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Are Coconut Aminos Gluten Free

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What Is The Price How Does It Compare To Competitor Products

Coconut Aminos: A gluten-free, soy-free seasoning sauce | Karman reviews

At $5.50 for 10 ounces, Bragg is also is available in a squirt bottle. Those that like it encourage it inside salad dressings, atop rice, and also as a salt substitute for popcorn. Braggs Coconut Aminos is partly health food replacement, part special cooking ingredient, not to mention, polarizing. It is the mayonnaise for this world of healthy-minded foods.

Coconut trees usually do not produce coconuts whenever used for sap, considering that the sap is gathered through the coconut blossoms before maturing. Because of this, some controversy is present regarding the sustainability of getting from coconut trees. Braggs Coconut Aminos ensures its products are fully sustainable at all costs.

What Is It Used For

Often used as a substitute for soy sauce or tamari, coconut aminos can be used in a variety of recipes. Try it out in any of the following ways:

  • Salad Dressings – Mix with oil and dijon mustard for a simple vinaigrette, or make a Creamy Ginger Salad Dressing.
  • – Use it to tenderize and add flavor to beef, chicken, pork, or fish, either alone or mixed with extra spices like ginger.
  • Soups – Stir it into a variety of soups like Egg Drop Soup or Thai Coconut Soup with Potstickers!
  • Vegetables – Season steamed or roasted vegetables for a pop of subtle saltiness.
  • Condiment – Drizzle it on anything you’d put soy sauce on for a lower sodium option.
  • Fish And Oyster Sauce

    Fish and oyster sauces are often used to replace soy sauce in recipes, though for different reasons.

    Oyster sauce is a thick, rich sauce made from boiled oysters. Its more akin to dark soy sauce, though notably less sweet. Its usually chosen as a dark soy sauce alternative due to its thick texture and culinary application, not for any particular health benefit.

    Coconut aminos would not make a good substitute for dark soy sauce, as its too thin and light.

    Fish sauce is a thinner, lighter and salty seasoning sauce made from dried fish. Its typically used in Thai-style dishes and is both gluten- and soy-free.

    Fish sauce is high in sodium, so its not a viable soy sauce replacement for those trying to reduce their salt intake .

    Moreover, fish and oyster sauces would not be appropriate substitutions for vegetarian or vegan diets.


    Coconut aminos is lower in sodium than most other popular soy sauce alternatives while also being free from common allergens. It may not be as useful for some culinary dishes.

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    Coconut Aminos And The Keto Diet

    Because coconut aminos are made from coconut tree sap, which is basically a syrup, they are not very keto friendly. However, this coconut aminos substitute recipe is much lower carb than the average store bought coconut aminos.

    Here is the breakdown:


    All amounts above are per 1 tbsp serving

    So, good news! You can use this homemade version to replace coconut aminos or soy sauce in your favorite Keto recipes. Youll get similar flavor with a lower carb count.

    Are There Any Downsides To Coconut Aminos

    Coconut Aminos Fried Rice (Gluten

    From a health standpoint, coconut aminos are a safe way to add flavor to dishes. Keep in mind, though, that while theyre much lower in sodium than soy sauce and other alternatives, that 270 milligrams per tablespoon still adds up quickly.

    The only other potential downside of coconut aminos is the cost.

    Whereas a 20-ounce bottle of tamari soy sauce costs just $4.49 on Thrive Market, you’ll pay $4.99 for just eight ounces of coconut aminos. They’re a little bit cheaper at Trader Joes , where an 8.5-ounce bottle puts you back $2.99.

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    Are There Drawbacks To Using Coconut Aminos

    Some people argue that the flavor of coconut aminos is too sweet and muted compared to soy sauce, making it unsuitable for certain recipes. This, of course, is based on personal preference.

    Regardless of its suitability from a culinary standpoint, coconut aminos does have some downsides in the way of cost and accessibility.

    Its somewhat of a niche market item and not widely available in all countries. Though it can be ordered online, shipping costs may be high.

    If youre lucky enough to live where you can buy it easily, coconut aminos is significantly more expensive than traditional soy sauce. On average, it costs 4550% more per fluid ounce than soy sauce.


    Some find the flavor of coconut aminos to be less desirable for certain recipes, but the bigger drawbacks are its high cost and limited availability in some regions.

    What Is Coconut Aminos And Is It Healthy

    Coconut aminos is a salty, savory seasoning sauce made from the fermented sap of coconut palm and sea salt.

    The sugary liquid is used to produce a variety of food products.

    Coconut aminos is similar in color and consistency to light soy sauce, making it an easy substitute in recipes.

    Its not as rich as traditional soy sauce and has a milder, sweeter flavor. Yet, surprisingly, it doesnt taste like coconut.

    Coconut aminos is not a significant source of nutrients, though it may be a good option for people with certain dietary restrictions.

    Its soy-, wheat- and gluten-free, making it a healthier alternative to soy sauce for those with certain allergies or food sensitivities.

    People often avoid soy sauce due to its high sodium content. Coconut aminos has 90 mg of sodium per teaspoon , while traditional soy sauce contains about 280 mg of sodium in the same serving size .

    If youre trying to reduce sodium in your diet, coconut aminos may be a good lower-salt substitute for soy sauce. However, its not a low-sodium food and should still be used sparingly, as the salt adds up quickly if you eat more than 12 teaspoons at a time.


    Coconut aminos is a condiment frequently used in place of soy sauce. While not a rich source of nutrients, its lower in salt than soy sauce and free of common allergens, including gluten and soy.

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    What Are The Health Benefits Of Coconut Aminos

    “Coconut aminos are a great allergy-friendly soy sauce substitute,” says Amer. “It’s also lower sodium, which is beneficial for salt-sensitive individuals.”

    What dietary boxes do liquid aminos check off?

    • soy-free
    • Whole30-friendly
    • Keto-friendly

    As for specific health benefits, coconut aminos has been noted for its amino acid content, which are the building blocks for protein, and that it possibly lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. However, there are zero studies that exist to back up anything.

    “There are some health claims attributed to coconut aminos however, we need more research to confirm these,” says Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE, FAND, Los Angeles-based registered dietitian nutritionist and author of My Indian Table: Quick & Tasty Vegetarian Recipes.

    And when it comes to any negatives, if you have a coconut allergy, you should skip coconut aminos. And if you’re watching your sodium intake, you should also be cautious.

    “Just because it is lower in sodium does not mean that it is salt-free. Monitoring your portions will help keep the sodium content appropriate,” says Sheth.

    Science And Technology Collections

    Cooking with Coconut Aminos || Plant-based, Gluten-free, Candida diet
    • The ‘Food and Agricultural Sciences’ General Collections holds general resources about agriculture, crops, farming, food science, and natural resources related to agriculture. A mainstay of the collection is the publications of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences. Sub-collections include Florida Historical Agriculture and Rural Life, International Farming Systems, and U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Survey publications of Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.Food and Agricultural Sciences
    • The ‘University of Florida Herbarium Specimen Collections’ provides digital images for selected specimens from the Florida Museum of Natural History / University of Florida Herbarium.Herbarium Collections
    • The sciences collections includes natural and earth sciences, herbarium collections, wetlands research, as well as food and agricultural sciences and sciences and technologies.Sciences Collections

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    What Makes Coconut Aminos Healthy

    First and foremost, coconut aminos are the smart and safe choice for anyone who is allergic to soy. The taste of soy sauce should be enjoyed by everyone, right? It’s also the best bet for anyone with Celiac’s disease or gluten-intolerance, as coconut aminos are naturally gluten free. Traditional soy sauce does contain gluten with the exception of tamari.

    Serena Marie, R.D., a dietitian based in Brooklyn, says she also recommends coconut aminos for her Paleo clients or for those who are trying to avoid GMOs. Soy is actually one of the most common genetically engineered foods among American crops-with the USDA Economic Research Service reporting that 94 percent of all land used to farm soybeans contains herbicide-resistant GE crops. Coconut, meanwhile, is not a genetically modified crop, therefore making sure GMOs won’t make into your bottle of coconut aminos.

    Coconut aminos are also a good choice if you have high blood pressure because it’s much less salty than soy sauce, sometimes costing as much as 65 percent less in sodium. If you don’t have high BP and you miss the salty flavor of soy sauce, you can sprinkle a pinch of salt on dishes seasoned with coconut aminos, says Marie.

    Bonus benefit: Since coconut aminos are fermented, it’s possible that they could contain some beneficial live bacteria . Marie says emerging science shows this kind of healthy bacteria is good for your colon, gut, and immune system.

    Coconut Aminos And Whole30

    We discovered coconut aminos for cooking when we started eating mostly Whole30 and have never looked back. They are the perfect ingredient for asian-inspired meals, sauces and marinades. They add depth of flavor to any dish. Youll find them in many of our recipes and you can find all of our Whole30 recipes here.

    This DIY coconut aminos recipe is Whole30 compliant as long as you dont include the maple syrup. Dont worry, you wont miss it! Youll still get the salty umami flavor you are looking for and still get a tiny bit of sweetness from the balsamic vinegar.

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    Tamari Vs Soy Sauce Vs Coconut Aminos

    by Lisa Bryandisclosure policy

    Tamari is a great gluten-free soy sauce alternative. But what is tamari? And how does it differ from soy sauce and coconut aminos in terms of production and flavor. Is all tamari gluten-free? Lets dive in and Ill explain.

    When I went gluten-free several years ago, I still remember being shocked at how gluten managed to sneak into so many unsuspecting foods. Soups, teas, chewing gum.and sushi? Say what?

    As an avid sushi-lover, it broke my heart to learn that gluten was indeed in my soy sauce. And in fact, theres quite a bit of it. But after a little online sleuthing I soon discovered tamari and coconut aminos my sushi saviors and go-tos for Asian-inspired meals.

    But as these food products were new to me , lets break down how theyre different, starting with the one youre likely most familiar with.

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    Coconut Aminos Fried Rice (Gluten
    25.6 x 9.2 x 7.2 cm 283.49 Grams
    Ingredients Organic coconut sap, sea salt, organic ginger, organic onion, organic garlic, organic cayenne pepper
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    Organic coconut sap, sea salt, organic ginger, organic onion, organic garlic, organic cayenne pepper

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    Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. Please see our full disclaimer below.

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    Gluten Free Soy Sauce Options

    • Coconut Secret the Original Coconut Aminos® Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce
    • Organic Tamari Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, Reduced Sodium
    • Primal Kitchen Sauce No Soy Island Teriyaki
    • Bragg Liquid Aminos Original

    Lets break down the ingredients and what makes these gluten free soy options good choices for making gluten free Pad See Ew at home.

    What Does Coconut Aminos Taste Like

    Despite its name, coconut liquid aminos tastes nothing like coconuts. And unlike soy sauce, coconut aminos has a nice sweetness to it, so think of it as closer to teriyaki sauce than a savory soy sauce.

    “Coconut aminos has a delicious umami flavor, and is slightly sweeter than soy sauce, but not as salty,” says Amer. “It surprisingly doesn’t taste like coconut, but has a similar taste to soy sauce, making it a great substitute.”

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    Organic Coconut Aminos Sauce

    Bulk, Private Label/OEM, Individually Packaged Goods
    Country Of Origin:
    Sri Lanka
    Looking For:
    Brand Creators/Food Manufacturers Worldwide, Large Retailer Worldwide, Small Retailer in Australia, Distributor Worldwide, Large Retailer Worldwide, Importer/Exporter Worldwide
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    250ml glass bottle , 1 lt & 4 lt can
    Product Type:
    Raw Materials/Ingredients, Non Branded Finished Goods, Semi-Finished Goods, Branded Goods/Products
    Product/Retail Brand Name:
    List of Ingredients/Materials:
    Coconut sap, Coconut vinegar, Sea salt, aged in seasoned vats – traces of Birds eye chilli and garlic
    Supply Ability:
    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
    • Ships To: Worldwide
    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
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    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
    • Ships To: Worldwide
    • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
    • Ships To: Worldwide

    Coconut Liquid Aminos Contain Less Salt Than Soy Sauce

    Coconut aminos – the soy sauce substitute (gluten free, soy free)

    Some people try to reduce the amount of salt in their diet.

    According to the

    Some 2011 research has shown that consuming umami-flavored broths before a meal can help reduce a persons feelings of hunger and their desire to snack. In this study, women drank a number of chicken broths containing different ingredients, one of which contained monosodium glutamate , which has a strong umami flavor.

    The women who drank the broth containing MSG had significantly reduced feelings of hunger and desire to snack when compared with those who drank the other broths.

    Another study suggests that eating a chicken broth containing MSG can have an effect on areas of the brain that are relevant for the support of balanced eating behaviors and food choice.

    These results suggest that eating umami-flavored foods may help a person reduce the amount they eat, snack less throughout the day, and may potentially help with weight loss.

    However, it is important to note that in both studies, the amount of calories consumed was the same between both groups, despite the umami group experiencing a decrease in hunger.

    Additionally, both of these studies used a small sample size. This means that more research is necessary to determine if consuming umami foods can help with weight loss, balanced eating behaviors, and reduced calorie intake.

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