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White Corn Tortillas Gluten Free

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Soft & Delicious Healthy Mexican Tortillas Baked From Authentic Mayan Tradition

Gluten Free SOFT FLOUR TORTILLAS | How To Make Gluten Free Soft Tortillas

Mayan Farm tortillas are authentic Mexican tortillas, crafted in the finest Mayan tradition. We bake our tortillas with the highest quality, freshest ingredients to ensure an authentic flavor, giving rise to the name of Mayan Farm.

Mayan Farm Tortillas are flavorful, delicious, fragrant and hold fillings without cracking or breaking. With no trans fats and no cholesterol, Mayan Farm tortillas are also vegan and kosher and use only unbleached wheat flour and natural whole grain.

Mission Foods Organics White Corn Tortillas Kosher Certified By Crc Non

  • Mission Organics White Corn Tortillas contain 0 grams Trans Fat per serving. No lard. No cholesterol.
  • Mission Organics White Corn Tortillas are Kosher Certified by CRC Non-GMO Project Certified Organic Certified Gluten Free
  • No Cholesterol USDA Certified Organic Made with Sea Salt
  • No Lard No Trans Fat No Artificial Preservatives No Artificial Colors No Artificial Flavors
  • Delicious, fresh and shipped to you fast! Enjoy the freshly baked taste of Mission Tortillas. Soft and delicious, our tortillas are great for all kinds of meals and snacks,

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten

Yes, corn tortillas are made using corn, which is a naturally gluten-free food. Since corn itself doesnt contain gluten, and most tortillas dont contain other sources of gluten, corn tortillas are generally considered safe for a gluten-free diet.

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As with any food, its important to check ingredients lists and look for any hidden names of gluten just to be safe.

One of my little secrets is that I carry around a copy of my GFDF Take Along Cards so that I always have a point of reference when I can sneak a peek at the ingredient list of a food.

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La Tortilla Factory Tortillas

Its important to note that not all La Tortilla Factory tortillas are gluten-free but lets take a look at the ones that are. These include:

  • Cauliflower Tortillas with Cassava Flour
  • Gluten-Free Wraps Cassava Flour
  • Gluten-Free Tortillas Cassava Flour
  • Ivory Teff Wheat Free Gluten Free Wraps

You can find their full range here. You can usually find this brand in your local grocery stores

La Tortilla Factory Organic Yellow Corn Tortillas

Mission White Corn Tortillas (12 Small) 312g

With La Tortilla Factory corn tortillas, we begin talking about our category. Like most of the others in this category, these are thicker, and not flexible until heated.

They do smell and taste heavenly, just like masa. In fact, La Tortilla Factory does have the most flavor of all of them. Theyre expensive, though, and not widely available.

I do think that these corn tortillas are truly the best substitute for freshly homemade corn tortillas. So theyre kind of hard to resist.

Here are the other details:

  • Size of tortilla and package: 5-inch diameter tortillas, 8 tortillas per package
  • Price you should expect to pay: $17.95 for 16 on Amazon .
  • Shelf-stable, but refrigerate once opened.
  • Availability: Poor. I can only seem to find them on, and the price is not good.
  • Ingredients: water, stoneground organic yellow corn masa flour, organic guar gum, lime.
  • Heating instructions: Microwave one at a time for 20 to 25 seconds or until warm. Heat one at a time in a medium-hot, ungreased skillet for 10 to 15 seconds per side until warm and soft.

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Del Campo Tortilla Co Corn Tortillas

Finally, we come to Del Campo brand corn tortillas. Theyre 8-inches in diameter, unlike the others which are at most 6-inches in diameter, and theyre super thin and flexible once heated.

I really love these corn tortillas, and in some instances, they can actually replace my favorite packaged flour tortillas. Their larger size means that you can use them as burrito wrapsand they taste really good. They manage to straddle the line between the more mass-produced and the more homespun categories weve been discussing.

However, there are downsides, some of which you can see below in the remaining details. They are not easy to find, and theyre super expensive as compared to other corn tortillas. The packages that I bought also arrived with a fair amount of breakage in about one-quarter of the tortillas.

Still, I plan to order them somewhat regularly. And maybe even beg the company to find someplace else to stock them!

Here are the other details:

Newgem Foods All Natural Wraps

Okay, these NewGem wraps are SO WEIRD. But I absolutely love them. They are not a typical wrap or tortilla . Theyre sort of like a vegetable-based fruit roll up but in a really good way.

Theyre flexible to roll and contain any savory fillings you like. The descriptive words that I want to use dont sell these wraps, I realize. How can I convince you to give them a try?

The tomato variety is my favorite, but I also love the carrot variety. The carrot one has zero WeightWatchers SmartPoints , and the tomato one has 1 SmartPoint. If you hate them, Im sorry! But I adore them.

Here are the other details:

  • Size of package: 2.2 ounces
  • Price you should expect to pay: between $7 and $8
  • Fresh or frozen: Fresh
  • Availability: Fair. I purchase these on in 4 packs of 2 tomato, 2 carrot.
  • Other common allergens: soy
  • Ingredients: tomato paste , apples, organic palm wax, vegetable glycerin, soy protein isolate, powdered cellulose, fruit pectin, chipotle pepper sauce , filtered water
  • Shelf life/storage: Theres a freshness date, but its nearly a year in the future. The product does not need any refrigeration.

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How To Make Your Own Corn Tortillas

There are several recipes available online, but for a simple fix you will need:

  • 2 Cups Masa Harina Corn Flour
  • 3/4 Teaspoon Kosher Salt
  • 9-11 Oz of Water
  • A Tortilla Press is NOT required! You can actually just use a plate or a cake cutter

Combine the masa and salt in a large bowl. Be sure to whisk it well until everythings combined. Create a well in the center of the masa. Add 9 ounces of water to it and then mix it. The dough should be rather stiff and a bit on the thick side. Dont work too slowly or the dough will soak up the water and become too dry to work with!

Give the dough proper time to rest. Place plastic wrap over the bowl and allow it to rest for about 15 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap after the wait time and touch the dough. It will be ready to work with once it has absorbed enough of the water and didnt leave a residue but also doesnt crumble when you work with it. Divide the dough into 10 pieces. Roll each one into a tight ball. If the dough is still crumbly sprinkle a few droplets of water on it and knead the ball a couple of times.

Are Corn Tortilla Chips Gluten

Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps

Since tortilla chips are made from corn tortillas, and these are most always gluten-free, we can confidently say that most tortilla chips are gluten-free.

Depending on what other flavorings are added or other ingredients are added to the chips, they may not be gluten-free. Youll want to look for a gluten-free label, which indicates there is less than 20ppm of gluten in the product as required by the FDA, before purchasing.

Unfortunately, some tortilla chips do contain gluten, meaning you cant just grab a bag of chips off the shelf of the grocery store and assume they are gluten-free.

For example, the corn chips themselves in Doritos are gluten-free, but not all flavors of Doritos are safe for a gluten-free diet.

Some brands use both corn and wheat flour in their tortilla chip recipes, meaning they arent safe for a gluten-free diet.

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Does The Flour Blend Matter When Making Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps

As is always the case with gluten free baking, yes Flour blend does matter! I know there are gluten free bakers and authors out there who always use basic commercially available gluten free flour blends. But seriously When it comes to making flour tortillas, the gluten free flours you use can make the difference between something average and just about edible To something that tastes good and reunites you more closely with the flour tortilla wraps you miss.

And guess what Ive done ALL the hard work in testing, tasting, tweaking and creating Gluten Free Wraps that will hopefully help you re-kindle a bit of wrap-love.

While testing, I did try a maize flour mix , but the final recipe is actually entirely corn-free. And with that in mind these are definitely flour wraps and not corn tortillas. At some stage, I will post traditional corn tortillas But this recipe is not the same.

As with traditional wheat flour tortillas however, the recipe shared below for Gluten Free Wraps follows a simple combination of flours, water, fat and salt. It does not however, include any of the leavening agents found in some commercial options. I found them to be entirely unnecessary, adding absolutely nothing to either texture or performance.

Why Make Homemade Corn Tortillas

Have you ever made fresh gluten free tortillas of any sort? They are a really, really important staple in my house.

Need to take the simplest meal and make it 100 times more special? Wrap it in a tortilla. Have to serve dinner on-the-go? Wrap it in a tortilla. Tired of sandwich bread for school lunches? You get the idea.

There are plenty of varieties of packaged gluten free corn tortillas available, and some of them are really quite good. Store-bought tortillas, gluten free or not, do tend to break when were counting on them to bend.

These fresh gluten free corn tortillas are perhaps the simplest recipe youll find . Make them once and I dare you not to become obsessed with them, like I am with basically all of the gluten free flatbread recipes.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Im a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Feel free to shop around, though, as always.

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Why Choose Corn Tortillas

Simply put, corn tortillas taste amazing, and they are very easy to make if you would prefer not to take a chance on store-bought brands claiming to be gluten-free. Some are, yet some arent. The brands that state they are on their packaging are supposed to be legitimate, but you may have to do some research on your own to determine which companies are honest in their marketing.

Corn tortillas taste great with a variety of recipes. Tacos arent the only way to use them which is what most people might think. They are also a little thicker than flour tortillas which makes every meal special. Honestly, they just make a lot of things taste better and with so many restrictions on a gluten-free diet, why miss out on adding these to the list of foods you can eat?

How To Ensure Your Tortilla Chips Are Gluten

Guerrero White Corn Tortillas (30 ct) from Smart &  Final ...

The first step in determining whether tortilla chips contain gluten is to check the ingredient label for gluten or gluten-containing grains.

Its best to look for tortilla chips that are made from 100% corn or another gluten-free grain like rice, chickpea flour, sweet potatoes, teff, or quinoa.

Some tortilla chips may say gluten-free on their packaging, but this doesnt guarantee theres no gluten in the product. Cross-contamination is still a concern.

According to the Food and Drug Administrations gluten-free labeling regulations, products that claim to be gluten-free must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten .

Furthermore, the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 requires manufacturers to declare the presence of common food allergens on product labels .

Wheat is considered a major food allergen and must be listed on products for this reason. However, wheat isnt the only gluten-containing grain, and a wheat-free product isnt necessarily gluten-free.

You can also contact the product manufacturer to ask questions related to ingredients, food processing, and gluten contamination.

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Are Tortilla Chips Gluten

Tortilla chips are snack foods made from tortillas, which are thin and unleavened flatbreads usually made from corn or wheat flour.

Some tortilla chips may contain gluten, a group of proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, and spelt. Gluten helps breads and other baked goods stick together.

However, in certain people, including those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or wheat allergy, eating gluten can cause symptoms ranging from headaches and bloating to more serious complications like intestinal damage .

Although some tortilla chips are made from gluten-free ingredients, many people wonder if all tortilla chips are safe to eat on a gluten-free diet.

This article examines whether tortilla chips contain gluten and how to be sure.

Late July Tortilla Chips

Late July have a range of corn tortilla chips to choose from. The best thing about this brand is that theyre certified gluten-free, which means their products have gone through vigorous testing and have to meet strict guidelines set by the FDA, which means they couldnt be safer for us to eat.

Their tortilla chips are organic and come in a variety of flavors such as blue corn, jalapeno lime, sea salt, and bacon habanero. You can find a selection of their flavors over on .

The ingredients are as follows:

  • Cassava Flour

You can usually find them for around $3 per bag in your local grocery stores.

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Corn Tortillas And Soft Corn Tortillas


Our corn tortillas make a great addition to a healthy diet. Our Corn Tortilla is a white corn tortilla that does not contain gluten. Our Soft Corn Tortilla is a blend of corn and wheat . Both tortillas are Low in Fat and Low in Sodium and do not contain Saturated Fat, or Cholesterol.

Calidad Corn Tortilla Chips

Makki Ki Roti with Rabri Sweet Lassi, Fresh Butter & Pickle| Gluten Free White Cornmeal Tortilla

Crunchy, full of flavor, and perfect with a salsa dip. The Calidad tortilla chips are available for just $2 and theyre incredible. The ingredients are as follows:

  • corn masa flour
  • salt
  • cellulose gum

Theyre also vegan and contain no sugar. The words gluten-free are clearly labelled on the front of the bag, which means that this brand is safe for consumption.

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