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Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu

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Dont Feel Like Going Out Tonight

Wendy’s Gluten-Free Menu Review

Then stay at home and make your own gluten-free dish! Take a look at our reviews on the Best Gluten Free Bread Machine and the Best Gluten Free Pastas. If you were wondering about snacks, have a look at our informative feature on Are Doritos Gluten Free?

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Strategies For Eating Out

If you like to eat out often like me you need to be careful in how you approach the process when youre on a strict gluten-free diet. I personally believe there is a way to minimize your risk of gluten exposure when eating out .

To help you eat out safely, I recommend reading, The Ultimate Guide to Eating Out Gluten-Free. Its chocked full of information about:

  • How to order so youre taken seriously
  • What questions you need to ask your server
  • Whats gluten free at popular restaurants
  • Pro tricks to sniff out gluten
  • Overall strategies to ensure you dont get accidentally glutened

If youre looking for more detailed information about living gluten free, I encourage you to check out my book, Dear Gluten, Its Not Me, Its You. This book will guide you through the process of breaking up with gluten and healing your body in the aftermath of the breakup.

Wendys Gluten Free Options

White says that Wendys appears to be a popular choice for gluten-free dining, and the chain has done a good job promoting their gluten-free items. According to Wendys, their trademark baked potato is gluten-free as well as their chili and the popular chocolate and vanilla Frostys, White says.

La Madeleine Gluten Free Options. Gluten free items on the La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe menu. Select any item to view the complete nutritional and allergy information. If you have a serious gluten allergy, please consult with your local restaurant before ordering.

As we mentioned, chili is also gluten free and is one of the heartier, potentially meal-replacing menu items available to someone who cant eat gluten. Their baked potatoes are also a cult favorite, and you can even get the ones with sour cream and chives or chili, bacon, and cheese!

Fast-food restaurants that offer gluten-free options include Burger King, Chick-fil-A, McDonaldâs, KFC, Taco Bell and Wendyâs. According to a 2014 article in Todayâs Dietitian, Wendyâs offers a variety of gluten-free options that are healthy, too, including the baked potato, chili and salads with dressing but without croutons.

Gluten-free buckwheat crepes available as well as gluten-free oatmeal. Also all items that can be made Gluten-free options are marked on the menu. 7 Schoen Place, Pittsford NY 14534 383-8310 101

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Summary Of Gluten Free Menu Options At Wendys

Pro tips and a quick summary of everything gluten free at Wendys.

  • Wendys has lots of positive review for baked potatoes and salads.
  • Tell them you have an allergy or Celiac Disease so they take precautions with your meal.
  • The fries dont contain gluten, but are in a shared fryer so keep that in mind.
  • Many users reported issues with the burgers and chicken, but you can request they cook it separate.
  • Enjoy Wendys chili, its gluten free!
  • Is Wendys Chili Gluten Free Gluten Free Fast Food


    I dont know what its like where you are, but here we are waiting for a big snowstorm to come in! And on a day like this, I want to curl up with something warm and comforting to eat like chili! Wendys chili has long been a favorite of mine. But, have you ever wondered if Wendys chili is gluten free? Is it safe for those of us with a gluten allergy to eat? And is it safe for those with Celiac disease to eat? We researched it all, so that you can eat safely!

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    Krispy Kreme is ringing in 2022 with a sweet doughnut deal dubbed âRaise a Glazed.â Get two Original Glazed dozens for $12 Thursday through Sunday.

    The four-day deal is available online, in the drive-through and at participating locations nationwide. Learn more about the offer at Krispykreme.com/offers/raiseaglazed.

    Wendys Gluten Free Menu Items And Options

    Wendys is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world with more than 6700 locations total. Known for their burgers, fries, frosties, and popular 4 for $4 options in the United States, many customers are wondering what kind of gluten free options Wendys might have. Lets find out in this article.

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    Wendys Gluten Free Friend

    Im not sure if its worth the advertising dollars, but I can envision the gluten free Wendys commercial:

    Wendy: Lets go for lunch

    Friend: Okay, as long as its not a hamburger place, Im gluten free and I cant eat anything at those types of restaurants.

    Friend:: How am I going to eat all this?

    Of course, my script writing skills leave a little to be desired. You need to add the Wendys cuteness with your imagination.

    Does Wendys Have A Gluten

    Testing Wendy’s for Gluten with Nima Sensor

    Sadly, Wendys does not offer a gluten free bun. It would be great to be able to enjoy one of their great sandwiches in, well, sandwich form, but it seems that well have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can always order the sandwich without any bun. Be sure to politely inform the person taking your order that you have a gluten allergy.

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    Can Wendys Chili Recipe Be Frozen

    Yes, it can be frozen. This recipe makes a giant batch , but freezes beautifully, so we will often eat half for dinner and save the other half for another occasion.

    To freeze, allow the chili to come to room temperature, then portion into freezer safe containers , and freeze. It will last up to three months in an upright freezer, and as long as six months in a deep freezer before the flavor and texture begin to degrade.

    It will continue to be safe to eat so long as it is consistently maintained at a temperature below freezing.

    Garlic and chili spices added!

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    Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu

    Wendy’s is best known for their quality food items, including their famous hamburgers, fries, baked potatoes, homestyle chili and fresh-made salads. If you are gluten sensitive, you will be happy to know that Wendy’s provides a variety of gluten free menu options.

    Weve analyzed Wendy’s allergen menu and ingredients list and found there are up to 12 gluten free options at Wendy’s, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. Please keep in mind that all Wendy’s options are cooked in shared spaces and are at risk for cross-contamination. If you are Celiac or have high gluten intolerance, we cannot safely recommend any items on the menu except for a Frosty.

    For diners with less gluten sensitivity, Wendys has a decent selection of gluten free items that can accommodate your diet with just some minor substitutions. While Wendy’s has not come out with a gluten free bun option yet, any of the hamburgers and grilled sandwiches on the menu are acceptable as long you substitute the bun for a lettuce wrap or just eat the burger without the bun.

    Some other popular gluten free options at Wendy’s are their Salads and Baked Potatoes. You have 6 salads to choose from just make to sure order them without the croutons or Crispy Chicken .

    You can also eat gluten free at Wendy’s by sticking to their Chili or opting for one of their Baked Potato choices like the Sour Cream & Chives, Broccoli & Cheese or Chili & Cheese Baked Potato.

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    Ultimate Grilled Chicken Filet

    We’re not big fans of menu items made gluten-free that basically “leave off a portion of the portion of the meal,” we have to admit that the delicious flavors in their grilled chicken filet burgers can be worth sacrificing the bun for what is essentially a tasty grilled chicken salad. Request this item, get it without the bun and then enjoy an amazing dining experience.

    You can purchase it for $4.69

    Enjoy Wendys Gluten Free Offering


    Wendys has a respectable number of items on their gluten-free menu even without resorting to the bunless wonders. The majority of these may not quite have the weight of the standard burger, but theyre certainly healthier overall, especially for those who are adversely affected by gluten. We stand by our statement that one of the most appealing parts of their menu is that they have a standard dessert item that is perfect and completely gluten-free, and honestly, the best thing ever is dipping french fries in a chocolate Frosty, so its an all-around win.

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    Mcdonalds Gluten Free Menu

    These are all the gluten free options we could find at McDonalds. Note all items listed below do not contain wheat or gluten, based on the McDonalds Menu. These items still have the potential for cross contamination and other traces of gluten, so please keep that in mind.

    Notice anything missing or incorrect? Leave a comment below. This article was last updated: May 6, 2021

    What Is Gluten Free At Wendys

    In this article and guide, well highlight all the gluten free menu items, sides, and other gf options available at Wendys. Want to learn more nutritional facts about Wendys foods? Check out this page on their website.

    Wendys also has a statement about Gluten Sensitivities on their website. The company states: If youre looking to avoid gluten-containing ingredients, we encourage you to view our menu on our website. A wheat allergen icon will indicate products that contain gluten from wheat, or you can view the products ingredient statement for the presence other gluten containing grains. While we provide known instances of wheat allergens and ingredient statements, please understand that instances of cross contact with other gluten containing grains are possible due to common handling and preparation areas in our restaurants.

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    What Are Some Gluten Free Fast Food Options

    There isnt a huge amount of gluten free stuff to be found on most fast food menus. What they do have to offer could also be contaminated in the shared work environment. Also, not all restaurants post clear gluten free or wheat allergen markers on their menus, so it can make finding food very difficult.

    One place that I feel excels at allergen labeling and handling is Chipotle. While they arent your typical fast food place, they are definitely a fast casual chain that you can find just about anywhere. They also have one of the most celiac-friendly menus out there only one of their foods contains gluten . As such, you can rest assured that everything else you eat will be wheat-free.

    Since most of their employees handle tortillas when serving customers, you will probably have to ask that they change gloves. Also, not all of their toppings have a serving spoon, some are just served by the handful. This means that they have been touched after someone has touched a tortilla. For this reason, if youre very sensitive to cross contamination it may not be the best choice.

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    Pf Chang’s China Bistro

    P.F. Chang’s is another favorite fast casual go-to restaurant for those who eat gluten-free, and many gluten-free diners have had good success ordering off the chain’s dedicated gluten-free menu.

    The choices include a wide variety of appetizers, gluten-free egg drop soup, a noodle dish, plenty of entree options and even vegetarian options. You even can order a great dessert, P.F. Chang’s excellent GF flourless chocolate dome.

    Gluten-free options at P.F. Chang’s include:

    • Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps
    • Pad Thai
    • Chocolate souffle

    All of P.F. Chang’s gluten-free dishes are served on a special plate with the chain’s logo so that you know you’re getting a safe meal. The restaurant also uses gluten-free soy sauce in its GF creations.

    Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Items And Options

    Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu. 91 items. Half Summer Strawberry Salad. 225 calories – Gluten Free. Whole Summer Strawberry Salad. 450 calories – Gluten Free. Half Size Taco Salad. 450 calories – Gluten Free. Full Size Taco Salad.

    Hand-chopped lettuce, hand-chopped tomatoes, fresh, never frozen berries and oven-baked potatoes all make for a better meal. Sure, we could order it all pre-prepped, but then it wouldn’t taste fresh. red cheeseburger. red cheeseburger mobile.

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    What Ingredients Do I Need To Make This Copycat Chili Recipe

    For this recipe, you will need:

    • Ground beef: I used 85/15 and drained off the fat.
    • Celeryand white onion: The base of our chili.
    • Canned stewed tomatoes: Youll want to run these through a food processor before adding them to the mix.
    • Canned diced tomatoes: Such as Rotel.
    • Tomato paste: Youll need just two tablespoons.
    • Water: To prevent the chili from drying out since it will be in your crockpot.
    • Chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder: To season our chili with.
    • Kidney beans and pinto beans: To make the chili hearty.
    • White vinegar: This will help mellow the chili out.
    • Salt and pepper: I always recommend salt and pepper to taste since brands of canned beans can have varying levels of salt.

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