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Gluten Free Bakery Las Vegas

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Joes Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab

First Taste: GlutenZero Bakery, Las Vegas

Seafood lovers rejoice as youre in for a treat at Joes Seafood restaurant. Located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, this Lettuce Entertain You restaurant has an extensive dedicated gluten-free menu which youll drool over. It includes oysters, king crab legs, scallops, fish tacos, shrimp, lobster, filet mignon, New York strip steak, and lamb chops. Whatever you do, make sure to have the famous stone crab and their signature sides, like the hash browns. As for the staff, they are very aware of cross contamination and knowledge about celiac disease. Joes Seafood restaurant is without a doubt the best gluten-free restaurant in Las Vegas for seafood.

3500 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA | Visit Website

Cucina By Wolfgang Puck

Located in Crystals, the upscale luxury shopping mall, the Italian Cucina knows how to treat celiacs right. Homemade gluten-free pasta, gluten-free pizza, as well as waiters and staff who are well-versed on cross-contamination make up the gluten-free perks of this location. Though there isnt a dedicated menu, the waiter will gladly walk you through which meals on the main menu can be adapted to be gluten-free as well as to accommodate other allergies. Popular gluten-free choices include rigatoni with pomodoro sauce, ravioli, flourless cake, and some of the best gluten-free pizza in Las Vegas! Cucina is a must if you are craving a delicious gluten-free pizza while on the Strip in Las Vegas.

3720 S Las Vegas Blvd #240, Las Vegas, NV 89158, USA | Visit Website

Every Bakery With Vegan Options In Las Vegas

Your hunt for vegan bakeries in Las Vegas ends here. From pop-ups to online bakeries to actual storefronts, Las Vegas has no shortage of vegan bakery options. Las Vegas even has vegan bakeries. Stop searching online to find vegan bakeries near you, this is the only guide you need.

Are you looking for a vegan cake? Scroll down or check out round-up of some of the best businesses to order vegan cakes in Las Vegas.

Frolic and Folly

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Senza Gluten Free Bakery

Senza Gluten-Free Bakery is one of the best gluten-free bakeries in Las Vegas, and for good reason. Its 100% gluten-free, the goodies are exceptional good, the prices are affordable compared to other gluten-free bakeries, and they are very accommodating to other allergies, specifically dairy. As for the menu, it has some creative and must-try adventurous goodies like cheddar jalapeno donuts, and grapefruit sandwich cookies, alongside classic gluten-free treats like cupcakes, tiramisu, donuts, and even pretzels and cream puffs. Their cinnamon buns, and Brazilian cheese puffs are not to be missed. I highly recommend visiting Senza Bakery during your gluten-free trip to Las Vegas, it just might be the highlight.

9640 W Tropicana Ave #119, Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA | Visit Website

Fruits And Roots Wellness Kitchen

Gluten Free Bakeries in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is filled with spots serving unhealthy options, however at Fruits and Roots youll get exactly what the body and mind needs, nutritional, organic, and real food! The 98% gluten-free menu focuses on cold pressed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, build-your own wellness bowls, and wraps with many vegan and vegetarian options. The few options which arent gluten-free cant cause cross-contamination as the wraps, wellness bowls, granola, dressings, and acai bowls are all gluten-free. An added bonus is that they have a drive thru. A drive thru with a 98% gluten-free menu, now thats what I call winning in Vegas. Fruits and Roots also has a second location on Blue Diamond Rd.

885 W Sunset Rd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA | Visit Website

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The 15 Best Places With Gluten

Great Grubbing: a 100% GLUTEN FREE BAKERY AND CAFE… They have smoothies, nut butters, cheesecakes, muffins and more

Sherita SBerry: Perfect spot for a gluten free “BEEZIE” such as myself

Jeremy LeDoux: Best Gluten free pizza I have ever eaten!

jennifer mitchell: The gluten free bread was surprisingly good. The steak is pounded flat- its amazing and the frites were so good too. The best part was the wait staff. Most attentive service I’ve had in a while.

Cathi Ketterling: Love that they have gluten free bread. Amazing. Chris really took care of us!

Sigalle Barness: Extensive Gluten Free Menu. Oysters were delicious! Make your own Bloody Mary Bar!

Michael Irwin: 10inch gluten free pizza available

Chad B: Try their BBQ chicken and/or the IL Mangino. For vegans or gluten free folks, they have these options available.

Melinda Smith: They have gluten free pizza, pasta and burger options.

Sunrise Coffee: gluten free salads that are vegan and vegetarian and under $7.

Sonya Race: Gluten free options! Also vegan and vegetarian foods.

Philipp Spießbach: You can get really good glutenfree bakeries like chocolate muffins & peanut butter jelly toasts! #yummy! The coffee is really, really good! Best in Vegas so far

Vegan Chef Mayra: CHEF MAYRA VEGAN DESSERTS GLUTEN FREE Possibly will be added in their new menu !!!!! More to come

Melissa Maloof: New menu has symbols for gluten free and other dietary needs! Yay! Love this place. The Korma is fantastic!

House Of Manchester Caribbean Grill

When it comes to Vegas, theres a variety of different types of cuisine, from Mexican to Italian, however in the Caribbean department it falls short. Luckily, House of Manchesters Caribbean Grill is there to fill that gap and give gluten-free eaters a delicious dining experience. Succulent jerk chicken, coconutty rice and peas, flaky Jamaican patties, fried sweet plantains, and perfectly stewed curry goat are just a few of the long lists of dishes awaiting you at this small restaurant in North Las Vegas. The food is not only homemade and unbelievably delicious, its also 100% gluten-free. The owner and staff members are super friendly and accommodating to other allergies as well. If youre seeking a different and scrumptious gluten-free meal while in Vegas, House of Manchester is worth leaving the Strip for. You wont regret it.

2256 Losee Rd suite e, North Las Vegas, NV 89030, USA | Visit Website

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Lazy Joes Fish And Chips

Making gluten-free pizza at Good Pie in Las Vegas

Sinfully good fried food which happens to be gluten-free is Lazys Joes specialty. All the fried foods at this small hidden gem are 100% gluten-free! Gluten-free fish and chips, chicken fingers, onion rings, fried calamari, and mozzarella sticks, need I say more? You should try the sampler option, so you can get a little taste of everything, then get a bit more of whatever you enjoyed. The made-to-order, perfectly seasoned, crispy fish and chips always takes me back to the amazing fish and chips I devoured on my gluten-free London trip.

The homemade batter is made of corn flour and everything is fried in soybean oil, so my celiac friends allergic to or who cant handle corn or soy, this spot is not for you. Though some gluten containing items are on the menu like sandwiches, wraps, mayo, and hush puppies, the staff are knowledgeable and understand cross contamination. For a sinfully good gluten-free option while in Sin City, head to Lazy Joes.

7835 S Rainbow Blvd #22, Las Vegas, NV 89139, USA | Visit Website

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