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Gluten Free Pizza St Paul

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Gf Menu Options Include: Pizza

Paul’s Boutique pizza at Speedy Romeo
  • 7514 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423$$ Pizza Restaurant
  • 165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413$$ Pizza Restaurant
  • 2550 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404$$ Pizza Restaurant
  • 729 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401$ Pizza Restaurant
  • 2917 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408$$ Pizza Restaurant
  • % Gluten Free Restaurants & Cafes In Central London


    A wonderful cafe/restaurant in Clerkenwell who serve a fully gluten free menu. The menu is also refined sugar free and cows milk free, but you would never know as the food taste so good! Owners Catherine and Danny developed the menu specifically to serve nutritiously good food that tastes amazing. With a heavy focus on quality ingredients and seasonal food, I highly recommend this gluten free London gem. Read my full review here.

    2. Grom

    My favourite Italian gelato chain has FINALLY arrived in London woohoo! Grom is 100% gluten free, from their chocolate-dipped cones to their biscuity toppings. Their gelato and sorbets are obviously all gluten free as well and every flavour is utterly delicious. Grom also offer warmed gluten free brioche, filled with the ice cream flavour of your choice and it is SERIOUSLY good.

    3. Indigo

    A fully gluten free restaurant in a the beautiful One Aldwych hotel this is the place to go for a special meal or to treat yourselves to a lovely evening dinner, they even have a 5 course tasting menu. Indigo are brilliant as they went secretly gluten and dairy free for months before announcing it in the papers. Proof that gluten free food can taste just as good as regular food. Accredited by Coeliac UK.

    4. Leggero

    A fully gluten free Italian restaurant in Soho, Leggero serves pletny of fresh pasta dishes, appetisers and gluten free desserts.

    5. Niche

    6. Paladar

    7. Pipoca at Plant Based Pit Stop

    8. Vida Bakery

    9. Pearl & Groove

    Other Coeliac Friendly London Restaurants

    25. Hicce

    My newest discovery, Hicce has a fab outdoor terrace and a delicious modern British menu. The staff will talk you through what can be adapted to be gluten free and I had a very good experience, with a lot of care being taken over my meal.

    26. Apulia

    This Italian restaurant was able to provide gluten free pasta when I visited and I had a lovely meal. Staff reassured me that my dish would be kept fully gluten free when I explained that I was coeliac.

    27. Arros QD

    Contemporary Spanish, focused on rice-based dishes, is the core of the menu at Arros QD. Available both as large sharing dishes or as individual servings. Many of the dishes are naturally gluten free and they use rice flour for some of the deep fried batters . Truly excellent food, in a sleek setting, this restaurant is fantastic either for a business lunch or evening date night.

    28. Arabica

    I have eaten at both restaurant locations of Arabica and have thoroughly enjoyed their Middle Eastern small plates menu each time. Staff were always able to explain safe menus options to me. There is no gluten free bread available, but they can provide crudities for the dips and I had a lovely side of roast potatoes too. Think fresh hummus, falafel, salads, grilled meats and roasted cauliflower. Fab cocktails too! Dessert choices are coeliacs are limited, but they adapted the soft serve affogato for me and it was divine.

    29. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

    30. Banana Tree

    31. Bar Douro

    32. Barbary

    33. Bleeding Heart

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    A Glass Of Cider At No 12 Cider House

    Get out your calendars and pen this in: November 10, 2018 as the date the long-awaited Minneapolis outpost of Buffalo, Minnesota’s Number 12 Cider Houseopens. This is a big honking deal.

    First, this is cool because Minnesota’s cider scene is in hyperdrive, growing so fast it’s turning us into the Normandy of America. But us city folk always had to drive to the country to get the micro-batch, on-site-pressed orchard goodness, and we are busy. This will be the first time we city folk have a chance to integrate the amazing cider advances happening in the country into our tap-room-hopping city lifestyle. And now we will have a place with 16 taps of cideryes, 16 taps! This will allow us to try standard ciders, micro-batch experimental ciders, rare-apple one-off ciders, single-variety non-alcoholic still ciders, non-alcoholic sparkling ciders, and more. Hopefully with downtown crowds, the cider-makers will be able to move the volume that will allow them to do all kinds of fun things.

    Second, this is cool because it provides another market for apple-sellers. Number 12 buys apples from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowaand not tankers of apple juice from Wisconsin. This should boost the visibility of our cider scene to draw the attention of any apple-growers in the area. Not least because there’s going to be a wooden cider press visible right through the big glass windows at the back of the cider house, where patrons can see cider being made downtown.

    Gluten Free Central London Guide


    This guide is split into three sections fully gluten free eateries, very coeliac friendly eateries and other restaurants that cater well for coeliacs. Ive focused largely on independent eateries and will be published a chain restaurant guide soon. However, I have included a couple of chains that are very coeliac friendly to offer full variation.

    Scroll to the end of this guide for an interactive map, allowing you to easily find gluten free friendly restaurants in your chosen area of London. For quick reference, I have also added the name of the closest Tube station after the restaurant name, in brackets).

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    Farm To Table + Health Conscious

    Agra Culture Kitchen & Press: I wouldnt say Agra Culture has a specific type of cuisine, but all of it fits under the umbrella of health and sustainability. Find offerings for many different diets , all of which are clearly labeled on the menu. Agra Culture also offers fresh, raw juice. Four locations, including 50th & France, Uptown, Highland Park and a smaller cafe at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

    Birchwood Cafe: The menu at Birchwood changes with the seasons, but you can always expect flavorful, creative food. Gluten-free and vegan options are plentiful and this is a place that totally gets it. If gluten is all you have to worry about, I hear the savory waffle is stellar. Yes, you can order it gluten free! My dream would come true if they made a gluten-free and vegan savory waffle someday. This is one of the few places offering gluten-free and vegan desserts. I could drink their house-made peri peri sauce. I think its safe to say Birchwood is one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. 3311 E. 25th St., Minneapolis, 612-722-4474

    The Copper Hen: Gluten-free options can be made by request and are noted on the menu. Theres not much gluten free and vegetarian crossover, but the one time I dined here it was very good. Its a gorgeous space with a really cool vibe. 2515 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-872-2221

    Delivery Options For Frozen And Dry Products


    Minimum Orders and Delivery Charges Applied based on LocationWe Deliver throughout the entire Twin CitiesOrder Online through www.randyspizzaonline.comPlease contact Randy for details [email protected] or call 335-3353please allow up to 48 hours for Delivery of frozen and dry products1a.Place Order2a.Pay for Product3a.A Confirmation email or call will be sent when your order is scheduled


    Minimum Orders and Delivery Charges Applied based on Location We Deliver throughout the entire Twin CitiesWe Ship throughout the Entire USAOrder Online through www.RandysGlutenFree.complease allow up to 48 hours for Delivery of frozen and dry products1a.Place Order2a.Pay for Product3a.A Confirmation email or call will be sent when your order is scheduledPlease contact Randy for details [email protected] or call 335-3353

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    Mexican South American + Spanish

    Brasa Premium Rotisserie: Brasa is an excellent place to dine if you eat a paleo diet. Its one of the nearly gluten-free restaurants, where almost everything is already gluten-free without modification. The menu is influenced by the cuisine of the Southern United States, Caribbean and Mexico. Though its meat-centric, theres a separate vegetarian menu. The dishes are served family-style in small, medium and large sizes. 600 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612-379-3030 777 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-224-1302

    Colita | 100% GF: Colita is next level. Its definitely one of my top restaurants in the Twin Cities. Lucky for people like us, the kitchen is entirely gluten free. Vegetarian options are a bit limited, but that doesnt mean you wont eat well if you steer clear of meat. For starters we order the Acorn Squash, Hazelnut and Spinach Salad and the Crispy Masa Chip with silky smooth guacamole and guajillo salsa. For my entree, I absolutely love the Wild Mushroom Tlayuda which has serious flavor from mole onions, truffle pecorino and Mexican gremolata. Dont pass up on the drinksthey are delicious and so fun. If it wasnt so tough to get a reservation at Colita, we would be there way more often! 5400 Penn Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-886-1606

    We Create Fresh Quality Pizzareal Fast

    PPP: Gas Light Pizza Pub

    Come to Score and create your own pizza. Start by choosing your crust that is made with fresh ingredients in house original or gluten free. From there, pick one of our sauces and add the finishing touches, the toppings!

    The best part is, we have an extensive variety of cheeses, fresh veggies and meats to choose from. If you love trying new flavour combinations, we also offer seasonal topping options. Come in and have a seat or take it to go. Either way, at Score Pizza, we deliver a Cravable experience. How Fresh is That!

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    Restaurant & Grocery Chains Found Throughout Minnesota

    Some recommended restaurant and store chains are getting too big for our city listing britches. They have many locations, or are rapidly growing, and you might stumble across them in a number of towns in this state. Click on them for more dairy-free details.

    • Auntie Ms Gluten Free This isnt a chain, but rather a food truck that has a different location each day. They hit Duluth, Eagen, St. Paul, and more. Their fair-inspired menu includes dairy-free corn dogs and funnel cakes.
    • CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt Bar The flavors rotate at this Midwestern chain, but at any given time, you can usually find at least a few dairy-free flavors. They offer creamy vegan Silk almondmilk frozen yogurt in Chocolate and Vanilla. And they swirl numerous dairy-free sorbets, including Chocolate Fudge and a variety of fruity flavors. The staff has ingredient information, and can open new topping bags if cross-contamination is a concern. They have locations in other states, but half of them are in Minnesota.

    Photo from Naf Naf Grill

    Gluten Free / Keto Friendly

    Add a side salad $2 / add mozzarella cheese on toast $1

    • Pizza Bowl


      Pizza without the crust See pizza menu for topping options. Choose from up to 3 toppings

      + Additional Ingredients$1.00

    • Cauliflower Pizza Crust

      Gluten free crust made with cauliflower. It’s amazing, try it! See other side of menu to Build Your Own Pizza

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    The 15 Best Places With Gluten

    eryn o: If you’re GF and it’s breakfast: Pesto Benedict is indulgent, but you can order just about anything — the number of GF options is amazing! If you’re GF and it’s lunch or dinner: Dude, get a pizza!

    Damion Mendez: Wings, gluten free food including pizzas

    Keri NotCindy: I got the gluten free crust with half margherita and half wild mushroom and arugula with both vegan cheeses. Very good!

    Tabitha Wisner: Gluten Free food!!!!! Try the Masa Cake’

    Kyle MacLaury: Great gluten free options!

    Edward H: If the brussek sprouts are available get em! Also the cornbread is delicious…i had 2.5

    Louis McCoy: Gluten Free Muffin of the day is always amazing – you’d never know that it’s GF.

    Karl Noelle: Late-night Sunday hours, incredible local coffee & baked goods and a huge dehumidifier will make me come back many times!

    Matthew Thomas: Everything in the bakery case is amazing but the bacon gruyere scones might take the cake. Oh, and they also make delicious cakes.

    City Pages: Looking for Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free options this Valentine’s Day? Luci Ancora offers a special menu with four-courses to choose from!

    Barry Guettler: Such a lovely place to come for a meal. Service and food are fantastic

    Shabnam: Best caesar salad you’ll find anywhere! Truly affordable fresh pasta dishes using local/organic produce! Love that it’s family owned. Check out the sister restaurant, Ristorante Luci, down the road!

    eryn o: Gluten free cheese curds!

    for you

    My Top Coeliac Friendly London Restaurants & Cafes


    These are my top picks if you are visiting London and want to find some yummy coeliac friendly gluten free food in non dedicated restaurants. These restaurants are not fully gluten free but they have a very good gluten free offering and processes in place to avoid cross contamination. Please mention that you are coeliac/gluten free when booking as this helps the kitchen to prepare.

    Note there will always be a low level cross contamination risk in mixed facility restaurants. Use your own judgement when dining, as although I had a good experience at these places you should use that as a guide only. If you are unsure as to the best questions to ask, have a read of my Eating in Mixed Facility Restaurants guide.

    10. Casa do Frango

    Portuguese food, cooked exceptionally well. Although Casa do Frango do not have a dedicated gluten free menu, staff are very knowledgeable and able to talk through the coeliac-friendly choices . We shared a selection of tapas to start, followed by piri piri chicken and chips and even gluten free cake for dessert. The restaurant is set in a cool converted warehouse, with a cosy little cocktail bar tucked away at the back. Great for date night or a catch up with friends.

    11. Cotto

    This Italian restaurant has two kitchens, one of which is dedicated to gluten free food. They have a full gluten free menu, including pizza, pasta and desserts. The owner is very passionate about being able to cater for coeliacs safely.

    12. Detox Kitchen

    13. DF Mexico

    21. Pho

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    Other Places To Consider

    Further restaurants that I have not tried personally but have heard good things about from fellow coeliacs include:

    Bancone , Bella Italia , Bills , Casita Andina , Cinnamon Bazaar , Corazon , Honey & Co , Locanda Locatelli , Mayfair Chippy , Prezzo , Santa Maria , Sfoglia Bologna , Sketch , Skewered , Stem & Glory , The Chipping Forecast , The Old Shades , The Somers Town Coffee House , Yalla Yalla , Where the Pancakes Are .

    Looking for more specific London tips? Why not check out my other gluten free London guides:

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