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Glute Ham Raise At Home

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Hinge And/or Thrust: Learning To Use Your Hips

Broom-Assisted Glute-Ham Raise – at home exercise for butt and hamstrings without equipment

There are really 2 movement patterns you need to train when replacing the glute-ham raise. The first is the hip hinge, and the second is the hip thrust.

These are related, but theyre not exactly the same.

The hip hinge is one of the most important movements the human body performs. Hinging is key for sports performance, as well as the health of the spine, hips, and knees.

You need to learn to hip hinge properly and practice it deliberately. To simplify: keep the torso neutral, keep the feet flat, and the knees in place, while closing and opening the hips.

Thrusting is less important but puts more of the focus on the glutes and core working together. These are important since the glutes stabilize the spine so more strength keeps the lower back safe and healthy.

Cap Strength Roman Chair


  • Great for a home gym
  • Helps you perform a variety of exercises


  • Lack of padding and rollers could be less comfortable

The best glute ham developer for someone on a shoestring budget has to be the CAP Strength Roman Chair. It expands to be able to balance taller users and has a maximum weight of 300 pounds, comparable to much pricier models.

It weighs a mere 40 pounds, making it easy to move for home gym use. At less than $100, its price cant be beat.

Pros Of The Powerline Glute Master Machine Pgm200x

  • It allows you to work on each side of your glutes in isolation.
  • It specifically targets the gluteal muscles thereby allowing for a safe way to add more weight for resistance.
  • You can adjust the pads and handles to make it an easy fit for everyone.
  • Also noteworthy, this unit is durable and comes with a lengthy warranty.

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Coba Board Glute Trainer

The Coba Board will provide you with all the primary exercises needed to shape your glutes to perfection.

This board can support hundreds of pounds, yet only weighs 12 pounds and will easily store under a bed or couch. This glute trainer uses various resistance bands to customize your level of training intensity.

This video demo says it all

8 Primary Glute Exercises:

Foldable:The Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer takes up very little space and can even be folded together and stored out of sight when not in use.

Users suggest not paying extra for assembly assistance since putting this machine together is so easy a 10-year-old could do it in less than 10 minutes.

3 Resistance Levels

Added Resistance: This glute workout machine comes with 3 resistance bands to adjust your workout intensity levels. Each band adds about 22 pounds of resistance which, you can modify by adding or subtracting bands.

And if you want to build even bigger glutes and add more resistance, you can always add more weight using a weighted vest, ranging from 10 lbs to over 150 lbs, or a weighted belt.

Full Range of Motion Settings

The Squat Assist comes with adjustable handlebars and seat, flexible workout ranges of 30, 60, 90 degrees, and self-leveling pedals. But also a digital monitor to track time, calories burned, and total CNT.

This home glute machine stands 56 tall with folded up, weighs 24.5lbs, has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds, and is 42.5L x 19.5W x 50H in size.

Best Glute Ham Developer Machines For Your Home

Home Glute Ham Raise (GHR)  OBB Strength

A Glute Ham Developer is a great piece of equipment to have in your home gym. Theres no doubt that you should include glute and hamstring development exercises into your workout routine. Without a dedicated GHD machine, it is difficult to duplicate the various body-building exercises that are needed to build these muscles. In this article, weve taken a deep dive into the different GHD exercises and their importance. Plus, you can get the details of the best GHDs from various brands and select the one that you like.

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Core: Staying Stable While You Train

You need a strong and active core for these glute-ham raise exercises.

The buttocks need to be trained to stabilize the trunk in combination with the core. This is a key skill for weighted movements , as well as healthy aging and injury-resilience.

Its great to get 2 benefits from a single movement. Glute ham raise substitutes that train the core are worth your time!

Improved Mobility And Functionality

Many older individuals have mobility restrictions through their joints which severely limit the simplest of daily activities. But the problem is many also neglect exercises which are necessary for optimal mobility.

Fascia and connective tissue are largely responsible for optimal joint mobility. So the inability to move through multiple planes of direction is a result of restricted fascial and tissue elasticity. But the good news is you can improve elasticity and improve mobility.

So, performing a movement like a glute ham raise improves elasticity thanks to the full range of motion during the movement which allows the joints and muscles to naturally perform their mechanical functions.

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What Is The Glute

The glute-ham raise is a posterior-chain exercise. That is, it trains the muscles on the back side of the body that work together in unison. The hamstrings, however, get hit the hardest. The glute-ham raise is unique in that it works the hamstrings two functionsbending the knees and extending the hipsin one fluid movement, and through a full range of motion. Well explain in detail how to perform it below, but to get a sense of how the glute-ham raise is done, picture starting off with your torso parallel to the floor, and using the back of your legs to lift your entire body up until its perpendicular to the floor.

There are only a handful of exercises that mimic the glute-ham raise movement . Without them, you would need to perform multiple different exercises to achieve complete hamstring development. For instance, leg curls to work the knee flexion component, and Romanian deadlifts or kettlebell swings to train hip extension. So, glute-ham raises maximize efficiency. They also train the hamstrings in a very functional way thats perfectly suited to faster running and overall lower-body explosiveness.

What Is The Best Glute Machine For You

Home Glute Hamstring Raise Exercise

The best glute machine should be able to effectively stimulate your glutes to develop shapelier buttocks and build firmer thighs. You will want a durable and small enough machine to fit into your home or gym bag.

This review includes a list of 10 butt workout machines and devices that offers all of this and will guarantee the glute stimulation necessary to develop your glutes and build firmer thighs.

Our selection includes compact glute machines with weight resistance but also tension band resistance. Some are compact enough to fit in a corner or small enough to fit into your purse.

I would recommend comparing all the glute equipment in this review to find whats best for your specific needs.

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You’ve Probably Seen The Ghr Before Here’s How To Do It Right And How To Make It Even More Effective

This is a comprehensive progression scheme for the glute ham raise or GHR. Here’s the main thing to remember:

  • To make it easier, position the footplate lower and/or further from the hip pad.
  • To make it harder, position the footplate higher and/or closer to the hip pad.

There are several variations beyond those tips though, and some are more challenging than others. Here’s what to try:

1 Swinging GHR

The swinging GHR is the easiest to do. It involves hip extension then knee flexion. The momentum generated during the hip extension phase makes the knee flexion phase much more achievable for beginners or big guys.

2 Flexed-Hip GHR

This is actually easier than the neutral-hip GHR. Flexing the hip lengthens the hamstring and places it in a more effective position to produce force. But don’t think of this version as less effective. You can add more reps or weight with this, and you can strengthen the hams in the lengthened position which will improve athletic performance.

3 Neutral-Hip GHR

Experts usually recommend the neutral-hip GHR, but athletes and powerlifters rarely do it this way. Usually you’ll see some hip flexion or massive anterior pelvic tilt in an effort to make the exercise easier and more manageable.

4 Prisoner GHR

5 Weighted GHR

Once you master the bodyweight variations, add load. Try a dumbbell under your chin, a chain draped over your neck, or a weighted vest.

6 Band GHR

7 Rear-Elevated GHR

Best Ghd Machine For The Money

Titan Fitness has done it yet again by merging a quality build with an affordable price point. In terms of making equipment affordable, we think theyve hit the sweet spot here. While this isnt the cheapest option on our list, we think it has a solid value proposition in its own right and offers the most bang for your buck.

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Stability Ball Leg Curls

Stability ball leg curls target the hamstrings and require minimal equipment which make it a good at home and hotel glute ham raise alternative.

How To Do It

  • Lay on the floor with your feet hip width apart and a stability ball under your heels.
  • Extend at the hips so that your body weight is being supported by the ball.
  • Curl your heels back until your knees are at 90 degrees.
  • Straighten out your legs to return to the starting position of the exercise.

Pro Tip

A strong way to really target the glutes and hamstrings during this exercise is to superset the following variations of the stability ball leg curls:

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Why Mind To Muscle Connection Is A Must

How to perform Glute Ham Raise Exercise by Dallas Personal ...

In order to create this connection, we must start off by using light weights. The objective here is to feel the muscle you are working on. You can achieve this by concentrating on the muscle while you are performing the exercise. While also performing slow and controlled movements with a full range of motion. The whole trick is to activate your glute muscles and get them fired up. Eventually, you should feel the muscle burn and start to develop a pump. This is the result of blood being forced into the muscle.

I would suggest starting off by using maybe 10 to 20 lbs and performing 6 sets of 20 to 30 controlled reps. By controlled, I mean strict form and full motion. If you are still having difficulty feeling the burn I described, try slowing down your movements. It is very important that you not compromise your form due to heavy weights. You can always add weights later as you progress.

In order to keep the intensity level up, keep rest periods between sets at 45 seconds to a minute. If you have the time and energy, dont be afraid to hit your glute machine 3-4 times per week. Everyones body responds differently. So find what works best for you.

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How To Do A Glute Ham Raise

Here is a simple step by step approach to perform a glute-ham raise:

  • Firstly, ensure that the machine is set up right for you. The knees should be on the pad, or just behind it. The feet are to be placed firmly on the platform and your lower calves leaning on the ankle holders.
  • To start, the upper body should be upright . Next, tighten your hamstrings, glutes, and abs.
  • Keeping your hamstrings, glutes, and abs contracted, lower your torso until it is parallel to the ground.
  • Stay controlled and slowly lower yourself back down and repeat
  • As with any exercise, the difficulty level should be increased gradually. Start with doing 8-10 reps.

    Benefits Of The Glute Ham Raise

    The GHR is an awesome lower body exercise primarily because of the sheer amount of muscle mass worked. Lets look at the muscles worked intensely by the GHR:

    • Hamstrings The main target of the movement, all 4 parts of the hamstring are worked intensely- the biceps femoris long and short head, the semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus.
    • Glutes The gluteus maximus aka the butt or hips also get a lot of work during the raising of the torso from the completely lowered position.
    • Erector spinae The spinal erectors are also worked in a static, isometric fashion throughout the move. The GHR is a safe way to work these muscles hard with little risk.
    • Calves Surprisingly, this is also a pretty intense calf workout! The gastrocnemius is worked intensively through the all parts of the movement in an isometric fashion.

    Not only does this exercise work a ton of muscle, but it does so in a low-impact, joint friendly fashion. Lets explain.

    Lets start with the lower back. When done properly your lower back is kept in a neutral position and worked isometrically throughout the movement. This lets you build lower back strength and endurance without putting lumbar discs at risk.

    What about the hips? There is hip flexion and extension involved, but without the heavy loading of weights like in a squat or deadlift, theres really not a lot of adverse stress on the joints.

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    What Muscles Do Glute

    The glute-ham raise focuses on the hamstrings, but the tension it creates on the back side of the body irradiates all the way up the chain. That means that the glutes get invovled as well , along with the spinal erectors, which run from the pelvis all the way up to the neck. The ab muscles also have to work with your erectors to brace your spine, so it doesnt flop over while you perform the raise. And dont be surprised if you wake up with some calf soreness the day after doing glute-ham raises the first time, since the gastrocnemius activates to assist the hamstrings in flexing the knee.

    If you really want to nerd out, tell your friends that youre training your semimembranosus, semitendonosis, and biceps femoris, aka, the leg biceps. All three muscles originate on the lower portion of the pelvis and insert below the knee, which gives them a unique ability to bend the knee and extend the hips at the same time. Imagine doing a machine leg curl but without the machine to support your hips. Youd have to keep them from bending while you flexed your knees. In the glute-ham raise, you have to do this against the resistance of your bodyweightwhich is far more than what you can load on a leg curl machine. Now you see why glute-hams are such a ruthless move for the hamstrings.

    Why Work The Glutes And Hams

    Day 15 – Exercise Day – Floor (Glute Hamstring Raise) GHR

    If youve been scrolling through #fitspo on social media, youd be forgiven for believing that the glutes and thigh muscles just exist to look good. A lot of fitness influencers seem to want a bubble butt and strong legs so they can fill out their yoga pants just right. Thats as good a reason as any to chase gains, but the glutes and hams do a whole lot more than just sit pretty.

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