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Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers

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These Are Worth The Effort But Ive Already Done The Work For You

Chicken Salad Featuring Glutino Gluten Free Crackers

Ive been playing with various ways to recreate my gluten-free, dairy-free barbecue meatballs without oats as the binder. Im guessing this doesnt seem like much of a challenge to some of you, but with a family member whos gut is very precise about what is acceptable and what is not, its kept me busy for a while now.

Mind you, Im not complaining about the task at hand. Im just saying, quite honestly its been a test of patience. This family member has liked the flavor and texture of many of the variations Ive created. Some with white rice, similar to Porcupine Balls. Some with mini pasta, similar to a BBQd lasagna-type meatball. Some with almond flour, or crushed cashews, or cooked sorghum, or, well, you get the idea. Many of these versions were quite good, in my opinion, but my loved ones gut said a profound, NO!

Until now. Im so happy really, SO HAPPY!

You see, this recipe has been tested and taste-tested, and gut-tested multiple times with positive results. And now Im ready to share it with you. And now that Ive done all the experimenting, the recipe is pretty straightforward for you. I love how they can be easily made ahead, either cooked or frozen as raw meatballs, then turned into a meal as needed.

While the Glutino Table Crackers contain soy, which I try to avoid when possible, they create a crumb that binds the meat, eggs, and non-dairy milk to produce a most tender, moist, flavorful meatball that simply will not be rejected.

Gluten Free Cracker Toffee

Gluten Free Cracker Toffee is a holiday favorite made gluten free!

Today I am sharing a holiday classic made gluten free. If you grew up eating the saltine cracker toffee candy you will love this. Yes, I made it gluten free. This gluten free cracker toffee is just as good as the original version.

Now I do love cracker toffee, but I am the first to admit that it is not the same as regular toffee. They are both good in their own way, but they are not the same. In my opinion both kinds are a must make for the holidays.

The gluten free version of this recipe is thanks to my sister. A few weeks ago we were talking on the phone and she mentioned that she made a gluten free soup for dinner and served it with Glutino crackers.

As we were talking about holiday baking she said she thought that the Glutino crackers would work great in the cracker toffee that my mom used to make when we were kids.

I loved the idea and decided that I had to try it. Like right away.

I did not have my moms recipe, but all the recipes that I have seen are pretty much the same. The main difference is that some have nuts on top and some dont. The version I am sharing today is pretty much the basic version, but with gluten free crackers.

My sister and I thought this would work, but you never really know with gluten free until you try it. As soon as I took a bite of this I knew it worked. It tasted so close to the real thing.

The main difference I noticed on these was how it broke apart.

Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers 200 Gm

  • Certified Gluten-free
  • A gluten free snack that never skimps on flavour.
  • 100 calories & 4.5 grams of fat per serving
  • Satisfy your every snack craving by pairing our crackers with cheese, peanut butter, or your favorite dip
12.4 x 8.4 x 7 cm 240 Grams
3.8 out of 5 stars
Date First Available

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Why Choose Glutino

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You are our most important gluten-free ingredient. That’s why our focus is creating gluten-free food designed to help you live fully.

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When making our products, we resolutely guard against gluten-contamination, so you can indulge in gluten-free goodness, without worry.

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Food sensitivities shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your favorite meals. Glutino products pack all the flavor, taste, and texture of the real thing, without gluten.

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