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Ben And Jerry’s Gluten Free Flavors

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Chocolate Salted N Swirled

NEW Non-Dairy Flavors | Ben & Jerry’s

Its sort of like their popular PB & Cookies, but for chocoholics. Their classic chocolate ice cream is swirled with salted caramel and littered with big chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies.

Ingredients: almond milk , liquid sugar , coconut oil, corn syrup, sugar, cocoa , wheat flour, corn syrup solids, sunflower oil, pea protein, sunflower lecithin, corn starch, natural flavor , molasses, salt, baking soda, soy lecithin, sea salt, natural flavors, guar gum, locust bean gum, caramel color, carrageenan, dry malt extract. contains almonds, coconut, sesame, wheat and soy. may contain other tree nuts. Contains almonds, wheat, coconut, sesame and soy. May contain other tree nuts.*

Nutrition : 320 calories, 15g fat, 44g carbs, 2g fiber, 28g sugars , 3g protein*

Colin Kaepernicks Change The Whirled

This dairy-free flavor features caramel ice cream with chocolate chunks and cookie swirls.

Ben & Jerrys created Change the Whirled to honor Colin Kaepernicks racial justice activism. Kaepernick donates his portion of the proceeds to Know Your Rights Camp. The campaign, founded by Kaepernick, works to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.

Popular Gluten Free Items At Ben & Jerrys

Being Gluten free is not easy and can be very limiting when you are going out to eat or buying for the family. Having to choose between tasting great and keeping your budget down is tough as it is, but Ben and Jerrys gives us the ability to choose delicious food without hitting your wallet too hard. As many people nowadays are both Health conscious and thrifty, its no surprise they take a look at the selections from Ben and Jerrys.

These are but a few items from their popular gluten-free menu to choose from:

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Butter Pecan this all-time American favorite is just the thing you are looking for on that hot summer evening. The buttery flavor melts in your mouth and the crunch of pecan adds the right amount of nuttiness.You can find this available at not only your local ice cream shop but also your local grocery store.

Get a pint for $5.49, a quart for $9.49

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

This delectable monkey is packed full of bite-sized squares of chocolate. Then we have the creamy banana flavor that hits us right in the face, which is perfect if you love bananas and chocolate. Add walnuts on top of that wonderful concoction, and youre asking for a melt in your mouth crunch that has you going bonkers over it.

You can grab a pint for $5.49 or better yet a Quart for $9.49

Black Raspberry Swirl LowFat Yogurt

Grab a pint for $5.49 or a Quart for $9.49

No Sugar Added Vanilla Fudge Chip

Grab a pint at $5.49 or a quart for $9.49

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Is Tesco Vanilla Ice Cream Gluten

You might notice weve got a new look, but youll still find our delicious, signature smooth ice cream inside. With absolutely no compromise on taste, our 750 ml plant based ice cream dessert is dairy, gluten and lactose-free, contains no artificial colours or flavours, and is vegan and Kosher certified.

Is Ben And Jerrys Cookie Dough Ice Cream Gluten

My two favorite Ben and Jerrys flavors are now officially ...

The epitome of a comforting junk food, Ben & Jerrys ice cream comes in plenty of gluten-free flavors. The flavors with cookie dough in them do have gluten, but youll be safe with Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Phish Food, Triple Caramel Chunk and a whole bunch more. Check the price on Amazon!

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Is Cherry Garcia Discontinued

18 Ben & Jerrys Flavors Well Never Get To Try

Ben & Jerrys is home to some of our favorite ice cream flavors of all time. Half Baked, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough the list goes on and on. Ben & Jerrys flavors that are sadly no longer on store shelves end up in the flavor graveyard.

Ben & Jerrys Response Regarding Gluten Cross

We received the following response from Ben & Jerrys when we inquired about how they prevent cross-contamination in their facilities:

We have a very proactive approach to addressing the concerns of gluten-restricted and other food allergic individuals. We work closely with all of our ingredient suppliers, including packaging, to verify all ingredient components. This includes those ingredients in natural flavors, colors and spices that would be a concern to our customers, such as gluten. We ensure that this information is then included on our products ingredient label. In the case of gluten, we would state in the ingredient label wheat flour or flour as being included

we always strongly encourage anyone with an allergy to read the label each time a purchase is made.

Ben & Jerrys Consumer Services

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Is Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Gluten Free

Ben & Jerrys also known as Ben & Jerrys Homemade Holdings Inc was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont.

It is an international brand that is not only known for its delicious ice cream that comes in a variety of distinct flavors but also makes frozen yogurt and sorbet. You can also find Ben and Jerrys locations all around the world and in nearly every grocery store! Find a store near you with Ben & Jerrys ice cream finder.

The company was sold in 2000 and is currently owned to the British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever.

Now you know a little bit more about Ben & Jerrys lets find out if theyre gluten-free.

Ten Of Ben & Jerry’s Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors Are Now Certified Gluten

7 New ‘Topped’ Ben & Jerry’s Flavors | NBC10 Philadelphia


Celiac.com 10/16/2020 – Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company has announced certified gluten-free status for ten of its most popular ice cream flavors. These flavors will be available at stores nationwide. Even though most Ben & Jerrys ice cream flavors are made without gluten ingredients, and are safe for people with celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity, the company’s new move goes the extra mile.

According to a company press release, Ben & Jerry’s “didnt make any changes to the recipes…These flavors have always been gluten-free, but now we have the resources to do the rigorous testing required for certification, said Jody Eley, Ben & Jerrys innovation manager, in a press release.

Celiac.com Sponsor :Each of the new flavors comes with a new logo, along with a gluten-free certification from a major Gluten Free Certification Agency.” For people with celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, Eley said, the gluten-free “certification can give them a little peace of mind.

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Gluten Free Ice Cream List The Ultimate Guide

Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

Looking for a delicious ice cream that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home thats 100% gluten free and Celiac safe?

If so, the we have the ultimate gluten free ice cream listing for you!

Below, youll discover all the best gluten free, wheat-free, and celiac friendly ice creams that you can enjoy from some of the biggest ice cream brands conveniently found at most major grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores.

So with that being said, lets jump straight to the celiac friendly ice cream listing!

Look For Certified Logos On Ben & Jerrys Gluten

In October 2020, Ben & Jerrys announced that they updated their testing protocols to ensure that they meet the Gluten-Free Certification Organizations standards. In the past, consumers had to look at labels to see if the products had gluten-containing foods, but that still left some people with concerns over whether the manufacturing facility was safe from cross-contamination. Now, any new gluten-free ice cream flavors that meet GF certification standards will carry the GFCO logo, which gives gluten-free consumers confidence in knowing that they can trust the brand to keep them safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream:

Are any Ben and Jerrys gluten free?

Yes. Ten flavors of Ben & Jerrys ice creams are certified gluten-free, along with a few of the non-dairy versions. A number of other Ben & Jerrys flavors are gluten-free but have not been certified.

Is Ben and Jerrys cookie dough gluten free?

Ben & Jerrys standard chocolate chip cookie dough is not gluten-free. The Oatmeal Cookie Chunk available at Scoop Shops is made with gluten-free oatmeal cookies. Gluten-free customers at Ben & Jerrys Scoop Shops can also request a fresh scoop from a new tub of ice cream.

Is Ben and Jerrys Triple Caramel Chunk gluten free?

Yes. Ben & Jerrys Triple Caramel Chunk ice cream is gluten free.

Is non-dairy Ben and Jerrys gluten free?

Many of the non-dairy flavors are gluten-free, including Phish Food®, Cherry Garcia®, Vanilla and Cold Brew.

Is Phish Food ice cream gluten free?

Yes. Ben & Jerrys Phish Food® ice cream is certified gluten-free in both dairy and non-dairy versions.

About Ben & Jerrys Allergy Labeling & Cross Contamination:

Upbeat News

Many Ben & Jerrys non-certified flavors contain a May Contain statement, which is optional for manufacturers.

Regarding shared equipment & cross contamination, Ben & Jerrys says: We have systems and policies in place to help protect our consumers from cross-contamination. While we process nut flavors on shared equipment that also processes non-nut flavors, Ben & Jerrys employs strict sanitation procedures and processes that ensure complete cleaning of all equipment. Also, while it is virtually impossible to make absolute guarantees, Ben & Jerrys is confident that not only are our products good to eat, they are also safe to eat. For specific information about our products, we ask that you continuously refer to the labels on our products as they are the most complete and most up-to-date source for specific food allergen information.

Regarding ingredients, Ben & Jerrys says:We work closely with all of our ingredient suppliers to verify all ingredient components, including those in natural flavors, colors and spices that might be a concern to persons who, either for medical reasons or as a matter of personal preference, wish to avoid certain foods. We insure that this information is then included on the ingredient label of our product.

Learn more or contact Ben & Jerrys directly here.

Original Ben & Jerrys List Courtesy: Tina Turbin content has been updated.

All images courtesy of Ben & Jerrys

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Cold Brew Coffee Fudge Chip

For an afternoon perk-me-up, Ben & Jerrys is offering this cold brew non-dairy frozen dessert with fudge flakes and a fudge swirl at their Scoop Shops.

Ingredients: sunflower milk , liquid sugar , coconut oil, corn syrup, sugar, dried cane syrup, cocoa, cocoa , pea protein, chocolate liquor, coffee extract, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract, caramelized sugar syrup, soy lecithin, pectin, guar gum, sea salt, locust bean gum. Contains: soy.*

Nutrition : 220 calories, 11g fat, 28g carbs, 1g fiber, 21g sugars , 2g protein*

Vegan Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Pints

With the release of these two new flavors, the number of vegan Ben & Jerrys ice cream pints in the US has risen to 18 in totalalmost 40% of Ben & Jerrys entire flavor lineup. Some of the other recent vegan flavors added to Ben & Jerrys vegan ice cream line include Mint Chocolate Chance, The Tonight Dough, Americone Dream, Karamel Sutra Core, Phish Food, and Colin Kaepernicks Change the Whirled.

Boom Chocolatta and Bananas Foster will be available in major retailers soon. To learn more, visit BenJerry.com/Flavors/Non-Dairy.

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Enjoy Ben & Jerrys Gluten Free Offering

Ben and Jerrys provides an easy selection for those of us who have to spend time carefully looking over their choices due to our limited ability to eat certain foods. With B& J we dont have to decide between great tasting food that can hurt us or none at all.They make it easy with a wide selection of frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sorbets to fill our needs with their gluten-free menu. Take a gander at what they have in store for you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Introducing 3 NEW Ben & Jerryâs Non-Dairy Flavors! | Ben & Jerryâs

This is the new non-dairy spin on a #1 fan favorite Ben & Jerrys flavor. The base is their almond milk vanilla with gobs of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough & fudge flakes. You can also buy those vegan cookie dough chunks separately.

Ingredients: almond milk , liquid sugar , coconut oil, wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup solids, brown sugar, pea protein, expeller pressed soybean oil, cocoa , vanilla extract, sunflower lecithin, tapioca flour, chocolate liquor, molasses, natural flavors , salt, guar gum, caramelized sugar syrup, soy lecithin, locust bean gum, cocoa butter, cocoa powder. Contains almonds, wheat, coconut and soy. May contain other tree nuts.*

Nutrition : 350 calories, 16g fat, 49g carbs, < 1g fiber, 33g sugars , 3g protein*

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Coconut Seven Layer Bar

Skip the sweetened condensed milk and the baking fuss. This Ben & Jerrys non-dairy frozen dessert has all of the flavors swirled into one. The coconut-flavored ice cream contains fudge chunks, walnuts, graham crackers, and caramel.

Ingredients: almond milk , liquid sugar , coconut oil, sugar, corn syrup, walnuts, corn syrup solids, dried cane syrup, coconut, soybean oil, corn starch, cocoa, wheat flour, graham flour, pea protein, sunflower lecithin, natural flavor , canola oil, salt, soy lecithin, molasses, dry malt extract , vanilla extract, guar gum, locust bean gum, tapioca starch, citric acid, caramel color, baking soda, carrageenan. Contains almonds, walnuts, coconut, wheat and soy. May contain other tree nuts.*

Nutrition : 430 calories, 24g fat, 50g carbs, 1g fiber, 35g sugars , 3g protein*

Peanut Butter Half Baked

This is really three desserts in one. Chocolate AND peanut butter ice cream with fudge brownies and big bites of peanut butter cookie dough. Oh my!

Ingredients: almond milk , liquid sugar , wheat flour, coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sugar, brown sugar, peanuts, cocoa , peanut butter , soybean oil, pea protein, cocoa powder, corn syrup, peanut oil, sunflower lecithin, salt, corn starch, guar gum, locust bean gum, vanilla extract, baking soda, natural flavor , soy lecithin, barley malt. Contains: almonds, wheat, peanuts, coconut and soy. May contain other tree nuts.*

Nutrition : 330 calories, 16g fat, 43g carbs, 1g fiber, 28g sugars , 5g protein*

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Ben & Jerrys Road To 20 Vegan Ice Cream Flavors

Ben & Jerrys has been in the ice cream business for more than 40 years and the Vermont-based company is now looking to make a good portion of its portfolio completely dairy-free to improve its sustainability metrics and offer its customers more choices. In 2016, Ben & Jerrys began its transition with the launch of its first four almond milk-based flavors: PB & Cookies, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Chunky Monkey. Shortly thereafter, Ben & Jerrys began tackling other fan favorites such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cherry Garcia, and Cinnamon Buns, recreating vegan versions with the help of almond milk.

On a mission to become the largest provider of premium vegan ice cream, in 2020, Ben & Jerrys turned its innovation toward non-dairy bases and launched an allergen-friendly sunflower butter base, introducing it with three flavors: Milk& Cookies, Crème Brûlée Cookie, and Mint Chocolate Cookie. The new base is also featured in Change the Whirleda vegan flavor it released amid the resurgence of the BLM movement in 2020made in partnership with professional football player, racial justice advocate, and vegan Colin Kaepernick.

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