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Gluten Free Bakery New Orleans

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Parkway Bakery And Tavern

Gluten Free Dining at Disneyland : The Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans

We were determined to find a good po boy on this trip. Parkway Bakery and Tavern was pretty far from the touristy part of the city yet it is rated so high, we knew it must be good! There was a pretty long line but it moved fast and we were so excited to try it, we didnt mind waiting. Nick got the fried shrimp po boy and I got a beyond burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. They do have a couple vegetarian po boy options but I didnt think theyd be as good without the bread. We also got a side of fries and a side of fried pickles! It was one of the best meals and it was so fun sitting on the patio, sharing all the food!

Gluten Free King Cake For Mardi Gras

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Make this recipe for gluten free king cake and celebrate Mardi Gras with all your old favorites.

I cant very well post a recipe for a truly authentic Gluten Free King Cake, with Mardi Gras coming and all, and not divulge my brief, somewhat embarrassing history with New Orleans.

I did not bury a plastic baby doll in this King Cake. I am terrified of even the prospect of a melting plastic baby doll in my oven. I have already done enough damage to house and home in my kitchen over the years. If anyone knows how to pull this sort of stunt without melting the baby, let us know in the comments!

This dough is similar to the Gluten Free Chocolate Pull-Apart Bread we made not too long ago, but the dough is made with sour cream. That makes the dough truly lovely to work with, and the bread tender and fabulous.

I know many of you are very, very anti-food coloring. You can leave the food coloring out of the equation, of course. I have no problem with some food coloring in my life, here and there, plus I couldnt very well show you a gluten free King Cake that didnt have the traditional Mardi Gras colors of green, purple and gold, now could I. :-*

Gluten Free King Cake

Getting ready for Fat Tuesday? Be sure to make this gluten free king cake for your festivities. Its like a giant colorful cinnamon roll ready to be shared with your friends and family!

Ive never experienced Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but I have had a king cake and they are delicious! I used to work with someone who was from New Orleans . She kept talking about how she missed king cakes and finally brought one in for one of our luncheons. It was so good!

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Places With Gluten Free Options On The Menu

These are places that have GLUTEN FREE marked specifically on their menus, either in a separate section or through allergen marking. .


A place where you can actually order GF fried seafood! There is a separate gluten free menu that you can ask for. I ordered the deep fried soft shell crabs, which was an amazing experience as a Celiac. Do note that when I ordered this from the gluten free menu the waitress told me they normally put flour in the mix and asked me if I wanted to leave that out. So make sure you specifically say gluten free even if you are holding the gluten free menu in your hands. This restaurant has several locations in New Orleans. .


This is a very popular restaurant, so expect to stand in line at least 30 minutes. The restaurant has a separate gluten free menu . If you share my experience, though, you will need to ask for it repeatedly. In the end I did get local, gluten free food. In other words, I was happy! You can find more details here.


In addition to good coffee, they do have gluten free options such as pudding and porridge. Read more here.


Apparently they have a separate gluten free menu.

Cafe Beignet At The Old Coffee Pot

The Peacebaker

Beignets, deep fried square shaped dough topped with a ton of powdered sugar, are hugely popular is New Orleans. Everyone goes to Cafe du Monde, so we believe it must be amazing but the line was out the door and down the block! We decided to go to Cafe Beignets at the Old Coffee Pot on St. Peter Street. We passed by the other locations later in the day and it was much busier there, perhaps because St. Peter Street isnt as touristy. For only a few dollars, we got an order of beignets , and yes, they totally live up to the hype. There have other food there as well, but most people were just eating the beignets!

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The Meals From The Heart Cafe Difference

Ever felt sluggish or tired after you ate at your favorite restaurant? Well, not here. Low in sodium, sugars, cholesterol and trans fats, most menu items here you can eat daily and you would be better for it! Dining with us is not only good for your taste buds, the rest of your body will thank you too! Thats a win-win!

What Is King Cake All About

A king cake is not exclusive to New Orleans and Mardi Gras celebrations. It’s associated with a number of countries celebrations of Epiphany, marking the end of the Christmas season. Other countries, like the United States, bake this type of cake to mark the pre-Lenten season between January 6th and ending on Fat Tuesday . Generally, celebrations of Mardi Gras begin on February 28th in New Orleans. The king cake is made as a confection to celebrate this season, bringing families and communities together in the search for “the baby”, celebrating their Christian faith. Yes, there is a tiny figurine, typically a plastic baby or a fava bean placed somewhere in the cake. The person who finds the baby or figurine in their slice of cake is supposedly granted luck and prosperity in the year

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How To Do Form A King Cake

Since this cake is using a yeast dough, you need to let the dough rise for an hour before rolling it out. After to roll it out to ¼ inch thickness, spread the filling on the rolled out dough, then carefully take one edge of the dough and begin rolling it up like a cinnamon roll, using a Silpat, plastic wrap, or parchment paper you rolled the dough out on to help . Ending with the seam-side down, take the being long roll and form a ring, pinching together the two ends and best you can. Of course, you can do fancier rolling or just baking it in a bundt, that’s all up to you, but be aware that cooking time will vary.

Safety Is Our #1 Concern

Gluten Free Pizza and Our Trip to New Orleans!

In our Carlo’s Bakery Bake Shops, we are continuing protocols for the safety of our team members and our customers, including:

  • Increasing the frequency of routine disinfecting throughout our bake shops
  • Limiting the number of guests inside our bake shops and have signage for guests to social distance appropriately
  • Adding hand sanitizer in our bake shops for customers
  • Adding protective barriers at our registers to minimize contact
  • Requiring our team members to wear masks and gloves and continue social distancing during shifts
  • Continuing health screenings for our team members before shifts
  • Privacy and Security

    Carlo’s Bakery Terms of Use Agreement



    Thank you to the BEST customers around for your patience and support during these times! We look forward to continuing to deliver to you the sweet joy of desserts at Carlo’s Bakery.

    ATTN: BUDDY AUTOGRAPH Carlos Bakery Lackawanna 631 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ 07310

    Baked Goods Shipping PolicyCarlo’s Bakery uses FedEx to ship online orders. All orders ship the following business day. All orders must be in by 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time to qualify for next business day fulfillment. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will be processed the following Monday. Items shipped directly to Alaska and Hawaii have longer delivery lead times. We cannot fulfill international, Puerto Rico or Business Direct orders.

  • Shipping Method Limited options are available depending on the destination.
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  • Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

    My sister and I booked an environmentally friendly hotel room with wood floors and an air purifier! Also, there was a refrigerator in the room . who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, seed, vegetable, fruit, green pea, olive, all tropical fruit, mango, legume, black bean, and tahini allergies

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    Monteverde Restaurant & Pastifico

    “We had the most amazing dinner for our nut and sesame allergic son. The restaurant created a menu for our table that was totally safe for him. Our server was an allergy mom too so she totally got it! Everything was delicious, and I would go back in a heartbeat!”

    who manages peanut, tree nut, seed, and hemp allergies

    The 15 Best Places With Gluten


    Abby DeMillo: For all of my friends who love NO but are allergic to gluten – this gem is gluten free and the food is fabulous!. Try the roasted beet salad or crab cakes – yum!

    Shannon Z: Gluten Free & Vegan options! Local crab cakes

    Brian Butler: They have gluten free pancakes & a excellent crab cake and poached egg breakfast

    Krystal K: All the seafood is gluten free! They have gluten free beer and you can get raw oysters at the bar while you wait in line.

    Aron Hegyi: Fried seafood – all of it gluten free!

    David Ham: Great fried seafood, and it’s Gluten Free!

    Jenni Smith: The gluten free bakery items are AMAZING!

    Dave Broome: Great place for tasty healthy food – which I was not having enough of of during my visit to New Orleans

    Craig Wilson: Wireless password is maplestreet

    superJennifer: They have gluten free options on the menu! Hurray!!

    Aron Hegyi: “Crazy fresh seafood, and they have a gluten free menu!” – Yuliya Also, frozen bourbon milk punch.

    Erica Bercegeay: Great gluten free shrimp creole! Would come back again.

    Jenni Smith: GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!

    Rachel C: Amazing gluten free pizza made from scratch

    Terri Powers: Caesar salad w homemade dressing, build your own pizza, and margaritas!

    Jennifer Baird: Excellent gluten free menu. Also easy to eat paleo.

    Johanna Bergan: Vegan and gluten free options. Make sure to try the mushroom pate.

    Theresa Geiger: Shrimp Colombo was fabulous. Also enjoyed the bacon sundae and cheddar & I apple French toast.

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    Food And Restaurant News In Your Inbox

    The research and testing have proven worthwhile, she said.

    People go crazy for our biscuits and stuffed cookie cakes, said Boffone, whose products are also sold at the New Orleans Food Co-op. Boffones goods are dairy-free and most are vegan.

    Amanda Landry, 28, of Metairie, who limits her gluten intake as part of a general health plan, said she cant taste the difference between The PeaceBakers gluten-free items and regular baked goods and neither can party guests who try the cakes.

    They rave about them, Landry said.

    Businesses with gluten-free goods attract health-conscious customers as well as those with other allergies, vegetarians, vegans and those who simply like fresh-baked goods, said KC Dinhofer, who opened KCs Babycakes three years ago and this summer moved the shop from Mandeville to Covington.

    I started baking gluten free because I had so many requests, Dinhofer said. I baked so many vegan recipes that folks started coming in to request other special dietary needs.

    The appetite for gluten-free continues to grow, Dinhofer said, noting that she filled 15 orders for gluten-free cupcakes this Thanksgiving compared with about six last year. And, she said, she has been asked to create gluten-free cupcake towers for several weddings.

    A lot of gluten-free baking is dense, so people are surprised when they taste these gluten-free cupcakes and theyre light. The wedding cake cupcake is especially delicate.

    It was such a relief, she said.

    How Do You Hide The Baby In A King Cake

    You don’t have to do this, but if you want to play along, I’m a full supporter of baby-in-cake! Do NOT bake the cake with the baby in it! That would lead to an inedible cake! Once the cake is baked and before you decorate it with the icing and sugar crystals, tuck the baby, figurine, or large bean somewhere int he still warm dough. You can easily hide the spot the contains the baby by covering it with the icing and generous dosing of sugar crystals! Many commercial bakeries stopped doing this due to “choking” liabilities, but if you don’t’ have a child eating this cake, it’s pretty obvious when you find a hard plastic baby in your slice ! I have memories of this with my own family when, one year, we did the whole king cake celebration , but and we could not find the baby in the any of the slices we cut ! My aunt ended up taking a knife and stabbing the cake to death trying to find the baby. She did find it…many laughs ensued!

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    Unique And Fun Menu Items

    Are you a traditional grits, eggs, and bacon kind of person? We have you covered. Vegan Pancakes your thing? We specialize in those. Maybe Crab Cake tacos is your thing on a Tuesday. Our how about Gumbo, either traditional or vegan? No matter your dietary choice, we have something great for just about everyone!

    Find Wild Rise Bakery

    New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

    Follow on Instagram, and place your order at

    Pick up your Wild Rise orders at the Lawrenceville Farmers Market on Tuesdays 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. or at BOOM! Concepts on Fridays 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

    Deliveries are available for $5 and within 5 miles of 15208.

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