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Is Gluten Free The Same As Keto

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How To Bake Keto Muffins With Almond Flour

Gluten Free, Keto Friendly Almond Brownies
  • Use Almond Flour, not Almond Meal. Almond flour is ground finely for baking and Almond Meal contains larger pieces of almond. Since Almond Flour is finely ground it creates a more uniform texture when baking.
  • Use Blanched Almond Flour. Blanched Almond Flavour is light in colour and contains no almond skin fragments.
  • Aerate, scoop and level to measure. Measure almond flour just like regular flour: fluff it up, scoop and level for the perfect measurement.
  • Sift well. For perfectly smooth baked goods with Almond Flour, sift all the dry ingredients together very well using a fine mesh sieve to remove any large pieces.
  • Combine the dry ingredients together first. Combine all the dry ingredients with the Almond Flour before adding it to the wet ingredients, to make sure all the ingredients are distributed evenly.
  • Use a blender or food processor. The secret to a fluffy, even-textured muffin made with almond flour is to mix the ingredients in a food processor or blender. Mix the dry ingredients first and then pulse after you add the wet ingredients, just until combined.
  • Let your muffins cool completely before slicing. Muffins made with almond flour need to cool completely to set fully. If you remove them from the papers too soon theyll become very crumbly.
  • Looking for more low carb or keto recipes? Youll love these Keto Brownies, this Low Carb Lasagna, and this Keto Zuppa Toscana Recipe.


    Try It Youll Like It

    From a Paleo perspective, eating keto might be great for weight loss, but just cutting carbs isnt enough for lasting health. Taking out gluten is one step towards a truly Paleo keto diet try it youll like it!

    Did you start your journey to better health by going keto, and then slowly start shifting towards a more Paleo keto approach? How did it go? Let us know on or !

    Have a look at Paleo Restart, our interactive Paleo 30-day program. Learn more and get started here.

    +#PaleoIRL, our new cookbook all about making Paleo work for a busy life is now available! Get it now here.

    Third Opinion Third Diagnosis

    When I finally changed to a different optometrist, the new optometrist looked for the same symptoms of iritis and said he didnt see anything.

    He was so polite and restrained about not calling out my former optometrist, but instead simply said he believed it was dry eye.

    With dry eye, it gets worse during the winter, when people are indoors with their heat blaring, drying up the moisture in the air. He suggested a simple saline eye drop.

    Im really curious to see if my symptoms of iritis/dry eye get worse this fall as the weather changes and our house furnace fan is running.

    I never noticed whether the pain was worse in a certain season, but I do know that cutting gluten out has reduced the pain by about 75% and that was last September, right as the weather was getting cooler.

    Well see. Ill be sure to update you guys.

    A few months into cutting gluten out of my diet, I wanted to understand how gluten could affect me so much. I was slowly starting to improve in so many unexpected areas.

    So I started with reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist. I began to understand that by simply cutting wheat out of my dietsomething I was doing for my eye, not my cholesterolI could lower my cholesterol!

    And not only that, but our understanding of cholesterol is completely misguided.

    For those 6 months between the initial cholesterol test and the second one, the only dietary change I made was to quit gluten.


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    What Causes Gluten Intolerance

    The cause of gluten intolerance is not fully known. Its actually a bit of a mystery.

    Researchers are trying to figure out:

    • What causes gluten intolerance
    • Who might be more at risk for it
    • And an easy way to diagnosis it

    Gluten intolerance might be immune-related but there is currently no diagnostic test from a reliable biomarker, which means as of right now, the diagnosis isnt easy.

    Not only that, but theres a lot of overlap in symptoms between gluten intolerance and other gastrointestinal disorders, making a clear diagnosis even more difficult.

    So far, the best way to determine if you have gluten intolerance is to go on a gluten-free diet and see if your symptoms go away.

    If your symptoms improve then youd be considered gluten intolerant.

    Healthy Gluten Free And Low Carb Bread

    Vegan Crustless Pumpkin Pie (Gluten Free and Keto Friendly ...

    This healthy low carb bread tastes pretty close to the real thing as it has the texture of bread and toasts very well. It is also a gluten free bread that has a mixture of my three favourite low carb flours. Enjoy it as toast, or slice thinly for yummy sandwiches!

    When you stop eating bread either for a low carb diet or because you cannot eat gluten, you can still hanker for a piece of toast in the morning. This healthy bread can help your mornings get off to a good start. A slice toasted with an egg on top is just delicious!

    Although this recipe can be made in a food processor you could use a hand electric whisk or even just get an upper arm workout with a spoon and a bowl!

    The low carb flours used in this recipe have a great fibre content so it will keep you full too.

    UPDATE – I’ve revised this bread with the addition of pysllium husk powder in this recipe. Try it too!

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    Gluten Free Does Not Necessarily Mean Healthier

    Despite the health claims for eating gluten-free, no scientific evidence supports weight loss with a gluten-free diet or suggests that the general population would benefit from avoiding gluten for health reasons.20

    Although many people think that a gluten-free diet is healthier and more nutritious, the opposite may be true, as many products marketed as gluten-free are highly processed.

    These gluten-free foods are often made with refined grains and additives such as tapioca starch, less commonly fortified with folic acid and iron, and have less fiber and more sugar compared to regular gluten-containing foods.21

    In fact, several studies have actually found a tendency toward weight gain and obesity among those who follow a gluten-free diet.22

    In addition, highly-processed gluten-free diets that are high in refined carbohydrates are often deficient in important nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin D, and protein.

    We suspect that these drawbacks would be significantly attenuated by eating a whole-foods, minimally processed gluten-free diet.

    Frozen Keto Friendly Pizza Crust

    Quest Thin Crust

    From the same company that brought you those delicious quest protein bars, Quest also has a low-carb pizza option. Half the pizza has 6 grams of net carbs. Meaning, for an entire pizza, it’s only 12 grams of net carbohydrates.


    Realgood offers a few low carb pizza crusts, but their lowest carb option is the chicken crust. An entire 7-inch Realgood pepperoni has only 8 grams of net carbs.

    If you’ve never tried a chicken crust, don’t knock it till you try it!

    If you’re like me, I’m a big fan of having control of what goes in AND on your pie here are a couple of recipes to make at home.

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    Should I Avoid Gluten Or Eat Gluten

    The trend of individuals reducing or eliminating gluten from their diets is increasing worldwide.18

    Although a gluten-free diet is a necessity for people with celiac disease and recommended for those with gluten intolerance, people without diagnosed gluten issues are also excluding it from their diets because they believe it healthier to do so.

    Many claim to lose weight or experience other improvements in health when cutting out gluten, but there is no solid evidence to support this strategy.19

    How Do I Know If I Have An Issue With Gluten

    Keto Almond chapati | Gluten Free Flatbread or Tortilla | Low Carb Breads | Almond Flour Bread #keto

    If you have chronic problems with diarrhea, bloating, anemia, rashes, and/or fatigue, you should talk to your doctor about screening blood work to test for celiac disease.17 A positive screening test will usually be followed by a visit to the gastroenterologist to discuss doing a biopsy of the small intestine, which is the definitive way to make the diagnosis.

    If your screening for celiac disease is negative, but you have many of the same symptoms when eating gluten-containing foods, then you may choose to remove these foods from your diet and wait for your symptoms to fully resolve. Then, slowly reintroduce these foods to see if the symptoms recur this can be done multiple times. Foods that reliably provoke symptoms should probably be avoided.

    Remember, it may be difficult to pinpoint if symptoms are being caused by gluten or some other component of these foods. A series of different food tolerance tests may be your best bet.

    For instance, if you do just fine with gluten-containing homemade bread but have symptoms after eating processed gluten-containing products from the store, the main offender may not be gluten. But if you react poorly to both of these, then there is a higher likelihood that gluten could be the problem.

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    What Can We Eat On A Gluten

    However, even with limited food choices, there are many gluten-free options now available in markets. It isnt that hard to adopt this diet as long as you keep an eye out for foods labeled with gluten-free or better yet, you can prepare home-cooked meals which will definitely be healthier.

    Below are foods that are naturally gluten-free:

    • Fruits and vegetables – All types of fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten-free so eat away!
    • Meats and fish – Avoid battered or coated meats or fish.
    • Dairy – Products such as plain milk, plain yoghurt and plain cheese are gluten-free as long as it does not contain added ingredients.
    • Grain – Rice, buckwheat, quinoa, corn, oats and tapioca, as long as labeled gluten-free.
    • Starches and flour – Potatoes, corn, chickpea flour, potato flour, corn flour, soy flour, tapioca flour and coconut flour.
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Herbs and spices
    • Spreads and oils – All butter and vegetable oils .

    What Is Gluten Intolerance

    Gluten-intolerance, or non-celiac gluten-sensitivity, is a condition characterized by intestinal and extra-intestinal symptoms that people get after eating gluten-containing foods.

    The symptoms of gluten intolerance overlap with celiac disease and other intestinal conditions like irritable bowl syndrome.

    Symptoms of gluten intolerance include:

    • Bloating
    • Anemia

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    What Is The Ketovore Diet

    You may actually come across this new term, which is a combination of keto and carnivore. Does it ever end? Probably not, so lets discuss this.

    The ketovore diet is the latest trend and suggests eating carnivore for 3 to 4 days a week and keto the remaining days. This means you do not eat any vegetables/lettuces on carnivore days. This is the diet I think will probably work the best for me, and when I do this for an extended time, Ill come back and report on it.

    Does Gluten Impact Blood Sugar

    Crisp Gluten Free, Low Carb &  Keto Taco Shells

    Gluten by itself may not raise blood sugar, but many foods that contain gluten can raise blood glucose levels. Grain-based foods that contain gluten can also contain a high amount of carbohydrates. High-carb foodsâwith or without glutenâcan raise blood sugar after consumption, as they release higher amounts of glucose into the bloodstream than lower glycemic foods.

    Interestingly, a link exists between diabetics, people who have trouble regulating blood sugar normally, and Celiacs, people who canât tolerate gluten.

    Diabetics have difficulty self-regulating glucose in the bloodstream. In people with type 1 diabetes, the beta cells in the pancreas produce very little or no insulin, a hormone needed to push sugar into the cells to make energy.

    Celiac disease and type 1 diabetes share similar genetic backgrounds this explains in some ways the high prevalence of patients with both diseases9. A research review suggests that in patients with a genetic predisposition to Celiac disease and type 1 diabetes, a gluten-free diet may preserve beta-cell function10.

    Insulin sensitivity, where the cells are more responsive to insulin and use blood glucose more efficiently, improved when 17 study participants at risk for type 1 diabetes followed a gluten-free diet for six months but decreased when they went back to their normal diets. This studyâs findings support the idea that a gluten-free diet may help preserve beta-cell function11 in high-risk individuals.

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    How To Have A Ayurvedic Keto Diet

    Is Keto Diet Same As Gluten Free Negative Outcomes Of The Keto Diet Date In Keto Diet, Real Mean Of Keto Diet Sault In Water For Keto Diet Is A Keto Diet Safe For Autism.

    Youtube What Is Keto Diet Is Keto Diet Same As Gluten Free Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed With Keto Diet. Julia Michaels Keto Diet Khloe Kardashian Keto Diet Pills Electrolyte Tablets For Keto Diet. I Bought Low Sugar Maple And Brown Sugar Oatmeal Can It Be Used As A Meal In A Keto Friendly Diet Keto Diet Can You Build Muscle.

    Eating Gluten Free And Keto

    The ketogenic diet restricts all grains, so it may be a natural transition for someone who is eating gluten free. Spritzler sees only benefits. I think its an ideal way of eating for those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance because a strict low-carb/high-fat or keto diet doesnt allow bread, grains or grain-based additives.

    Elana Amsterdam, New York Times-bestselling author and founder of Elanas Pantry, a website devoted to gluten-free and grain-free recipes, also sees the connection. If youre already eating a healthy gluten-free diet that is free of processed foods, the next step would be eliminating grains, plus corn and potatoes, as well as fruit. Amsterdam has found personal benefits in following the ketogenic diet. It has helped both my gut and brain function better.

    Amsterdam recommends almond flour for those who are gluten free and eating ketogenic. Its a standalone flour that does not require a combination of other flours to enhance it. It tastes incredible in baked goods and is high-fat and low-carb, making it the optimal flour for those following a keto diet.

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    Can The Keto Diet Really Cause Gluten Intolerance

    If youve ever been downing your bullet coffee and thought to yourself: can my keto diet actually cause gluten intolerance?

    Then keep on reading my friend.

    Lots of people wonder if the keto diet can cause you to become gluten intolerant because, well, both are pretty common.

    That is:

    • More and more people are going keto, and
    • Lots of people have, or are pretty dang sure they have, gluten intolerance at some level

    And the number of people with gluten intolerance is growing.

    Its estimated that around 1-7% of the people worldwide are affected by 1 of the 3 major gluten-related disorders of:

    • Celiac disease
    • and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity aka Gluten Intolerance

    In this article, Ill go through:

    • What is the Keto Diet
    • What is Gluten Intolerance
    • And answer: Can the Keto Diet Really Cause Gluten Intolerance?

    Lets get started

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