein bars, crackers, chocolates, condiments, candies, beverages, cookies, nuts, and more. Subscriptions are $9.99/month for their Tasting box. The Deluxe box is $19.95/month, and their 100% Gluten Free version is $24.99/month. Plus, with every box purchased, Love With Food donates a meal to a person in need.

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    What Love With Food Subscription Box Cost

    The subscription box starts as low as $7.99 and tops out at $24.99 for the gluten-free box. Of course, if you purchase the annual plan its the cheapest, but even at its most expensive its still a great price. All of the plans offer free shipping which always makes me happy!

    Be sure to watch my unboxing video:

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