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Heavy Resistance Bands For Glutes

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Sling Shot Hip Circle Max

Banded Squats – Do Heavy Squats With Bands

To use the hip circle, you step inside it with both legs, position it above your knees, and then perform various walking movements. You can assume an athletic stance and walk laterally, forward, or backward. You can do bodyweight squats with it on. You can even wear it while lifting a barbell All the while, the Hip Circle Max which is made with stronger material compared to the original Hip Circle will compress your legs, forcing you to drive your knees out to maintain a normal stance. As a result, your glutes and adductors will fire on all cylinders, which you want before loading them up on the front squat or leg press.

This band is looped around your knees so you can squat and walk in it to activate and prime your glutes and adductors for leg day.

Top 5 Booty Band Benefits


They are called booty bands for a reason, and that reason is when you wear the bands during squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts, you will be activating your glutes tenfold. All you have to do is wrap them around your thighs and squat with good form as you normally would. Just make sure your stance is wide enough to cause pressure within the band, which should be shoulder-width apart.

Oftentimes, people have trouble activating all of their glute muscles when squatting and deadlifting. With booty bands, you will immediately feel the difference. The hip bands will cause your glutes to fully activate. And the results area bigger, stronger butt!

Just try to squat with and without the hip bands and you will see exactly what we mean. Booty pump in full effect!

Note: The hip bands wont just make your glutes activate more, it will better activate all of your leg muscles and hips as well. Its just the glutes are the most noticeable as people typically have trouble keeping them activated throughout the entire movement.


Your hips are capable of flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and external/internal rotation. Thus, you want to strengthen them in all of these movements. And guess what? There is no better tool than the hip circle band to do so.



Xfit Power Resistance Band Set By Prosourcefit

Best heavy duty resistance band set on a budget Plus free shipping.

Great to use as pull up assist bands to get stronger and bigger muscles, XFit has a power resistance band for all fitness levels.

ProsourceFit offers a set of 5 heavy bands at a very affordable price. Here is a list of their color-coded bands and resistance levels:

  • Black: 60 lb 150 lb
  • Blue: 50 lb 120 lb
  • Red: 40 lb 80 lb
  • Green: 30 lb 50 lb
  • Yellow: 10 lb 35 lb

If youre simply looking for a quality set of heavy duty resistance bands without any extras and at a great price , then the XFit power bands are a great choice.


  • Great price & free shipping

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Booty Band Workout Takeaway

Any good booty band workout will include most if not all of these exercises, but don’t forget these exercises are great for more than just your butt! Your whole lower-body will be thanking you in no time at all if incorporate all of these exercises into your leg day routine!

And remember! For all the exercises mentioned above, as you get used to using resistance bands, workout with increasing band strengths, or combine more than one band to ensure a consistent difficulty as you grow in strength.


Mandrill Fabric Booty Bands

Untold Performance Heavy Resistance Glute Bands

One of the most frustrating parts about using rubber loop bands is the tendency for them to roll and snag on your skin and body hair.

The Mandrill Fabric Booty Bands avoid this problem with extra widthat 3.15 its one of the widest on the market. The soft fabric keeps from bunching up whether you are using the band for added stability when doing squats or doing high rep sets of glute bridges.

Mandrill ships these in a three-pack, with the bands providing three levels of resistance , and they back the bands with a three-year industry-leading warranty, giving you peace of mind while you chase your booty-building goals in the gym.

Each three-pack costs just over $20 and Mandrill includes a mesh carrying bag to store the bands between workouts.

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What Our Testers Say

I like that a bag is included to keep all of the tubes and accessories in one place. Its also pretty helpful that loop bands came with the tube bands which allowed me to complete a wide range of exercises without having to purchase each separately. Megan Foster, Verywell Commerce Writer, and product tester

What Are The Different Types Of Resistance Bands

Long loop resistance bands can be used for a comprehensive, full-body workout that essentially challenges every major muscle group in your body,” Shante said. “These are exercises such as front squats, overhead press, kickbacks, hip thrusts, seated rows, chest press, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and many more.

Mini loop resistance bands , on the other hand, are mainly used to target and activate your glutes, hamstrings and quads. However, you can use these bands for a few various upper body exercises such as overhead press, shoulder abductions, front raises and tricep extensions.”

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For more from our Commerce Writer Sophie Cockett, follow her on Instagram.

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Resistance Bands Are Convenient And Affordable Muscle And Strength

If you subscribe to the notion that resistance band training is for wimps, then allow us to change your mind. Bands provide more tension through an exercises range of motion than dumbbells, barbells, and dumbbells. Translation: Youre going to feel a serious burn. Theyre also easier on your joints, and, unlike any standard weight training tools, you can take them with you anywhere. And if youre serious about getting strong, bands can help improve your total on the big three.

There are, however, so many types of bands. There are bands with sensors, bands with handles, bands for your shoulders, and bands for your butt. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Yeah, we get it. Below, weve compiled six of the best resistance bands on the market broken down into categories to help you pick the best one for you.

Dynapro Exercise Resistance Bands

20 Minute Abs & Glutes Burnout Workout With Resistance Bands | Shape Mobile
  • Adjustable connection varies the band’s resistance
  • Workout guide is emailed once the order ships
  • Long enough to use for shoulder presses
  • Cons:

    • Has an initial odor
    • Handles are mostly hard plastic

    You can choose individual DYNAPRO resistance bands in levels ranging from five to 10 pounds up to the highest 35 to 50 pounds. A set is also available with a complete range of resistance levels. Each band is made with high-quality commercial-grade rubber material thats designed for frequent and heavy use.

    These bands are also highly flexible and stretch enough to perform shoulder presses and similar exercises. If you need to vary the resistance, simply use the adjustable connection to change the length of the band. However, the highest level black band isnt adjustable. Youll get an emailed workout guide once your order ships.

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    Can You Build Muscle With Just Resistance Bands

    Yes, and pretty effectively, too. Why? The resistance band’s load progressively increases as the range of motion increases – a property unique to elastics.

    Grace Beverly – founder of TALA and Shreddy – said: “Resistance bands change the strength curve of some exercises. There are three types of curve: ascending, descending, and bell-shaped. Ascending is when a movement gets easier towards the end of the range of motion, for example bench press. Descending is when an exercise feels heavier towards the end of the movement, like pull-ups. Bell-shaped movements are when the movement is hardest in the middle of the range of motion, but easier at the beginning and end. Bicep curls are a great example.”

    Since the resistance increases as the band lengthens, resistance bands offer a dynamic you donât benefit from with normal weights, where the weight stays the same throughout the movement. A larger number of muscle fibres are fired up, resulting in great adaptations in muscle size and strength.

    Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

    These are similar to Hip Circle from a design standpoint, but Fit Simplifys bands are stretchier for more movement variety. You can loop them around your knees to perform lateral band walks, wrap them around your wrists for a more difficult push-up variation. These are 12-inches long and two inches wide. Though the specific resistance weights arent listed, this bundle offers five levels of difficulty x-light, light, medium, heavy, x-heavy.

    Small, portable, and easy to use Fit Simplify has created a band that anyone benefit from for warm-ups to light workouts.

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    Discover The Best Resistance Bands For Glutes

    If youre serious about building an enviable booty, or shaping out your legs, finding the best resistance bands for glutes is essential. Weve updated our list of the best resistance bands for glutes in 2021.

    For another year, weve looked at the best resistance bands for glutes on the market, and compared them all to find the very best products out there. So, if you want to know which booty band will do the most for you in 2021, keep reading! Weve found the highest quality, most reliable options for you:

    Compared to big weights and barbells, these handy fitness tools fly under the radar, however they have the power to help transform your body and your lifts.

    Dont underestimate the humble booty band, theres nothing that will get your butt muscles firing like finding the best resistance band for glutes.

    Whats more once youve found the best glute bands, youll discover theyre just about the easiest bit of gym kit to bring with you. Theyre light, small and easy to throw in your bag ready for an intense, burning session ahead.

    Theyre the key to a really deep booty workout, but they can also help you reach the next level on your big lifts if you use them for activation and mobility.

    So, stop double folding those long looped bands that hang from every corner of your gym, and check out these top quality, booty-growing alternatives.

    Weve reviewed and ranked the best resistance bands for glutes to bring you our 9 favourite products.

    What Makes The Best Resistance Bands For Glutes

    Fabric Resistance Bands Heavy Duty Booty Bands Glute Hip ...

    Your glutes are the biggest muscles in your body, so it stands to reason youll need a slightly more powerful resistance band for glutes than your average all-rounder product.

    As such, were looking for something that provides a high enough amount of resistance to really challenge the muscle fibres and grow in size and shape.

    Whats more,the best booty bands have a small looped band. No more doubling over longer bands or tying one at the ends to create a loop, these products have been specifically designed to slip over the knees and strengthen your butt.

    As we explore the market, we want to be on the lookout for the following qualities in the best resistance band for glutes:

    • Thick material

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    Resistance Bands For Glutes How To Choose And Incorporate Bands In Your Glute Workouts

    Choosing to incorporate resistance bands into your glute workouts can drastically increase your results. Using resistance bands for glutes is a great way to target those muscles that might otherwise remain under-stimulated by conventional exercises.

    There is no better way to help with gluteal activation and add an extra challenge to the stability requirements of your muscle groups.

    Resistance band are cheap, ultra portable, and ultra versatile. If you travel, its a great way to mobilize your gym by simply packing a few grades of resistance bands into your luggage they take up next to no room at all!

    Why Do I Need a Resistance Band?

    Physical therapists regularly prescribe resistance bands in their treatment plans, and for good reason.

    The very act of working against a resistance during a movement requires more activation and recruitment of muscle fibers compared to the same movement performed without resistance.

    In addition, incorporating a resistance by using a resistance band also requires activation of many smaller accessory muscles for stabilization throughout the exercise. Without this kind of stimulation, such muscles may rarely be used, activated or stimulated. If this continues over a lifetime, you can end up with muscular imbalances, poor posture, aches, pains and general ill-health. No wonder these bands are a favorite prescription of physical therapists!

    What are Resistance Bands?

    Consider More Resistance Levels For Better Results

    The best resistance bands for glutes will offer multiple resistance levels meaning multiple bands. Having various resistance levels is paramount for any successful bodybuilding or body toning workout routine. One resistance level would be similar to a bodybuilder or fitness model using one set of weights.

    That said, using one set of weights would not result in much progress and the same holds true with resistance bands.

    Therefore, owning multiple loop bands with various band strengths will provide you with the intensity levels needed to grow bigger glutes.

    The best booty bands offer multiple resistance levels so you can challenge your glutes and continue making progress as your butt grows bigger and stronger.

    For instance, with a light intensity band, you can warm up your glutes before starting your main routine. You can perform 20 to 30 reps with this band to activate your glutes and get your muscles fired up. Then you can progress to your medium to high-intensity level bands to add more resistance to your workout. This will give you far better results than using only one resistance band.

    You must be able to vary your workout intensity levels to make progress. Use your lighter bands with high repetition to tone and tighten your glutes. And use your stronger bands with low reps to build bigger glutes.

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    Walito Reistance Band Set

  • Soft latex and cotton blend won’t slide during workouts
  • Each band is color-coded
    • Relatively limited range of motion
    • Has an initial odor
    • Not as useful for arms

    Tone your legs and butt with this set of loop resistance bands. The set comes with three bands, ranging from light to heavy resistance. Each band is also color-coded to help you keep track. The bands are made with a soft blend of cotton and latex that wont slide or roll as you move.

    Aside from your favorite lower leg exercises, the bands work equally well for yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and other workouts. Several additional color combinations are available.

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