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Beginner Glute Workout At Gym

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How To Build Your Glutes


If you want to build and strengthen your glutes you’ll need to do more than just exercise them. Here are a few more additional tips:

1. Be consistent. The best way to strengthen and grow your glutes is by consistently doing exercises that target them a few times a week. Velazquez recommends training your glutes at least twice a week on non-consecutive days.

2. Rest and recover. Muscles need at least 48 hours after a strength workout to recover and repair themselves. Overtraining can compromise results and could lead to injury.

3. Increase your reps. For beginners, Walker recommends using weights that are light enough to perform exercises comfortably for 15 to 20 repetitions over three to four sets. Once you can comfortably perform 12 reps of an exercise with a one-minute break in between three sets, increase weight by one to two pounds. Eventually, you should work towards eight to 12 repetitions at maximum weight over three sets, says Walker.

4. Tweak your diet. Velazquez says a typical daily macronutrient breakdown which are the protein, fats, and carbohydrates you consume per day for those looking to lose fat and gain muscle is to consume:

  • 40% protein
  • 30% carbs

Free Booty Building Workout Plans

The following glute workout plans are for home workouts and gym workouts and are in PDF format.

Feel free to download and print these free butt workout routines to your phone, computer, or tablet. No sign-ups, no emails. Just click and download.

  • Using booty bands with these glute exercises will give you better results and help activate your glute muscles for better growth. If you dont already have some, I would highly recommend making the investment.

Gym Etiquette: Tips And Tricks

I asked the entire 15-person staff in our Online Coaching Program most of whom have trained clients in a gym for 5+ years what information they would share with new gym-goers:

#1) Take your time. The above 6 level workout plan might take you 12+ months to move through, and thatâs okay! I would rather you slowly wade into the water instead of terrifying yourself with the thought of cannonballing into the deep end and never even starting a gym routine.

Stick with what you know, and then bit by bit, one movement at a time, branch out and try new things.

Remember:days and years, not weeks and months.

#2) Do what makes you happy. You might have noticed above I didnât mention things like bicep curls, bench press, cardio classes, spin class, etc.

If those things make you happy, start adding them to the mix. However, if you are only doing those things because you think you are supposed to, donât!

The above 6-Stage strategy combined with a healthy nutritional strategy will get you 95% of the way to where you want to go.

I promise. Nerdâs honor.

#3) Write down everything youâre doing and track your progress. Keep a simple note on your phone, write in a notebook, use Evernote, whatever. Write down what you do so that you know what to do next time.

When you get stronger and things feel too easy, you know to move up in weight slowly .

Usually, there will be trainers that work there walking around the floor ask them! Thatâs what theyâre there for.

Gym etiquette!

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Anatomy Of The Gluteus Should Gluteus Minimus Exercises Be The Same For Men & Women

The Gluteus consist of three main parts, the Maximus, Medius, and Minimus. They all work together with the rest of your posterior chain to help you move and be stable, it also enables your hips to perform adduction.

For this article lets zone in on the Minimus. Located towards the sides of the glutes, they are the smallest of the gluteus muscles. They connect the Ilium and connect to the Femur bone.

With help from the Medius, the Minimus has the main function of rotating your thighs side to side. Other functions include stabilizing the hips as you move or run, and they play a crucial role in conjunction with the Medius to make sure your hips stay level.

Athletically the Minimus plays an essential role, and aesthetically they can give you that sweep look that many are after. Gluteus Minimus workouts for men and women should be the same.

Benefits Of The Walking Lunge

Glutes Workout: my visual workout created at WorkoutLabs ...
  • It can be effective using bodyweight only, making it beginner-friendly.
  • Its easy to program and effective by itself, or as a part of a larger superset combination.
  • Advanced lifters can load up this lunge variation using a variety of free weights: dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, or a safety squat bar.

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How To Do The Walking Lunge

Stand with your feet together, and then take a step forward roughly 18 to 24 inches and plant your foot firmly to the ground. From there, you will allow your front knee to track forward aiming between the first and second toe while your back knee drops straight down to the ground. Then, while driving through the floor with your front foot, move your body forward to a standing position, where your back foot will meet the position of the front one.

How To Do It

  • Lie on one side and stack your legs on top of one another, knees and hips bent at 90 degrees.
  • Press your bottom leg into the floor and, with your heels pressed together, squeeze your glutes to raise your top knee toward the ceiling.
  • Raise your knee as high as you can without letting your pelvis rock forward or backward.
  • Pause, then slowly lower back to the starting position and repeat.
  • Do all reps, then switch sides.
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    Exercise : Bulgarian Split Squats

    With these, as with most exercises, positioning is the key. The closer together your legs are, the more you target your quads. The farther you place your front leg in front of you, the more emphasis you place on your glutes.

    With your back foot situated on a bench or box and your chest high, drop your back knee to the floor. Go down as far down as you can. Repeat.

    • Training at gym or at home
    • Access to Workout Plans

    Use The Primary Patterns

    HOW TO GROW YOUR GLUTES | Beginners Gym Workout | Must Do Glute Exercises

    When it comes to hitting your glutes effectively you need to use a variety of patterns. These are types of movements that follow the same sequence of motions, but the equipment or technique differs slightly.

    Take the squat for example. You can back squat, front squat, goblet or overhead. But they all use the same lower body pattern.

    When youre training for a bigger booty, these are the patterns you need to follow:

    • Squat bending at the hips and knees at the same time.
    • Lunge single leg work that involves bending and extending the knee and hip. Often called split squats.
    • Hinge keeping the knees in a fixed position and driving the hips back.
    • Key Point: Your gluteals are a multi-functional muscle group that are stimulated with both light and heavy weights.

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    Level 3 Workout: Join The Bodyweight Brigade

    After getting comfortable with the stretching/treadmill routine, you may want to hop on a weight lifting machine at this point like the leg press or chest press machine.

    Is this progress? Sure!

    Can you do this? Absolutely!

    But, but, but we are going to recommend you try some bodyweight exercises instead as your next step.

    Controlling your body through space is going to be more beneficial in the long run than strapping into a machine and moving through a set path.

    If you can do bodyweight exercises proficiently, then stepping into a machine is âeasy.â

    The reverse is not always the case.

    So, if weâve convinced you to try some bodyweight exercises, then next thing is to identify a place in the gym you can do bodyweight exercises where youâre not in the way. This oftentimes might double as the place that some people are doing stretches, where youâve already been before!

    If you donât know, ask the front desk or find a trainer! Thatâs what theyâre there for!


    After your 5 minutes of warm-up and 10 minutes on the treadmill , your next step is to go to a place you can do the Level 3 Gym Workout:

    • 10 bodyweight squats

    These are two key movements in our Beginner Bodyweight Workout Routine, and the foundation of any strength training routine!

    If you just did the above mini-workout for a month, youâd be off to a great start! If youâre feeling frisky and starting to find some confidence in the gym, itâs time to branch out more!


    Week Glute Building Workout Program

    If youve finished reading all the websites you can handle on how to get a firm round butt but dont know where to begin then youve come to the right place.

    Many sites are great at giving you advice on how to exercise your glutes, but they dont give you a plan or routine to get you started. For this reason, I have created four butt workout routines that you can

    Absolutely free!

    This program includes all the top-rated exercises that I use and know, for a fact, will add firmness and size to anyones glutes if you work hard and are dedicated and stay the course.

    Trust me your persistence will pay off in the end. No pun intended.

    This glute workout program is a 3-month butt workout routine you can easily follow and log your information in to keep track of your progress day by day, week after week, and month after month.

    Get BIGGER & FASTER RESULTSVictorem Booty Bands

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    Benefits Of The Barbell Glute Bridge

    • You can directly target your glutes, more so than any other exercise, which will carry over to other exercises that require glute strength.
    • The shorter range of motion of this variation allows for more focus to be placed on the glutes over other lower body muscles.
    • Youre able to place high amounts of focus on the glutes without loading the spine, protecting your low back, and increasing the stimulus placed on the glutes.

    How To Get A Bigger Booty

    Glutes Sculpt Workout

    Theres an endless number of butt building workouts on the internet. The problem is that many of them dont really hold true to the science of good training.

    They seem to just throw in a random list of booty exercises and hope for the best.

    Either that or its a grueling series of complicated exercises that leave you unable to sit down for a week. After all, youre here because you want a booty program for beginners.

    Thats where we come in.

    This guide is more than just a mix of fancy looking exercises. Its a program designed by experienced physique coaches and trainers that guarantees you results.

    Half of the battle when it comes to building a muscle is understanding how the muscles work in the context of muscle physiology.

    And while were not here to bore you with a biology lesson, there are some important points you need to know. Once you understand the basics youll even be able to design your own workout guide after youve finished this one.

    Who knows, maybe your workout guide will be the one people are looking at next?

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    What Do Your Glutes Even Do

    You might not be aware of this, but if you take the surface area or even volume as a marker, your butt is the biggest muscle in your body.

    The proper name for your butt is the gluteals. And its actually a group of muscles.

    • Gluteus maximus this is the largest of the gluteals and is responsible for extending your hip behind your body . It also helps you clench your butt cheeks together by pulling your knees outward a movement called external rotation.
    • Gluteus medius this is a fairly small muscle located on the outside of your hip and lives under your glute maximus. Its main role is to assist the larger glute muscles in external rotation, but also abducts your hip it moves your leg out to the side of your body.
    • Gluteus minimus this secondary muscle supports your medius in abducting your hip. It also helps to stabilize your hips when youre standing on one leg.

    Whats the take home message from this?

    Well, if youre truly aiming to build a better booty you need to target the muscles from different angles and with different exercises.

    Its a complex muscle group that wont be targeted with just squats.

    You need to use exercises that extend or abduct your hips and rotate your thighs. You need to throw in exercises where both legs are on the floor at the same time, and also single leg stuff too.

    The more variety the better.

    Exercises For Hamstring: Bench Hip Thrust

    A great exercise to develop hamstrings. This is a great exercise for a beginner. To do this, you need to place your back and upper shoulders on a bench and hug your arms across your chest. Your hips should be low, and your feet should be placed flat on the floor.

    The next step is to drive both feet into the ground as you press both hips upwards. When you reach upwards, squeeze your glutes for two seconds and then lower them.

    The exercise is recommended to be done in 3×12 reps with a 30-60 sec rest in the middle. You can also add extra weight as you get better at doing the exercise.

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    Scared To Work Out In A Gym Read This First

    Regardless of your physique, if you are 400 pounds or 100 pounds, going to a regular commercial gym for the first time can be intimidating as hell.

    And thats only if you can get yourself to use 20 Seconds of Courage to walk in the door!

    I know many people who say âgyms are not for me,â or âgyms are dumbâ and never even go into one, simply because gyms can be scary/not welcoming/not cool.

    By the way, if you donât have a gym membership, hereâs how to find the right gym, and 6 things to know before joining a gym.

    Now, if you CAN work up the courage to walk through the door, youâll be faced with the following:

    • People with pained looks on their faces dutifully using machines that somewhat resemble medieval torture devices.
    • Others on cardio machines, treadmills, and ellipticals, and you can already picture yourself wiping out and ending up in a YouTube fail montage.
    • Really strong jacked people picking up heavy free weights so effortlessly that you canât help but instantly compare yourself to themand get intimidated.

    If you struggle with self-confidence, or you donât love how you look, you might assume that everybody around you will be judging you the whole time and donât want to subject yourself to this torture.

    In fact, you might think that somehow you need to get in shape FIRST, and THEN you can go to the gym


    You go to the gym TO get in shape. And I will get you there.

    If you are going to start using a gym, here are some truths you need to know:

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