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Good Thins Gluten Free Crackers

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Good Thins Rice Simply Salt Gluten Free Crackers 100 G

Snack Happy: Meet our Oat Crackers
  • One 100 g box of GOOD THINS Rice Salt crackers.
  • Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • No cholesterol, transfat, artificial colours or flavours.
  • Gluten Free certified and made with real rice.
  • Each 20g serving contains 90 calories.
  • This item: GOOD THINS Rice Simply Salt Gluten Free Crackers 100 g$2.98 In Stock.Ships from and sold by
  • Ships from and sold by

Dont Worry So Much About The Thickness

Youre going to end up having some variation in thickness of the dough as you roll it out, no matter how careful you are. It just means that some crackers will brown more fully and others will only have brown edges.

Especially since were sprinkling the dough with extra flour as were rolling it out, all of the squares will crisp up during baking. As long as nothing burns, it truly doesnt matter at all.

How Do You Select Good Gluten Free Crackers

Once you are on a gluten free diet, those two words become a magnet for your attention. You naturally reach for items that reassuring display them on the packaging but sometimes forget that those two words only mark the beginning of your search.

Here are some hints gleaned from our own gluten free crackers hunt that wed like to share with you.

  • Know Your Ingredients. In selecting your crackers, you already know to be on the lookout for the obvious gluten sources wheat, rye, and barley. The other ingredients, however, will still need some careful scrutiny from you. Thats because gluten can hide in the darnedest places, including soy sauce, food coloring, and some yeast.
  • Its Not Just the Ingredients. Aside from inspecting the ingredients list, you will need to get into the habit of reading the fine print on your gluten free crackers packaging. Many processing plants dont make ONLY gluten free foods. If their equipment or facility also handles wheat and other gluten culprits, it will be stated somewhere on the packaging, often under the nutritional information panel.
  • Keep Healthy in Mind. Contrary to popular belief, being gluten free doesnt naturally make one cracker healthier than another. Its not uncommon for gluten free crackers to have less dietary fiber and nutrients but more saturated fat, sugar, and overall calories than their counterparts.

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The Crackers Are On A Tray With Gluten

Sometimes a party host will be thoughtful and provide gluten-free options but not realize that those options are no longer safe if they come in contact with gluten-containing foods. Crackers are often put on a tray with a random assortment of foods. If any of those foods come near gluten, they are no longer safe for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Be extra vigilant and watch for this issue when you go to a party or potluck.

Let us know in the comments which of these gluten-free cracker brands you like the most. Also, share with us if youve ever reacted to any of the brands listed. Lets work together to keep each other safe!

Go get your grub on!

The Crackers Contain Oats

Nabisco Good Thins, Gluten Free Three Cheese Crackers, 3.5 Oz

Some of these gluten-free cracker brands contain oats, which means they may be making you sick. First, lets clear up a common misconception. Yes, oats are naturally gluten-free. Many people with gluten intolerance or even celiac disease can eat oats without a problem. So, lets not outrightly vilify oats, OK?

However, the way oats are grown and processed often puts them in close contact with wheat, barley, and rye grains that contain gluten. Thats why people who are sensitive to gluten may have problems with the GF cracker brands that contain oats. If you want to try the cracker but feel nervous that you may get sick because you dont know how youll react to oats, you can stick with a certified gluten-free cracker brand and see how you feel.

However, some people simply cannot tolerate oats, even when they are certified gluten free. This is because those people have the antibodies that will react to a protein in oats, making their digestive system go haywire. For those people, its best to avoid all foods containing oats, even oats that are certified gluten free.

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Are Good Thins Gluten Free

Yes! All 8 flavors of GOOD THINS are certified gluten free by an independent third party, the Gluten-Free Certification Organization , indicated by the small âGFâ symbol on our packaging. The GFCO standard requires products to contain less than 10 parts per million of gluten in finished product. Find out more at

Whats The Best Way To Snack Gluten Free

Are snacks ever off-limits? They shouldnt be, but if youre looking to snack while on a gluten free diet, youll have to put a little extra thought into it.

  • Plan ahead. Have a variety of gluten free snack options in your cupboards. That way, when a snack craving hits, you wont have to stop to check ingredients or worse, be tempted to take the chance on ingredients youre unsure of.
  • Check out other options. We know youll have your favorite go-to snacks that are always certain to satisfy your munchies. By checking out reviews like this one, however, you can get introduced to some other great choices to add to your arsenal of tasty and healthy gluten free snacks.
  • On your way to a gathering of family and friends? Take along your own gluten free snack options to add to whatever food is being shared. Hey, gluten free diet or not, your selection may turn out to be someone elses new favorite snack!

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What Good Thins Flavors Are There

We offer 8 delicious, gluten free snacks that are great for munching! Our snacks come in the following flavors:

  • ⢠GOOD THINS sea salt Corn Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS simply salt Rice Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS jalapeño & lime Corn & Rice Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS garden veggie Rice Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS barbecue Sweet Potato & Rice Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS sea salt & pepper Rice Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS parmesan & garlic Cheese & Rice Snacks
  • ⢠GOOD THINS three cheese Cheese & Rice Snacks

Rolling Between Two Sheets Of Parchment Or Not

At-Home Cauliflower Fried Rice: Gluten Free and Dairy Free Meal

There are two ways to roll out dough: between two sheets of unbleached parchment paper, or naked dough thats been sprinkled with a bit of extra flour and no top sheet of parchment. Some doughs are better suited to one method, others to another.

My best advice about how to roll out the dough in any particular recipe is to follow the recipe instructions. In this recipe, I used to make this dough by rolling it out between two sheets of parchment.

Of course, rolling the dough between sheets of parchment still works just fine here. Just be sure you use unbleached parchment paper , which is thinner and more flexible.

But since this dough is made with melted butter and is relatively soft, it can handle absorbing some additional flour during rolling. In fact, I find that I can roll the dough a bit thicker than 1/8-inch when Ive added some extra flourand still have it crisp up really well in the oven.

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Schar Gluten Free Graham Crackers

These are the best gluten-free graham crackers on the market, in my opinion! Schar has crafted a perfect recipe that makes them a good size for making smores, but also delicious plain as a snack.

Schar graham crackers have a delicious flavor and texture, without the off-putting grainy texture or rice flour after-taste of other gluten-free graham crackers.

The chocolate-dipped version of Schar graham crackers is equally delicious!

Good Thins Corn Sea Salt Gluten Free Crackers 100 G

  • One 100 g box of GOOD THINS Made with Corn Sea Salt crackers.
  • Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • No cholesterol, transfat, artificial colours or flavours.
  • Gluten Free certified and made with real corn.
  • Each 20g serving contains 80 calories.
  • This item: GOOD THINS Corn Sea Salt Gluten Free Crackers 100 g$2.98
  • Ships from and sold by

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Peel Paper From The Dough Not The Dough From Paper

The more successful youve been in rolling your dough thinly, the more difficult you may find it to be to remove the shapes from the rolling surface. Youve taken the time to cut out nice, clean shapes. You dont want them to stretch or tear.

Try rolling the dough out on a sheet of unbleached parchment paper, removing the dough surrounding the cutout shapes first, and then peeling the paper away from each cutout shape instead of the other way around.

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Gluten Free Graham Crackers Faqs

Are there gluten-free graham crackers?

Yes, brans like, Nairns, and Pamelas make gluten free graham crackers that are safe for those with wheat allergies. You can also look for an easy recipe to make homemade graham crackers using gluten-free flour, brown sugar or maple syrup, and other gluten-free ingredients.

Do Honey Maid graham crackers have gluten?

No. Honey Maid honey graham crackers and cinnamon graham crackers are both naturally gluten-free!

Are Annies graham crackers gluten free?

Annies brand makes gluten-free bunny graham crackers using an all purpose gluten-free flour blend. These crackers are made from wholesome ingredients and safe for a gluten-free diet.

Are Keebler graham cracker crusts gluten-free?

No, Keebler graham cracker crusts are not gluten-free. They are made with all purpose flour blends and contain wheat and soy allergens.

The Secrets To Rolling Out Dough

I know it can be a pain to make the dough, roll it out, and then cut out shapes before baking. It really does seem much easier to just drop dough by the tablespoonful on a baking sheet. But you simply cant make crackers that way.

There are actually quite a few packaged gluten free crackers available to buy, and I am planning to do a best-of product list soon. But, sadly, Nabisco isnt likely to start making gluten free Wheat Thins crackers. ?

If you remember the taste of Wheat Thins and want to have it again, youll have to roll out some cracker dough. Ditto for gluten free Ritz crackers, by the way.

This recipe makes quite a lot of crackers , and they keep really well in a sealed glass container. Its not like youll have to make crackers every single day of your life, right? So lets talk about the secrets to rolling out cracker dough.

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Good Thins Rice Multigrain Gluten Free Crackers 100 G

  • One 100 g box of GOOD THINS Multigrain crackers.
  • Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • No cholesterol, transfat, artificial colours or flavours.
  • Gluten Free certified and made with real rice.
  • Each 19g serving contains 80 calories.
  • This item: GOOD THINS Rice Multigrain Gluten Free Crackers 100 g$2.98 In Stock.Ships from and sold by
  • Ships from and sold by

Marys Gone Crackers Original

gluten-free PASTA and PIZZA reviews!

If you prefer a lot of bite to your crackers, then Marys Gone Crackers, Original will certainly please you. They are firm, crunchy and the perfect choice for persons who like to munch as they think. You might also want to try Marys Gone Crackers in the Black Pepper or Herb versions .

These Marys Gone Crackers, Original gluten free crackers have just a few ingredients but an impressive selection of great-for-you organic whole grains and seeds. They contain both organic flax and sesame, along with organic brown rice flour and quinoa, all nicely complemented by wheat-free tamari.

Nutrition-wise, a serving is equivalent to 13 yummy crackers and gives you 3 grams each of dietary fiber and protein. They do contain 190 mg of sodium per serving but much to their credit, they have no added fat and are manufactured in a facility dedicated to producing foods that are gluten, dairy and nut free.

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Best Gluten Free Crackers 2022

Having trouble finding the best gluten free crackers to fit your diet? We totally understand your dilemma!

Going gluten free often means your traditional snacks suddenly become taboo and youre left bidding your beloved chips, cookies and crackers a tearful goodbye. The fact is, until recently, gluten free snack offerings were sorely limited and lets face it, gluten free snack frequently equates to tastes simply awful?

Well, were happy to say there are great tasting and nutritious gluten free crackers out there. We went in search of them and are happy to show you the top ten. Plus, weve thrown in an up-close look at the three we deemed best of the best. Happy snacking!

Are Graham Crackers Gluten

No, most regular graham crackers are made with graham flour, wheat flour, or whole wheat flour and are not gluten-freebut fortunately, there are many gluten-free graham crackers made with a gluten free flour blend.

However, not all gluten-free grahams are created equal. You just need to know which gluten-free graham crackers are the best so you dont waste your time on the restwhich is what sparked the idea of this post!

Keep reading to get a detailed comparison of the top graham crackers for a gluten-free diet.

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The Product Was Manufactured On Shared Equipment

As you go through your gluten-free journey, youll start to understand how sensitive you are to gluten and whether the products that are manufactured in a shared facility meaning that the GF products are run on the same equipment that produces gluten-containing products make you sick. Some people can eat one gluten-free cracker brand but get sick by another, even if both are manufactured on shared equipment. This is likely because one manufacturer more thoroughly cleans the equipment than another. To prevent issues, I encourage those people to choose the products that were manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Blue Diamond Gluten Free Pecan Nut

Nabisco Good Thins, Gluten Free Chipotle Tomato Wheat Bean Snack ...

Although we chose the Pecan, there are fourteen other types of Blue Diamond Gluten Free Nut-Thins Cracker Crisps. You can find some pretty good flavors, like their Pepper Jack and Country Ranch, to alternate with and help keep snack time exciting.

As youre munching away on these Blue Diamond Gluten Free Pecan Nut-Thins Cracker Crisps, its nice to know that they are baked, not fried and contain no saturated fats. Each serving provides 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 0 grams of sugar and 130 mg of sodium.

What they do have are rice flour and pecan meal along with some natural flavors. The packaging advises you that these crackers also contain milk and are made in a facility that produces wheat, soy, almond and hazelnut foods. You are reassured, however, that gluten levels in the crackers are tested to ensure they are kept to a minimum.

We like their small size which makes it easy to j grab a handful and pop them whole, one at a time into your mouth. Its not messy, just a lot of fun!

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